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Who is Europafietsers

Europafietsers (Europe Cyclists) is a Dutch non-profit

organization of volunteers only.
MISSION: We want to inspire people of all ages to
undertake cycling holidays in Europe.
We have 35 years of experience in drafting cycle
This experience you see a.o. in our Long Distance
Cycle Guides, describing carefully designed routes on
quiet roads.

Previous page showed all our routes.

We also provide information about other cycling
guides and interesting routes (Dutch, but from other
European publishers as well).

Our guides cover about 28.000 km (including already

some parts of EuroVelo), and we provide information
on another 48.000 kms.
Next page shows all routes.

Our Cycle Guides (in Dutch) are famous in The

Netherlands, we sell 7-9000 of them yearly.
For all our described routes we also provide gps-tracks.
Our website is an important portal for anyone who
wants to undertake a cycling holiday. We had 150.500
unique visitors (average stay 5 minutes, 470.000
pageviews) in the first 8 months of 2016.
Visitors from around the world: 112.500 Dutch, 26.000
Belgium, over 2000 Germany or France, 1000+ UK or
US, 300-500 major West-European countries, but also
150 Australia and New Zealand, 130 South America.

We have over 2500 paying supporters in The

Netherlands and some in Belgium.
Amongst our supporters we count some 100 active
volunteers, who help spreading the message on fairs
or by giving talks. They also help us to keep our
information up to date with feedback, or by checking
new or existing routes carefully.

Information for a route can be:

Detailed map with drawn route
Navigation text (accurate description)
Non-experienced cyclists need at least 2 of those to be
able to find their way.
We provide additional information on overnight
accomodations and other services, and what to see.

With our organization and experience we want to

support the EuroVelo network,
by helping to complete, check or improve provisional
by providing information around those routes,
and eventually make (downloadable) brochures or
complete cycle guides.
We could also generate additional traffic on EuroVelosites by links at relevant places on our website.

What did we investigate so far

EV1 Portugal/Southern Spain, France, Norway
EV3 France: Tours-St.Jean
EV6 almost full route, not reported
EV8 Nice-Venice investigated, not reported
EV9 Full route investigated
EV12 Full route, not reported

We have experience and we travel

everywhere in Europe!!

In order to send our volunteers on the road, we want to

give them all available information on the parts of
EuroVelo we will try to check and describe.
Therefore we seek the cooperation with all people in the
EuroVelo organization, especially of the coordinators in
the various countries and of those responsible for the
Mail: or

We count on your cooperation

to let us help you
to improve the EuroVelo network
and to promote it
in The Netherlands

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