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Step By Step Web Service Deployment Guide for Web

Logic 10.3.2 (11g)

1) You have a WAR File ready for your use.
2) If you are making any DB Connection from your web Service, the adapter
is configured in Web Logic.
3) The Name that you give for your application / Web Service are not already
given to any other service. If so please remove that application or change
your application Name.
1) Go to Admin Console of your Web Logic Server by login into your server.

2) Click on Deployments in Left Pane window in Admin Console

3) Click in Install in the Summary of Deployment page

4) Click on Upload Your File(s) Link

5) Click on Deployment Archive on Browse Button, Select the WAR file

from your local OS

6) Click on Next Button on the Screen

7) Click On Next Button

8) Click on Next Button

9) Select the Server on which you want to install the Web Service

Click on Next, if you want your webservice URL Name to be
changed , please change it in Name tab.


Click on Finish Button.

You are done with installing web Service on your WebLogic
Server, to verify if your service is running, click on Control tab.


Click on Your Service your want to check


Click on the testing tab

You will find the WSDL URL and a test client to check is your
service is UP and Running.