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WebSphere Administrator

7 years of IT Experience as IBM WebSphere Administrator for IBM WebSphere Application
server including setup, installation and administration of IBM WebSphere Application
Server 5.x/6.x/7.x/8.x
Experience in Installation, configuration WebLogic Server 9, 9.1
Experience in installation, configuration and migration of applications on IBM WebSphere
Portal Server 5.x/6.x/7.x on AIX, Linux, Solaris, Z-OS and Windows servers)_
Excellent Knowledge in WebSphere Message Broker 6.1, 5.0.5
Hands-on experience in a clustered environment including deployments, troubleshooting
performance issues and especially performance test monitoring, installations, and
configuration maintenance
Hands-on experience in WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) infrastructure for
integrating applications and services.
WebSphere Portal Server Administrator - Role extensively involved in installing,
configuring, maintaining, and supporting WebSphere Portal Server, WebSphere
Deployment Manager, IHS server etc. to setup the portal environment
Involved in working WebSphere Process Server.
Experience in Installing, Configuring and Administering Web Servers like IBM Http Server
(IHS) 1.3.x, IIS 5/6, SunOne 5/6, and iPlanet 4.x Webserver and configuration of Web
Server Plug-ins.
Expertise in administration and implementation of web base enterprise applications on
IBM WebSphere application server 5.x/6.0/6.1/7.1/8.3 deploying, configuring, tuning,
performance monitoring and troubleshooting WebSphere related issues
Strong technical knowledge of WebSphere Application Server Implementation, Support,
Workload Management and Performance Tuning
Expertise in configuring Cells, Nodes, clustering, JDBC Providers, Data Sources, Virtual
Hosts, session management
Experienced in Installing Upgrade Fix Packs and Migrating to latest versions.
Experience in using IBM Thread Analyzer to detect JVM thread related issues. Used Tivoli
Performance Viewer and Log Analyzer for performance and troubleshooting
Configured LDAP Plugins over SSL with Active Directory
Experience with tuning of ESB adapters
In-depth understanding of J2EE Architecture (JSP, Servlets, JNDI, JMS), Java2.0, JDBC, Java
Beans, RMI, CORBA, JavaScript, HTML, SQL
Experience of working closely with Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2, MS-Access
Good knowledge in administration of IBM WebSphere MQ V 6.0/7.0, created the cluster
members and channels, queues
Experience in design and architectures of enterprise applications using MQ Workflow, MQ
Experienced with using tools such as Tivoli Performance Viewer and Log Analyzer for
performance monitoring and tuning
Worked with the firewall team to finding glitches and getting access across firewalls
Expertise in deploying and migrating to staging areas and production.
Successful implementation of Workload Management (WLM) using cloning/clustering
techniques including horizontal and vertical clustering for fail over processes
In depth understanding of network protocols and applications involving TCP/IP, NFS, DFS,
SNMP, SMTP, POP, Telnet, rlogin, SSH, FTP, HTTP, DNS Expertise in UNIX Shell, Jython, Perl,

JACL and Ant scripting to automate administrative tasks

Experienced in trouble shooting using Traces, Logs and .Log Analyzer
Experience in Load testing using Apache Tomcat JMeter/LoadRunner

Application Servers
IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.0, 6.1(ND), 7.0(ND & XD), 8.3(ND) IBM WebSphere
Application Server Portal 6.x, IBM WebSphere Process Server
Web Servers
Apache Tomcat, IBM HTTP Server, IIS, Sun One Web Server, iPlanet and JBOSS
Messaging Server
IBM WebSphere MQ 6.0/7.0
C, C++, Java, JSP, Servlets, EJBs, HTML, XML
Operating Systems
IBM AIX 5.1/5.2/5.3, SUN Solaris 8/9, HP-UX, LINUX (REDHAT), Windows XP/98/95
JACL, Jython, Perl, AJAX, Java scripts, Python, UNIX shell Scripts
Oracle8i/9i/10g (RAC), DB28.x/9.x, SQLServer2000/2005,MSAccess2003
LDAP Servers
IBM Tivoli Directory Server
Volvo, Raleigh, NC
08/11- 05/13
WebSphere Administrator
Installed WebSphere Application Server 7.0/8.0 ND and created DMGR, Application server
profiles on UNIX, Linux and windows.
Maintenance of the WebSphere Application Servers on different UNIX (AIX and SOLARIS),
Windows and LINUX platforms and setting up the development, testing and staging
environment for the ongoing application development
Migrated applications from WAS 6.x to 7.0.
Migrated a poorly performing Websphere Interchange Server Business process into a high performance Message
Broker Message Floes by using Websphere Message Broker 6.1, Websphere MQ 6.0, Java, and Webservices.
Installed and configured IBM HTTP Server 7.0/8.0, Apache and Sun One Web Server.
Configured multiple Deployment Managers using profiles creation wizard.
Configured multiple Application server profiles ( on single LPAR using profiles
creation wizard.

Responsible for updating refresh packs, fix packs and interim fix packs to Web Sphere.
Achieved Work Load Management by creating Clusters in WAS 8.X.
Involved in monitoring, shutdown and boot up network support and troubleshooting.
Handled Staging and production environments as part of the application deployment.
Implemented a service-oriented architecture (SOA), reducing the complexity of integrating
applications and services through ESB.
Installed EARs, WARs and configured application specific JVM settings, Web container
parameters using the Admin Console and wsadmin scripts.
Enabled global security for the Admin Console and application components.
Utilized skills in Shell, Perl and WSadmin/JACL scripting to automate deploying, updating
applications, migrating data and automating batch jobs.
Managed the security and performance optimization for EJB containers and web
applications in IBM WebSphere, IBMIHS web server.
Involved in trouble shooting and performance tuning using Resource Analyzer, Thread
Analyzers and log Analyzer.
Worked closely with developers to define and configured application Servers, Virtual Hosts,
Web Applications, Web resources, Servlets, JDBC drivers and Servlet Engines-as well as
deployment of EJBs across multiple instances of WebSphere.
Created users and groups in LDAP Servers and mapping them to the enterprise
applications running on WebSphere Application Server.
Used LTPA for authentication for enable the global security.
Wrote scripts for accessing remote Admin Servers, cleaning up logs during back-ups.
Provided Naming Standards, Backup & Recovery and Problem Determination Strategies for
the project.
Knowledge of key Internet protocols to include TCP/IP, HTTP/S, SSH, FTP, SFTP, DNS, NTP,
NFS, etc.
Assembled and deployed the applications in staging, in productions, following change
management practices.
Supported production tier1 and tier2 for 24/7 and also worked in shifts.
Troubleshot Admin Server start-up issues, Java code defects after deployment, and class
path issues by checking the JVM logs, plug-in logs and the Web server logs.
Involved in the migration of Web-Tier from Two-Tier to Three-Tier architecture and Created
new Web Servers to use VeriSign certificates.
Performed routine management of WebSphere Environment like monitoring Disk Space,
CPU Utilization.
IBM RAD 7.5.5, PVCS, WebSphere Application Server 7.0, IBM WebSphere MQ 6.0/7.0, AMP
(Application Management Platform), AIX 6.2, JDK 1.6
Lender Processing Services, Irvine, CA
WebSphere Administrator


Installing WebSphere Application server 7.0 on AIXand 6.2 on Windows XP Professional
Managing and implementing SSL certificate for WAS 7.0
Involved in Configuration and installation of RAD 7.5.5 and WebSphere Application Server
7 on AIX 6.2.
Upgrading Enterprise application, implementing new JRE and JDK to suite WebSphere 7
Evaluated, installed and migrated IBM WebSphere MQseries versions.

Applied CSDs, hot fixes, PTFs, Upgrading MQ versions by manual process or automated
process-writing scripts.
Built SOA solutions with extensions that work with ESBs, like WebSphere Service Registry
and Repository and WebSphere extreme Scale.
Integrated WebSphere applications with WebSphere MQ Series using JMS Admin
Performed migration of some of the applications from WAS 5.x to WAS 6.x.
Modifying and replacing jars with new suitable jar for the struts and spring framework
Creating Jython, Python and Perl scripts for the new application architecture
Creating security roles for EJB containers, Web-Application and Application Server level
Deploying applications for the staging, Live environment using AMP (Application
Management Platform, an internally developed tool)
Creating database connections and providing security roles for the JDBC connections
Developing Technical documents for support, training and internal use for RAD 7.5 and
AMP tool
IBM RAD 7.5.5, PVCS, WebSphere Application Server 7.0, IBM WebSphere MQ 6.0/7.0, AMP
(Application Management Platform), AIX 6.2, JDK 1.6

Thomson, Indianapolis, IN


WebSphere Administrator
Installed and configured IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.0/6.1(ND, XD) on AIX, SUN
Solaris operating platform for development and production environments
Worked with MQ development team, creating queue managers, defining queues, channels,
listeners and adding queue managers to clusters
Worked on Administrative Tasks like Configuration, Deployment, Trouble shooting and
Scripting, of WebSphere Application Server 5/6
Actively involved in Creation of Node groups, clusters and deploying application,
monitoring environment using WebSphere Application Server 6.1 and 6.0
Experienced in implementing and managing server clustering and maintenance of
connections pools and EJBs
Involved in creation of shell scripts for managing servers
Involved in creating a High Availability clustered Environment and working with
management of applications using Deployment Manager for load balancing and failover
Expertise in working and configurations of Webservers IHS (IBM HTTP Server), IIS and
Apache Web servers
Configured Portal Cluster with Process Server and transferred portal content to backend
DB2 database
Applying patches and plug-ins for WebSphere Application Server 6.0/ 6.1
Expertise in deploying various types of application packages including WAR and EAR files.
Assisted the production and development teams throughout life cycle on engineering
application architectures and standards as well as interacting and assisting through
application changes/deployments.
Created and maintained technical documentation for the IBM WebSphere environment,
including network diagrams, installation and configuration procedures, troubleshooting
guidelines, and operational procedures.

Implemented SSL Certificates both internal and external for secure iPlanet instances and
IBM Web server (IHS/Apache).
Strong troubleshooting skills and ability to methodically identify research and resolve
complex issues in the web environment.
Active involvement in monitoring server performance, network traffic to reduce
performance bottleneck
Responsible for 24/7 on call and Production Support on rotation basis.
Worked on problem tickets (PMRs) with IBM to find effective solutions to various problems
and performance issues
IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.0 and 6.1, WebSphere Portal Server 5.1/6.0, IBM WebSphere
Process Server, AIX, Sun Solaris 9, SiteMinder, J2EE (JSP, Servlets, JDBC 2.0, JMS, EJB 1.1), IBM
HTTP Server 6.1, JBOSS, DB2 and Windows 2000/2003 server.
Amarex CRO, Germantown, MD
WebSphere System Administrator


Worked on installing, configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting the IBM WebSphere
Application Server 5.0, 6.0 (ND), on RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) and Solaris 10.
Involved in day-to-day administration tasks including deployments, monitoring of systems
and troubleshooting the issues.
Responsible for performance tuning of IBM HTTP server (IHS) 6.1, Application server, Web
Container, EJB Container, and database Connection Pool.
Worked closely with Network, security, operations, database and developer team to
troubleshoot and resolve the issue related to application and application server.
Worked in a 24/7 call and production support.
Utilized Tivoli Performance Viewer, wily and Log Analyzer for performance and
Installed JDBC drivers, created the data sources and configured the parameters of the
connection pool.
Creation of Shell Scripts for managing remote, local servers and other automation tasks
Installing and Configuring and maintaining IBM WebSphere MQ V 5.3 on Solaris 10
Provided JMS configuration on WebSphere MQ 5.3
Installed and configured IBM WebSphere Portal 5.1 on RHEL 9.
Installed EARs, WARs and configured application specific JVM settings, Web container
parameters using the Admin Console and WSCP scripts. Used wsadmin scripts to invoke
JACL and Jython scripts in WAS 5.0/6.0.
Used WSINSTANCE to create multiple WebSphere instances from the command line.
Automate application install, uninstall and application enhancements by executing and
monitoring Shell scripts and JACL scripts.
Created PMR and worked with IBM support team to resolve the issue and troubleshoot the
ongoing problems.
Involved in configuring the WebSphere load balancing utilizing WebSphere Workload
Management including horizontal scaling and vertical scaling.
Executed and monitored many JACL scripts and shell scripts to automate the maintenance
process of the WebSphere and recovered the backed up WebSphere configuration using
command line tools in WAS.
WebSphere Application Server 5.x, 6.0,6.1, WebSphere Portal Server, IBM HTTP Server (IHS),
JDBC, WSCP Scripts, JACL, Jython and Perl scripts, Trivoli Performance, IBM AIX, Windows 2000 SP
4, UNIX, Solaris, RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux).

Spirant Technologies, India

WebSphere Administrator

(05/06 -

Installation, configuration, deployment and maintenance of IBM WebSphere application
server ND and XD V5.1 on Linux platform
Implementation of horizontal and vertical scaling of WebSphere application server for
workload-management in a cluster.
Deployment of several Enterprise Applications in a clustered environment with failover
Applying patches and plug-ins for WebSphere Application Server.
Involvement in performance monitoring and tuning by using the Tivoli Performance Viewer.
Configuring security of WebSphere using LDAP registry (Microsoft Active Directory).
Configured the JDBC resources and created connection pools with respect to the database.
Performing Troubleshooting by analyzing log files using the Log Analyzer tool and also by
running traces.
Monitored for application core dumps, or forced thread dumps to check for system objects
using thread analyzer.
Maintenance of WebSphere backup scripts using Jython, Jacl.
Applied software maintenance, program fixes and keeping the system software releases
Troubleshoot hardware and software problems, and interacted with IT staff or vendors in
performing complex testing, support and troubleshooting functions.
24x7 on-call support on a rotation basis.
Maintenance of the local Apache and IBM HTTP web servers.
Documentation of all procedures and any other important issues.
WebSphere Application Server 5.1, AIX, Linux, IBM HTTP web server, Jacl, Jython, Tivoli
Performance Viewer, Log Analyzer, My SQL, Oracle.
Education:Bachelors in computer science (Tribhuwan University, Nepal) 2005.