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IBM Cognos TM1

COG-703 IBM Cognos TM1: Administer the Technical Environment

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COG-703 IBM Cognos TM1: Administer the Technical Environment

Eugen 21 2015, 21:48

COG-703 IBM Cognos

TM1: Administer the Technical Environment v.10.1. , +
, Cognos TM1. .

Q: 1
You w ant to deploy a new application using dimension calculations in Performance Modeler. The application w ill be
deployed in distributed mode. W hich tw o configuration parameters should be applied? (Choose tw o.)
A. PersistentFeeders=T
B. Allow SeparateNandCRules=T
C. DistributedPlanningOutputDir=.\tunit
D. LoggingDirectory=. . \log
Answ er: B,C

: 27
: 30 2012,

Q: 2
Support has requested that the customer increase the logging in their file. W here is this file
A. In the same directory as the tm1 install
B. In the same directory as the w eb.config file
C. In the same directory as the tm1s.cfg file
D. In the same directory as the tm1p.ini file
Answ er: C
Q: 3
W hich tw o TM1 Objects are potential data sources for a TurboIntegrator process? (Choose tw o.)
A. Rule File
B. Dimension Subset
C. Cube View
D. Application Folder
Answ er: B,C
Q: 4
Your organization has security restrictions that prohibits the installation of softw are on end-user w orkstations.
W hich tw o TM1 user interfaces w ould be acceptable? (Choose tw o.)
A. Cognos Insight
B. TM1 W eb
C. TM1 Performance Modeler
D. TM1 Application W eb
Answ er: B,D
Q: 5
W hich statement about Data Reservations in TM1 is true?
A. Granting a Data Reservation alw ays permits users to w rite to the cube data, regardless of their security rights.
B. If the REQUIRED Data Reservation mode is set for a cube, users must take a Data Reservation to w rite data to
the cube.
C. A user can secure a Data Reservation from the Security menu for the cube in Server Explorer.
D. Data Reservations are granted to groups and applies to all users in that group.
Answ er: B
Q: 6
In TurboIntegrator, w hat is used to pull data from a relational database (e.g., Oracle)?
A. Text
D. IBM Cognos TM1 View
Answ er: B
Q: 7
W hat are three features of the TM1 Operations Console? (Choose three.)
A. Adding new groups
B. Monitoring multiple TM1 servers
C. Scheduled logging to monitor activity offline
D. Instant feedback on the current state of servers
E. Saving data to disks
Answ er: B,C,D
Q: 8
You w ant to load data into a TM1 cube. W hich three data sources w ould you use? (Choose three.)
A. Comma-delimited files

converted by W

B. ODBO connector
C. JDBC connector
D. JSON connector
E. TM1 Cube View s
Answ er: A,B,E
Q: 9
A customer w ill be using TM1 Applications and w ants to integrate w ith their current BI server for authentication.
W hich security mode setting should they set in their tm1s.cfg file for the IntegratedSecuirtyMode parameter?
A. 5
B. 4
C. 3
D. 2
Answ er: A
Q: 10
You run a T1 process that imports data into a TM1 cube from a .csv file. The process completes w ith a message
"Process completed successfully", how ever w hen you check the Target Cube, the cube show s all zeros. W hich log
file w ould you review ?
A. tm1s.log
B. tm1server.log
C. tm1w eb.log
Answ er: A
Q: 11
Managers of a company should only be able to see payroll data for their region w ithin the region dimension in the
payroll cube and only for the people that they manage in the employee dimension. How ever, in the forecast cube,
they see data for all regions. W hich type of security should be set on the payroll cube?
A. Cube level security
B. Dimension level security
C. Element level security
D. Cell level security
Answ er: D
Q: 12
W hich three statements are true about persistent feeders w hen they are enabled on a TM1 Server? (Choose
A. The feeders are stored alongside the cube data in a .feeders file,
B. Memory size is affected by persistent feeders.
C. Using the Persistent Feeders feature w ill increase the system size on disk.
D. Saved feeders are loaded during server startup
E. Query performance is improved.
Answ er: A,C,D
Q: 13
You w ant to create documentation w hich is stored on the TM1 Server. You need to create a cube in w hich you can
hold user entered text comments on all processes on the TM1 Server. W hich tw o dimensions w ould you use?
(Choose tw o.)
A. The \}Processes control dimension
B. A dimension w ith a string item
C. \}ConnectionProperties control dimension
D. The \}PerfCubes control dimension
Answ er: A,B
Q: 14
A user has locked a cube to prevent any data entry. W hich statement about the cube is true?
A. Only admin users w ill be able to update the data in the cube; the lock w ill expire w hen the user w ho applied
the lock disconnects from the server.
B. No users w ill be able to update the data in the cube; the lock w ill expire w hen the server is restarted.
C. Only admin users w ill be able to update the data in the cube; the lock must be removed by the user w ho
applied the Lock.
D. No users w ill be able to update the data in the cube; the lock w ill remain w hen the server is restarted.
Answ er: D
Q: 15
W hich configuration allow s for greater concurrency of read and w rite operations on the same cube object?
A. Persistent Feeders
B. Skipcheck
C. Parallel Interaction
D. Data Reservation
Answ er: C
Q: 16
W hat w ill display information about w hich user has added a new item to a dimension?
A. View message log
B. View transaction log
C. View audit log
D. Security assignments
Answ er: C
Q: 17
Your customer w ants to execute a TurboIntegrator process from a command-line scripting language (e.g. .bat file)
as part of a sequence of commands. W hich TM1 facility w ould be appropriate to use to accomplish the task?
A. BatchSQL
converted by W

B. Execute
C. RunT1
D. TM1Top
Answ er: C
Q: 18
For each TM1 Server running, the Admin Server maintains w hich three components? (Choose three.)
A. Server name
B. Security permissions
C. Port number
D. IP address
E. W eb portal settings
Answ er: A,C,D
Q: 19
You have been asked by the IT manager to create a data flow chart displaying the relationships betw een all
cubes in your TM1 Server. The model does not have any T1 processes that move data betw een cubes. How
w ould you find the relationships betw een all of the cubes in the model?
A. Extract Dependencies from the trn1server.log.
B. Extract Elements from the "Cube Relationships" measure in the \}CubeProperties cube
C. Extract "TM1CubelmpI" entries from the tm1 server.log.
D. Extract Source and Target data points from the tm1s.log.
Answ er: A
Q: 20
You need to ensure that a TurboIntegrator (T1) process runs immediately after the TM1 Server starts. How
should you do this?
A. Create a chore and plan the time shortly after the scheduled server starts.
B. Create a chore and enter the name in the StartUpChores parameter in thetm1s.cfg file.
C. W ithout achore, enter the name of the T1process in the StartUpProcess parameter in thetm1s.cfg file.
D. Create a batch command file and plan the execution time shortly after the scheduled server starts.
Answ er: B
Q: 21
IBM Cognos TM1 lets you import dimensions and data from IBM Cognos B1 packages using the IBM Cognos TM1
Package Connector. W hich tw o statements are true about the IBM Cognos TM1 Package Connector? (Choose
tw o.)
A. It can be used w ith IBM Cognos B1 or Controller.
B. It is an optional component.
C. It can be used w ith IBM B1 packages that use SAP Business W arehouse
D. It only needs to be installed on the TM1 Server.
Answ er: B,C
Q: 22
W hat are three primary benefits for deploying TM1 W eb in your organization? (Choose three.)
A. To enable users access to TM1 data using a W eb brow ser
B. To enable Cognos Insight
C. To support the TM1 Application W eb client in TM1 Applications
D. To support interoperability w ith IBM Cognos Business Intelligence (B1) components
E. To support TM1 Perspectives for Excel on the W eb
Answ er: A,C,D
Q: 23
A report that you have published for view ing on the W eb is not show ing up in TM1 W eb. Support has
recommended to increase the log level to see if any errors are captured on the W eb server. W hich file do you
need to edit?
B. w eb.config
C. tm1s.cfg
D. tm1p.ini
Answ er: B
Q: 24
TM1PerfMon provides w hich tw o capabilities? (Choose tw o.)
A. multiple performance counters (e.g. View s Created)
B. monitoring multiple servers from a single command line
C. invocation from inside TM1 Architect
D. refresh rate specified w ith the "sleep" parameter
Answ er: A,D
Q: 25
lick the Exhibit button. Tw o security groups exist w ith the permissions show n in the exhibit. If a TM1 user is
assigned to both groups, w hich permissions w ill be granted for the elements: England, France, Germany and
A. England (Read), France (Read).Germany (W rite) and Korea (Read)
B. England (Read), France (W rite).Germany (W rite) and Korea (Read)
C. England (W rite), France (Read).Germany (Read) and Korea (Read)
D. England (W rite), France (Read).Germany (W rite) and Korea (Read)
Answ er: D
Q: 26
W hen using Server Explorer, w hich three settings are configurable using the TM1 Options dialog box? (Choose
A. Data Directory
B. TM1 Object Security
converted by W

C. Dimension Attributes
D. Admin Host
E. Connect to Local Server on Startup
Answ er: A,D,E
Q: 27
W hich tw o log files w ould you review to determine if a TM1 Server has successfully registered w ith the Admin
Server? (Choose tw o.)
A. TM1 Admin Server log
B. TM1 Transactions log
C. TM1 Server log
D. TM1 Audit log
Answ er: A,C
Q: 28
You are designing aTM1 application that w ill be deployed to over a hundred contributors w ho are scattered
across the globe. Performance and a zero footprint on the user's desktop are important requirements. W hich TM1
interface should you use?
A. TM1 Excel w orkbooks deployed using the TM1 Excel Add-in
B. TM1 Cube View deployed through Server Explorer or TM1 Performance Modeler
C. Cognos Insight
D. TM1 W eb View s deployed through TM1 W eb
Answ er: D
Q: 29
You w ant to use the Guided Import to create a new dimension using Performance Modeler. W hich three data
sources w ould you use? (Choose three.)
A. Excel spreadsheet
B. XBRL file
C. Comma separated file
D. Cognos Business Intelligence list report
E. Microsoft Analysis Services cube
Answ er: A,C,D
Q: 30
W hen configuring IBM Cognos TM1 applications, w hich IntegratedSecurityMode parameter settings are permitted?
A. Only mode 1
B. Modes 1 or 5
C. Modes 4 or 5
D. Only mode 5
Answ er: B
Q: 31
You must configure an online backup for running a TM1 application. W hich statement is true in this scenario?
A. You must exclude TMIs.cfg files from the files to be backed up.
B. You must exclude all log files from the files to be backed up.
C. You must execute a SaveDataAll function before the backup.
D. You must execute a PrepareBackup function before the backup.
Answ er: C
Q: 32
W hich three statements are true about replication? (Choose three.)
A. Replication enhances the scalability of TM1.
B. Replication enhances response time for local users.
C. Users can access and update a copy of a cube on a local server.
D. Any user can perform replication.
E. All objects are replicated automatically.
Answ er: A,B,C
Q: 33
After a TM1 Server crash on W indow s, Support has requested that you provide them w ith all relevant files. W hich
three files should be provided to IBM Support? (Choose three.)
A. a dump file generated from the debugging tool
B. TM1server.log
D. tm1w eb.cfg
E. any TM1 ProcessError.log for that session
Answ er: A,B,E
Q: 34
A user is only allow ed to enter data into cubes for the East region. The user should not be able to see entries for
the W est, North, and South regions. To provide this level of access, w hich security should be set?
A. Set access to "None" for dimension elements W est. North, and South and "Read" for East.
B. Set access to "Read" for dimension elements W est, North and South and "W rite" for East.
C. Set access to "None" for dimension elements W est, North and South and 'W rite" for East.
D. Set access to "None" for dimension elements W est, North and South and "Read" for East.
Answ er: C
Q: 35
A company has TM1 production servers scattered across the globe. The North American server contains the base
data that is used by all servers globally. The source data for the North American TM1 Server resides locally and is
updated using an ODBC connection. W hat is the optimal TM1 method for keeping the base data in the global TM1
servers consistent w ith the base data in the North American TM1 Server?
A. Send copies of the TM1 log files from the North American server to the administrator of each global TM1 server
and have them process it against their local TM1 Server.
converted by W

B. Have a compressed copy of the North American production TM1 Server's data directory sent to the other global
locations using FTP and restore this data onto each local TM1 Server.
C. Set up an ODBC connection to the North American production source data on each of the TM1servers across
the globe and run TurboIntegrator processes to update the global TM1 servers.
D. Set up a replication and synchronization nightly chore betw een the TM1 servers across the globe and the TM1
Server in North America.
Answ er: D
Q: 36
You w ant to upgrade from TM1 9.5.2 to TM1 10.1. You stop the TM1 9.5.2 services, back up the TM1 data
directory, and uninstall TM1 9.5.2 and install TM1 10.1. W hich action must be performed before starting the TM1
10.1 server?
A. Clear all cubes.
B. Point the 10.1 TM1 Server to the old 9.5.2 TM1 directory.
C. Re-import the dimensions.
D. Copy the old 9.5.2 TM1 directory to the SAN.
Answ er: B
Q: 37
Besides the TM1 Data Directory, w hich three files should be backed up w hen backing up a TM1 configuration?
(Choose three.)
A. tm1admsrv.ini file
B. w indow s.ini file
C. w eb.config file
D. tm1p.ini file
E. documents.ini file
Answ er: A,C,D
Q: 38
W hich tw o statements are true regarding TM1 Bulk Load Mode? (Choose tw o.)
A. No new user connections are allow ed after Bulk Load Mode is initiated.
B. Bulk Load Mode can be initiated through TM1 Rules.
C. Bulk Load Mode can be initiated through the TM1 Operations Console.
D. Bulk Load Mode can be initiated through TM1 TurboIntegrator.
Answ er: A,D
Q: 39
After initial installation, you are configuring the IBMTM1 Operations Console running in Apache Tomcat for the first
time. W hich three steps should you perform? (Choose three.)
A. Generate certificates for the Tomcat.
B. Add certificates to the JRE keystore.
C. Edit the OpsConfig.xml file.
D. Create at least one user for the CognosTM1 Operations Console.
E. Create a user group for the CognosTM1 Operations Console.
Answ er: B,C,E
Q: 40
You must perform security-related administrative tasks from TM1. W hen configuring access to Cognos Security,
w here should Allow importCAMClients = T be set?
A. Tm1s.cfg
B. Tm1p.ini
C. pmpsvc_config.xml
D. variables TM1xml
Answ er: B
Q: 41
You must create a batch file to start a TM1 T1 process using the command line w ith a defined user and passw ord.
W hat should you do to protect the passw ord?
A. Create a passw ord w ith non-printable characters and use it in the command line parameter.
B. Store the passw ord encrypted in a system cube in TM1 and reference it in the command line to the cube cell.
C. Encrypt the passw ord w ith the TM1 Crypt tool and use it in the command line parameter.
D. Encrypt the passw ord w ith the TM1 Crypt tool and reference it in the command line to the generated file.
Answ er: D
Q: 42
As a TM1 administrator, you need to find out w hich element has been deleted from the Product Dimension. All of
the log files have been sw itched on. W hich log file w ould you review to see the details of the changes?
A. Admin Server log
B. Transactions log
C. Server Message log
D. Audit log
Answ er: D
Q: 43
The TM1 Operations Console dynamically displays activity about the TM1 Server. Each activity is show n as a
thread in this display. W hat are tw o examples of the information that is show n?
A. Thread feeder type (e.g., loaded or not loaded to memory)
B. Thread state (e.g., Idle, Run, Commit, Rollback)
C. Thread type (e.g.. System, User, Chore)
D. Thread connectivity (e.g.. ODBC, ODBO, SAP)
Answ er: B,C
Q: 44
A modeler w ants to transfer selected TM1 objects from a development environment to a production environment
w ithout taking the production server offline. W hich tool w ould be used to perform this transfer?
converted by W

A. TM1 Operations Console

B. TM1 Performance Modeler
C. TM1 Architect
D. IBM Cognos Configuration
Answ er: B
Q: 45
You w ant to import data from a Cognos Package. W hich three additional components are needed? (Choose
A. TM1 Package Connector
B. Cognos B1 Server
C. Cognos Transformer
D. Cognos Framew ork Manager
E. Cognos Dynamic Query Analyzer
Answ er: A,B,D
Q: 46
A TM1 Server is running as a W indow s service and shuts dow n unexpectedly. The TM1 Server w ill not restart and
you suspect that the tm1 s.log file is corrupted. W hich three actions should you perform? (Choose three.)
A. Move the tm1s.log file to a temporary location
B. Search the tm1server.log file for errors.
C. Search the tm1admsvr.log file for errors.
D. Search thetm1s.cfg file for errors.
E. Contact customer support for assistance.
Answ er: A,B,E
Q: 47
W hile troubleshooting a problem w ith a TurboIntegrator process, you must review log files containing pertinent
data. W hich tw o log files w ould you use? (Choose tw o.)
A. tm1w eb.log
B. tm1processerror.log
C. tm1server.log
D. tm1excelservice.log
Answ er: B,C
Q: 48
W hich three tasks can the TM1 administrator perform using TM1 W eb? (Choose three.)
A. Review /execute processes on the TM1 Server.
B. Edit thetm1s.cfg file.
C. Review /execute chores on the TM1 Server.
D. Change the TM1 admin passw ord.
E. Edit existing Turbo Integrator processes.
Answ er: A,C,D
Q: 49
W hich tw o monitoring tools w ould provide statistics about the TM1 Server? (Choose tw o.)
A. TM1 PerfMon utility
B. TM1 Transaction log
C. TM1 Stats control cubes
D. TM1 trace feeder utility
Answ er: A,C
Q: 50
A customer has a requirement to w rite data back to their relational database (e.g., Oracle). W hich function should
be executed in TurboIntegrator to accomplish this?
A. ODBCExecute
B. ODBCStatement
C. ODBCOutput
D. ODBCInput
Answ er: C
Q: 51
You w ant to access TM1 data w ith IBM Cognos Report Studio, MDX statements, or other MDX OLAP tools outside
of TM1. W hich control object stores custom named levels for the hierarchy levels of TM1 dimensions?
A. \}CubeProperties
B. \}HierarchyProperties
C. \}ClientProperties
D. \}DimensionProperties
Answ er: B
Q: 52
You w ant to deny the use of sandboxes to a user. W here w ould this be accomplished?
A. Client Security Settings
B. Cube Security Assignments
C. Capability Assignments
D. Dimension Security Assignments
Answ er: C
Q: 53
The IntegratedSecurityMode, ServerName, and DataBase directory parameters w ould be found in w hich file?
A. tm1p.ini
B. tm1s.cfg
C. w eb.config
D. tm1admsiv.ini
Answ er: B
converted by W

Q: 54
A user of the TM1 Server that you administer w ants to update data for a cube, but prevent all other users from
editing the data. W hich rights should you apply to the cube for the user group to w hich this user belongs?
A. Reserve
B. Lock
C. Read
D. None
Answ er: A
Q: 55
W hat happens w hen PerformanceMonitorOn is set to true (T) in the tm1s.cfg file?
A. User access is restricted to the TM1 Server w hile server diagnostics occur.
B. TM1 performance monitoring records performance statistics for clients, cubes, and the TM1 Server.
C. Advanced error logging occurs w hen running TurboIntegrator processes.
D. Feeder optimization is traced and logged into a system control cube.
Answ er: B
Q: 56
Click the Exhibit button. Users receive the error message show n in the exhibit w hen connecting to TM1 W eb using
CAM Security. How w ould you resolve this?
A. Enter the TM1 W ebURL in the TM1s.cfgfile.
B. Enter the TM1 Server Name in the w eb.config file.
C. Enter the TM1 W eb URL in the variables_TM1 .xml file.
D. Enter the TM1 W eb URL in the IBM Cognos Configuration.
Answ er: C
Q: 57
Your IT department requires that communication w ith the TM1 Application Server occurs on a specific port. How
w ould you configure this setting?
A. using Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)
B. using TM1 Operations Console
C. using IBM Cognos Configuration
D. using the TM1 Applications Portal
Answ er: C
Q: 58
W hich tw o w ould cause the auto generation of a rule w hen it is created in Performance Modeler? (Choose tw o.)
A. Process
B. Dimension Calculations
C. Link
D. Application
Answ er: B,C
Q: 59
Your enterprise customer w ould like to implement load-balancing to the largest extent possible. The customer
asks you as the TM1 administrator, to make recommendations on load-balancing regarding TM1. Based on TM1
best practices, w hat do you tell the customer?
A. Load balance only the TM1 data server.
B. Load balance only the TM1 W eb server.
C. Load balance both the TM1 data server and the TM1 W eb server.
D. Load balance neither the TM1 data server nor the TM1 W eb server.
Answ er: B
Q: 60
You are asked to configure a TM1 Server for planning to minimize the chance of data loss in case of a disaster
w ith minimal impact on performance. W hat should you do?
A. Set Logging to YES for all cubes.
B. Run CubeSaveData for all data entry cubes every 10 minutes
C. Run SaveDataAll every 10 minutes.
D. Set Logging to YES for only data entry cubes.
Answ er: D

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