Dazzling Dozen
by Dina Eletreby, Head of School

As a human institution that works directly with
little humans, people are and always will be our
greatest asset! We are blessed to have 12
members of New Horizon’s faculty and staff
who have been part of the school for 10 years
or more!
When looking at these amazing individuals, I am
struck by the common threads they each
possess – these individuals are trustworthy,
reliable, and professional.  They not only have an
extraordinary work-ethic, but they are also
passionate about children and their education
and have a firm commitment to New Horizon’s
mission.  They have been the stable force and
cornerstones of New Horizon since its infancy.  
We are deeply grateful for their years of
dedicated service, and pray that God bless them
for their contributions to our community’s
When someone asks me what I like about
working at New Horizon, my mind becomes
flooded with all the blessings I have witnessed
over the last 15 years. I am reminded of the
Quran verse:
“And if you were to count God's favors, you would
not be able to number them; most surely God is
Forgiving, Merciful.” (Surah al-Nahl:18)
Whether it is seeing the students learn or grow
in confidence and love of their faith, seeing
alumni reconnect even as high schoolers and
college students to share their successes,
working with an incredible team of talented and
passionate educators, having an opportunity to
represent Islam in its true, glorious light to the
greater community, being able to collectively
dream big and see the community rally in
support of that dream, or having a work
environment that inspires me to work harder
and do better. All I can say is alhamdullilah!

Dina Eletreby, Laila Duella, Patty Van Deudekom,
Shadia Issa, Damima Habash, Uzma Said, Mariam Azizi,
Hanaa El-Ansary, Ola Aboul-Nasr, Claudia Canello,
Charles Dixon, and Asra Farooqui* (*not photographed)!

Habit #5 Seek First to Understand, then be Understood:
It is better to listen first and talk second. By taking the time to listen to
another person, you reach a higher level of communication. Try practicing this
habit by listening with your ears, eyes, and heart.

“We’re not leaving.”

New Horizon.
Annual Fund

Class of 2016

The sixth grade
graduates told Ms.
Abdel-Aal on their last
day at New Horizon.
“We don’t want to go.”

Did you know that New Horizon
Irvine is earning its Lighthouse
Certification as part of the
Leader in Me program? As a
Leader in Me School, New
Horizon is among select
institutions worldwide who
practice the 7 Habits of Happy
Kids in school. As a Lighthouse
school, New Horizon will be one
of only 3 schools in Orange
County with this prestigious
certification.We will be models
to others, beacons of good


Since they started school, the
Class of 2016 had only known
New Horizon teachers, staff, and
friends. They wanted nothing
more than to continue on into
middle school with New
Horizon. It was with an aching
heart that Ms. Abdel-Aal sent
them on their separate ways last

 The capital campaign for the new
Upper Campus ensures that
future sixth grade classes can stay
together and continue their
middle school education with
their New Horizon family. The
lifelong bonds formed at New
Horizon are supplemented by an
exemplary education. Help us

Give to the Annual Fund and
help support New Horizon
programs like the Leader in Me
among many others!

expand the New Horizon
tradition and join the Soaring
to New Heights! Capital
To learn more about the capital
campaign plans and opportunities
please visit our website at


NH Irvine’s after-school
enrichment courses are well
underway. Are you
interested in enrolling your
children in educational, fun,
exciting, and skill-building
classes? Classes such as
karate, speech and debate,
chess, soccer and more are
offered through the end of

For more information,
email: drutledge@newhorizonirvine.org

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Student Leadership Club & Important Dates

Movie Night


Grandparents’ Day (PS)


Grandparents’ Day (K-6)


NHPA Meeting

While Election Day may be a few
weeks away for the nation,
students in third through fifth
grades exercised their right to
vote as they participated in class
representative elections.
Congratulations to the student
representatives who were elected
by their peers to represent their
classrooms. The Student
Leadership Club (SLC)
Representatives are as follows:

kids all helping each other
grow. I pray that this is going
to be a great year and I hope
you will too. We looking
forward to you joining us for
this new year at New
Horizon.” - Jenna Hajdari, Class
of 2017

“As part of SLC, I am very
excited to help the community
by organizing different charity
drives. I enjoy having ‘Motivational
Mondays’ where students get to
hear stories about people never
3rd Grade: Zacharia & Alina giving up and are inspired to be
4th Grade: Yusuf & Jude
incredible.” - Nadya Joher, Class of
5th Grade: Farah & Sarah


Veteran’s Day Holiday
(No School)


Picture Day


Faculty Workday

23rd - 25th

Thanksgiving Holiday
(No School)

where students motivate each
other to never give up and not be
afraid trying new things.” - Maya
Salman, Class of 2017

“I look forward to making New
Horizon School a memorable
place for all of the students.
The SLC board was asked to
“New Horizon is more than just a Insha’Allah we will think of new
share a few words about what
school, it's a family, a community,
and improved spirit days. I hope to
SLC means to them and what
and a place where you're never
be able make school more
their hopes are for the new year.  judged. This year, as part of the
enjoyable than it already is. I want
SLC, I would like to improve a
to give back to New Horizon
2016-2017 SLC Board:
couple of things. For example, I
more than what it gave to me. I
“You won’t succeed if you don’t
would like to help each class come have so many great memories
try. What does that mean? That
up with solutions to get to prayer from here, that I can’t even count
means that as part of SLC, I
on time, as this could have a big
them. New Horizon deserves the
believe that we can see a big
impact on their overall prayer
best of respect and I look forward
change. If we all work together, we experience. I would also like to
to great year ahead.” - Hesham
can build a positive community for work on creating an environment Tabbaa, Class of 2017

I think New Horizon gives you a thirst to learn more about the world
around you,” said Saif Malley, a second year student at Dartmouth College
and a member of the Class of 2009 at New Horizon, Irvine.

Saif Malley
New Horizon Class of 2009
Dartmouth College Class of 2019

to propel
“I decided to donate
New Horizon’s vision
its place
and to really solidify
in society and in our
want New
community. I really
rs the
Horizon to help othe

way it has helped me.
-Saif Malley

Malley studies Economics and Government at Dartmouth, and credits his
academic success to the skills and values he learned in his formative years
at New Horizon. Malley also says that the diverse atmosphere of New
Horizon allowed him to experience a true scholarly society, unlike those
of his public middle and high schools, which prepared him well for his
experiences in college.
In addition to valuable academic habits, Malley has remained committed to
community service and giving back, a value, he says, he developed at New
Horizon. Since graduating from New Horizon, Malley has been involved in
both homeless feeding programs and Islamic Relief, a nonprofit which
works in disaster-stricken areas around the world. At Dartmouth, Malley
is part of the Investment and Philanthropy Program, in which students are
able to invest a portion of the college’s endowment. Profits generated
from these investments are donated to various charities.
When asked about advice Malley would give to current students, he says
to value your time at New Horizon and to reflect back on how the school
has helped you. “Stay focused. Really absorb all that New Horizon has to
offer, and then use those skills in the future. The values and academic
habits that are instilled in you -- reflect back on those after New Horizon
and recognize how it has helped and will continue to help you achieve
your goals.”

The Preschool Program at the
New Horizon School has been
credited by many professionals in
the field of education to have the
most coherent and distinguished
early childhood education
practice.  The program is known
for its exceptional approach to
implementing the child-centered
and differentiated curriculum. At
any given moment throughout the
day, you can observe how class
social interactions allow students
to make meaning of learning as
they make connections between
new concepts and prior
Indeed, it is through social
interaction that students of all
ages gain and internalize

knowledge. Age-appropriate and
individualized child-centered
educational lesson plans provide
learning through fun social play.
The child-centered approach has
been favored by many researchers
and educators.  Deborah Stipek,
the Dean of the School of
Education at Stanford University,
states: “The idea is that at the
preschool age, all learning should
be fun. Adults should be
intentional about the teaching. I
am supportive of learning
activities that are intentional and
planned, but fun and engaging.”
As a result, our preschool children
are provided with well-rounded
school experience to ensure they
become confident, happy, and fully
prepared learners.

Not only does this preschool
program provide educational
skills that carry students through
their academic journey, but we
also take pride in nourishing the
child’s emotional and spiritual
health. We create a positive
environment where students are
celebrated and cherished.

Haseena Gaffoor


Vice President:
Dema Abdo
Shadia Ahmed
Diala Elqanni
Gala Committee Chair:
Dana Asad
Board Members:
Laila Ghaibeh
Ghada Seilawi
Souheila Al-Jadda
Deena Elsherif
Maysa Farhat
Rania Sultan
Rosa Zaidi


The NHPA would like to extend a warm

NHPA Recipe
Easy Croissant Bread

5 large croissants 
1 cup milk 
2 cups heavy whipping cre
1 cup sugar 
Brown sugar 
Vanilla Ice Cream
Break up croissants and
place into oven
proof casserole.  Mix mi
lk, cream and
sugar together and pour
over croissants.
Sprinkle brown sugar and
cinnamon over
the top. Bake at 350 F un
til golden
brown. Serve with vanilla
ice cream. Enjoy!

welcome all our new and returning families for


the 2016-2017 school year. The purpose of the
Parent Association is to support the goals of
the school by organizing activities and events 
that enrich the school experience and enhance
its community. We work closely with the


administration to create events that benefit the
school. Please feel free to reach out to us for
volunteer opportunities. We will have three
general body meetings throughout the school
year. We invite and encourage you to attend.
During these meeting we have NHPA updates,
Head of School and Preschool Director updates,
a student performance, and a guest speaker who
will present a topic that is relevant to us as