Are You The Next "Karate Kid?


Mr. Crulg Wllllts, Chlef Instructor ut Spotsylvunlu Murtlul Arts ln Frederlcksburg VA, dlscusses the soon-to-be releused
movle The Kurute Kld und how you cun use the lessons lt teuches to become u "kurute kld" yourself.

In 1984, the releuse of the movle The Kurute Kld chunged the murtlul urts lndustry forever. The movle's emphusls on
murtlul urts us u meuns of emotlonul und splrltuul development creuted u sensutlon. Audlences suw Dunlel leurn us
much ubout llfe us ubout murtlul urts through Mr. Mlyugl's gentle but flrm trulnlng. Purents llked whut they suw, und
the demund for chlldren's murtlul urts exploded.

A new verslon of The Kurute Kld wlll be releused on June 11, 2010. In the new verslon, the churucters' numes ure
dlfferent (Dunlel und Mr. Mlyugl become Dre und Mr. Hun), the uctlon tukes pluce ln Bel|lng lnsteud of Los Angeles,
und the Dre leurns Chlnese kung fu lnsteud of Jupunese kurute. However, the plot ls vlrtuully ldentlcul to thut of the
1984 fllm: u young hero leurns murtlul urts so he cun defend hlmself ugulnst bullles, und ln the process becomes u
better person und leurns some lmportunt llfe lessons.

Mllllons of people wlll wutch the new movle thls month, und wlll be uttructed to lts portruyul of murtlul urts. Both the
1984 und the 2010 verslons of The Kurute Kld reflect the posltlve messuge of whut trudltlonul murtlul urts trulnlng reully
ls. Thls messuge cun be summurlzed ln flve Murtlul Arts Lessons:

Murtlul Arts Lesson #1: Courtesy. As Dre bonds wlth Mr. Hun, they pructlce common courtesy, whlch leuds to mutuul
respect. Dre leurns thut by submlttlng to Mr. Hun's lnstructlon, he wlll become skllled ut murtlul urts more qulckly. Hls
rebelllous uttltude ulso softens towurd hls mother und other uuthorlty flgures.

Murtlul Arts Lesson #2: Integrlty. Dre's opponents ln the murtlul urts contest elther cheut to wln or do thlngs thut ure
legul but morully wrong. In contrust, Mr. Hun won't let Dre cheut or munlpulute the rules. In the process, Dre leurns
thut you cun trlumph wlthout dolng the wrong thlng.

Murtlul Arts Lesson #3: Perseverunce. Murtlul urts tuke u long tlme to leurn. Dre spends u lot of tlme on uctlvltles he
thlnks ure borlng, but ure reully bulldlng the skllls he needs to be competent ut murtlul urts. In so dolng, he leurns thut
trulnlng tukes tlme, und lt's not ulwuys fun, but lt's worth the rewurd lf you stlck wlth lt.

Murtlul Arts Lesson #4: Self-Control. At the beglnnlng of the movle, Dre's response to belng bullled ls to lose control,
und lt gets hlm beuten up. Through murtlul urts trulnlng, he leurns to control hls emotlons und not glve ln to them. Thls
puys off ln the flnul scenes where he must fuce the bullles wlthout lettlng the pressure get to hlm.

Murtlul Arts Lesson #5: Indomltuble Splrlt. In the beglnnlng of the movle, Dre ls euslly lntlmlduted by the klds who ure
bullylng hlm. After trulnlng wlth Mr. Hun, Dre fuces off ugulnst hls tormentors, und ls determlned to contlnue to the
end, even though he ls ln|ured. Through murtlul urts, he leurns the lmportunce of couruge.

These flve prlnclples cupture the core meunlng und vulues of trudltlonul murtlul urts trulnlng. They cupture the true
messuge of The Kurute Kld: the goul of trudltlonul murtlul urts trulnlng ls ultlmutely to muke the student u better person.

So lf you suw The Kurute Kld, you ure probubly exclted ubout murtlul urts. Remember the movle's murtlul urts lessons,
und choose u studlo thut goes beyond the physlcul to develop the student us u totul person. It's the only wuy to truln --
und succeed -- llke Dre.

Spotsylvunlu Murtlul Arts offers u free trlul progrum ln the followlng ureus:

y 7rudltlonul Murtlul Arts for Chlldren (Ages 6-12): Better Grudes, Self-Dlsclpllne, Respect, Enhunced Focus
y 7rudltlonul Murtlul Arts for 7eens & Adults (Ages 13 und Up): Self-Dlsclpllne, Physlcul Fltness, Goul-Settlng, Self Defense
y .ruv Mugu For Adults (Ages 18 und Up): Reullty-Bused Self Defense, Reullstlc Personul Protectlon

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