Search and Entertainment Content Driving Massive Changes in Filipino Online Behaviour

In partnership with Nielsen Media, Yahoo! delivers insights to help advertisers make sense of Internet trends in Philippines. MANILA, JUNE 8, 2010 – With 29.7 million Internet users currently in the Philippines, the country has become a critical piece of the Asia Pacific Internet industry. In partnership with Nielsen, Yahoo! today announced the results of the second edition of New Index, a groundbreaking study of Filipino usage trends that defines this still nascent Web market for marketers making decisions about online opportunities. The Net Index Study identifies four significant changes in online user behaviour in the Philippines. First, Search has become the predominant online activity, overtaking email and messenger. Filipino users are using Search primarily to find entertainment content online including images, video and music. Second, with the increase in Entertainment-related searches, consumption of entertainment content is also expanding. Music videos, TV shows, movie trailers have become increasingly popular with the online audience. email and instant messenger. Key findings of Net Index 2010 Philippines include: • Search is the number one online activity. Third, with attractive tariffs driving adoption of mobile internet, Filipinos are now using the mobile Web for communication functions such as

o Search has grown significantly from 58% to 76% to become the dominant online
activity, surpassing email and instant messaging

o The young and middle-aged (10 – 39 years) are the predominant users. o Entertainment related content is the most searched for (62%) followed by videos
(52%), information/research documents (44%), and music/audio clips (31%). • Entertainment consumption is proliferating. o o Music uploading/downloading increased from 25% to 41% year over year Video uploading/downloading grew from 22% to 38% year over year

o Music videos accounted for 73% of video accessed in the past month and movie
trailers represented 26% of video consumed

Mobile Internet is finally picking up, driven in part by lucrative subscription packages.

Source IDC digital market place report Nov 09

o Mobile Internet access has grown from virtually zero in 2009 to 5 % in 2010, with 40%
of users planning to spend more time going online in this way.

o Mobile Internet access is skewed to young adults aged 20-39. o Activities driving mobile Internet usage are instant messaging (77%), email (75%) and
SMS (59%).

Social media ushering a fundamental shift in the way people interact with each other and media.

o Social Networking (53%) is the most popular social media activity followed by
user generated content (30%). popular. Blogging (7%) and forums (11%) are least

o Social networking is primarily used to stay in touch with friends and family (66%),
send emails (64%) and for online chats (63%). “With a generation of young Filipinos growing up as digital natives, understanding their media habits is critical to understanding the future,” said Jack Madrid, General Manager, Yahoo! Philippines. “The Philippines is one of the fastest growing markets for the Internet in Southeast Asia and Yahoo! is truly pioneering the study of internet usage in the region and educating marketers on the way forward here.” The Net Index study not only provides findings on popular online activities such as email, search and instant messaging, but also sheds light on Internet usage trends (e.g. from social networking to most visited websites), channels of web access (e.g. from internet cafes to mobile phones) and makes recommendations on how businesses can leverage the research to grow . “While the Philippines market is distinct, information and insights on Filipino Internet users remain limited. In the current economy, digital media is more than a buzzword. Net Index addresses the expressed need by publishers, marketers and advertisers for a clear perspective and direction to craft meaningful online strategies. We are proud to associate with Yahoo! in developing a resource that will produce tangible benefits for the industry,” said Jay Bautista, Executive Director, Nielsen Media Philippines. Net Index incorporates well-established principles and techniques in the sample selection to ensure complete representation of the target population. Respondents were selected using a multi-stage probability sampling technique. Yahoo! will provide current and prospective clients relevant data to enable them to make informed decision about advertising on its properties. The agencies conducting the research will be at discretion to charge for the data. The findings for this year will be disseminated during the Net Index 2010 launch event on June 8th at the Manila Polo Club.

About Net Index

The Net Index study aims to provide a rigorous and strategic ‘big picture’ overview of Internet users – from their online activities, cross-media usage habits, lifestyles, and psychographics, to their brand preferences. These insights address the current knowledge gap in the industry, supplying marketers and media professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the Internet medium, necessary to unlock its full potential. The Yahoo! Net Index study is the first in-depth Internet media study of urban internet users in select countries across South East Asia. Initiated in 2009, the survey was conducted in Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. While the Internet is an important, fast-growing medium in SEA, insights on Internet users remain limited. The premise of the study stems from the fact that media insights play a key role in connecting a brand to its audience
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