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Topicality. Any language is in a persistent motion. And undoubtedly, the

vocabulary displays changes in the language above all. According to some linguists
for the last few years, the number of neologisms has been increasing significantly
in the English [1, 180]. This is due to some extra-linguistic factors such as,
technological progress, modernization, integration and disintegration of the
political community, the accelerating pace of life, etc. A language as an
autoadaptive, chopping and changing system reflects these changes in the lives of
all mankind. This trend is universal, i.e. inherent in the vast majority of languages,
because the factors affecting language development are worldwide.
The multidimensional nature of the problem of replenishment of the
vocabulary of the language determines the possibility of different approaches to the
study of peculiarities to form new words. The most common approach is the depthstudying new words, based on the word-forming model of designed word. The
researches on this direction are focused on identifying the specifics of the
particular ways of derivational peculiarities of different parts of speech. Wordforming subsystems of derivatives that refer to the same lexico-grammatical
classes are less studied. So, emphasizes that in Modern English there is
no exhaustive and consistently held derivational descriptions of subsystems of
individual parts of speech. [2, 19]
English linguists such as Greenbaum Sidney, Quirk Randolph and others
rely on it that one of the prominent peculiarities of English vocabulary is in the
frequent usage of phrasal verbs by native speakers. [3, 4] In linguistics, a large
number of works has been devoted to the description of phrasal verbs as a special
phenomenon in the English language. Many linguists have dedicated to these
phenomena a lot of works that addressed the issues associated with determining the
status of these lexical units, their lexico-grammatical, lexical nature of the second
component and their functioning in language and speech.
And it should be noted that at the present stage phrasal verbs as one of the
peculiarities of Modern English word-stock are becoming more productive basis
for the formation new words. However, the derivational opportunities of phrasal
verbs, the main patterns phrasal verbs developing and the usage of these
derivatives have not been examined thoroughly yet. The relevance of this study is
determined by the need to cover a diversity of patterns of formation process of
semantics and functioning of verbal "phrasal" derivatives in Modern English,

The aim of our research work is to scrutinize and describe derivational

patterns of phrasal verbs and their derivatives, to reveal the function of these
derivatives in contemporary lexicon, their usage and spread.

The objectives:
to identify the functional entity of phrasal verbs, i.e., to define functions that
phrasal verbs are supposed to perform in the communication process, to scrutinize
the classification of phrasal verbs and retrace the historical rise of this phenomena;
to reveal structural-semantic, grammatical and stylistic features of phrasal verbs;
to inquire into the linguistic concept derivation, types of derivation, means of
to analyze phrasal verbs in mass media, fiction and Saarbucken Scorpus of Spoken
to offer a typology of the main directions of derivation in the system "phrasal"
verbal derivatives.
The object of this study is phrasal verbs in the English language.
The subject of the research is morphemic analysis and semantic
interpretation of phrasal verb derivatives selected from different text.
The methods of research work are collection of literature on the topic,
morphemic and word-formation analysis, comparative and observational methods
and statistical calculation.
The Scientific novelty is that our work constitutes the most complete
description of the derivation of phrasal verbs, the function and the use of these
derivatives as well as the application and prominence of phrasal verbs in Modern
English vocabulary.
The theoretical significance of the research lies in the description of
derivational processes in Modern English, in particular the coining of new words
from phrasal verbs and the stylistic application of these derivatives in Modern
English. Additionally, we introduced the entire classification of the main concepts
of this work that is classification of phrasal verbs, derivation and word-formation.
The practical significance of the research lies in the possible use of its
results as a fragment of the course of English lexicology, in "Word-Formation",
special course on Phraseology, as well as in practical English classes.
Theoretical and methodological basis for the thesis were the works of
domestic and foreign linguists on the problems of word-formation, semantic
derivation, phraseology and lexicology. The senior thesis is based on the works of
such linguists as .., Greenbaum S. and Quirk R., T. McArthur, D.
Bolinger, .., H. Marchand, L. Bauer, O. Jespersen and many others.

The structure of senior thesis consists of introduction, two chapters,

conclusion, bibliography and appendices
The introduction reveals the relevance of the study. The aim, objectives, the
object and the subject of the work, theoretical and practical significance of the
thesis are defined in the introduction.
The first chapter is given up to phrasal verbs as English vocabulary
phenomenon. We also have tried to describe such a general linguistic concepts as
derivation, word-formation, semantics and polysemy, neologisms and nonce
words. And, consequently, derivation of phrasal verbs in Modern English, the
productive patterns of new word-formation from phrasal verbs have been
discoursed upon in this thesis.
The second section of our work is dedicated to the morphemic and wordforming analysis of phrasal verb derivatives elicited from newspapers, business
journals and fashion magazines, Saarbrucken Corpus of Spoken English, and the
fragment of the novel The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Thus the
calculations of the productive means and peculiarities of derivation of phrasal
verbs are conducted in this chapter.
Conclusion presents the main results of the research.
Bibliography reflects the basic works on general and specialized issues of
chosen topic. There are 71 resources.
Glossary provides main definitions of the terms used the research.
Appendices show
The findings of this research work were presented at the 11th International scientific
conference 2015 and published in
scientific journal in Sofia, Bulgaria on May 15th 22th, 2015.