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Belarc Advisor Computer Profile

The lice nse associate d with the Be larc Advisor product allows for free personal use only. Use on
m ultiple com pute rs in a corporate , e ducational, m ilitary or gove rnm e nt installation is prohibite d.
Se e the lice nse agre e m e nt for de tails. The inform ation on this page was cre ate d locally on your
com pute r by the Be larc Advisor. Your com pute r profile was not se nt to a we b se rve r. C lick he re for
m ore info.

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Computer Profile Summary

Computer Name: Rushigokani-PC (in WORKGROUP)
Profile Date: 23 August 2012 22:40:59
Advisor Version: 8.2g
Windows Logon: Rushi gokani

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Operating System new server roles
Windows 7 Home Basic (x64) Service Pack 1 (build
Install Language: English (United States)
System Locale: English (India)
Installed: 07-08-2011 22:40:44
Processor a
2.10 gigahertz Intel Core i3-2310M
No memory cache
64-bit ready
Multi-core (2 total)
Hyper-threaded (4 total)
new USB Storage Use in past 30 Days (mouse over
last used for details)
SanDisk Cruzer Blade -- drive 1,
s/n 20053552221D7EA055C0,
rev 1.01
Sony Storage Media, s/n
9B2001110290020190, rev 0100
HUAWEI MMC Storage, rev
Nokia S60, s/n
357413049094646, rev 1.0
JetFlash Transcend 4GB, s/n
9CUGLUDT, rev 8.07
hp v210w, s/n
AA00000000002630, rev 1100
SAMSUNG GT-S5570 Card, s/n
S557025c40834, rev 0100
Generic Flash Disk, s/n

Last Used
23-08-2012 22:38:32

System Model
Acer Aspire 5755 V1.11
System Serial Number:
Enclosure Type: Notebook
Main Circuit Board b
Board: Acer JV51_HR Base Board Version
BIOS: Acer V1.11 05/24/2011

new Hosted Virtual Machines (mouse over

name for details)
None discovered

22-08-2012 23:44:06*
22-08-2012 23:10:41*
22-08-2012 18:45:35*
22-08-2012 14:29:43*
21-08-2012 23:38:29*
21-08-2012 23:27:21*
21-08-2012 23:12:53*

file:///C:/Program Files (x86)/Belarc/Advisor/System/tmp/(Rushigokani-PC).html



Belarc Advisor Computer Profile

RACB0811013113283581, rev
Kingston DataTraveler 120, s/n
rev PMAP
JetFlash Transcend 4GB, s/n
74E8ZQOR57K5IJJU, rev 1100
Kingston DataTraveler G2, s/n
rev 1.00
SAMSUNG S5830i Card, rev
Kingston DataTraveler G3, s/n
rev PMAP
JetFlash Transcend 4GB, s/n
U8ZIUTVI, rev 8.07
Kingston DataTraveler G3, s/n
rev PMAP
Nokia C2-00, s/n
355381044244080, rev 0000
Flash Disk, s/n 213244704081
JetFlash Transcend 4GB, s/n
07T55BUM2WV6QEM0, rev
Android Adapter, s/n
F4559C8005A7, rev 0000
SAMSUNG GT-B7722 Card, s/n
000000-00-0000000, rev 2.11
Kingston DT Dell Lite G1, s/n
rev PMAP
000000000250, rev 0250
Nokia Nokia 300, s/n
358630049645569, rev 0000
hp v220w, s/n
AA00000000004276, rev 1100
Kingston DataTraveler 120, s/n
rev PMAP
SanDisk Cruzer Blade, s/n
20044530821B45F3214D, rev
General USB Flash Disk, s/n
00000000000013B0, rev 1.0
Nokia S60, s/n
355949044745106, rev 1.0

16-08-2012 11:37:21*

15-08-2012 18:08:02*
14-08-2012 16:11:45*

14-08-2012 12:23:40*
14-08-2012 11:44:53*

14-08-2012 09:02:03*
13-08-2012 08:28:48*

12-08-2012 15:50:10*
09-08-2012 09:37:23*
08-08-2012 22:28:31*

08-08-2012 13:14:38*
07-08-2012 00:44:39*
06-08-2012 12:15:06*

04-08-2012 23:32:12*
02-08-2012 23:43:09*
01-08-2012 23:58:45*
30-07-2012 23:14:19*

28-07-2012 20:29:17*

27-07-2012 18:12:55*
26-07-2012 23:41:01*

* Possibly used again before the reboot following this

Drives new drive encryption
483.89 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
326.97 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space
PIONEER DVD-RW DVRTD11RS [Optical drive]
Hitachi HTS547550A9E384 [Hard drive] (500.11 GB) -drive 0, s/n J2110051C140HB, rev JE3OA60A, Not
file:///C:/Program Files (x86)/Belarc/Advisor/System/tmp/(Rushigokani-PC).html

Memory Modules c,d

1900 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory
Local Drive Volumes new volume
c: (NTFS on drive 269.14 221.36
0) *
GB GB free


Belarc Advisor Computer Profile


e: (NTFS on drive 107.37 85.13 GB

f: (NTFS on drive

107.37 20.47 GB

* Operating System is installed on c:

Network Drives
None discovered

Users (mouse over user name for details)

local user accounts
Rushi gokani
local system accounts

last logon
23-08-2012 22:36:59
10-07-2011 10:26:42

Marks a disabled account;



Microsoft Shared Fax Driver


Microsoft XPS Document


on XPSPort:

Marks a locked



Intel(R) Mobile Express Chipset SATA AHCI

Bus Adapters

Intel(R) HD Graphics Family [Display

Generic PnP Monitor (15.7"vis)

Intel(R) 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family USB

Enhanced Host Controller - 1C26
Intel(R) 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family USB
Enhanced Host Controller - 1C2D
Renesas Electronics USB 3.0 Host Controller
Renesas Electronics USB 3.0 Root Hub
Virus Protection [Back to Top]
Quick Heal AntiVirus Pro 12.00

Intel(R) Display Audio

Realtek High Definition Audio

Group Policies
None discovered

Communications new connection speed & status

Atheros AR5B97 Wireless Network Adapter
Not connected to a network
Dhcp Server:
none responded
Physical Address: 1C:65:9D:5A:B4:B3
54 Mbps
Microsoft 6to4 Adapter
Microsoft ISATAP Adapter
Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter
Not connected to a network
primary IP Address: / 32 / 32
Physical Address: 3E:65:9D:5A:B4:B3
54 Mbps
Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface

Other Devices
Microsoft AC Adapter
Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control
Method Battery
Microsoft Composite Battery
1.3M HD WebCam
Standard PS/2 Keyboard
ELAN PS/2 Port Smart-Pad [Mouse]
SDA Standard Compliant SD Host
Generic USB Hub (2x)
USB Composite Device
USB Root Hub (2x)
Generic volume shadow copy

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Network Map (mouse over IP address for physical address) [Back to Top]

Device Type

file:///C:/Program Files (x86)/Belarc/Advisor/System/tmp/(Rushigokani-PC).html

Device Details

Device Roles


Belarc Advisor Computer Profile

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Missing Microsoft Security Hotfixes [Back to Top]
KB2536276 - Critical
Q936960 - Important
Q950130 - Critical
Q951550 - Important
Q2560656 - Important
Q2564958 - Important
Q2567680 - Important
Q2570947 - Important
Q2579686 - Important
Q2584146 - Important
Q2585542 - Important
Q2604115 - Critical
Q2604121 - Critical
Q2618451 - Critical
Q2619339 - Critical
Q2620704 - Low
Q2620712 - Important
Q2621440 - Critical
Q2631813 - Important
Q2644615 - Important
Q2645640 - Important
Q2653956 - Critical
Q2654428 - Critical
Q2655992 - Important
Q2656351 - Critical
Q2656356 - Critical
Q2656368 - Critical
Q2656373 - Critical
Q2656405 - Critical
Q2656411 - Low
Q2658846 - Important
Q2659262 - Important
Q2660649 - Important
Q2667402 - Critical
Q2676562 - Critical
Q2685939 - Critical
Q2686827 - Critical
Q2686831 - Critical
Q2688338 - Important
Q2690533 - Important
Q2690729 - Critical
Q2691442 - Important
Q2698365 - Critical
Q2705219 - Moderate
Q2709715 - Important
Q2712808 - Moderate
Q2719985 - Critical
Q2722913 - Critical
Q2731847 - Important


These required security hotfixes were not found

installed (using the 08/14/2012 Microsoft Security
Bulletin Summary with definitions version
2012.8.14.12). Note: Security benchmarks require that
Critical and Important severity security hotfixes
must be installed.

Hotfixes from Microsoft Update (agent version 7.5.7601.17514) are turned off. Last install: 09-08-2011
17:37:46, download: 09-08-2011 23:43:10, check: 10-08-2011 14:49:20.

file:///C:/Program Files (x86)/Belarc/Advisor/System/tmp/(Rushigokani-PC).html



Belarc Advisor Computer Profile

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Software Licenses [Back to Top]
Belarc - Advisor
CyberLink - Arcade Movie
CyberLink -
CyberLink - PowerCinema
CyberLink - TouchMovie
Intel - AMT
Intel - GFX
Intel - IRST
Microsoft - Internet Explorer
Microsoft - Office Enterprise 2007
Microsoft - PowerShell
Microsoft - Windows 7 Home Basic (x64)

00346-OEM-8992752-50004 (Key: MB4HF-2Q8V3-W88WRK7287-2H4CP)e
89388-707-1528066-65970 (Key: KGFVY-7733B-8WCK9KTG64-BC7D8)
00346-OEM-8992752-50004 (Key: MB4HF-2Q8V3-W88WRK7287-2H4CP)e

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Software Versions & Usage (mouse over i for details, click i for location) [Back to Top]
i 2007 Microsoft Office system Version
i Acer - Recovery Management Version
i Acer Version 1.0.1720.0
i Acer Inc. - Version 1.00.3500
i Acer Incoperated - Identity Card Version
i Acer Incorporated - Global Registration
Service Version 1, 0, 0, 3
i Acer Incorporated - Power Management
Version 6, 0, 3007, 0
i Acer Incorporated - Updater Version
i Acer Incorporated - Welcome Center Version
i Acresso Software Inc. - FLEXnet Publisher
(32 bit) Version
i Adobe Reader Version
i Adobe Systems, Inc. - Shockwave Flash
Version 10,2,159,1
i Adobe Systems, Inc. - Shockwave Flash
Version 10,3,183,5
i Adobe Systems, Inc. - Shockwave Flash
Version 11,3,300,271
i Atheros - Ath_Coex Application Version
i Atheros Commnucations - Bluetooth
Software Version
i Belarc, Inc. - Advisor Version 8.2g
i CyberLink Corp. - Disc AutoPlay Handler
Version 5, 0, 0, 0
file:///C:/Program Files (x86)/Belarc/Advisor/System/tmp/(Rushigokani-PC).html

i Microsoft Corporation - Office Diagnostics

Service Version 12.0.4518.1014
i Microsoft Corporation - Office Diagnostics
Version 12.0.4518.1014
i Microsoft Corporation - Office Source Engine
Version 12.0.4518.1014
i Microsoft Corporation - Silverlight Plug-In
Version 4.0.60531.0
i Microsoft Corporation - Windows Installer Unicode Version 5.0.7600.16385
i Microsoft Corporation - Windows Live Mail
Version 15.4.3508.1109
i Microsoft Corporation - Windows Live Mesh
Version 15.4.5722.2
i Microsoft Corporation - Windows Live
Messenger Version 15.4.3508.1109
i Microsoft Corporation - Windows Live
Photo Gallery Version 15.4.3508.1109
i Microsoft Corporation - Windows Live?
Photo Gallery Version 15.4.3508.1109
i Microsoft Corporation - Windows Live
Movie Maker Version 15.4.3508.1109
i Microsoft Corporation - Windows Movie
Maker Version 2.6.4037.0
i Microsoft Corporation - Windows Search
Version 7.00.7600.16385
i Microsoft Corporation - Zune Version
i Microsoft Corporation. - Bing Bar Version
i Microsoft Office Groove Version
i Microsoft Office InfoPath Version


Belarc Advisor Computer Profile

i CyberLink Corp. - MediaEspresso Version

i CyberLink Corp. - WebCam Version
i Dolby Demo Version 7.2.7000.4
i Dolby Profile Launcher Version 7.2.7000.4
i DOSBox DOS Emulator Version 0, 74, 0, 0
i Dritek System Inc. - Launch Manager Version
i Dritek WMI Service Version
i Egis Technology Inc. - MyWinLocker 4
i EgisTec Shredder Version
i ELAN Smart-Pad Version 8, 2, 0, 16
i eSobi - newsXpresso Version
i Facebook Messenger Version 2.1.4590.16975
i Facebook Update Version
i Google Chrome Version 21.0.1180.83
i Google Inc. - Picasa Photo Viewer Version
i Google Inc. - Picasa Version 3.9.0
i Google Update Version
i Google Updater Version 2.0.711.37800.beta
i GreenTree Applications SRL - YTD YouTube
Downloader & Converter Version 3, 6, 0, 7
i HUAWEI Version
i Installe Application Version 2, 0, 0, 0
i Installer Application Version 2, 2, 0, 0
i Intel Corporation - IAStorDataSvc Version
i Intel Corporation - IAStorUI Version
i Intel(R) Active Management Technology
Local Manageability Service Version
i Intel(R) Common User Interface Version
i Intel(R) Management and Security
Application User Notification Service Version
i Intel Control Center Version
i Internet Downloader Version 3, 0, 0, 27
i launcher Application Version 1, 0, 0, 1
i McAfee Family Protection Detection and
Launch Version 1,0,0,0
i McAfee SiteAdvisor Version 3,5,0,0
i Microsoft Clip Organizer Version
i Microsoft Corp. - Windows Live Writer
Version 15.4.3508.1109
i Microsoft Corporation - Bing Bar Version
i Microsoft Corporation - Groove Audit
Service Version
i Microsoft Corporation - Internet Explorer
Version 9.00.8112.16421

file:///C:/Program Files (x86)/Belarc/Advisor/System/tmp/(Rushigokani-PC).html

i Microsoft Office OneNote Version
i Microsoft Office Outlook Version
i Microsoft Office Picture Manager Version
i Microsoft Windows Script Host Version
i Microsoft .NET Framework Version
i Microsoft .NET Framework Version
i Microsoft .NET Framework Version
i Microsoft CoReXT Version 7.250.4225.0
i Microsoft Silverlight Version 4.0.60531.0
i Microsoft Windows Operating System
Version 12.0.7600.16385
i Nokia - ContentCopier Version
i Nokia - PC Connectivity Solution Version
i Nokia - PC Suite Version 7, 1, 64, 0
i Nokia - Report Viewer Version 9.00
i Nokia Application Installer Version 3, 0, 0, 0
i Nokia Communication Centre Version 7, 1, 27,
i Nokia PC Internet Access Version 2, 0, 2, 1
i Nokia Video Manager Version 7, 1, 35, 0
i NTI Corporation - Acer Backup Manager
i NTI Corporation - Backup Manager Version
i Oberon Media - Launch Version
i Oberon Media Inc. - Acer GameZone
Console Version
i photoshine.exe - Shortcut
i Piriform Ltd - CCleaner Version 3, 9, 0, 1493
i Quick Heal AntiVirus Version 12.00
i Realtek HD Audio Manager Version 1, 0, 0,
i Realtek Semiconductor - HD Audio
Background Process Version
i Renesas Electronics Corporation - USB 3.0
Device Driver Version
i Rovio Mobile - AngryBirds Version 1.5.1
i Skype Version 5.5
i Sun Microsystems, Inc. - Java(TM) Platform
SE 6 U31 Version 6.0.310.5
i Symantec Corporation - Norton Online
Backup Version 2.1.17869
i the VideoLAN Team - VLC media player
Version 1,1,7,0
i TOD.exe - Shortcut
i TODO: Version
i Valve - Condition Zero Launcher Version 1, 0,
0, 0
i Valve - HLDS Launcher Version 4, 1, 1, 1


Belarc Advisor Computer Profile

i Yahoo! Messenger Version 11,0,0,2014

i Mouse over to see details, click to see where software is installed.
Marks software last used within the past 7 days.
Marks software last used within the past 90 days, but over 7 days ago.
Marks software last used within the past year, but over 90 days ago.
Marks software last used over 1 year ago.
Unmarked software lacks the data to determine last use.

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Installed Microsoft Hotfixes [Back to Top]
.NET Framework 4 Client Profile
KB2478663 on 09-08-2011 (details...)
KB2518870 on 10-08-2011 (details...)
Windows 7
KB976902 on 21-11-2010 (details...)
KB982018 on 08-08-2011 (details...)
KB2393802 on 31-05-2011 (details...)
KB2425227 on 31-05-2011 (details...)
KB2476490 on 08-08-2011 (details...)
KB2478662 on 08-08-2011 (details...)
KB2479628 on 31-05-2011 (details...)
KB2479943 on 31-05-2011 (details...)
KB2482122 on 31-05-2011 (details...)
KB2484033 on 31-05-2011 (details...)
KB2485376 on 31-05-2011 (details...)
KB2488113 on 31-05-2011 (details...)
KB2491683 on 31-05-2011 (details...)
KB2492386 on 08-08-2011 (details...)
KB2503658 on 31-05-2011 (details...)
KB2503665 on 08-08-2011 (details...)
KB2505438 on 31-05-2011 (details...)
KB2506014 on 31-05-2011 (details...)
KB2506212 on 31-05-2011 (details...)
KB2506223 on 31-05-2011 (details...)
KB2506928 on 08-08-2011 (details...)
KB2507618 on 31-05-2011 (details...)
KB2507938 on 08-08-2011 (details...)

Windows 7 (continued)
KB2508272 on 31-05-2011 (details...)
KB2508429 on 31-05-2011 (details...)
KB2509553 on 31-05-2011 (details...)
KB2511250 on 31-05-2011 (details...)
KB2511455 on 31-05-2011 (details...)
KB2515325 on 08-08-2011 (details...)
KB2518869 on 08-08-2011 (details...)
KB2519736 on 31-05-2011 (details...)
KB2522422 on 08-08-2011 (details...)
KB2524375 on 31-05-2011 (details...)
KB2529073 on 08-08-2011 (details...)
KB2530548 on 08-08-2011 (details...)
KB2532531 on 08-08-2011 (details...)
KB2533552 on 08-08-2011 (details...)
KB2533623 on 08-08-2011 (details...)
KB2534366 on 08-08-2011 (details...)
KB2536275 on 08-08-2011 (details...)
KB2536276 on 08-08-2011 (details...)
KB2541014 on 08-08-2011 (details...)
KB2544893 on 08-08-2011 (details...)
KB2545698 on 08-08-2011 (details...)
KB2547666 on 08-08-2011 (details...)
KB2552343 on 08-08-2011 (details...)
KB2555917 on 08-08-2011 (details...)

Click here to see all available Microsoft security hotfixes for this computer.
Marks a security hotfix (using the 08/14/2012 Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary)
Marks a security hotFix that fails verification (a security vulnerability)
Marks a hotfix that verifies correctly
Marks a hotfix that fails verification (note that failing hotfixes need to be reinstalled)
Unmarked hotfixes lack the data to allow verification

a. Processor clock speed is measured at computer start-up, and on laptops may be impacted by power
option settings.
b. Data may be transferred on the bus at one, two, or four times the Bus Clock rate.
c. Memory slot contents may not add up to Installed Memory if some memory is not recognized by
d. Memory slot contents is reported by the motherboard BIOS. Contact system vendor if slot contents
are wrong.
e. This is the manufacturer's factory installed product key rather than yours. You can change it to your
file:///C:/Program Files (x86)/Belarc/Advisor/System/tmp/(Rushigokani-PC).html



Belarc Advisor Computer Profile

product key here for Windows, or here for Office.
Copyright 2000-12, Belarc, Inc. All rights reserved.
Legal notice. U.S. Patents 5665951, 6085229 and Patents pending.

file:///C:/Program Files (x86)/Belarc/Advisor/System/tmp/(Rushigokani-PC).html