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Date: 07/5/2016

Customer Name: Chris Orum

___ Phone Number: 904-463-3326

Job Location 1123 Kings Road______________________________________
City: Neptune Beach ____________ State:_Florida______ Zip: __32266________
Scope of Work:

Remove existing rotten cedar on the chimney and replace with new cedar wood
Caulk and Paint to match the existing color
Clean up site and haul away all trash

Please sign, date and return a copy to me via email to accept this quote. Payment is due upon completion of work.
Total Cost: $ 1,153.00
Brian Moore
Peak Roofing & Construction, Inc.
Cell: 904-376-5712

CCC 1325540 ~ CRC 1328370
Office: 904.365.PEAK (7325)
Mobile: 904.376.5712

Peak Roofing & Construction, Inc._______

2288 Lookout Landing~Fleming Island, FL ~ 32203
Telephone: 904.365.7325
CCC 1325540~CRC 1328370