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Negotiation Style Around The World

1. Americans
Business people from the US are individualists. They want to take independent decisions and they usually don't
consult with opponents. They're aggressive in some ways, and according to the Japanese, Americans come to the
table with unrealistic deals, and always have a fall back. On the other hand, they're confident, persistent, and
energetic, which is a good thing. In the US, business people approach negotiations with a lot of determination. They
like closure and certainly, and they're used to dealing with one problem at the time

2. Europeans
Negotiation styles in Europe vary according to language spoken, region, nationality and numerous other contextual
factors. French business people for example, are aggressive. They use threats and warnings to get what they want.
Also, they're patriotic and they rarely speak another international language to make themselves understood.
Germans and Russian are extremely cold and impersonal. Their style is direct and they almost never allow jokes. Up
north, in Scandinavia, business negotiations are less formal. The people are more relaxed, they're not hostile, and
they welcome a friendly tone

3. Japanese
The following values tend to influence Japanese communication focus on goals, inter dependence, and hierarchical
orientation. Japanese negotiators are known for their politeness, emphasis on establishing relationships, and indirect
use of power. They disclose considerably less about themselves and goals then French or American counterparts.
Japanese negotiators put their emphasis on literal meaning of the world used and more emphasis on relationships
established before negotiations. They are less likely to make procedural suggestions on counterparts.
4. Chinese
The Chinese tend to be more direct than the Japanese and some other East Asians. However, meetings are
principally for information gathering, with the real decisions made elsewhere.

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