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Tanvir Asher

Cell No.+923454113757
Lahore Pakistan
Job Objective
To work in a dynamic and challenging environment, where I can enhance my skills and strength in
conjunction with the companys goal and objectives. I personally believe in hard work and producing
Professional Experience

4G/LTE RF Optimization Engineer at RANOP Pvt Ltd-CMPAK RNO (Network

Performance & Optimization Project ) || (June 2015 till now)

LTE Network Launch & Cluster Optimization. Planning of RF parameter.

Single site drive test, created site acceptance report format, drive test.
Analysis of KPIs RRC EST SS Rate, ERAB SS Rate, ERAB Drop Rate, HOSR (Intra
Frequency), PRB Usage Rate.
LTE Neighbor (Intra Frequency), PRACH Root Sequence Index, PCI Audits on weekly
basis to ensure quality of Network.
Optimizing reselection parameters and Inter RAT reselections and redirection thresholds.
Blind redirections and measurement Based redirections implementation.
Responsible for Periodic Network Audit comprises of LTE RF Parameter Audit, Cluster
Drive, and Cluster KPIs.
Providing Drive routes to DT engineer using MAPINFO and also defining cluster
Carry out basic parameter checks such as RSRP, SINR, and Throughput during the Test.
Checking and rectify PCI swap, coverage and handover related issue, RRU faults.
Resolution of CSFB related issues on Cells.
Responsible for Major roads Quality and Coverage.
Establishing and analyzing the requirements of LTE solution.
Generate field test plans. According to the project scope, to coordinate with the team
members and organizing and monitoring the testing directly.

CFI Trial for throughput enhancement.
Time to Trigger & A3 Offset Trial
Fast Return to LTE Trial
Traffic dimensioning trials.
RIM to reduce CST of LTE.


MapInfo Professional 8.0&10.0.

TEMS Investigation 15 Data Collection./NEMO.
ZTE CNO Tool (Frequency Audit, Neighbor Audit, MAIO Info).
MCOM Tool (Frequency Audit, Neighbor Audit, MAIO Info).
NETNeuman Tool for Alarm Monitoring on Sites. Also for daily Stats extracting.

GSM RF Optimization ||(Jan 2012- June2015)

KPI Analysis
Daily stats extracting from OMC, analyzing and creating corrective actions per Cell and
BSC level
Analysis of GSM, RNO statistics. (Daily, BSc Level, Cell Level Stats).
Neighbors optimizations, TCH Blocking, Drop call rate, Handover failure ratio, SDCCH
Optimizing RF related parameters such as HSN,MAIO, BCCH, BSIC and Freq. Retuning by
analyzing Drive logs and site data.
Neighbors list analysis, Interference and Coverage Analysis and to suggest for changes to
be made in network to Optimize the given network.
Handling all RF related customer complaints by checking / inspecting serving BTS site
Planned additional sites, if any.
Performing hard optimization of the network so as to minimize coverage holes &
Planning of Capacity Sites.
Bench Mark Drive Inter Operators & Analysis.

MapInfo Professional 7.0,8.0&10.0.
TEMS Investigation 8 to 10.0.1 Data Collection with Sony Ericsson K800i & C905
ZTE CNO Tool (Frequency Audit, Neighbor Audit, MAIO Info).

Radio Frequency Engineer Drive Test|| (Jan 2011 to Dec 2011).

Management Services Ufone.

New Site & Cluster Optimization drive tests using TEMS Investigation 8.0.3./10.0.5

Verification of planning data during the drive test e.g. Neighbor relations, Handover
parameters, MA list, HSN, BCCH verification, MAIO, LAC etc.
Identification of faults and issues during the drive test e.g. sector swaps (complete &
partial), BCCH clashes, Handover failures, Call drops, bad Quality and Rx level patches,
missing neighbors, overshoots etc.
Maintaining the site database and keeping it updated after every change.
Benchmarking between different networks.
Making the thematic of the collected log files in MapInfo Professional for further analysis after the
drive test.
Making a report for submission to PTML for the site/cluster approval after the drive test.

Professional Trainings
GSM BSS Level C training form ZTE UET Training Centre in AUG 2009
Configuration of ZXG10 iBSC.
Configuration of ZXG10 B8018 BTS.
Professional Memberships
Pakistan Engineering Council Registration No. Elect/28750
Educational Qualification

Year of



MSc Telecom Networks (Thesis



B.Sc. Electrical Engineering

CEET (Univ. of