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Human Resource Planning - Project

1. For the project as a group chose any organization in which you have
reasonable access.
2. What is the strategy of the organization?
3. Try to find out how this organization does its manpower planning (how it
ascertains yearly manpower requirement, how it arrives at manpower
4. Prepare a HR Scorecard for this organization, and few scenario plans.
5. Critically evaluate designs of few important jobs. Can you suggest
improvement area(s) for the jobs?
6. Generate a sample of core and role competencies for 5 key positions. Also
develop techniques through which these key competencies are to be
measured by the organization. In case the organization has an existing
competency mapping system, critically evaluate the same and suggest
further improvement areas.
7. If you were to generate a manpower plan for this organization how would you
go about it? Try to generate a detailed manpower planning for the
8. How is your proposed way of planning better than the existing way of
manpower planning?
9. How is the organization currently managing its succession plan? What is the
ideal way of succession planning for your chosen organization?
10.If the organization goes for expansion/ downsizing move (whichever is
applicable) what would be your suggested manpower plan?
11.Project Submission Deadline (Hardcopy): To be announced