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DAYS Group of Companies provides a complete

human resource solution starting from Recruitment
to Training. We offer new perspectives and options to
meet the increasingly diverse and sophisticated
needs of our clients.

People | Values | Relationship
Established in the year 2012, has consistently risen among the
leading global executive search firms with Pan India Operations.
Our success story is built on the foundation of performance,
consistent delivery and service, with over 70% of our work derived
from continued projects from existing clients.
DRC as we are prominently known is one among the most sought
after recruitment firms. Technology Hiring, Embedded Hiring,
Manufacturing, Financial Services, Medical & Pharmaceuticals,
Banking and Insurance are our key focus areas.
Our team is trained and well equipped to:
Handle your internal hiring activities
Permanent Staffing
Contract Staffing
Schedule candidates
Identify and certify venues Pan India
Manage Crowd
Handle Registration/Help Desk
Conduct Evaluations
Offer roll out

12+ years of industry experience

30+ qualified and trained recruiters
500+ trained event coordinators across India
Strong management team with over 30 years of cumulative
experience in recruitment.
Expertise in entire employee lifecycle and not only
Pan India coverage
1000+ hires and 200% growth in 2015
Primary focus on Finance, Sales and Marketing, HR,
Technology, Engineering and Embedded domains.
Tier 1 partnership status among 80% of our customer base

Optimal solutions made to look simple but effective.

Arpana Expertise is a consulting firm that was formed in the year

2015 specializing in Human Resources, Consulting, Leadership
Development, Employee Development , Employee Induction,
Business Strategy, Quality Systems, Research Learning and
Psychometric Profiling.
We strive on creating prosperous relationships between
companies and their employees (associates). We assist companies
in improving bottom line profitability by efficiently planning,
organizing and implementing optimized, practical and value-added
solutions. Under our Training segment, Arpana implements the
best practices in Management Training for organizations.
We concentrate on Branding, Marketing, Sales, Referral Systems
and Client Retention Methods. We assist companies in improving
bottom line profitability by efficiently planning, organizing and
implementing optimized, practical and value-added solutions.
Excellence, Profitability and Sustainable growth through people is
our only principle.

We create the best resumes.
CVDesigner caters to creating resumes that are rich in content and
designs. Our team of content writers and designers come with an
exceptional experience of over 10 years in the field of recruitment.
We at CVDesigner understand the science behind a successful CV.
We create CV's that scream out loud and clear HIRE ME! Our CV's
are individually created, customized based on your industry and
your experience. What do we mean when we say rich in content
and design? We use keywords that are industry specific and are
used by Recruiters and Hiring Managers when they source new
talent for their organizations. Our content is crafted ensuring that
your career synopsis conveys the Value Proposition you bring along
with you to the organization, and we take utmost care in
projecting your Achievements, Skillsets, Domain Expertise, and
Personal Strengths.

Recruiters Training Academy

Redefining Recruitment
Established in 2013 with over 300 RTA graduates till date, we redefine
the recruitment industry with innovative training and consultancy. Our
training tools use time tested and proven techniques to develop your
recruitment team and enhance their revenue generation. In simpler
words, they start to perform from day 1 of the program. RTAs
certifications are practical yet unique, structured to develop target
driven professionals. RTAs highly acclaimed RTA Certification Programs
are designed specifically for the recruitment industry. It suits aspirants
and experienced recruiters who want a successful career in
recruitment, and is focused on developing recruitment skills,
recruitment process and sales & communications skills and creates a
customer focused mindset.
Industry Specific Recruitment Training
Financial Services
International Recruitment
Executive Search

Fortune Learning
Developing Potential
Fortune Learning facilitates professionalism and employability of
fresher's and gives them an edge over the others in the rat race. Our
professional help and effective counselling, coupled with placement
assistance if required and certification based on our qualified
assessments set a benchmark. Our 15 years of experience has taught
us that organizations look for a combination of Leadership, Ethics,
Ability to work in a team, IQ, EQ, Analytical Proficiency, Being able to
handle Conflicts, Being technologically sound and aware of new
market trends, Being able to communicate succinctly be it written or
verbal, Attitude and Personality, Strong attention to detail and many
Program Offerings
Life Skills
Job Readiness
Looking Your Best
Appropriate Behavior
Employment Referrals
Employment Assistance (if needed)
Working Your Best

DS Freelance
Be proud of yourself, Be proud of your work
Since it was established in 2015, DS Freelance has catered towards
multiple freelance projects, where clients have a need for
manpower but dont need them to work full time or on a
permanent basis. Not every other requirement would need a full
time employee. At the same time
DSF caters to technology, marketing, branding, sales, product
launches and many more domains. Our team of freelancers, are
skilled professionals who cater to specific areas and are subject
matter expert that gives us an edge with a quick turnaround time!
Segments we Cater to
IT Professionals
Branding Professionals
Sales and Marketing Professionals
Financial Professionals
Back Officer Support Professionals
Language & Writing Professionals
Social Media Professionals

It would be a pleasure to understand what your needs are and cater to your
requirement. For any further clarity please do get in touch with us.
You can write to us at :

Deepak Josey CDO

Sushana Adurthi - CEO |
+91 95512 73346 | +91 99412 66601 +91 99410 63601 | +91 9789008910