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Test paper 5th grade

I. Complete the sentences with who, what, where, how. 10 points

1. ..are you?
2 .your friends name?
3. is my pencil box?
4. s the boy in the caf with Daniel?
5. s the English dictionary?
6. s the name of the girl over there?
7. old are you?
8. s Emilys mothers name?
9. s the envelope?
10. s my phone?
II. Complete the text with the verb to be in the correct form. 20 points
Hi ! My name ..Jenny and I . From Sydney. It... in Australia. My best
friends.Mike and Sue. We ten years old and are in the same class. Sue and
I.. basketball players. Suevery good. Sue.very tall, too. amazing swimmer. What about you?
III. Complete the sentences. 10 points
0. Brian is tall. No, Brian isnt tall. He is short.
1. The cat is black. No, the cat black. It grey.
2. Corky is a girl. No, Corky a girl. He a boy!
3. Zoe is ten. No, Zoe ten. She nine.
4. The box is big. No, the box big. It small.
5. Dove is silly. No, Dove sad. He happy!
IV. Write the words in the correct order to make a conversation. 10 points
Luke: My/Luke/names/Freeman/. your/name/Whats/?
Daniel: Daniel/names/My/Cresson/.
Luke: this/my/And/sister/is.
Emily: Emily/names/./My/Hello/.
IV. Write the numbers from 11 to 20. 20 points

V. Translate the following words into English. 20 points

Mic Mare La coal
Acas -

Test paper 6th grade

I. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in present tense simple. 20 points
1. Johnfootball in the afternoon. (play)
2. Julia .to school from Monday to Friday. (go)
3. Harry and Emma .tennis every day. (not play)
4. .John.TV in the evening? (watch)
5. your free time? (do)
6. My dog cat. (not like)
7. We Botosani. (live)
8. .all the pupils .the alphabet? (know)
9. rap music? (listen)
10. Youin Manchester. (not live)
II. Complete the text with can, must or mustnt. 20 points
Hi Brian!
I'm staying with my grandmother for a few days. I love staying here because I 1_______________ usually do things I
can't do at home! For example, at home I 2 _______________go to bed before half past nine. At Granny's,
I 3 _______________go to bed at eleven! She has her rules, though: I 4 _______________ eat all my vegetables, I
5_______________ wear my shoes in the house, I 6 _______________eat sweets before bedtime, I 7
_______________ brush my teeth twice a day and I 8 _______________ play loud music (it's OK -I've got my Ipod). I 9 _______________ play computer games, though! At home I 10 _______________only play computer
games at the weekend.
III. Complete the sentences with the correct form of there are and there is. 10 points
1. In my room, _______________________a bed with a red duvet.
2. On the right, _______________________ brown desk with books on it.
3. _______________________ a small mirror in the corner of the room.
4. _______________________ a plain carpet on the floor.
5. _______________________ any pictures on the walls.
6. Next to the window, _______________________a washbasin and a wastepaper bin.
7. _______________________a blue armchair near the desk.
8. _______________________ any books in the bookcase.
9. _______________________ some curtains on the windows.
10. Next to the wardrobe, _______________________ a chair.
IV. Complete with the verb to be. 20 points
1. A: Hello. I 1.Kate and this is my brother. His name 2 ..David. We 3.from London.
B: Hi. 4. I Sarah.
2 A: What's this?
B: This 5a present for Sam. It 6.his birthday today.
3 A: Where's Michael?
B: He 7 . in his room. And Eva 8.. in the living room.
A: Eva? No, she 9., shes in the garden.
4 A: Look. Here are the photos from my birthday party.
B: Wow! They 10 .. great.
V. Translate into English. 20 points
Chiuvet, ifonier, fotoliu, in carouri, cu buline, cu model, cu dungi, bibliotec, co de gunoi, plapum

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