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11. Chua, Leomariss M.

3A- MT

You never leave your partner especially in a fire. This is one of the many lines of the movie
Fireproof that inspired me the most. Last week, we watched the perfect movie that sums up
married life. It showed the beginning of the real married life for couples and what it has to offer.
Many of us would think that marriage is happy ever after however the movie showed the reality
of marriage. It exposed the life after marriage including its ups and down.
There is no perfect marriage. There will always be a curved along the way. The movie is about
two young couples as they journey together in married life and towards God. In the movie, the
couples would always fight and argue which is normal thing to do. However, due to their
frequent fights and lack of commitment and passion to each other, they decided to end their
marriage. Hence, through Gods intervention and grace they were able to surpass all their
struggle and problems resulting to a stronger bond not only with each other but also with God. In
the end they were able to renew their vows to God and live a life filled with love, sacrifice and
faithfulness. Upon, watching the movie I have realized that saying I dos and wedding vows
does not only apply in the wedding ceremony itself but it is also lived out forever. It is a promise
that should be acted upon. It proves that marriage is indeed a permanent bond. I also realized that
being married is not only a union but also a decision and a choice. It is a series of decision and
choices that must be made by both couples because they are a team. Nobody must be left behind
no matter no hard it gets. Marriage is also about sacrifices and commitment to one another. It
involves maturity and fidelity to a long lasting relationship. Patience is also an important factor
in marriage like what the husband showed to his wife in his 40 day challenge .It only proved that
as long as there is faith, hope and love find your way back to each other.
No matter how long or how a perfect a relationship may seem without God it will not be a
fruitful one. This is my biggest realization. You can do everything and surpass your entire
problem long as you are with God. He will never forsake nor abandon you. His love is one of a
kind and has no boundaries. That is why a life without God is like being a lost sheep without its