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CM5241 Project

1. Project topic
Please propose a topic for your literature review project by 8 Sep 2016.
The proposed topic should be relevant to the course.
Please note below some examples of relevant topics.
You only need to send me the project title (not the papers).
You should do literature search using suitable keywords so that there will be around 20 - 100
relevant papers on your chosen topic.
Each person may read 5 to 10 papers, and present/explain the key results to other group
members in order to prepare the joint PPT file and report.
Your chosen topic may be similar but should not be the same as any of these topics.
You may follow the format, including the reference style.
2. Presentation:
Presentation schedule will be announced after the topics are finalized.
Each person will be given 4 minutes (e.g. total of 20 min for 4 people including 4 min for Q&A, etc)
Presentation should include:
o Introduction, background, challenges, reasons for choice of technique
o Previous studies/alternative techniques/problems encountered
o Principle of method and key experimental details
o Results and discussion
o Conclusion and future work
Slides should be uploaded into IVLE folder at least one day before presentation (A penalty of 10
marks will be applied if files are not uploaded in time).
The file name of the PPT file should be in the following format: CM5241-Group x
Marks will be deducted if time of presentation exceeds 4 min (5 marks for every minute)
Each team will be given marks for participation based on their performance in Q&A sessions
3. Written report
Each group will submit a joint report in the format of a review article (see examples below).
The review article should describe the state-of-art, advantages and disadvantages of the
techniques, main challenges, future perspectives, etc.
Each group member should prepare ~5 pages (plus figures and references) based on their
presentation topics.
Written report should be uploaded onto IVLE latest by 6 Oct (Thur), 11:59 pm.
Format: Font 12 (Arial), 1.5 line spacing, with 0.75 inch margins on all size; all references should be
referred to in the correct order throughout the whole report, and compiled and listed according to
ACS referencing format as an appendix of the whole report (not included in page limit).
Sources of figures should be clearly indicated and acknowledged.
Please enter your name on the relevant pages your prepared.
The file name of the report should be in the following format: CM5241-Group x

Examples of relevant topics

Record 1 of 11
Title: Solid-phase microextraction technology for in vitro and in vivo metabolite analysis
Author(s): Zhang, QH (Zhang, Qi-Hui); Zhou, LD (Zhou, Lian-Di); Chen, H (Chen, Hua); Wang, CZ (Wang, Chong-Zhi); Xia,
ZN (Xia, Zhi-Ning); Yuan, CS (Yuan, Chun-Su)
Source: TRAC-TRENDS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY Volume: 80 Pages: 5765 DOI: 10.1016/j.trac.2016.02.017 Published: JUN 2016
Record 2 of 11
Title: Mass spectral databases for LC/MS- and GC/MS-based metabolomics: State of the field and future prospects
Author(s): Vinaixa, M (Vinaixa, Maria); Schymanski, EL (Schymanski, Emma L.); Neumann, S (Neumann, Steffen); Navarro,
M (Navarro, Miriam); Salek, RM (Salek, Reza M.); Yanes, O (Yanes, Oscar)
Source: TRAC-TRENDS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY Volume: 78 Pages: 2335 DOI: 10.1016/j.trac.2015.09.005 Published: APR 2016
Record 3 of 11
Title: Liquid chromatography-high-resolution mass spectrometry-based cell metabolomics: Experimental design,
recommendations, and applications
Author(s): Hounoum, BM (Hounoum, Blandine Madji); Blasco, H (Blasco, Helene); Emond, P (Emond, Patrick); Mavel, S
(Mavel, Sylvie)
Source: TRAC-TRENDS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY Volume: 75 Pages: 118128 DOI: 10.1016/j.trac.2015.08.003 Published: JAN 2016
Record 4 of 11
Title: Wine science in the metabolomics era
Author(s): Alanon, ME (Alanon, M. E.); Perez-Coello, MS (Perez-Coello, M. S.); Marina, ML (Marina, M. L.)
Source: TRAC-TRENDS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY Volume: 74 Pages: 120 DOI: 10.1016/j.trac.2015.05.006 Published: DEC 2015
Record 5 of 11
Title: Quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry as a powerful tool for demystifying traditional Chinese medicine
Author(s): Zhang, ZX (Zhang, Zhengxiang); Bo, T (Bo, Tao); Bai, Y (Bai, Yu); Ye, M (Ye, Min); An, R (An, Rong); Cheng,
FF (Cheng, Fafeng); Liu, HW (Liu, Huwei)
Source: TRAC-TRENDS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY Volume: 72 Pages: 169180 DOI: 10.1016/j.trac.2015.04.021 Published: OCT 2015
Record 6 of 11
Title: A critical review of the state of the art of solid-phase microextraction of complex matrices II. Food analysis
Author(s): Souza-Silva, EA (Souza-Silva, Erica A.); Gionfriddo, E (Gionfriddo, Emanuela); Pawliszyn, J (Pawliszyn, Janusz)
Source: TRAC-TRENDS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY Volume: 71 Special Issue: SI Pages: 236248 DOI: 10.1016/j.trac.2015.04.018 Published: SEP 2015
Record 7 of 11
Title: UHPLC-MS for the analytical characterization of traditional Chinese medicines
Author(s): Wang, XJ (Wang, Xijun); Zhang, AH (Zhang, Aihua); Yan, GL (Yan, Guangli); Han, Y (Han, Ying); Sun, H (Sun,
Source: TRAC-TRENDS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY Volume: 63 Special Issue: SI Pages: 180187 DOI: 10.1016/j.trac.2014.05.013 Published: DEC 2014
Record 8 of 11
Title: Analysis of biologically-active, endogenous carboxylic acids based on chromatography-mass spectrometry
Author(s): Kloos, D (Kloos, D.); Lingeman, H (Lingeman, H.); Mayboroda, OA (Mayboroda, O. A.); Deelder, AM (Deelder,
A. M.); Niessen, WMA (Niessen, W. M. A.); Giera, M (Giera, M.)
Source: TRAC-TRENDS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY Volume: 61 Pages: 1728 DOI: 10.1016/j.trac.2014.05.008 Published: OCT 2014

Record 9 of 11
Title: Metabolome analysis based on capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry
Author(s): Hirayama, A (Hirayama, Akiyoshi); Wakayama, M (Wakayama, Masataka); Soga, T (Soga, Tomoyoshi)
Source: TRAC-TRENDS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY Volume: 61 Pages: 215222 DOI: 10.1016/j.trac.2014.05.005 Published: OCT 2014
Record 10 of 11
Title: Nuclear magnetic resonance for foodomics beyond food analysis
Author(s): Laghi, L (Laghi, Luca); Picone, G (Picone, Gianfranco); Capozzi, F (Capozzi, Francesco)
Source: TRAC-TRENDS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY Volume: 59 Pages: 93102 DOI: 10.1016/j.trac.2014.04.009 Published: JUL-AUG 2014
Record 11 of 11
Title: New Advances in Separation Science for Metabolomics: Resolving Chemical Diversity in a Post-Genomic Era
Author(s): Kuehnbaum, NL (Kuehnbaum, Naomi L.); Britz-McKibbin, P (Britz-McKibbin, Philip)
Source: CHEMICAL REVIEWS Volume: 113 Issue: 4 Special Issue: SI Pages: 24372468 DOI: 10.1021/cr300484s Published: APR 2013