Coaster Albums - Thursday July 30 3:00 pm EST

Taught by Judianne Graham Class held in VC Chatroom - check the Yahoo Groups site (Calendar) for the URL. Supplies: May use heavy weight matting board in place of coasters. (2) 4x4 coasters (covers) (1) 4x4 coaster or piece of coaster, cut to 1 x 4 (spine) (1) 6 x 12 piece of solid color A cardstock - cut into two 3 x 12 pieces, then score every 3 inches, and accordian fold. (1) 6 x 12 piece of B&T cardstock (outside cover) (1) 3.5 x 8 piece of solid color B cardstock (inside cover) (1) 24 inch piece of ribbon color B (this will secure album closed) (2) 16 inch pieces of ribbon color A (this will hold inner accordians closed) scraps of cardstock for matting and journaling embellishments of choice Basic Scrapbooking Kit Score tool of Choice Bone Folder Ruler Pencil approx 16 - 20 photos that can be trimmed to 3x3 inch or smaller At the end of the basic instructions to create your album, I have included some ideas and instructions on how to decorate your pages. Please be sure to use a 2.75” x 2.75” base, not 3” x 3”. When completed, center and adhere your 2.75” x 2.75 cad top to each 3”x3” accordion page.

1) Using the 6”x12” piece of paper a) On the wrong side, lightly draw a 1” line from the top, bottom and sides b) Using the lines as a guide c) Adhere the first 4”x4” bookboard, to the wrong side of the cover i) Leaving one inch from top, bottom and left side ii) Be sure to cover the bookboard completely with glue iii) Allow to dry d) Adhere the spine 0.25 inches from the first book board i) Centering from the top and bottom ii) Be sure to cover the bookboard completely with glue iii) Allow to dry

e) Adhere the last piece of 4”x4” bookboard, 0.25” from the spine i) Centering from the top and bottom ii) Be sure to cover the bookboard completely with glue iii) Allow to dry f) Once the glue has dried, measure the paper, to verify that you have one inch around all four sides. Trim if necessary.

2) Fold all four sides, up and over the cardboard.

3) Using your ruler, a) Measure 0.25 inches from each corner b) Draw a line and cut off the triangle

4) Adhere the top and bottom edges up and over the bookboard, be sure to cover the paper completely with glue.

5) Using your bone folder, or the edge of your ruler a) At the corner slide the bone folder down the edge of the paper flattening the paper

b) Flatten both corners and then fold paper up and over bookboard.

6) Draw a line down the middle, and attach the ribbon.

7) Once dry, fold the cover, like a book. This works the creases.

8) Center the solid cardstock (inner cover) and adhere.

9) Use a brayer, or rolling pin, to smooth out the wrinkle.

10) Once dry, fold the cover again. To work the creases. 11) Using the 2 pieces of 3”x12” neutral cardstock a) Score every 3” along the length b) Accordian fold c) Glue to inside cover, centering to inside cover

12) Once dry, you can decorate each of the 3” x 3” squares.

13) To decorate each square a) Use a 2.75” x 2.75” inch base b) You can use stamps, pictures, journaling, etc…. c) Use the Orignals and Wishes Card Confidence program to help you with your designs d) Here are a few examples