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#@E1 In the case of Psychopaths, trace the correct statement, as mentioned in th

e given passage.
(A) A criminal of heinous crime, he is devoid of a conscience.
(B) He has a sense of guilt which he often feels after doing the criminal act.
(C) He has no regret for his criminal act.
#@E1_1_T Only (A) and (C)
#@E1_2 Only (B) and (C)
#@E1_3 Only (A) and (B)
#@E1_4 All (A), (B) and (C)
#@E1_5 Only (A)
#@E2 Which of the following is the novel Crime and Punishment all about?
#@E2_1 It is about the modus operandi of a criminal.
#@E2_2 It is about the workings of the mind of a criminal.
#@E2_3 It is about the emotions of guilt and shame.
#@E2_4_T Only 2) and 3)
#@E2_5 Only 1) and 3)
#@E3 When a person commits a crime and the punishment thereof is prescribed neit
her by the state nor by the community, who decides the punishment for such crimi
nal acts?
(A) The punishment is decided by psychopaths or experts in criminology.
(B) The punishment is decided by the criminal s own mind.
(C) The punishment is decided by none other than the victim herself/himself.
#@E3_1 Only (A)
#@E3_2_T Only (B)
#@E3_3 Only (C)
#@E3_4 Only (A) and (B)
#@E3_5 Either (A) or (C)
#@E4 Which of the following is correct about guilt and shame? Give your answer i
n the context of the given passage.
#@E4_1 We all experience the emotions of guilt and shame.
#@E4_2 Guilt turns to shame when we realise that other people will judge us unfa
vourably or may punish us for such acts of ours.
#@E4_3 We usually feel guilty when we are uncomfortable with something we have a
lready done or want to do.
#@E4_4 We never feel ashamed of for the act of revenge.
#@E4_5_T All except (d) above
#@E5 Why do we feel guilt? Select the correct option.
(A) The reason of feeling guilt varies from man to man. There is no specific rea
son assigned to it.
(B) The most common reason for feeling guilt is misinformation.
(C) We feel guilt only when our misdeeds are detected by others.
#@E5_1 Only (A)
#@E5_2_T Only (B)
#@E5_3 Only (C)
#@E5_4 Both (A) and (B)
#@E5_5 Both (B) and (C)
#@E6 What are the different situations when one feels guilty?
(A) When a near and dear one is misbehaved with by others and the other person i
s unable to help him
(B) To survive a catastrophe in which some loved ones have perished is the most
difficult situation
(C) When someone is unable to reciprocate the sacrifice done by others in the ma
nner he expects
#@E6_1 Only (A) and (B)
#@E6_2_T Only (B) and (C)
#@E6_3 Only (A) and (C)
#@E6_4 All (A), (B) and (C)
#@E6_5 Only (A)
#@E7 Which of the following is incorrect in the context of the passage?
#@E7_1 We feel ashamed when we think that our actions have disturbed our social

environment beyond a certain limit.

#@E7_2 Guilt indicates that something we are thinking or doing is not in accorda
nce with the set moral standard.
#@E7_3 Guilt and shame do not always leave harmful effects.
#@E7_4 Our feeling of guilt and shame enables us to take counter-measures to rev
erse the damage we have inadvertently caused to ourselves.
#@E7_5_T All the above are correct
#@E8 What does a man do when he experiences guilt?
#@E8_1_T He tries to punish himself so that he can compensate for the mistakes m
ade by him.
#@E8_2 He tries to punish those who aided in the crime.
#@E8_3 He tries to evade punishment.
#@E8_4 Only a) and b)
#@E8_5 All a), b) and c)
#@E9 Which of the following is the most difficult form of guilt to deal with?
#@E9_1 Sacrificial guilt
#@E9_2 Survivor guilt
#@E9_3_T Delusional guilt
#@E9_4 Relationship guilt
#@E9_5 Behavioural guilt
#@E10 Choose the word/group of words which is MOST SIMILAR in meaning to the wor
d/group of words printed in bold as used in the passage.
#@E10_1 restore
#@E10_2 reform
#@E10_3 revive
#@E10_4 repudiate
#@E10_5_T regret