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October 18, 2016

Contact: Nick Wilock, 518-878-6568


Ceretto likely in violation of Public Officers Law
Trust in state government has been shattered. We can thank John Ceretto for that.
Following the revelations through leaked emails last week that Assemblyman John
Ceretto used state government resources and political vendettas to determine where he would
spend taxpayer dollars that would ultimately help him best advance his political career, Judge
Angelo Morinello outlined his anti-corruption agenda which would include a provision called
Cerettos Law, taking direct aim at the unethical, documented actions Ceretto is responsible
To date, Ceretto has not denied the validity or allegations that were revealed in the state
government email chain. Ceretto also maintains he has done nothing wrong, even though formal
complaints have been filed with JCOPE. Some statewide media has also suggested that United
States District Attorney Preet Bharara investigate.
My opponent is falling into the unfortunate trap of trying to tell a lie often enough in his
hopes that people will think its the truth. Does he truly believe that we are that nave? The
documents and emails do not lie and my opponent has not disputed them, either.
I find it even more offensive that hes boasted a television commercial campaign, funded
by money from New York City politicians, where he says he has zero tolerance for elected
officials who abuse their office. Yet, he doesnt believe he did anything wrong by choosing to
spend taxpayer dollars in communities where he could try and buy the most votes. Or that his
office used state resources to fund his campaign. Its stunning, and demonstrates hes lost the
ability to determine right from wrong.
Morinello maintains that investigations currently or soon-to-be-launched into Ceretto and
his staffs ethical misconduct is another distraction at a time when other elected officials are
working to restore trust in state government.
Its difficult to describe the tall task that is ahead of us. We have to work incredibly hard,
each and every day, to pick up the pieces of shattered trust people have in state government. My
plan will work to address Albanys corruption at its core while returning faith to this office that
my opponent has lost.

Morinello outlined his first bill introduced in the state Assembly, Cleaning Up
Corruption proposal, which will include Cerettos Law:

Cerettos Law: Imposing harsher penalties and fines for using state resources for outside
or political purposes. Specifically, amending Section 74 of the Public Officers Law that
reflects an increased penalty when a violation of Subdivision 3, Paragraph D occurs that
the officer or employee of a state agency, member of the legislature or legislative
employee shall be subject to a civil penalty in an amount not to exceed $40,000 dollars
and the value of any gift, compensation or benefit received as a result of such violation;
Cerettos Law would also include a provision that any member item or state funding
handed out at the discretion of a member of the state Legislature may not be distributed to
any for or non-profit entity if that entity has made a financial contribution to that member
of the state Legislature or any other state official, political committee or independent
expenditure group;
Term limits: Eight year term limits on legislative leaders and committee chairpersons;
End bid-rigging: From the time an individual, business, corporation submits an RFP
(Request for Proposal) to New York State, and if that entity is awarded the contract, then
1 year from when awarded, that entity is banned from donating to a state official, political
committee or independent expenditure group. Additionally, when the applicant entity
submits an RFP, the applicant must notify who they have made contributions to and then
the recipient must refund the entire contribution(s) made within the previous 365 days
(one-year lookback provision); and
Limit Special Interest Money in Politics: Move the contribution limit from $100,000 to
$10,000 max that can be donated to a state, county, local political committee or an
individual. This includes individuals, corporations, unions, lobby groups, businesses.

Im the only candidate in this race who will pledge to support a bold reform package
like this. Its clear my opponent has lost all credibility on ethics at a time when we need a leader
to fight for reform. We cant let what John Ceretto did to us happen anywhere else in New York