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Adzap 2k16 on the theme

Good morning guys!!
Its a pleasure to see you all being a part of Instincts 2k16 Celebrating the
comeback of Chennai!
I hope youre having a good time here. So lets get started. Let me just tell u how
the events will take place. Since we have more teams well be conducting prelims
which is basically a quiz on branding. From the prelims well be selecting 10 teams
for the first round. The first round is brand surfing which will be followed by final
round- Adzap.
Before getting on to the event, let me just take you through the rules of the event.
Rules and Regulations

3-4 members per team.

The event consists of two rounds.
First round is Brand surfing where in 2 teams will be competing against
each other for different brands and will be judged on the basis of timing and
quality of the tag line.
Original tagline of the brand should not be used. Time duration: 5 minutes
per team.
In the final round, the participants will be provided with a product on the spot
to advertise. The team should come up with a new brand name for the
product given. The advertisement must contain a tagline and details like
price and features.
Time duration: 2 minutes to prepare and 4 minutes to perform.
The topics can be changed on the discretion of the judge.
Arbiters decision will be final.
Spontaneity, humour and creativity will be much appreciated.
No obscene language should be used.
Weve received an overwhelming response from u guys. We have with us
(Teams and slot no.s)

Mention time.
No mobile phones are allowed.
Results will be announced shortly. I request you all to kindly wait for a few
(Results declared read out the college names.)
I req the shortlisted teams to wait for a few mins befo we move on to the 1 st

Guys! The Judge has arrived.. We have with us Mr.Aravind (Ad Director) and
Mr.Thirunavakarasu (sound Engineer)

Round 1: Brand surfing:

Call out the teams.
We come to the end of the 1st round. Lets wait for the results.
The teams that are participating in the final round are:
Final Round:
Mention college names.
The results will be declared in a few mins. I request the participants to be
seated till the winner is announced.
I request the judge to come on to the stage.
It gives me immense pleasure in introducing our judge for today.. (Judges
Mr.Aravind Kumar- a Doctor, an Ad film maker and a journalist. He owns an Ad
agency and an event management company-Zth orbit.
Also, he has worked in 3tv ads as an associate director and Directed one tv
Worked as a Junior correspondent in Vikatan Groups.
Welcome Sir!
Mr.Thirunavakarasu is a gold medalist from MGR Film Institute for sound
Location sound Recordist in Poovarasam Pee Pee movie.
Hes also an entrepreneur. He owns a multimedia production house and
studio- Dream Merchants.
He has worked as a live sound mixer in ads, radio shows, music concerts and
feature films.
Now I request Vaishali and Sneha to honour the judges with a momento.
Vote of thanks.

I take the privilege of thanking Mr.Aravind and Mr.Thirunavakasrasu for being

a part of the show . Hope u had a good time Sir.
I Congratulate the winners and all the teams for participating and making
this event a grand success.
I thank all the participants for having come over and showing yr interest in
the event. Id be failing in my duty if I dont thank each and every member of
the team behind this event

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