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Hebrew and Yiddish Travel Writing

Mikhail Kizilov

Due to their active involvement in trading activity and their frequent changes
of place of residence, European Jewish travellers left a number of highly important travel accounts from the Middle Ages onwards, e.g. the famous twelfthcentury Jewish travellers Petahyah of Ratisbon, Travels of Rabbi Petachia of
Ratisbon, who, in the latter end of the twelfth century, visited Poland, Russia, Little
Tartary, the Crimea, Armenia, Assyria, Syria, the Holy Land, and Greece, trans.
Dr A. Benisch (London: Longman, 1861) [Hebrew original with English translation]; The itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela, ed. Elkan Adler (London, 1907).
Unfortunately, east European Jews started composing travelogues comparatively late, perhaps only from the sixteenth or seventeenth centuries. Travel accounts of European Jews of the early modern period usually represented itineraries of pilgrimages to the land of Israel (erets Yisrael). (For a bibliography of
accounts of Christian travellers to the Holy Land, see Nathan Schur, Jerusalem
in pilgrims and travellers accounts: a thematic bibliography of Western Christian
itineraries 13001917 (Jerusalem: Ariel, 1980).) Nevertheless, travellers often
left important data on the east European countries which they had to cross on
their way to Palestine. Unfortunately for our topic, most early modern Jewish
travellers were from central and western Europe. From the nineteen Jewish
travel accounts selected by Elkan Adler, only one (!) traveller was of east European origin (Jewish travellers, ed. Elkan Adler (London: George Routledge,
1930); repr. as Jewish travellers in the Middle Ages: 19 rsthand accounts, ed.
Elkan Adler (New York: Dover, 1987)). The quantity of travels to Palestine
grew signicantly in the eighteenth century due to the rise of the Hasidic movement in Polish lands. However, only a few Hasidic travellers and immigrants to
erets Yisrael described their travel experiences in writing.
Most of the Jewish travelogues were composed in Hebrew, called in the
Jewish tradition leshon ha-qodesh (Heb. sacred language). However, the language employed by Jewish travellers in modern times differed considerably

1 A word of thanks goes to Dr Dan Shapira (Jerusalem), Barry Walsh (Toronto), and Brad
Sabin Hill (New York) for their help in the work on this article. The author is grateful to
Szonja Rahel Komoroczy (Budapest) for her help in the work on the travel literature related
to Hungarian Jewry.


East European Travel Writing in Europe: A Bibliography

from traditional Biblical Hebrew while including a number of loan words and
expressions from vernacular languages. Moreover, from this period, the travels of Jewish voyagers were directed not only to the Holy Land, but also to
the Muslim Orient, America, Africa, Russia, and Europe, and even to travellers own countries. Travels to Europe nevertheless remained rather on the
margin of Jewish travel writings, being outnumbered by travel descriptions of
Palestine and the Muslim Orient. Many famous Jewish men of letters and
public gures composed colourful descriptions of their travels in Europe and
in the East (e.g. Nahman of Bratslav, Ahad ha-Am, Jacob Bachrach, Abraham
Gottlober et al.). It was only from the nineteenth century, the time of Jewish
Enlightenment (Haskalah), that Jewish travellers started actively using Yiddish
for their accounts (nevertheless, a few important accounts had already been
composed in Yiddish in the seventeenth century). Yiddish, however, remained
more a language of literary travelogues rather than of trips actually taken. The
importance of Yiddish as a literary language grew considerably in the twentieth century, and a number of travel accounts were composed in this language
before the beginning of the Second World War. Reports written in Yiddish by
travellers to Birobidzhan (Siberia), the capital of the Soviet Jewish Autonomy,
which had been seen by many as an embodiment of Jewish longing for independence and equality, became especially signicant in the interwar period.
(In addition to Russian, Yiddish was another widely spoken language of the
area. Unfortunately, the Birobidhzan project lost its signicance after the war
and Stalins anti-Jewish campaign; equally futile were attempts to organize a
Jewish autonomy in the Crimea in the 1930s and after the warthe so-called
Agro-Joint project.)
After the annihilation of European Jewry in the ames of the Holocaust,
travel writing in Hebrew and Yiddish in eastern Europe became almost extinct.
Nevertheless, those East European Holocaust survivors who became citizens of
Israel and America, often describe in writing their nostalgic post-war visits to
the once-ourishing Jewish Europe of their forefathers.
In terms of content, travel writings in Hebrew are usually full of eloquent
Biblical quotations and lofty allusions combined with descriptions of everyday
life, people, events, architectural monuments, towns, food, and customs. Travelogues in Yiddish seem to be more materialistic, written in a manner closely
resembling travel accounts in other European languages. A very specic feature
of Jewish travel accounts is their concentration mainly on internal Jewish life.
Nevertheless, Jewish travellers also left much important data on the history of
their Gentile surroundings. As an interesting phenomenon, one should distinguish the travel accounts of east European Karaite (i.e. non-Talmudic) Jews,
who from the seventeenth century onwards employed for literary purposes not
only Hebrew, but also their Umgangssprachen, Turkic Karaimo-Qipchak and
Crimean Tatar languages. (The Karaite Jews (Karaites) in PolandLithuania
and the Crimea did not know Yiddish at all and used Hebrew and Turkic languages for literary purposes.)
Because of the ever-migrating lifestyle of most Jewish authors on the one
hand, and the frequently-changing east European borders on the other, it is

Hebrew and Yiddish Travel Writing


sometimes quite difcult to dene precisely the geographic afliation of each

particular traveller (e.g. Ephraim Deinard (18461930), who was born in Russian Latvia, lived in the Crimea, Russia, Southern Ukraine, Poland, and Palestine, travelled throughout the world, published his Hebrew books in many of
the aforementioned countries, and died in America). Therefore, their linguistic
identication as east European Jewish travellers who wrote in Hebrew and
Yiddish would perhaps be more relevant than any attempt to categorise travellers citizenship and nationality.
Any research into travel writing in Hebrew should start from a few collections of Jewish travelogues in English translations and Hebrew originals (note,
however, that only some of the accounts published there were penned by the
Jews from eastern Europe and about Europe): Otsar masaot: a collection of itineraries by Jewish travellers, sel. and ed. J.D. Eisenstein (New York: [n.p.], 1926;
repr. Tel-Aviv: [n.p.], 1969; Hebrew); Masaot Erets Yisrael, ed. Avraham
Yaari (Tel-Aviv: Ahdut, 1946; Hebrew; repr. Tel Aviv: [n.p.], 1996); Jewish travellers, ed. Elkan Adler (London: George Routledge, 1930), and repr.
as Jewish travellers in the Middle Ages: 19 rsthand accounts (New York: Dover,
1987; English). Three accounts by Karaite travellers were published by Jonas
Hayyim Gurland in the rst volume of his Ginzei Yisrael be-Sankt-Peterburg
(Lyck: Rudolph Siebert, 1865; Hebrew). Sheluhei Erets Yisrael by Abraham
Yaari (Jerusalem: Yehuda, 1951) contains an extensive analysis of writings of
Jewish travellers to Palestine from the earliest days until the end of the eighteenth century; unfortunately, the author concentrated mostly on the Palestinian sections of the travel accounts. An extensive bibliography on Jewish travel
writings, with excerpts from many original documents, may be found in Jacob
Manns indispensable Texts and studies in Jewish history and literature, 2 vols
(Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America, 1935; Hebrew with English intr. and extensive commentaries). Philip Millers study Karaite separatism
in nineteenth-century Russia: Joseph Solomon Lutskis epistle of Israels deliverance
(Cincinnati: Hebrew Union College, 1993) analyzes a few nineteenth-century
travelogues written by east European Karaite Jews. Literary travelogues in Yiddish were analyzed by Leah Garrett in Journeys beyond the Pale: Yiddish travel
writing in the modern world (Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin, 2003).
However, to the best of our knowledge, there has so far been no comprehensive study of the travel accounts of east European Jewish travellers.

The best reference tool for any research in the eld of Jewish Studies (including Jewish travel writing) is the Encyclopedia Judaica (Jerusalem: Keter, 1971;
10 vols with later supplements; English). Also very helpful are Ha-Entsiqlopediyah ha-ivrit (Jerusalem: [n.p.], 19491981; 32 vols; Hebrew), the German
Encyclopedia Judaica (Berlin: [n.p.], 19281934; 10 vols until the letter M;
the series was stopped because of Hitlers ascension to power), and the Russian
Evreyskaya entsiklopediya (Russian; St Petersburg: Obshchestvo dlia nauchnykh
evreiskikh izdanii izdatelstva Brokhaus-Efron, 19061913). Polski sownik bio-


East European Travel Writing in Europe: A Bibliography

graczny (Krakw, Warsaw, and Wrocaw: Polska Akademija Umiejtnoci;

Polish; started in 1935; pub. before the Second World War by Gebetner and
Wolff; completed until the letter S) would be useful for its bibliography of
Jewish travellers born in Poland. Bolshaia sovetskaia entsiklopediia (Russian;
35 vols; 2nd ed., Moscow: Gosudarstvennoe nauchnoe izdatelstvo BSE,
19491965) might be useful for travellers who lived in the Russian/Soviet territory. Important references concerning books by Jewish travellers published
before the mid-nineteenth century might be found in Moritz Steinschneiders
classic Catalogus Librorum Hebraeorum in Bibliotheca Bodleiana (Berlin: [n.p.],
18521860); and, for books published before 1929, in A.E. Cowleys A concise
catalogue of the Hebrew printed books in the Bodleian Library (Oxford: Clarendon,
1929). An exhaustive bibliography of travelogues by Karaite Jewish travellers
might be found in the forthcoming book, The Karaites and Karaism: an annotated bibliography, ed. Barry Walsh with the assistance of Mikhail Kizilov (Jerusalem: Ben Zvi Institute, 2006). Biographical data on Karaite travellers may
also be found in The Karaite encyclopedia by Natan Schur (Vienna: P. Lang,
The most useful online catalogues may be found on the website of the
Hebrew University of Jerusalem (including the catalogues of the University
Library on Mount Scopus at and the Jewish National
Library on Givat Ram at, which may be browsed with
the ALEPH and RAMBI search systems and catalogues (however, one may encounter a number of technical difculties while downloading entries in Hebrew
characters). Also highly useful would be the online catalogue of the YIVO Institute for Jewish History (here the titles in Hebrew
characters are given in English transliteration) and the online edition of the
Jewish Encyclopedia at

Von Podolien nach Offenbach. Die jdische Heilsarmee des Jakob Frank. Zur Geschichte der frankistischen Bewegung. Offenbach: [n.p.], 1965. [on the travels of
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156) contains information on Early Modern Jewish travelogues in Yiddish]
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Deinard with extensive bibliography of his publications]
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Hebrew and Yiddish Travel Writing


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East European Travel Writing in Europe: A Bibliography

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Hebrew and Yiddish Travel Writing



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TO 1850
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East European Travel Writing in Europe: A Bibliography

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Hebrew and Yiddish Travel Writing


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East European Travel Writing in Europe: A Bibliography


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Hebrew and Yiddish Travel Writing


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Galicia; Poland/d; Russia/St Petersburg; Lithuania/Vilnius; Estonia; Finland; Germany; France; United Kingdom; Austria; Hungary;
Romania; Turkey; travelled 1880]
FAHN, REUVEN (1878d.a. 1939; Zionist, historian, ethnographer,
man of letters from Galicia).
HY 23 Me-Hayye ha-Qeraim [From the life of the Karaites]. HaliczDrohobycz: A.H. Zupnik, 1908. Berlin: B.Harz, c.1912. [Hebrew;
Ukraine/Galicia, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk; life of local Jewish communities]
Abridged German translation: Aus dem Leben der Karaiten, Ost und
West 1 (1912): 6670; Ost und West 2 (1912): 135144.
HY 24 Me-Hayye ha-Qeraim [From the life of the Karaites]. Kitve Ruben
Fahn. Part.1. Sefer ha-Qera'im. Part 2: Me-Hayye ha-Qeraim. Bigoraj:
[n.p.], 1929, 145240. [Hebrew; considerably enlarged/revised variant of above; repub. a few times in Israel after 1945]
FIRKOVICH, ABRAHAM BEN SAMUEL (17871874; collector of Hebrew
MSS, traveller). [see also LIC 19452000]
HY 25 Avnei Zikkaron [Memorial Stones]. 2 parts. Vilnius: S. Finn and A.
Rosenkranz, 1872. [Ukraine/Crimea/Chufut-Kale, Bilohirsk, Theodosia, Bakhchisaray; Lithuania/Vilnius, Trakai; Caucasus/Derbent,
Madjeliss; Turkey/Istanbul, Israel; Syria; Iraq; Egypt]
MANDELSTAMM, BENJAMIN (end c181886; Russian Hebraist and author).
HY 26 Hazon la-moed [A prophecy]. Vienna: [n.p.], 1877. [Hebrew; Lithuania/agar; Russia/Moscow; Ukraine/Crimea; description of Crimea
and position of Russian Jews, travelled 1835]


East European Travel Writing in Europe: A Bibliography

SLOUSCHZ, NAHUM (18721966; Russian Hebrew litterateur from

HY 27 Masa be-Mitsrayim [A travel to Egypt]. Krakw: Tushiyah, 1907.
[Hebrew; Egypt]
HY 28 Masaey bney Yisroel / Masaei benei Yisrael [Travels of the sons of
Israel]. Paks: Rosenbaum, 1910. [Judeo-German/Yiddish; Hungary/
Budapest; Israel; trip made by Orthodox community from Budapest
to Palestine, by participant]
Hebrew translation: In Sinai, 30. Trans. Naftali Ben-Menahem. [contains three other parts: Tle le-oyley Tsiyon; Gebete; Di konigskrone. 8,
pp. 24 (the four parts together p. 64)].

ASCH, SHOLEM (18801957).
HY 29 Mayn rayze iber Shpanyen [My journey to Spain]. Warsaw: Kulturlige, 1926. [Yiddish; Spain]
HY 30 Mayn rayze in Erets Yisroel [My travel to the land of Israel]. New
York: Tageblat, 1921. [Yiddish; Israel]
HOFFMAN, BENZION (18741954).
HY 31 Mayn rayze in Erets Yisroel [My travel to the land of Israel]. Warsaw:
Di Velt, 1923. [Yiddish; Israel]
HY 32 Der veg keyn Birobidzshan: rayze-bilder [The road to Birobidzhan:
travel impressions]. Moscow: Emes, 1940. [Yiddish; USSR/Russia/
incl. Siberia/Birobidzhan]
HY 33 A rayze keyn Birebidzshan: fun mayn togbukh [A journey to Birobidzhan: from my diary]. Kiev: Melukhe-farlag far di natsionale minderhaytn in USSR, 1937. [Yiddish; USSR/Russia/incl. Siberia/Birobidzhan]
MEKLER, D. L. (b.1891).
HY 34 Mentsh un mashin in Sovyetn-land: faktn, bilder, eyndrukn fun a rayze
iber Sovyet-Rusland [A man and machine in the Soviet Union: facts,
sketches, impressions from a travel to Soviet Russia]. Warsaw: Y.
Ziman, 1936. [Yiddish; USSR/Russia]
PERELMAN, OSHER (b. 1895).
HY 35 Biro Bidzshan: shilderungen fun a rayze in Yuli-Oygust 1934 [Yiddish; Birobidzhan: notes on a journey in JulyAugust 1934]. Warsaw:

Hebrew and Yiddish Travel Writing


Groshn-bibliotek, 1934; Buenos Aires: Farlag Folks-bibliotek, 1934.

[USSR/Russia/incl. Siberia/Birobidzhan]
HY 36 Min ha-moledet: rishmei masa be-Erets Yisrael veha-aratsot ha-semukhot [From the homeland: travel to the land of Israel and adjacent
countries]. Warsaw: Levin-Epshtayn, 1921. [Hebrew]

HY 37 Akhzar mi-kol ha-mifgash (masa le-Polin, 1983) [A harsh encounter:
travel to Poland, 1983]. Tel Aviv: Hotsaat Gazit, 1983. [Hebrew; Poland; journey to Poland by Holocaust survivor, 1983]
CASPI (Srebrenik), MENACHEM (b.1920).
HY 38 Ke-aleh nidaf ba-ruah: masa le-tokh Varshah ha-Yehudit she-hayetah ve-enenah od [As a leaf in the wind: a journey to Jewish Warsaw
which was and is no more]. Tel Aviv: Yaron Golan, 1995. [Hebrew;
Poland/Warsaw; travel memoir by Holocaust survivor, pupil at Jewish
yeshivah in Warsaw before the war]
GORDON, SHMUEL (b.1909).
HY 39 Birebidzshaner toyshvim: rayze-bilder [Inhabitants of Birobidzhan:
travel sketches]. Moscow: Emes, 1947. [Yiddish; USSR/Russia/incl.
HY 40 Bene ha-ayarah mesaprim: sipurim historiyim mi-Milhemet ha-olam
ha-sheniyah [Inhabitants of a small town recount: historical tales
from the Second World War]. Bene-Berak: Yotse Horodlah be-Erets
Yisrael, 2000. [Hebrew; Poland/Horoda, Lublin; travels of Holocaust survivor in Poland during Second World War]
GOTTLOBER, ABRAHAM BAER (181099; Jewish enlightener-maskil,
man of letters).
HY 41 Zikhronot u-masaot [Memoirs and travels]. Sel. and ed. with intr.
and notes by Reuven Goldberg. 2 vols. Jerusalem: Bialik Institute,
1976. [Russia/St. Petersburg, Moscow; Ukraine/Kamieniets Podolski,
Kiev, Kharkiv, Zhytomir, Lviv; Belarus/Minsk, Hrodno; Poland/Warsaw, Krakw, Biaystok; Lithuania/Vilnius, Kaunas; Romania; travelled 1820s70s]
HY 42 Masa shel Yanko [Yankos travel]. Konstanz: Hartung-Gorre, 2001.
[Ukraine/Chernivtsi; Moldova; Israel; travels 194156]