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PART 1: SPEAKING & WRITING (77 93 minutes)

Personal Introduction
Read aloud
Repeat sentence
Describe image
Re-tell lecture
Answer short question
Summarize written text
Essay (20mins)
PART 2: READING (32 41 minutes)
Fill in the blanks
Multiple choice questions
Re-order paragraphs
Fill in the blanks
Multiple choice questions
A ten minute break is optional
PART 3: LISTENING (45 57 minutes)
Summarize spoken text

Multiple choice questions

Fill the blanks
Highlight the correct summary
Multiple choice questions
Select missing word
Highlight incorrect words
Write from dictation
Tips for Read Aloud:
Fluency is your first priority
Scan for hard words and Spell it clearly before it
starts recording.
Rising and falling tone for some words is important.
Be aware of Plurals, dont spell wrongly.
No long disconnection of sentences.(i.e. Gap to each
Uneven words, Irregular Phrasing
Beware of Inappropriate stress and incorrect
pronunciation to some words.
Before it starts recording, read once the total
Dont be too fast (in recording cannot understand)
and too slow.
Time for this section is more sufficient.
Dont keep silence more than 3sec.
And the last tip is your tone must be NATURAL.

Tips for Repeat Sentences:

Close your eyes and listen to keep concentration on
No long pauses, Clear voice.
Be careful of adding new text or omitting Listened
If you cant remember whole sentence at-least give
importance to Keywords.
Tips for Describe Image:
Many of them feel it difficult, but it is not that much
difficult. Just follow the below tips.
Use the words like To illustrate, It depicts to show
Speak about Highest and Lowest figures or key
points. ( Most Important)
Fluency, Speak with a good voice.
In describing image use the words on the left-hand
side, on the right-hand side, next to, above, below or
bottom, at the top, foreground, background. Just keep
on practicing with these words.
For graphs you can use X-axis on graphs shows.
range, and Y-axis on graph shows. range.
Use the words like over, about, under to point out
the values on the axis. If you use those words no need
to be the exact value.
Dont keep silent, speak something about the image
you see.
Tips for Retell Lecture:

Note the keyword by understanding the context of

the topic, so you can give your best.
For the name, you can use titles. ex: Dr. James
Alexandra says. so you can say just Dr says.
If possible try to catch 3-5 sentences its enough to
re-tell the lecture.
While taking notes just omit vowel and note
keywords it saves the time. (practice it)
Use phrases like The lecture provides brief
information about. or According to the speaker ,
he said.. etc to elaborate the given lecture.
Fluency is most important, whatever you speak also.
Dont keep silent, speak something relates to

Tips for Short Answer Questions:

If you dont know the answer, just repeat the words
in the question.
Dont forget the articles a,an,the before some words.
Below are some questions and answers, whatever I
have collected.