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Contents of a Dead Mans Pocket Quiz

Answer the questions using complete sentences. 26 points
1. When the story begins, what is happening in the Benecke house? What is Tom
doing? His wife, Clare?

2. What incident starts the conflict? (inciting incident)

3. How does Tom try to resolve the conflict?

4. After Tom retrieves the paper, he gets extremely frightened. What frightens him?
Think about where his apartment is located in the building.

5. Because he was extremely scared, Tom rushed as quickly as he could along the
window ledge until he reached his apartment. What problem did he encounter
there? It was caused by him losing his footing on the ledge.

6. Why is this problem so horrible? What information did we learn previously in the
story that tells us this is a bad situation?



7. List two ways Tom attempted to fix his problem. What did he do to try to get

8. How long had Clare been gone when Tom glanced at his watch?

9. Name one of the methods Tom tried to use to get the attention of the people

10. Why is the story titled, Contents of a Dead Mans Pocket?

11. What one word did Tom yell when he was about to hit the window with his
clenched fist?

12. When Tom got back inside, why did he go to his closet to get his topcoat?

13. What happened to the yellow sheet at the end of the story? How did Tom react?