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5: MOSFET Ac1ve
Raja Sellappan

MOSFET Current Mirrors

Why Current mirrors?
How to make current mirrors?
Basic, Cascode, Wilson current mirrors

Why current mirror biasing?

Biasing in integrated-circuit design is based on the use of
constant-current sources.
On an IC chip with a number of amplier stages, a constant dc
current (called a reference current) is generated at one
The reference current is then replicated at various other
loca1ons for biasing the various amplier stages through a
process known as current steering.

Basic Current Mirror

Basic Current Mirror

Cascode Current Mirror

Cascode Current Mirror

Wilson Current Mirror

Acts as a nega1ve feedback
Io increases ID1= ID2 will
But ID2 = Iref is a constant value.
Thus VDS2 should decrease
which decreases VGS3.

Equivalent resistance of a diode

connected MOSFET