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WRONG: A is unlikely because why would he go from mild diabetes to complete insulin
deficiency. D is possible because they point towards him being dehydrated.

WRONG: 2pp think B, one guy said I'm assuming its pulmonary vasospasm with the
intermittent palpitations?

WRONG: E pcp pneumonia mostly. biopsy and staining may show pneumocyxtic jiroveci cysts

WRONG: I chose B first too and after getting it wrong, discussed it with a few people to come to
this conclusion - you have to first r/o a mass at the head of the pancreas by doing a CT
abdomen - this can cause obstructive jaundice also, but if you jump straight in and do an MRCP
won't be
able to

that mass because you'll just be checking for obstructions along the biliary tract. She no longer
has a gallbladder though, so the likelihood of any types of stones still in the tract is kind of low.
With a CT abdomen you can first rule out pancreatic ca, and if that's negative you can proceed
to MRCP.

D he is hypoglycemic possibly from insulin he has taken
(not E)

WRONG: B drug allergy is the only other explanation. its more of a drug fever than allergy

WRONG: B rickets, decreased mineralization

WRONG: Aortic dissection - clues: sudden onset of unremitting, severe chest pain, BP 90/60,

grade 2/6 diastolic murmur, left pleural effusion

WRONG: F because in periods of stress they present with unconjugated hyperbilitubinemia

WRONG (NOT E): B -ppd positive give isoniazide with vit b6