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Breathing Video 2: More Breathing Practice

1. Time for an extremely versatile and helpful exercise called Lip Trills. These are
handy to kick off your warmups, in almost all cases. They're great because they
encourage breath and diaphragm activation without using a ton of your vocal
cord. So it's a gentle but effective way to begin.
Perform the lip trill with the video, ascending by half steps*.
(*If you're not a musician and don't know what "ascending by half steps" means,
just know that we'll be getting higher, little by little.)
2. Next is another basic warmup, and that is a sustained single-note /ah/,
ascending by half steps. We'll be singing a very open, unobstructed, loose /ah/,
just your basic /ah/. Don't push it or over-think it. Focus on keeping your jaw
dropped and letting the sound flow out of you. It's important to put into
practice the controlled, even, supported breathing we've been working on
up until this point.
Whenever we're working on a non-belt sound (as with this exercise, for
example), ladies can feel free to transition into a head voice, or lighter
higher register, whenever it feels natural. Just let it happen and carry on
with the exercise in a head voice.
3. The next exercise is a SH-SH-SH-SH-SHAH, ascending by half steps, then
descending by half steps (going down). This exercised combines supported,
pressurized breathing with an open fluid /ah/ sound (the same /ah/ we did
just before). As you make the "SH" sound, you should feel your diaphragm
really compress, with smaller, short pulses that are strung together as part
of the larger exhale.
Nice job! Now, onto your homework. Chop chop.
Singing is fun,

Respiraie video 2: Mai multe practici de respiraie

1. Timpul pentru un exerciiu extrem de versatil si util numit triluri buzelor.

Acestea ncurajeaz respiraia i activarea diafragmei fr a utiliza prea mult
coardele vocale. Deci, e un mod blnd, dar eficient pentru a ncepe. Realizai
trilul de buze cu video, n mod ascendent din semiton in semiton.
2. Urmtorul warmup de baz este o singur not susinut / ah /, n mod
ascendent din semiton in semiton. Vom cnta foarte deschis, liber, liber / ah /.
Nu-l mpinge sau fortati. A se concentra pe pstrarea maxilarului relaxat in jos i
a lsa sunetele sa curga din tine. Este important s se pun n practic respiraia
Pur i simplu lsai s se ntmple i continuai cu exercitarea ntr-o voce cap
daca nu ajungeti toate notele.
3. Urmtorul exerciiu este un SH-SH-SH-SH-SHAH, n mod ascendent din
semiton in semiton ascendent, apoi coboram treptat n mod descendent din
semiton in semiton.Pe msur ce faceti sunetul "SH", ar trebui s simii
diafragma comprimata ntr-adevr, cu mici impulsuri scurte i care sunt nirate
mpreun, ca parte a expiraiei mai mare.