Launcher.Login.InfoText.Caption PLEASE LOG IN Launcher.Login.InfoText.Text Use your existing ubi.

com account to log in. If you don't already have a account, please create one. Launcher.Login.Register.Caption Don't have a account yet? Launcher.Login.Register.Text Register now and get 10 Uplay Units to spend on a reward of your choice! Launcher.Login.Register.TextNoUplay Register now to create your own account. Launcher.Login.Register.Button Register now Launcher.Login.Login.Caption Already a user? Launcher.Login.Login.RememberMe Remember Me Launcher.Login.Login.LostPassword Forgot password? Launcher.Login.LoggingInCaption LOGGING IN... Launcher.Login.Username Username Launcher.Login.Password Password Launcher.Login.UsernameError Please enter a valid username Launcher.Login.UsernameErrorCaption Username error Launcher.Login.PasswordError Please enter a valid password Launcher.Login.PasswordErrorCaption Password error Launcher.Login.LogInFailed Incorrect username or password. Launcher.Login.LogInFailedCaption Login failed Launcher.Login.HelloThere Hello There Launcher.Login.LostPasswordMessage You will now be redirected to a website that will help you recover your password. Launcher.CreateAccount.Info Once you have created your account, you will be able to proceed with playing this game. Launcher.CreateAccount.Caption REGISTER Launcher.CreateAccount.Text The account is needed to play the game. Please use a valid e-mail address and credentials. Launcher.CreateAccount.LogIn Return to Login Launcher.CreateAccount.Username Username Launcher.CreateAccount.Email Email Launcher.CreateAccount.Password Password Launcher.CreateAccount.ExclusiveUbisoft Please update me with exclusive content and offers about Ubisoft titles Launcher.CreateAccount.ExclusivePartners Please update me with exclusive content from Ubisoft Partners Launcher.CreateAccount.DateOfBirth DATE OF BIRTH Launcher.CreateAccount.Country COUNTRY Launcher.CreateAccount.Submit Submit Launcher.CreateAccount.Cancel Cancel Launcher.CreateAccount.More MORE... Launcher.CreateAccount.UsernameWrongFormat There is a problem with the user name you entered.€The rules for creating a valid username are: usernames can con tain letters, underscores, dots and dashes, must be a minimum of 3 characters lo ng, and must start with a letter. Launcher.CreateAccount.PasswordRequired Password missing. Please provide all the requested information. Launcher.CreateAccount.PasswordWrongFormat There is a problem with the pass word you entered. Here are the rules for creating a valid password: Passwords mu st be a minimum of 6 characters long, can contain letters and numbers, and must contain at least one of each. Passwords are case-sensitive. Your username cannot appear in your password. Launcher.CreateAccount.EmailWrongFormat There is a problem with the email addres s you entered. Please verify the email address and try again. Launcher.CreateAccount.DateOfBirthRequired Date of birth missing. Please pr ovide all the requested information. Launcher.CreateAccount.UserUnder18 Currently, there is an age restriction o n accounts in your country and as such we are unable to provide you with a account at this time. Please visit to create your account

. Launcher.CreateAccount.CountryRequired Country missing. Please provide all the requested information. Launcher.CreateAccount.PasswordWithinUsername There is a problem with the pass word you entered. Here are the rules for creating a valid password: Passwords mu st be a minimum of 6 characters long, can contain letters and numbers, and must contain at least one of each. Passwords are case-sensitive. Your username cannot appear in your password. Launcher.CreateAccount.UsernameNotAvailable The username you entered is not available.€Please try a different username. Launcher.CreateAccount.UseOfRestrictedWord The username contains a restrict ed word.€Please try a different username. Launcher.CreateAccount.EmailNotAvailable This email address is already in use by another account. For your protection and security, this is not p ermitted. Would you like to go to the Login screen? Launcher.CreateAccount.EmailRequired Email is missing. Please provide all the requested information. Launcher.CreateAccount.UsernameRequired Username is missing. Please provide all the requested information. Launcher.CreateAccount.PasswordMismatch Passwords do not match! Launcher.CreateAccount.Failed Account creation failed due to unknown reason. P lease try again. Launcher.CreateAccount.PleaseWait0 Please wait, processing Launcher.CreateAccount.PleaseWait1 Please wait, processing. Launcher.CreateAccount.PleaseWait2 Please wait, processing.. Launcher.CreateAccount.PleaseWait3 Please wait, processing... Launcher.CreateAccount.Month1 Jan Launcher.CreateAccount.Month2 Feb Launcher.CreateAccount.Month3 Mar Launcher.CreateAccount.Month4 Apr Launcher.CreateAccount.Month5 May Launcher.CreateAccount.Month6 Jun Launcher.CreateAccount.Month7 Jul Launcher.CreateAccount.Month8 Aug Launcher.CreateAccount.Month9 Sep Launcher.CreateAccount.Month10 Oct Launcher.CreateAccount.Month11 Nov Launcher.CreateAccount.Month12 Dec Launcher.CreateAccount.DropDownDefault.Day dd Launcher.CreateAccount.DropDownDefault.Month mm Launcher.CreateAccount.DropDownDefault.Year yyyy Launcher.CreateAccount.DropDownDefault.Country Country Launcher.CreateAccount.Under18Message You have indicated that you are less tha n 18 years old so your account can only be created on the Ubisoft website. You w ill now be directed to the web-based account registration. Launcher.Settings.Apply Apply Launcher.ToS.FailedTryAgain Failed to get Terms of Service, please try again . Launcher.ToS.Accept Accept Launcher.ToS.Decline Decline Launcher.ToS.Title Terms of Service Launcher.ToS.PleaseWait Please Wait... Launcher.ToS.AcceptCheckBoxInfo I accept these Terms of Service in order to crea te my account. Please check this box to indicate that you have read and understood the Terms of Service. Launcher.ToS.AcceptCheckBoxInfo.France J'accepte que mes informations personnel les soient conservées dans les fichiers d'Ubisoft et transmises aux filiales d'U bisoft Entertainment (cochez la case pour continuer). Vous disposez d’un droit d ’accès, de modification, de rectification et de suppression des données vous con cernant (loi « Informatique et Libertés » du 6 janvier 1978 modifiée). Pour tout

e demande, adressez-vous à Launcher.ToS.AcceptError You must accept the Terms of Service in order to proceed. Launcher.ToS.AcceptErrorCaption Terms of Service Launcher.ToS.LogIn Return To Login Launcher.WelcomePage.InfoText.Caption REGISTRATION COMPLETE Launcher.WelcomePage.InfoText.Text Your account has now been create d. Launcher.WelcomePage.UplayText.Caption Congratulations, you have your own ubi.c om account! Launcher.WelcomePage.UplayText.Text You ve just earned 10 Uplay Units to spe nd on unique in-game rewards. With your account you get the benefits of website registration, free in-game exclusives, your own profile, and more as the Uplay c ommunity grows. Thanks for playing with us! Launcher.WelcomePage.UplayText.TextNoUplay Now you can:\nPlay the game!\nEn joy exclusive store promotions.\nParticipate in community forums.\nAnd more.\nPl ease go to Launcher.WelcomePage.ReturnButton Return to login Launcher.EnterCdKeyPage.Caption REGISTER PRODUCT Launcher.EnterCdKeyPage.Text Please enter the product-key that came with your game. Note that this will tie your game to this account. Launcher.EnterCdKeyPage.Submit OK Launcher.EnterCdKeyPage.MassgateDown Server subsystem is down; please try aga in later. Launcher.EnterCdKeyPage.Banned This CD-Key has been banned. Launcher.EnterCdKeyPage.Incorrect This CD-Key is incorrect Launcher.EnterCdKeyPage.Used This CD-Key has been used already. Launcher.EnterCdKeyPage.WrongProduct This CD-Key is for another product. Ple ase contact customer support. Launcher.EnterCdKeyPage.BuyCdKey Click here to buy a key online! Launcher.PatchPage.UpdatingLauncher UPDATING LAUNCHER... Launcher.PatchPage.Speed Downloading @ __REPLACE__ Kb/s Launcher.PatchPage.Eta ETA: __REPLACE_HOURS__h __REPLACE_MINUTES__m Launcher.Suggestions.Title1 This username is not available. Launcher.Suggestions.Title2 Use one of these instead? Launcher.LaunchingPage.Launching Launching... Launcher.LaunchingPage.LoggingIn Logging in... Launcher.LaunchingPage.GameRunningTitle Game started... Launcher.LaunchingPage.SavegameSyncTitle Synchronizing saved games... Launcher.LaunchingPage.Countdown Your game will start in __REPLACE__ seco nds... Launcher.LaunchingPage.CountdownOneSec Your game will start in 1 second... Launcher.LaunchingPage.GameRunning Do not turn off Ubisoft Game Launcher wh ile game is running. Launcher.LaunchingPage.Logout Log Out Launcher.LaunchingPage.Playnow Play Now! Launcher.Savegames.Uploading Ubisoft Game Launcher will shut down when finish ed... Launcher.Savegames.ETA Estimated time left __REPLACE_MINUTES__min __REPLACE_SEC ONDS__sec Launcher.Savegames.Downloading Game will start when finished... Launcher.Savegames.DisableQuestion Do you want to disable saved games from being stored online? Launcher.Savegames.EnableQuestion Do you want to enable saved games to be stored online? Launcher.Savegames.DisableCaption Saved game settings Launcher.Savegames.Notice The change will take effect after you restart th e Ubisoft Game Launcher. Launcher.ErrorStrings.UpdateRequired An update to this game has been released . This update must be installed to run the game. Press OK to go to the game s we



bpage where you can download the patch. Launcher.ErrorStrings.UpdateRequired_caption Update Required Launcher.ErrorStrings.AccountSharedYou Your account is currently in use. You ca n only play from one location at a time! Launcher.ErrorStrings.AccountSharedNotYou Your account is playing from ano ther computer. You will be able to play, but the other game session has been shu t down. Launcher.ErrorStrings.AccountSharedDisconnect You have been disconnected becau se your account was logged in from another computer. Launcher.ErrorStrings.SavegameUploadFail Failed to store saved game onlin e. Launcher.ErrorStrings.SavegameDownloadFail Failed to download saved games. Launhcer.ErrorStrings.AccountServerDown Could not communicate with Account Serve r. Please try again later. Launcher.ErrorStrings.GenericError Error code __REPLACE__. Launcher.ErrorStrings.FailedToConnect An internet connection is required to pl ay this game. Failed to connect to the Ubisoft master servers. Please verify tha t your internet connection is functional and try again. Launcher.ErrorStrings.FailedToConnectTriedProxy An internet connection is requir ed to play this game. Failed to connect to the Ubisoft master servers (using pro xy __REPLACEME__). Please verify that your internet connection is functional and try again. Launcher.Installer.UninstallWarning Are you sure you want to uninstall the U bisoft Game Launcher? If you do, all installed games using it will have to be re -installed, and all saved games for all games will have to be synchronized again . No saved games will be lost. Launcher.Installer.BroadcastFailed Unable to update system paths. If the ga me fails to start then please restart Windows and try again. Launcher.CreateAccount.ConfirmPassword Confirm password Launcher.StartupPage.Connecting Connecting... Launcher.ErrorStrings.MultipleInstance You have to shut down any previous Ubiso ft Game Launcher sessions before starting a new one. Game.LostConnection.ReloadCheckpoint Attempting to restore network connection . Your last checkpoint will be reloaded once the connection has been restored. Game.LostConnection.ReloadSavegame Attempting to restore network connection . Your last saved game will be reloaded once the connection has been restored. Game.LostConnection.Resume Attempting to restore network connection. The ga me will resume once the connection has been re-established. Please wait. Game.LostConnection.AccountSharing You cannot continue playing because you (or someone using your account) is playing on another computer. Game.SaveGame.Conflict.Detected A saved game synchronization conflict was detect ed. Game.SaveGame.AutoResolution.KeptLocalSavegame A saved game conflict was resolv ed by keeping the last saved game created on this computer. Game.SaveGame.AutoResolution.KeptLastDownloaded A saved game conflict was resolv ed by keeping the latest downloaded saved game. Game.SaveGame.AutoResolution.Keptboth A saved game conflict was resolved by ke eping all saved games. Game.SaveGame.Conflict.PleaseChoose Please choose the saved game that you wa nt to keep. Game.SaveGame.Conflict.KeepOnlyDownloaded Keep only the downloaded saved g ame. Game.SaveGame.Conflict.KeepOnlyLocal Keep only the saved game created on this computer. Game.SaveGame.Conflict.KeepBoth Keep both saved games. Launcher.ErrorStrings.SavegameUploadFailEx Failed to store saved game onlin e. The saved game is not lost and will be uploaded next time. Launcher.CreateAccount.DateOfBirthInvalidDate The date of birth is an invalid date. Game.LostConnection.ResumeAutoSaved Your game will be auto-saved. No progres

sion will be lost. Game.LostConnection.ResumeLastCheckpoint If a connection cannot be re-est ablished, you can continue from the last checkpoint or save game. Game.LostConnection.ResumeLastSavegame If a connection cannot be re-established , you can continue from the last save game. Game.LostConnection.ResumeManualSaveFromOptionsMenu To save your game, go to the options menu. No progression will be lost. Game.LostConnection.ResumeManualSaveFromMenu To save your game, go to the men u. No progression will be lost. Game.Startup.AwaitingFirstOsiConnection Establishing network connection. Please wait.

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