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Public International Law

Module I: Introduction

Nature of International law
Legality of International Law- Positive Morality
Theories as to Basis of International Law
-Naturalist Theory
-Positivist Theory
Development of International Law

Module II: Sources and Subjects of International Law

Treaties and Conventions
General Principles of Law
Judicial Decisions
Other Sources
Subjects of International Law- Various Theories: Realistic TheoryFictional Theory- Functional Theory

Module III: International Law and Municipal Law

Monistic Theory
Dualistic Theory
Specific Adoption Theory
Transformation Theory
Delegation Theory

Module IV: States

Concept of State
Essential Ingredients of State
Different kinds of States
Territory of State Land, Water and Air Space

Module V : Recognition and Jurisdiction of states

Recognition of States- De Facto and De Jure

Theories of Recognition
Recognition of Belligerency and Recognition of Insurgency
Collective Recognition
State Jurisdiction
Territorial Sovereignty

Module VI: State Responsibility and State Succession

Responsibility of States Original and Vicarious Responsibility
State Responsibility for various Acts- Individual Acts, Mob Violence,
Insurgency, etc.
State Succession
Theories of State Succession
Rights and Duties arising out of State Succession
Module VII: Law of Treaties

Concept of Treaty
Kinds of Treaties
Binding Force of Treaties
Jus Cogens
Rebus SucStantibus
Parties of a Treaty
Formation of a Treaty
Invalidity and Termination of Treaties

Module VIII: Individuals under International Law

Position of Individuals
-Acquisition of Nationality
-Loss of Nationality
-Territorial and Extra-territorial
Rules relating to Extradition

Module IX: Settlement of International Dispute

Legal and Political Disputes

Pacific Means of Settlement

Good Offices
Settlement under UNO
Compulsive Means Retortion, Reprisals, Embargo, Pacific
Blockade, Intervention.

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