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PSIONIC DR ative physical weakness Cunning and resourceful, they have developed potent psionic abilities to make up for thie rel- SOLARL AT Highly incelligene psionic crea Cryscorn horns are brilliant, crystalline spirals, sapphire or cerulean in hue, and ies in these seructures that th psionic energy y focus their These rogues use psionic abil ties co gtin an advantage over their prey. They can be found frequenting the Dancing Griffin tures capable of communicating telepathically, they make able guardians, scouts, hunters, and Banished hete by a cabal of wir ards who seek 0 destroy his Tiege, he wanders the roads and byways seeking a method by which he can retuen home. This fifeen-foot tll, square plinth is apparently carved from an unrecognizable, smooth, lui gray stone, AITEFEATHER “This psionic Beastmaster travels the barren north with his com. panions, Kiya the eagle and Horef the she-wolf, Sa PSIONICS TOOLKIT A Fantasy Roleplaying Accessory for the D20 System Requires the use of the Dungeons and Dragons® Player’ Handbook, Thitd Edition, and the Psionics Handbook, published by Wizards of the Coast!® Table of Contents Credits Introduction 2 Design: Mike Mearls Chapter 1: Twelve Questions About Psionics 3 ‘Additional Design: Scott Holden-Jones (Chapter 2: People, Places, and Things n Editing: Score Holden-Jones (Chapter 3: Classes vk Cover Art: Brian LeBlane ‘Chapter 4: Organizations vee 30 Interior Art: Claudio Pozas Chapter 5: Psionics In Established Campaigns 37 Production: Jason Kempton & James Bell Chapter 6: New Monsters 39 Chapter 7: Characters cocenaice nonce ewAD “Thanks from FDP to: Kevin Kulp and Bruce Cordel Designers Notes 35 Legal Text 36 1 Fiery Dragon Productions, Inc. 115 Front Street East, Suite 411 Toronto, Ontario MSA 456 CANADA Ignite Your Imagination wwwier Distributed tothe book and hobby rade by White Wolf Publishing Ine. Printed in USA. ‘his produ is pote nde che coprigh wy of Canada nde United Sea of Americ. Alcon of this bok, eps of der tion, ate © 2001 Fery Dragon Productions Inc All ight reserved. Reproduction or ure without the wntten permision af Fiery Dragon, Productions, Inc. is expressly forbidden, xcept for the purpose of review or use of OC consistent with the OG. Sao and Srey, Sword an Sorry Sai, nd he Sond and Soca log ae adams of Whe Wa Pubhing Ine ad ae wed wih permission. All ight reser 120 Syste and he “20 Syste’ logo are trademarks cwned by Wizards of the Coat and are usd according othe terms of the d20 System License version 1.0. A copy ofthis License can be found at mews com Dungeons 8 Dragons® and Wizards of the Coast® ae registered trademarks of Wizards ofthe Coast and are used with permission. {WY16006 Poi oie Zo ZA ISBN: 1-58846-194.7