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EuroVelo in Austria

a project-update
Workshop EuroVelo Coordinators
Vienna, 15.10.2016

Radlobby sterreich

Nationwide Federation of Regional Cycling Advocacy Associations

Oct. 2007: 1st informal meeting

01/2013: founding of Radlobby Austria

06/2013: Velo-city Vienna & AGM ARGUS & IGF put back
their seat in the ECF association for a commun
Radlobby sterreich Seat

Radlobby sterreich

Nationwide Federation of Regional Cycling Advocacy Associations

Commun Corporate Identity

National Coordination Center

07/2005 06/2016: Christian Weinberger as National Coordinator Austria

06/2016 05/2017: Radlobby sterreich as (interim) NEC


Evelyn Eder, CEO Radlobby sterreich

operative tasks

Christian Weinberger, ecoplus

strategic tasks
(incl. Link to Tourism Authorities etc)

Phone: +43 1 9195019

05-06/2017: decision on future NECC, including paying and consulting

stakeholders (tourism organisations)

Overview EuroVelos in Austria

NOT EV signposted yet: Upper AUT, East Tyrol

Latest News on EuroVelo in Austria

01/2013: foundation of Radlobby sterreich umbrella
organisation like ADFC
11/2013: section Cycling tourism/RL: plan for EVcoordination as a key project
Spring 2016: Radlobby applies for interim NEC 06/2016 acceptance (until 05/2017)
Review of all austrian datas in, incl
Updating of data for the new EuroVelo map
(partly successful) Lobbying for signposting EuroVelos
even in Upper Austria
EV7 signposting in Carinthia until 04/2017 under construction (till 12/2016)

Status EuroVelo in Austria
(under construction / end of 2016)

Status EuroVelo in Austria ( under construction / end of 2016)


Overview of Routes in Austria

General information
Coordination/linking of existing route-information, no replacement

Possible/optional Infos to be checked/discussed:

Listing of tour operators offering each route

Listing of publications (maps etc. further websites..)
Link to public transport as well as taxi services
Sponsor partners (insurance, producers etc)
Customer feedbacks

>> The website will be one main source of financing the running costs of
the NEC(C )

Status EuroVelo in Austria

High publicity + highly increased demand for EuroVelo
New EuroVelo- map highly accepted! stimulates quality competition among Regionswebsites
First EU-Projects with consideration of EuroVelo (Alpe-Adria-Trail, ITCE,
ETC Sdburgenland, N, Styria, H)
EuroVelos in Austria finished and up to 70% signposted! (!) without budget! ( 15.000,- / Yr)

Status EuroVelo in Austria

Implementation of new EV13 / Iron Curtain trail in CZ/Lower AUT
( 3 Mio) and HU /B

Remarkable openings 2014 in Burgenland and Lower AUT+CZ

in 2015
New Austian-wide (!) signposting manual including EuroVelo
soon to come
New Austrian-wide number system of
cycle routes being developed
including EuroVelo
New cycle map EV13 Lower AUT CZ/SK

EV13 plans to join (2017)


Openings ICT / EuroVelo 13

19th Aug. 2014


Status EuroVelo in Austria

Challenges :
Partly differing EV13 routes in bikeline (Cramer) and in reality signposted
At present no EuroVelo-Routen-overview for Austria ( !)

linking to various regional or provincial-websites not user-friendly no reference to EuroVelo sections...
Hardly any detail- Info on ANTO (Austrian National Tourism Org.) website
-> future link to ?!
Still no signposting of EuroVelos in upper AUT .. (Nr. 6, 7 and 13 !)
Setting up of new structure as a NECC (including a board of contributing stakeholders) so
far NO financial contributions of ministry or tourism organisations
Financing of running costs of NECC e.g. tour operators, publishing houses etc.

Thank you
for your

Christian Weinberger & Evelyn Eder

Phone: +43 1 9195019

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