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The Long And Winding Road Words & Music by John Lennon & Paul McCartney sancti Cpt See 1570 abo and wind - ing that and wind - y the to your door will ney er dis ap washed a - way has left. a pool of - pear Te seen that road be - fore, tears. Cry- ing for the day. al - ways leads 1e here. Lead me to your leave me stand- ing bere? Let me know ‘the — Man-y times T've been alone and. = iy By Ee ) ‘An- y- way you'll nev- er know — BuG En? Cm Gm 5 git man-y ways I've tied And still _ they You left me stand - ing here Em? BY Eb suss Ey Ab BG Jong, long. time + ing hare Lead me to your door, DSS. al Coda ae BG Ea? ph ab Go Im Ba P 7 it ira? it ie oe Ae Coda .F AuB> Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, —__ aD