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All it needs to do is what it says it will do, over and over again.

the level ethics that we should focus on in the context of partnerships with three words: policy,
results, and intention. These are the three criteria which a mining company must fulfill in order for it
to be ethical enough to engage in meaningful and sustained partnerships.
ALMOST ALL the modern things that we enjoy now, from mobile phones to computers, TVs,
refrigerators, cars, buses, trucks, tractors, planes, buildings, airports, etc., come from
mining. It is not possible to have modern life, to live more productively, wealthier and
healthier, without using the products of mining.
Many people take this for granted. That is why many people hate mining, especially big corporate
mining and wish that there will be No Mining policy in the whole country soon.
The contribution of mining in the Philippine economy looks small. Just 1% of gross

Gross domestic product is the monetary value of all the finished

goods and services produced within a country's borders in a specific time period. Though GDP
is usually calculated on an annual basis, it can be calculated on a quarterly basis as well.) and
domestic product (GDP

only 0.6% of total employment. And so the temptation to Close all mining calls continue.
Lopez reiterated that the capital-intensive extractive industry is not labor-intensive, citing only 250,000 Filipino
workers are employed in the industry or 0.6% of total employment in the country.

In November last year, then President Aquino issued an executive order creating the Expanded NGP in a bid to
reforest all remaining unproductive, denuded and degraded forestlands from 2016 to 2028.
Lopez said the DENR is also eyeing other revenue streams as an alternative to mining such as developing
ecotourism spots throughout the country citing the La Mesa Ecopark in Quezon City and Palawan as models.
La Mesa Ecopark reportedly generates Php40 million in revenues annually while the government of Palawan
generated P19 billion from tourism in 2015, steadily increasing every year.
These are superb examples of ecotourism following the basic concept of preserving the countrys natural resources
without extraction while generating revenues that can possibly beat the 1% of GDP the mining industry is giving the
country, she added.
We will work with the tourism and agriculture department, as well as the trade industry to help jumpstart the
economy using the countrys resources in an approach that is inclusive, concluded Lopez.

People only see the stones, rocks, and soil being removed from a particular province, the mud and
tailings that flow during heavy rains while ignoring the fact their gadgets, appliances, vehicles,
buildings, electrical cables, and wires come from those rocks and soil extracted somewhere else.

Numbers of affected workers are as follows:

LNL Archipelago Minerals Inc.

Regulars: 131
Contractuals: 696
Scholars: 106
Zambales Diversified Metals Corp.
Regular: 32
Contractuals: 800
Scholars: 340
Eramen Minerals Inc.
Regular: 150
Contractuals: 1,703
Scholars: 191
Benguet Corp. Nickel Mines Inc.
Regulars: 141
Contractuals: 1,909
Scholars: 328
Citinickel Mines and Development Corporation (Narra & Espanola)
Workers: 1,846
Berong Nickel Corporation
Workers: 1,838