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The Awakening of one’s Higher Self

And the Expansion of God

By Patricia Kenney

In the book “A Course on Miracles” you’ll find: “Fear does not belong to the instant
present time, but rather to the past and the future… Each instant is a neat birth with no
stain, in which a God’s son emerges from the past to the present. And the present goes
on forever. This moment is so beautiful, pure and free of guilt that nothing, besides
happiness, exists in it. No darkness is remembered and immortality and joy are now.”

Without change, time is unconceivable. In eternity, there is neither past nor future. We
know, therefore, that, only at the present moment, does eternity exist: The eternal here
and now.

God is good and eternal because He is perfect, complete, incorruptible, unique,

unchangeable, stable… God does not change.

Impressed by this idea that God does not change, I have opened a space for other ideas.

If God is eternal and does not change, would He be still and…“Dead”?

We know that He is not dead; however, everything that is eternally still, static -
conceptually - should have no life, or could be understood as “Dead”.
On the other hand, it is also known that God is eternally creating.

There were days when I asked myself: If, like God, Higher Selves are eternal and they
are perfect, what is the reason for successive incarnations of human beings? After all, if
Higher Selves are eternal and perfect, what is there for them to learn? And, being thus
perfect, would they also manifest a SELF/EGO/PERSONALITY as perfect as God’s,
Himself? After all, we are what we think. Our lives are a reflection of what we are, etc,
etc, etc…

There are some confusing conceptions in human beliefs. One of them says that our
spirits are eternal and wise beings, or else, that we have in us a part which guides us
and, therefore, it is wise too.

If all of us were consciences of God, with awaken Higher Selves, we would not
manifest egos that are unaware of this fact. Then, I can only think that our Higher
Selves are also unaware of what He and we really are. Thus, reaching illumination or
salvation has to do with awakening oneself, because all there is, is God and His
Creation: an individualized Affiliation and its respective manifestation on Earth, as a
living EGO.

The Higher Self, then, would be a divine perfect spark, but not aware of his divine
identity until the awakening of our own ego in this existence on Earth. I see God, as
eternal, sheer love, creating in continuous “action”… However, He being at the same
time immutable, His expansion is, thus, set into action definitely linked to the
awakening of each DIVINE SELF in His creation.

On the other hand, down here on Earth, one’s ego is not aware of its identity, really. It is
actually the result from its relationship with the world around its persona. The Ego is
always trying to make the world become what it wants. Everything constructed by the
Ego talks about itself. The ego forms its identity from what it creates around its own
self. Well, we know that our “egos/personalities” are supposed to get refined through
several incarnations… by evolving… All, which is created by God, evolves. In our
case, in search for its own identity, our ego’s refinement leads to the awakening of the I
AM: The Awareness of I AM of God.

When it reaches this degree of evolution, it WAKES UP to its DIVINE SELF and the
ego ceases to exist as identity, becoming just a temporal tool of the AWAKEN SELF.
In short, I believe that the one that really wakes up is our HIGHER SELF, who,
although perfect - as part of the WHOLE and as image and similitude of God - is not
aware of this until his respective ego reaches illumination.

Another conclusion that I have reached is that, this eternally creating process could also
keep God alive in eternity (remember? The opposite of being dead, immutable…) and it
is His creation that - on the wakening of the I AM OF GOD - keeps His Eternal Identity
alive on its own.
That is: This I AM of God, awakened from the refined ego, reinforces God’s existence
and this MAINTAINS GOD ALIVE THROUGH ETERNITY for us and, this is the
way by which God really expands Himself. He is not exclusively expanding through
the act of creating, but by the conscientious awareness reached by His creation.

Each awaken Self expands the creator into an ascendant spiral: At the same time
immutable, (because He is perfect) and being eternally in expansion, because He
expands himself with each and every being that wakes up in their: I AM GOD. At the
instant of illumination, each one of us reaches full happiness and full knowledge. We
are God Alive and, from then on, we will try to remember this..

He is eternal in the cause and alive on the effects.

God is the cause and the effect. He is eternal in the cause and alive on the effects.
But, God can only be real for the ones who are aware of having a connection with Him.
That is the only way God becomes alive in us. In each saintly instant: as we receive
small miracles - as we marvel at the beauty of nature; as we get involved in an act of
love or compassion - God becomes so clear and so alive that we wake-up from our
unreal world. At that instant, God expands, for He is recognized in His dear Child.

Apart from or in spite of the world created by human egos, God and God’s world are
always going to exist and be real. However, the miracle and the World of God are made
present in each saintly instant.

When someone says that there are people claiming for God and He, apparently, does not
manifest Himself, actually, this human-being is forgetting to consider to which God he
or she is calling out. In truth, when the real connection is made, the miracle takes place:
it is inevitable. And God is alive when we remember that we are His essence, that is:
Children of God and, therefore, His image and similitude and not some Mary or John,
with our history/ego/personality in the human world, to whom we give so much
importance, but HE, HIMSELF EXPANDED.

I have discovered some SURPRISING things by reading this book: “A Course on

Miracles”. It discloses some ideas about man’s wish to be different, ESPECIAL, but, as
before God this is impossible, man nurtures a grief and a grudge against his Creator. He
wants to be especial before God and knows that is not possible… An insane and
egocentric thought that creates a vicious and conflicting circle, leading to inevitable

Immersed in this obsession, he does not sense that he chooses to be small, as he denies
being God’s Son and equivalent to Him, with all that it means. In everything, he sees
the other being as different and wishes to find distinctions – for better or for worse –
reinforcing his mistaken and separatist vision. We are one conscience of God and that
is all, or, better saying: ALL THAT!

Think of what a conscience is… it is an idea; and it has no form and is not different
from the Source, and neither from any part of its Affiliation. When we remember who
we really are, we will be equally capable of seeing the other being the same way and,
from then on, we are going to witness this Truth. At that instant we wake up from our
world of illusions and become co-creators with God.


My article above was gently translated from Portuguese by my mother Maria Kenney.

Books translated to Portuguese by Maria Kenney

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translated to Portuguese by Maria Kenney and Gilbert E. Adams
and printed by Papirus Editora, Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil, in 1994

Sara Marriot's books

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translated to Portuguese by Maria Kenney
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"The Joy of discovering Guardian Angels in Our Lives"
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Cia das Ervas book of Receipts

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Patricia Kenney’s book

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