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Round Table Card Game: Type in your questions or cue words in




Where do
you live?

Which is the
biggest animal on

Where do
you sleep?

Which animal
lives near lakes
and ponds?

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What time do you

usually go to

Who sits next to you

in the class?


Who is shorter?
Your mum or your

How far is your home

from school? (answer in
KM about )

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What does a
pilot do?

Where do
kangaroos live?

Do you always go
to bed early?

How long is your


What does a
dentist do?

Which animal is
the ship of the

Why do you
have to come to

How heavy are


Where do we
put a rug?

Which is bigger? A
blue whale or a

Why must we drink

more water and less

Whose school bag

is the heaviest in
the class?

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Futonge Kisito

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Who types letters and

answers phone calls for
a boss?

Where do
crocodiles live?

What do we do
with a broom and

Its going to rain.

What do I need to

Is your mother an
accountant? What does
an accountant do?

I have some nails.

What do I need?

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How should we do our

homework? Carefully

Why do people
sometimes cry

Which do you like riding

on best? A rollercoaster
or a Ferris wheel? Why?
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When do people

Can you hear anything?

What can you hear?

True or False?
Appear is nonaction verb.

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Are you an
What does an actor

Mention 10 nonaction Verbs!

Why is it bad to
eat more candy?

True or False?
Adverbs of frequency
usually come before
the main verb.

What do you want

to be when you
grow up?

What do we need
to make a chair
and table?

What will happen if

you dont brush your
teeth for a week?

True or False?
Adverbs of
frequency usually

Mention 5 time
expressions in
Present Simple

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I am going to go
swimming at the beach.
What do I need to take?

Do you like visiting

a haunted house?
Futonge Kisito

Make a sentence
consist at least 7
words using often

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Mention 5 time
expressions in
Present Continuous

When do we use

What is imperative

In question form,
the verbs come
after the subject. T

What are two

functions of
Present Simple!

True or False? The

verb weigh can only
be used in Present

Mention 3 verbs can

be used in both
present simple and

The subject of
statement is YOU.

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Futonge Kisito

Round Table Card Game

Points System

10 = Points according to
How to Play:
on card

Type in questions, sentences or cue words you want

to practice into the boxes below each card. Cut out
the cards and laminate them if you plan to reuse. (If
you are running out of planning time, another idea
would be to cut out the cards with the blanks-do not
laminate- take them to class and ask students to write
words on them and give you back. You collect all
cards, shuffle the cards and place them face down to
begin the game.)

J= 12 pts

K= 15pts

Q= 15 pts

Shuffle the cards and put them face down. In class

students sit around the table with cards and take
turns drawing cards. If you chose to write cue words
on the card for example, ask the student with the cue
card to describe the word on the card. The first
student to guess the word gets the card. If it is a
question, the first student to give the answer gets the
card. Students keep collecting cards as they answer

A = 20 pts

Joker = All your Cards x2

At the end, students count their points according to
the numbers on the cards. For example if you have a
card with
the number 2,
you have 2 points. If yourDesigned by
Kisitoand so on.
card has a 10, you haveFutonge
10 points
Then the J= 12 pts , K= 15pts Q= 15 pts , A = 20 pts
then a Joker = Doubles the points on all the cards you

Copyright 2009
Futonge Kisito

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