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Write an essay for your teacher on some of the main reasons why people need to
learn a foreign language.

Learning a foreign language: A new

challenge for people
Learning a foreign language is becoming a principal goal for many people, overall
students and workers. The main reasons are to be more competitive people and to get a
better job. Now, in a global world is needed to speak few languages and not only the
native language.
Firstly, Improving and Speaking well a new language in not easier that looks. We used
to learn the grammar of English and Spanish but we did not use to speak and listen in
that language, so the learning was incomplete. If we had had a quality education, we
would have been better in languages. So the first step to speak another language should
start at the beginnings.
Secondly, we should be able to search many resources to improve our level of foreign
language and leverage the facilities of internet. If we want to communicate with people
in other countries, we will need to use new technologies and social networks. This is a
great benefit for our learning.
There are a great of advantages about this important learning, for example people who
do not find job, they usually learn another language to look for a job and most of the
times, and we sometimes get a job. Also, there are workers or employers who want to
promote in a company so they decide to learn a foreign language.
To sum up, learning a new language will never be a bad decision or a waste time
because there are more benefits than forfeits. And is an incredibly opportunity to
improve our profession and personal life.


Write an essay for your teacher on somebody is or was your favorite public figure.
And tell her/his why.

Malala: A girl who changes the

education of girls
Probably, everyone knows who Malala is or what happened with her. But few
people know how Malala was and who is now. This present public figure has
become in a signal of peace. In fact, she won a Nobel Prize of Peace in 2014, she
was only 17.
To begin with, Malala was born in Pakistan in 1997. She used to go to school every
day encouraged by her parents. She had a typical childhood, but when Pakistan was
in war, the Taliban had taken control of the city. That unfair and unlucky event was
determinate for the education of the girls. Talibans banned the right to education of
girls and they threatened with dead punishment who not followed that imposition.
Despite of the forbidden to go to school, Malala challenged to talibans and she went
to school like each morning. That day was the worst day for Malala and for the rest
of the humanity, because Malala was shot by terrorists. Fortunately, Malala survived
in spite of she was in coma. With that action, Malala taught us that the right of
education is essential for everyone and the best weapon to believe in the humanity.
To sum up, she won a Nobel Prize of Peace in 2014 becoming in a youngest person
to receive it. She still is doing speeches about the right to education of girls around
the world. And she is an inspirational and exemplary young girl for the rest of


Write a report for your teacher on how technology can both create opportunities for
criminals and also help to prevent crime.

How technologies can be dangerous

and how we can prevent
Technology is a great tool to communicate and to do as possible things how we can
imagine. It is very useful and if we use it well, we can do our lives easier. But be
careful! It could be a good method for criminals. In this report, we will see many tips
that we can follow for our security.

Possible technology crimes

Criminals usually find some information about us; it is for that social networks are an
excellent source of personal data, hobbies, and entertainment or personal values for
them. So, we should be more intelligent and charier than criminals. Through this
information, hackers or another technology criminal can obtain your password on your
credit card or your address. Then they could commit a lot of crimes with only that.

Serious technology crimes

A cyber robbery or hacking bank account are serious and common crimes, but there are
other crimes that are extremely severe like blackmails, kidnapping or even sexual
abuses. Those crimes are committed by criminals who pick up information with new
technology and they only need an internet connection. Furthermore children and
teenagers are the most vulnerable people.

If we want to keep safe, we have to be more cautious and inconspicuous. Firstly we
should not share all personal information about us on internet. Never say our address
either phone number. Secondly, if we have children or young people around us, we
should be conscious and avoid the possible dangers of technologies.


Write a review about your favorite book.

A room of ones own

One of the most inspirational books could be A room of ones own which wrote by
Virginia Woolf in 1925. This literature book was based on a series lectures about how
women not used to write and how literary tradition was dominated by men. That story
was established in the twenties century in England.
The story begins in London, where Virginia Woolf lived. She told us the great
differences between a man and a woman in that period of time. In that century, women
could not write or work freely so it was such an unfair situation. Despite of the book is
very old; there is similar facts respect to now. So you can realize the inequality society
that we still have got.
Although the book has a revolutionary message, once Virginia starts her argument about
how women live in an uneven society, it is just one understand the current situation. The
script is both interesting and educating, and there are a number of events to keep the
reader interested. It is the one of the most well-known literary tradition book.
I would recommend going to read this film with calm and time. It will give you emotion
and anger at the same time. But I am sure that you will learn a lot and you will be more
conscious about genre equality.


Write an article entitled: A good book or a good film? Describing the advantages
and disadvantages.

A good book or a good film?

Reading a good book or watching a good film both are pleasures and without doubt
cultural and funny hobbies. However, what is the best option for really enjoy? Would
people rather read a book or watch a film?
The great advantage of reading an amazing book is that describes a lot of details and
events which you need to imagine. The power of the mind is unlimited and this is
absolutely fantastic, you can create a new places and emotions by yourself. Its unique!
Also, all characters are special for you and totally invented. In a movie, you only have
to see and follow the plot. Your imagination is not necessary in any moment.
Another advantage could be that you learn a lot vocabulary and expressions which can
help you in your daily day. The more books you read the smarter person you are. With a
rich vocabulary and good method to communicate you could show your language
abilities and also you could get a better job or better social position.
To sum up, watching a good film in the cinema or at home is a wonderful plan to share
with other people. But reading a good book is a magical and dreamy experience that you
can enjoy over and over in many scenes possible.


Write a formal letter for the editor of magazine about your favorite custom.

Dear editor,
I would like to tell you about an unusual local custom that is held in Cdiz each
February. To my mind it is one of the most colorful and funniest events of the year.
Certainly, Carnival of Cdiz is my favorite national custom.
The celebration takes place on February and finishes in three weeks later. It starts with a
musical competition which is celebrated in a local theatre called Manuel de Falla.
This competition is about the creation of funny songs and the designer of original
costumes. There are different groups of people who should show their performance.
At the end of competition, the groups of musicians go out street to sing in front of
people. The rest of spectators dress up and then they listen songs called chirigotas. It
is really funny and amused, all people are happy in this day.
I would recommend you to visit the Carnival of Cdiz, I am sure that you will enjoy a
lot with the city and with local people. This experience could be unforgettable and
Yours sincerely,
Vernica Sollero.


Write a letter for you pen friend about sports and games are popular in your
country, and then describe your favourite sport or game, saying how often you play
it and why you like it.

Dear Maria,
Thanks a lot for your letter. I was wondering what your favourite sport or game is, and
why you like it. Is football such a famous sport as in Spain? Thats crazy here! Most of
people usually go to stadium football or they are keen on any team football. For me, this
is awful because I dont like football and I dont understand anything of that.
Respect to my favourites games or sports I have got many of them. For example, when I
was teenager I used to swim and play to tennis. I wasnt really good in that sports but I
enjoyed a lot. Lately, I usually practise nothing sports so I only watch sports on TV. My
favourite game is the dart and I like to play when I go to a caf or a pub. My friends and
I do many bets and who wins is invited a drink by other friends.
By the way, each sport or game is an entertainment and there are many possibilities to
enjoy them. Id better close now, I must prepare dinner and go to bed early. I look
forward to your reply.
Best wishes,