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January 2010-June 2010 San Francisco Neighborhood Fix-It Chart

San Francisco Neighborhood Fix-it Chart

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January 2010-June 2010 Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 553-0123
Housing Inspectors, list of, 11 Recycling
MUNI, see Broken glass in bus — of cans, bottles, paper, plastic, 311, SF Customer Service Line, 2 — repairs being done on the sidewalk
shelters, 4, & Graffiti on bus stops, cardboard, computers, compost, 511, Bay Area Traffic/Carpool/Bicycling Info, 2 or street, 8
11 polystyrene packing peanuts, C D s &c., 911 Emergency Police Dispatch: how it City depts., services & resources,
Neighborhood Associations, 11 17 works, 2 information on, 8
Neighborhood Cleanups, 12 — oil, see Oil — Recycling, 13 553-0123 Non-emergency Police Coastal cleanups & beach restoration,
Neighbors resolving a conflict, 12 — paint (latex), 18 Dispatch: how it works, 2 8
Noise, — paint (oil base), 18 Alcohol, see Drinking alcohol in Crime Prevention, 8
— for “quality of life” calls, 12 Sewage leaks, broken sewer lines, sewer public, 8 Curb or pavement markings, to
— from building construction, 12 repairs on street, 18 Animal Bites, 3 replace faded or damaged, 8
— from stationary noise sources, 12 Sidewalk repairs, 18 Animal Care & Control, Curb ramps at crosswalk, how to get, 8
— from street construction, 12 Street — emergencies only, 3 Drinking alcohol in public, 8
Oil, — cleaning, 19 — non-emergencies, 3 Drugs,
— dumped or spilled on sidewalk or — curb ramp at crosswalk, how to get, 8 Animals, wild (bee swarms, — drug/crack house: how to close, 9
street (from containers, work on car — lights, 19 reptiles, birds, &c.), injured, — dealing/dealers on the street, 9
&c.), 12 — repairs, 19 lost or stranded, 3 — use on street, 9
— recycling, 13 — to replace faded or damaged curb Bars, how to close a problem bar Drunks,
Paint recycling, see Recycling — paint or pavement markings, 8 or liquor store, 3 — on street who are violent or may
Park/s, Street/traffic signs, Bars (& restaurants), smoking need medical attention, 10
— clubs, see Neighborhood — to have cleaned from graffiti &c., 10 tobacco in, 4 — on street who are non-violent or
Associations, 11 — to have installed, 19 Beach cleanups, see Coastal passed out or seem to need help, but
— goals, planning uses & ideas for — to replace missing or damaged, 19 cleanups & beach restoration, 8 who don’t seem to need medical
neighborhood, 13 Traffic signal lights, broken or
malfunctioning, 19
Bicycle lanes, repair of, 4 attention, 10
— maintenance & safety, 13 Bicycle racks or lanes, to apply Fire,
Pavement markings, see Curb or Trash
— (& hazardous waste) on private for &c., 4 — in progress, 10
pavement markings, to replace Block clubs, see Neighborhood — questions about fire hazards, 10
faded or damaged, 8 property, 19
— cans not emptied, see Garbage, 10 associations, 11 Furniture dumped on street: See, Trash
People hanging out on your front steps (i.e. Block parties, street fairs & illegally dumped on sidewalk or
noisy, dangerous, or drinking alcohol or — getting rid of, see Unwanted
appliances, furniture &c., 21 athletic events, permits for, 4 street, 19; & Unwanted appliances,
smoking crack, 13
Permit Parking, — illegally dumped on sidewalk or Broken glass in bus shelters, 4 furniture, mattresses, junk &c.,
— how to get for your street, 13 street, 19 Buildings, getting rid of, 21
— how to get for your own car, or for a Tree/s, — neglected & used by gangs, street Gangs,
visitor’s car, 14 — limbs hanging lower than 8 ft. above criminals, vandals &c., 5 — fights in progress, 10
Police, sidewalk or 12 ft. above street, 20 — code enforcement, 4 — in neighborhood, 10
— Code Enforcement Officers, list of, 14 — on street, illegally pruned, cut, — filled with garbage, trash &c., see Garbage cans not emptied, 10; see also
— community meetings, 15 topped or removed, 20 Trash on private property, 19 Trash.
— complaints about, 15 — to cut/remove damaged, fallen-over — fire hazard, see Fire: questions Graffiti,
— Permit Officers, list of, 15 &c., 20 about fire hazards, 10 — on buildings, mailboxes, sidewalk,
— reports/CADs, get ting copies of, 16 — planting for sidewalks, 20 — illegal construction, 5 street or traffic signs, 10
— stations, 16 Unwanted appliances, furniture &c., 21 Building Inspectors, list of, 5 — on bus stops, 11
Prostitution on street, 17 Water, Businesses, existing or opening without Hazardous Waste Information &
—— leaking from broken water mains or permits in residential areas, 6 Referral Hotline, 11
QUICK REFERENCE (PHONE fire hydrants, 21 CADS (Computer Aided Dispatches), Hazardous waste on private property,
NUMBERS & ADDRESSES), 22 —— leaks on your property (in building police reports, getting copies of, 16 see Trash (& hazardous waste &c.),
or under sidewalk), 21 Cars, on private property, 19
— abandoned, 7 Homeless who create nuisances by
Disclaimer: We have tried to find helpful solutions for some neighborhood — how to close an illegal car repair sleeping on or messing up
problems, but cannot claim responsibility for actions taken or not taken by any shop, 7 sidewalks, driveways, or porches,
person who uses this Chart or by any person or organization named or cited in — parked on the sidewalk or blocking 11
this Chart. If certain solutions on this Chart have not worked for you, or if you your driveway, 7 Index continued on back
have found solutions different from or better than those in this Chart, please let
us know so that we can modify the Chart accordingly.
We'd like your corrections, comments, or additions for the next update. Please call 648-3222,
FAX 648-4466, e-mail <>, or write Free Print Shop, 3145 23rd
St., San Francisco, CA 94110-3308. Free Print Shop web site <>.
Page 2 San Francisco Neighborhood Fix-It Chart January 2010-June 2010 Page 23
9 1 1 Emergency police dispatch: Be sure to ask for a “CAD” to install bicycle lanes/racks, 585- trash dumped on sidewalk or street, 311.
h o w i t w o r k s . (Translators available number (computer aided dispatch), 2453. (See also Quick Reference, Bureau of
for most languages.) All calls are so that you can call back after a Narcotics Hotline, 970-3000 or 1-800- Environmental Health Management.)
divided into A, B or C categories. A reasonable time to find out what CRACK-IT (1-800-272-2548), (see illegal cutting of street trees, (in
& B calls are true emergency calls, C action was taken. Follow-ups are Drug/crack Houses, how to close, p. progress) 311;, questions or
important. (For details on how 9). complaints, Urban Forestry Dept.,
calls are transferred to non- Neighborhood Associations, see main Carla Short 641-2677.
emergency police dispatch. The police are dispatched & the various
response times see 911 Emergency listing on Chart, p. 11. Water Dept., for broken city-owned
response time of the Neighborhood Parks Council, 621- water mains, leaks &c. on street,
police/ambulance/fire dept. depends Police Dispatch: how it works, p.
2. See also Police Reports [CADs], 3260, FAX 703-0889, 451 Hayes St., (Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm) 551-3000;
on the A B or C category. SF CA 94102. Website: <>. (after 4:30pm, weekends & holidays)
getting copies of, p. 16.)
A calls are for immediate threat to
life or property, violence,
murder, robbery in progress, use of
311 SF Customer Service line. The
See Parks, goals, planning uses &
ideas for neighborhood parks, p. 13.
Parks, maintenance & safety, p. 13.
Recycling Hotline (SF Environment
Hotline), 311.
city’s hotline for Dept. of Public
weapons, fire or medical emergency Works (DPW), Dept. of Parking & Permit Parking: Recycling locations, list of, 1-800-
in progress. Police &c. will arrive Traffic (DPT) or Oil Recycling to get forms mailed to you, 701-4688; RECYCLE (1-800-732-9253).
within minutes. services, & other matters such as to pick up forms,Municipal SF Clean City Coalition, 552-9201, ext.

B calls are for crimes that have just social service inquiries & city job Transportation Agency, 1 South Van 10; website: <>.
happened & there is still a chance openings. Open anyday, 24 hrs., 150 Ness Ave., 7th Floor, SF CA 94102. For coastal/beach cleanups, for
to catch a suspect. Police will arrive languages available. For TTY, call Forms are also available online at: neighborhood cleanups, & the
in 10-15 minutes depending on the 701-2323. < “GIGANTIC 3” program.
number of backlogged calls. => SF Environment Hotline, see Quick
Note: 311 is not for police or send completed petition forms to: Reference: Recycling Hotline.
C calls, see 553-0123 Non-
emergency police dispatch: how it
works, below.
medical emergencies. For
emergencies see 911 Emergency
police dispatch: how it works, p.
Municiapal Transportation Agency,
Traffic Engineering Division, 1
SF Public Library, catalog online,
<> (See entry under
South Van Ness Ave., 7th Floor, SF Neighborhood Associations, p.11.)
2, & 553-0123 Non-emergency CA 94102. SF SAFE, 553-1982, FAX 553-1967, 850
(You will be asked by dispatch what police dispatch: how it works, p.2.
telephone number you are calling from, to get a parking permit: Residential Bryant St., SF CA 94103; Oona Giles-
to make sure it matches the number on How it works: Like 911 for Parking Permit Program, 11 South Weil, Program Director. Website
police & emergencies, 311 is the Van Ness, SF CA 94103; <>; For crime prevention
their screen & in case the police need to dispatch number now for the DPW & neighborhood safety.
call you. You may also be asked if you for Residential Permit information:
& DPT. But 311 is expanding & will 701-3000 (menu). Shamban, Cindy, Dept. Parking &
wish to talk to police when they arrive. answer other city related questions. Police: Traffic, 701-4683, e-mail
If you do not wish to be seen talking, When you call 311 the dispatcher Code Enforcement Officers, see main <>, fax 701-
but do need to talk with the police [or will ask why you called. If you need listing on Chart, p. 14.
a service 311 will ask for your 4769, for applications for block parties
they with you], you may request that the Permit Officers, see main listing on &c. (See Block parties, street fairs &
officer telephone you from the police name, address & telephone number. Chart, p. 15.
That info is then entered into the athletic events, p. 4).
car rather than come to your door.) (See Stations, see main listing on Chart, p.
311 database. (If you make future 16. Street lights, see Quick Reference:
also Police Reports [CADs], getting calls to 311 your info & past Bureau of Light, Heat & Power.
copies of, p. 16.) reasons for calling will show up on Website: <>.
Project SAGE, 905-5050, FAX 554- Sunset Scavenger, 330-1300; website:
their screen.) You may also remain <>. (See also
5 5 3 - 0 1 2 3 Non-emergency anonymous, but if you want a call- 1914; 1275 Mission St. (Suite 300), SF
CA 94103; E-mail: <info&> Quick Reference: Recycling Hotline
police dispatch: how it works. back from DPW, or other depts., (SF Environment Hotline).
(Translators available for most you will have to give a telephone Website: <>. For
number. Once your call has been prostitution on street. Tobacco Free Project, 581-2447. For
languages.) This dispatch is for C smoking in bars & restaurants.
category police calls, i. e. for processed 311 will notify the Public Works, Dept. of (DPW), website:
appropriate dept. either to go to the <>: Traffic Sign Shop, 311 (work done by
quality of life situations & where location where service is needed, or Municipal Transportation Agency,
there is no immediate threat to life oil dumped or spilled on sidewalk/street,
to contact you by telephone. In 311. Traffic Sign Shop, 1999 Bryant, SF CA
or property (robberies committed cases where you request info rather 94110. For replacing missing &c. street
yesterday [where police need to than a service there can be a 24+ hr sewage leaks, repairs to sewer lines &c.
on street, 311. & traffic signs.
come & take a report], non-violent waiting period until the DPW or Vice Squad, 553-1426. For prostitution on
crimes, crack smoking, drug dealing other depts. contact you. (If calls sidewalk repairs, 554-5810.
are not returned after 48 hrs., call street cleaning, 311. street.
on street, drinking alcohol on street, Water Dept., SF, (this is not Dept. Public
loud noise, barking dogs, &c.) If 311 again & complain.) street noise due to construction, 554-
5810. Works Water Dept.), (Mon-Fri 8am-
this is an ongoing problem, tell that 511 Bay Area traffic info hotline. street repairs, 311; complaints 311. 5pm), 923-2400 (after 5pm & weekends)
to dispatch—police will be tougher. Open anyday, 24 hrs. Up-to-the- street tree permits, SF Bureau of Urban 550-4911, (to turn off water lines on
Police arrival for C calls is usually minute info on driving conditions, Forestry, Carla Short, 641-2674. your property.) (See also Quick
within 30 minutes, but may take traffic incidents, carpools/vanpools, street tree maintenance, planting & Reference: Dept. of Public Works,
over 2 hours. (Note: much less for public transportation routes & fare pruning, 311. Water Dept.)
drug dealing on street.) info, bicycling info &c. Website
Page 22 San Francisco Neighborhood Fix-It Chart January 2010-June 2010 Page 3
Quick Reference (Phone Website: n i m a l b i t e s , to report: 554- Marine mammals (seal, whale,
numbers & Addresses) :
Department of Parking & Traffic, see
A 9422, Animal Care & Control,
Bite Division.
dolphin, porpoise, otter & sea turtles):
Marine Mammal Center Hotline, 289-
Adopt-A-Street Program, 311 Quick Reference: Municipal SEAL (289-7325) (anytime).
nimal care & control,
Animal Care & Control
(emergency), 554-9400; 1200 15th
Transportation Agency.
Disabled Access Ramps, see Quick
Reference: Jensen, Kevin.
A e m e r g e n c i e s o n l y : 554-9400 (24
hours), 1200 15th St. (at Harrison),
Note: We’d appreciate your help in
finding other groups or persons who
St. (at Harrison), SF CA 94103. SF CA 94103. This is for injured or help save or rescue wild animals in SF.
Animal Care & Control (non- Friends of the Urban Forest, 561-6890
sick animals needing immediate p p l i a n c e s (ll arge) d umped on
emergency), 554-6364, 1200 15th St.
(at Harrison), SF CA 94103. Website:
(press 2), Presidio of San Francisco,
Bldg. 1007, P.O. Box 29456, SF CA
94129-0456. For tree planting.
care. (For abused, dead, distressed,
lost or found animals or for injured
A street : See Trash illegally
dumped on sidewalk or street, p. 19.
< Website: <>. animals not needing immediate care,
.asp> a r s : h ow to close a problem
Brownie’s Hardware Store (for
recycling latex paint), 1563 Polk St.,
Fire: see Quick Reference, Bureau of
Fire Prevention.
see Animal care & control, non-
emergency, below.) B bar or liquor store . If the
complaints are serious enough, & calls to
Golden Gate Disposal, for garbage pick nimal care & control,
Building Inspection, Dept. of (DBI),
1660 Mission St., SF CA 94103;
up/recycling in downtown area, 626-
4000. Website: A n o n - e m e r g e n c y : 554-6364
(Noon-6 pm), 1200 15th St. (at
police or talks with bar or building owner
do not solve problems, then there are two
other solutions, each taking up to a year.
Website: <>. For < Harrison), SF CA 94103. Website
referrals to a building inspector, 558- e.htm>, (See also Quick Reference: < Solution 1: Get Alcohol & Beverage
6096, FAX 558-6261; for information, Recycling Hotline). Control to revoke their license:
codes enforcement, & to complain Graffiti Hotline, 311. .asp>. This is for animals not needing
about illegal construction in progress immediate care. Dead animals can be 1st : Talk to neighbors, get support &
Graffiti on bus stops (MUNI), 311. confirmation.
or changed use occupancy, 558-6088. Hazardous Waste, free pick up of, 330- brought in or picked up any day,
Building Inspectors, see main listing on 1405 (8am-6:30pm Wed-Sat). 8am-8pm. Bring in distressed or 2nd : You & your neighbors should
Chart, p. 5. Hazardous Waste Disposal Site, 501 injured stray animals, anyday, 11am- keep a written log of the problems as
Bureau of Environmental Health Tunnel Ave. at Blanken Ave., SF CA 6pm (Wed 11am-7pm). Bring in they happen (a complaint log); note
Management, 1390 Market (at 10th 94124, (for recycling oil based paint). found animals & pets you no longer day, time & problem. Entries should
St.), Suite 210, SF CA 94102.For noise Hazardous Waste Information & want, anyday, 11am-6pm (Wed 11am- cover several months & establish the
abatement of stationary noise sources Referral Hotline, 311. 7pm). Shelter open, lost animals ongoing unresolved problems with
(air conditioners, pneumatic oil pumps, Homeless Outreach Van, 431-7400. redeemed & adoption program for the bar or liquor store. (For example,
industrial noise &c.), 282-3821. Housing Inspection, Dept. of, 558- cats, dogs, other mammals, birds, your log would read:
trash (& hazardous waste) on private 6220, FAX 558-6249; 1660 Mission reptiles &c., anyday, noon-6pm Jan 12, ’08, 3 pm: 3 people drinking
property, 252-3800.(See also Quick St., 6th Floor, SF CA 94103. Website: (Wednesdays noon-7pm). Adoption outside of bar, went into bar.
Reference, Public Works, Dept. of.) <>. For illegal fee for dogs & cats, plus required Jan 15 ’08, 3:17 pm: man came out
Bureau of Fire Prevention, 558-3300, construction already built/finished. neutering fee, license & microchip of bar, began selling drugs on
FAX 558-3323; 698 2nd St. (at Housing Inspectors, see main listing on implant $107. Adoption fees for other street).
Townsend), Room 109, SF CA 94107. chart, p. 11. animals: rabbits, males $55, females, Note: The entries in the log must
For questions about fire hazards. Jensen, Kevin, 557-4685, TTY 558- $65; reptiles & birds, set according absolutely show the bar as the
Bureau of Light, Heat & Power, 1155 4088, FAX 558-4519, Disability to species; mice, rats &c., $15. source of the neighborhood
Market St. SF CA 94103. Access Coordinator. Website (Note: senior citizens receive a problems. A case against a bar
damaged street lights or burned-out <>. discount on dog & cat adoptions.) cannot be based on assuming the
bulbs, or to apply for new or more Last’s Paint Clearance Center (for Renters must bring a letter from your problems are caused by the bar.
street lighting, 311. recycling latex paint), 2141-A Mission landlord allowing pets. For lost pets
Cars: abandoned, 311; to cite cars St. (at 17th St.), 437-0633. call Lost Pet Hotline, (voice-mail) 3rd : Call your local police station
parked on sidewalk, driveway &c., Mobile Assistance Patrol (MAP), 431- LOST- PET (567-8738), or see Lost Pet Permit Officer (PO) (for list see
553-1200. 7400 (for drunks on street). website <> Police: Permit Officers, p. 14).
City Attorney Hotline, 554-3977. MUNI, 311, for graffiti removal & (includes photos of lost pets). (See also Explain the situation, send him/her
City depts., services & resources, broken glass replacement in bus Animal care & control, emergencies copies of your logs. He/she will begin
information on, Cityspan website shelters. only, above.) an investigation. If the bar is shown
<> MUNI website (online maps of bus to be a nuisance, the PO will either:
n i m a l s , wild (bee swarms,
Cole Hardware Store (for recycling
paint, computers &c.): 956 Cole St.,
753-2653; 3312 Mission St., 647-8700;
routes &schedules): <>.
Municipal Tranportation Agency
A birds, r eptiles &c.), i njured, l ost
or stranded :
1) themselves ask Alcohol &
Beverage Control (ABC) to void the
(MTA), (website: <>): liquor license at that address (lengthy
70 4th St., 777-4400. Website: to install a street/traffic sign, MTA, Bee swarms: call Non-emergency process), or 2) ask the SF City
<>. Traffic Engineering, 1 Van Ness police, 553-0123. Police have list of Attorney’s office to investigate the
Community Boards of SF 3130 24th Ave., 7th Floor, SF CA 94103; 701- local beekeepers who help. Or see the bar & file a case with ABC to void
St., SF CA 94102, 920-3820 (for 4500; San Francisco Beekeepers Association, the liquor license (lengthy process).
resolving conflicts with neighbors, to replace missing or damaged website <>, for For City Attorney (code enforcement)
&c.). E-mail: street/traffic signs, 311 info, help with swarms, &c. representing your district call the City
Page 4 San Francisco Neighborhood Fix-It Chart January 2010-June 2010 Page 21
Attorney Code Enforcement Task l o c k C l u b s : See Neighborhood nwanted appliances, bulbs/tubes &c. To use this service
Force Hotline, 554-3977.
Note: To make a stronger case the
B Associations, p. 11. U f u r n i t u r e , m a t t r e s s e s , j unk
&c., g etting rid of : For downtown
appointments are encouraged, & you
must prove you reside in the district
City Attorney’s office may contact you & l o c k P a r t i e s , S treet Fairs & area: Golden Gate Disposal & where the pick-up occurs. Call Sunset
ask you to provide a petition stating the
alleged neighborhood problems caused
B Athletic Events, permits for:
Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA)
Recycling (GGDR), 626-4000; outside
downtown area: Sunset Scavenger (SS),
Scavenger, 330-1300, to make an
by the bar & signed by neighbors in the provides special event street closure 330-1300. For free pick-up in your area
area, as well as letters from neighbors Gigantic 3 has a separate collection
application packets for block parties, you must call either GGDR or SS & site, available to residents, schools,
that explain in detail the alleged bar street fairs & athletic events. Each packet
problems, & photographs of the schedule an appointment. There is a 10 businesses, &c., for electronic wastes
includes information on requirements for item limit on unwanted junk, furniture, such as computers, cell phones, DVD
problems. Send the petition, letters & street closure & on other permits that
photographs to the City Attorney’s mattresses, large appliances &c. When players, television monitors &c. (no
may be required (amplified sound, food, you call, GGDR or SS will tell you the
office. Fire Dept., Health Dept. &c.) Event must microwaves or appliances), one Saturday
be approved by Interdepartmental Staff schedule for pick-ups in your area, & a month, 9am-2pm, Feb thru Nov. To use
Solution 2: Talk to the owner of the ask what items you intend to discard. this service you must show a California
building in which the bar is located. If Committee on Traffic & Transportation
(i.e. staff level representatives from They won’t take tires, car engines, driver’s license or identification card.
the owner is unresponsive to problems, pianos, construction materials at
neighbors can sue him/her for damages various city depts.) Permit application (All items collected are either
of up to $7500 per plaintiff in Small costs $150 to $750. Other fees (food construction sites, paint or hazardous dumped, recycled, or donated to
Claims Court, using their complaint logs permits &c.) may also apply. For waste. You yourself must dump these Goodwill Industries.)
as evidence. Also, loss of neighbors, application packet & further information items at the GGDR/SS dump site at 501
call Cindy Shamban at MTA, 701-4683, Tunnel Ave., SFCA. Put junk out the For more info call SFCC, 552-9201,
decreased property value, damage to or see SFCC website (includes district
property, increased crime & stress can (e-mail <>, night before & SS will pick it up next
fax 701-4769), or write Municipal Mon.-Fri. morning & haul it away free. maps) at <>.
be cited in court. Bar leases have been
known to be canceled by landlords who Transportation Agency, Traffic Only two pick-ups per year are allowed. For “GIGANTIC 3” pick-up schedule,
were fined substantially in Small Claims Engineering Division, 1 S. Van Ness Ave., (For unwanted paint, see Recycling see website (above) or call number
Court by neighbors. 7th Floor, SFCA, 94103, Attn.: Cindy paint [latex only], p. 18, & Recycling (above).
Shamban. Application packets are also paint [oil base], p. 18. For hazardous ater leaking from broken
B a r s (&
& restaurants): s moking
tobacco in: State law does not
allow smoking tobacco in a bar or
available online:
< waste, see Hazardous Waste
Information & Referral Hotline, p.
W water mains or fire
h y d r a n t s : (Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm),
restaurant that hires employees. To report htm#closure>. 11.) 551-3000 (automated voice menu);
a bar or restaurant not smoke-free call For more than 10 items: The (emergencies, after 4:30pm, weekends &
roken glass in bus shelters:
Tobacco Free Project, 581-2447; website:
<>. B Call 311. Give them the location of the
bus shelter. They will send a clean-up team
“RECYCLE MY JUNK” program where
GGDR & SS collectors pick up junk
holidays), 550-4911, Dept. of Public
Works, Water Dept., (WD). WD is
from inside your home or business, haul responsible for City water pipes “up to &
a c h c l e a n u p s : see Coastal & replace the glass.
B eClean-ups, p. 8. u i l d i n g s , a bandoned & a fire
it away & recycle everything possible for including water meters,” i.e. on the street.
Beyond the water meter & into your
i c y c l e l a n e s , r epair of : For B hazard, See Fire: Questions about
a fee. No limit on the number of items
building it is your responsibility. (See
B potholes in bicycle lanes, call 311.
For street cleaning, or for tree limbs
Fire Hazards., p. 10.
(furniture, pianos, appliances, batteries,
florescent tubes, computers, monitors
&c.) with pick-up scheduled any Mon-
Water leaks on your property [under
sidewalk or in your building], below, &
uildings: c ode enforcement: For
blocking bicycle lanes, call 311. (For
details on how 311 calls are
B General Building inspections call 558-
6088, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm, General
Fri. For more info call GGDR or SS, or
see website, [].
see Sewage leaks, broken sewer lines,
sewer repairs on street, p. 18.)
dispatched & the various response Building Inspection (GBI), 1660 Mission (Note: You may also find people to haul ater leaks on your
times see 311, p. 2.)
i c y c l e r a c k s & l a n e s . To apply
St., SF CA 94103. Website:
<>. This is for general
or recycle junk on Craig’s List, website
W p r o p e r t y (ii n building or
under sidewalk): (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm),
B for, or report missing or loose racks:
Municipal Transportation Agency
code enforcement information &
complaints about violations of safety, fire, Another resource is the “GIGANTIC
3” program of the SF Clean City
551-3000 ((automated voice menu);
(emergencies, after 5pm, weekends &
(MTA), 585-BIKE (585-2453), installs building codes & changed occupancy use. holidays), 550-4911. San Francisco Water
Coalition (SFCC), NORCAL Disposal
racks & lanes & also repairs racks. Leave If you want to complain immediately Co. & SF Environment Dept. In various Dept. (WD). WD does not repair home
your name & number for call-back. To about code violations, you can call (Mon- water pipes, but will come to your
Fri 8am-5pm): city districts one Saturday a month, 8am-
install rack, sidewalk must be at least 8 noon, Feb thru Nov, residents (not property & close the water line, so that
feet wide. 1) For residential building code you may make needed repairs. If a pipe is
For more info see MTA website violations, Housing Inspection, 558-6220. businesses) may drop off unwanted
furniture, mattresses, yard waste, used leaking from a house whose occupants
< 2) For buildings in the process of are out of town or unavailable, you can
sp?id=74234>. being built & for commercial properties; motor oil (clean oil only), oil filters
Note: SF bicycle route maps & rack for plumbing hazards or for electrical (filters put in plastic bags), large & small call the WD & they will come & turn off
locations may be downloaded from inspections, Building Inspection, 558- appliances, microwaves, non-automotive that water line & leave notice to the
MTA website. 6570. batteries, unbroken fluorescent occupants of a water leak on the property.
Page 20 San Francisco Neighborhood Fix-It Chart January 2010-June 2010 Page 5
hazardous waste dumped on private You may need permits to cut or remove 3) For disabled access code violations, their office Mon-Fri only from 8-9am &
& commercial property. (See also street trees. See Trees, on street, Disabled Access, 558-6014. 4-5pm, so call then (answering machine
Hazardous Waste Information & illegally pruned, topped, cut or Note: Staff at the above numbers will at other times). (See Buildings: code
Referral Hotline, p. 11, & removed, above. help with written reports (Complaint Data enforcement, p. 4.)
Neighborhood Cleanups, p. 12.) Sheets, or CDSs) for your complaints. In Note: Building inspectors may or
Note: If you have access to internet
the SF health codes are now
online, see City depts., services &
Tree planting for sidewalks:
561-6890 (menu, press 2 for
planting), Friends of the Urban Forest
making CDSs, you may give a name or
remain anonymous. CDSs are sent by
staff to your local Building Inspector.
may not order illegal construction
removed for various reasons.
Staff will also put you in touch with your
u i l d i n g I n s p e c t o r s (change
resources, information on, p. 8.
rees limbs hanging lower
(FUF). FUF plants & replaces trees as a
community service, & will help organize
local Building Inspector if you have or
need more info. Copies of CDSs may B every two years): Building Inspectors
T than 8 ft. above sidewalk or
1 2 f t . a b o v e s t r e e t : call 311. The
tree planting for your neighborhood.
There must be at least 30 trees ordered in
also be got from General Building
Inspection (see address above).
are in their office Mon-Fri only from
7:30-8:30am & 3-4pm, so call then
(answering machine at other times).
Dept. of Public Works (DPW), Bureau of an area by neighbors before FUF begins Note: If you have internet access,
the SF building codes are now online; General Building Inspection Information,
Urban Forestry will prune City owned planting. (You can sign other neighbors 558-6088; 1660 Mission St., 3rd Floor,
trees. All other trees are the responsibility up. In case you cannot do that FUF will see City depts., services & resources,
Information on, p. 8. SF CA 94103. If you have access to the
of property owners, 311 can tell you add your address to their list, & call you Internet the SF building codes are now
which is which. For privately owned if & when they begin planting in your (See also Buildings: Illegal online, see City depts., services &
trees, DPW will inform owners that their area.) (Note: Permission of property Construction, below, & Cars: how to resources, information on, p. 8. (See
trees must be pruned. close an illegal car repair shop, also Buildings: illegal construction, p.
owner/s required to plant tree/s.) Cost to Solution 2, p. 7.)
each property owner, depending on 5.)
r e e s , o n street, i llegally pruned,
T topped, c ut or removed : It is
illegal to prune, top, cut or remove
grants received by FUF for planting in
various neighborhoods, is $195 per tree B uilding filled with garbage,
trash &c., See Trash (& hazardous Building
trees located on a public street (discounts available in some low income waste) on private property, p. 19. Inspector
without a permit. Offenders may be neighborhoods), or $160 to replace a tree. u i l d i n g s : i llegal construction .
fined $1,485 or more per tree. If you
see a street tree being illegally
(Note: If you are not part of a 30 tree
project, FUF charges $350 per tree.)
B Illegal construction may not be safe,
may increase neighborhood density,

pruned, topped, cut or removed & Many varieties available (choose 1st & diminish open space, or otherwise
suspect the cutter does not have a 2nd choice tree.) Information in English, degrade the character of a neighborhood.
permit, call 311, & report illegal Spanish & Chinese. (Note: FUF also To complain about illegal
cutting of street tree/s. To report a encourages volunteers to help plant trees construction in progress, call the SF
street tree/s already pruned, topped, Dept. of Building Inspection (DBI),
&c.) More information & to order tree 558-6096, (FAX 558-6261).
cut or removed, call Carla Short, plantings at FUF website <>. DBI will connect you to the Building District 1: Tam Chui, 558-6111.
641-2674, Public Works Dept., Urban Note: Dept. of Public Works [DPW], Inspector for your area (for list & area District 2: Edward Greene, 558-6123.
Forestry Dept., & report the location Street & Environmental Services, will map see Building Inspectors, p. 5). District 3: Jerry Sullivan, 558-6059.
of the tree/s. She will investigate. not plant a tree in front of your house Provide the Inspector with the address District 4: Steve Hajnal, 558-6102.
Note: Some trees on private property for you. DPW plants trees only in & an account of the alleged illegal District 5: Dennis Carlin, 558-6115.
require a city permit for removal, if they construction. Building Inspectors are in District 6: Grant Becker, 558-6112.
are within 10 feet of a public right of way “designated tree areas,” i.e. parks,
the office Mon-Fri only from 7:30- District 7: Darlene Hartley, 558-6119.
(sidewalk, stairway, road &c.) & meet one certain streets &c. To plant a tree in 8:30am & 3-4pm, so call then
front of your house yourself, you must District 8: Norman Gutierrez, 558-6171.
of the following criteria: diameter at 4.5 (answering machine at other times). Ask District 9: Tom Fessler, 575-6923.
feet is more than 12 inches; height is over get the required permits from SF the Inspector when to call back for an District 10: Kevin McHugh, 575-6830.
20 feet; canopy spread is over 15 feet. Bureau of Urban Forestry, call Chris update. (Inspectors say the workload is District 11: Daniel Dukes, 558-6210.
Trees on private property that do not meet Buck, 641-2677, or Carla Short, 641- very heavy.) Building Inspectors do on District 12: Leopoldo Rafael, 558-6005.
the above criteria do not need city permits 2674, for permit information. (FUF site inspection, making sure City safety, District 13: Bernie Curran, 558-6094.
for pruning or removal. estimates planting a tree yourself, with fire & building codes are used in the District 14: Mark Walls, 575-6918.
DPW permits, sidewalk cutting &c., construction of any building. District 15: Michael Quinlan, 558-6197.
rees, t o cut or remove To complain about illegal
T damaged, f allen-over &c .: call
311. The Dept. of Public Works (DPW),
costs $335.) See also Friends of the
Urban Forest website <>
construction already built or finished
call Dept. Housing Inspection (DHI),
District 16: Robert Power, 575-6008.
District 17: Edward Donnelly, 558-6010.
which gives info on planting a tree 558-6220, FAX 558-6249, 1660 District 18: Chris Schroeder, 558-6103.
Bureau of Urban Forestry will remove
yourself, getting required city permits Mission, 6th Floor, SF CA 94103, DHI u i l d i n g s , n eglected & used by
damaged City-owned trees. All other
trees are the responsibility of property
owners, 311 can tell you which is which.
Note: Some tree roots can buckle
will connect you to the housing
inspector for your area (for list & area
B gangs, s treet criminals, v andals
&c.: Un-maintained buildings used by
For privately owned trees, DPW will sidewalks. You are responsible for any map see Housing Inspectors, p. 10). gangs, street criminals, vandals or the
notify property owners that their damages to sidewalk, not FUF or Provide the Inspector with the address mentally incompetent may cause public
damaged trees must be removed. Note: DPW. & an account of the alleged illegal safety hazards. For such buildings call the
construction. Housing Inspectors are in
Page 6 San Francisco Neighborhood Fix-It Chart January 2010-June 2010 Page 19
Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) of your If ordered to close, a business i d e w a l k r e p a i r s : 554-5810 Executive Director, MTA, or to the SF
local police station (for list see Police:
Code Enforcement Officers, p. 14).
owner may apply to the SF Bureau of
Permits (SFBP) for permission to
S (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm). Dept. of Public
Works, Street Use & Mapping Dept.
Board of Supervisors. For more
information on street/traffic sign
CEO’s can do everything from contacting remain open at that address. This (SUMD), 875 Stevenson 4th floor, SF installation, call MTA, 701-4500.
the building owner or, with the City permission is known as a variance CA 94103. For complaints about broken
t r e e t / t r a f f i c s i g n s , t o replace
Attorney’s office, have the building
code permit, (i.e. zoning laws do not
apply). If the owner does apply for a
variance, the SFBP will hold public
sidewalks in front of any property.
SUMD will notify the owner of the S missing or damaged: call 311.
Work done by Traffic Sign Shop,
Owner or managers of building may property, or in the case of city-owned
go to the local police station (for list see hearings where neighbors &c. may property then the relevant city agency, to Dept. of Parking & Traffic, 1999
Police Stations, p. 16) and get a state their concerns as to why a make repairs. Bryant St., SF CA 94110. (For details
Municipal Code, Section 25 (MC25) “No variance should not be allowed. on how 311 calls are dispatched &
Trespassing” sign to be put on the front Repairs to the sidewalk in front of any the various response times see 311,
Should the business owner or
of the building. MC25 gives police neighbors lose their case at the SFBP, property are the responsibility of the p. 2. See also Curb or pavement
permission to go onto the property any then either party may appeal to the SF property owner, except for damage markings, to replace faded or
time to remove alleged trespassers—this Planning Dept. (SFPlanD) who then caused to sidewalks by city owned damaged, p. 8, & Graffiti on
means police can respond faster to decides on the matter. Again public trees, for which the City is buildings, mailboxes, sidewalk,
neighbors’ complaints, since they already meetings are held. After that if either responsible. street or traffic signs, p. 10.)
have the owner’s permission to enter party loses their case with the SFPlanD (See also Curb or Pavement
usinesses existing or opening
they then may make an appeal to the
SF Planning Commission (SFPC). Markings, to replace faded or T rmalfunctioning
a f f i c s i g n a l l i g h t s , b roken or
: Call 311.
B without permits in residential
a r e a s : In some residential areas
(Note: The SFPC tries to do their best
in regard to city planning, but some
damaged, p. 8.)
t r e e t c l e a n i n g : call 311. Streets T rash illegally dumped on
s i d e w a l k o r s t r e e t : call 311,
take-overs by small businesses
without proper zoning permits are
members of the SFPC are political
appointees from the Mayor’s office
S are cleaned by the Dept. of Public
Works, Street & Environmental Services.
work done by Street &
Environmental Services, Dept. of
occuring without input from who take political stances over the law, (For details on how 311 calls are Public Works (SESDPW). 311 will
neighbors & residents. These businesses for which one may have to organize dispatched & the various response dispatch pick up of: illegally dumped
may have a fire permit from the SF Fire neighborhood petitions to get those times see 311, p. 2.) furniture, appliances, household
Dept. &/or a SF business tax license appointees to enforce the law.) Last, if garbage, tires, paint, motor oil &c.,
either party loses their case at the t r e e t l i g h t s : To apply for new or
which apparently makes the business
owner think he/she can exist in a
SFPC then they may make a final
appeal to the Board of Supervisors.
S more street lighting: Call 311. (For
details on how 311 calls are
usually within 24 hrs (anyday). If
you know who is doing the dumping
or have evidence from addresses
residential area in violation of zoning
laws. (Obviously the various SF permit If all the above steps are followed dispatched & the various response found in the trash, state that you have
depts. are not in sync with each other & & you & your neighbors win your times see 311, p. 2.) evidence of illegal dumping. They
do not check zoning rules.) “battle” then the business will have to will investigate. (Note: There are
t r e e t r e p a i r s : call 311. Streets
To close an illegal business in a
residential area:
close. But should the business win,
they’ll be issued a variance permitting
them to exist at that address for a
S are repaired by the Dept. of Public
Works, Bureau of Street & Sewer
only two inspectors, so in case they
don’t come or are too slow, keep
calling. Also it has been reported
1. Get the name of the business & certain amount of time, after which Repairs, 2323 Cesar Chavez, SF CA
the owner from the SF County Clerk, that SESDPW will often pick-up
they will have to reapply. 94124. (For details on how 311 calls illegal trash before the inspector
City Hall, Rm 168, No. 1 Dr. Carlton B. are dispatched & the various
Goodlett Place, SFCA 94102 (Mon-Fri If the business owner drags you into comes, thus leaving no evidence of
8am-4pm). Note: same info is also the permit appeals process, then your response times see 311, p. 2.) illegal dumping, in which case if this
found at the Fictitious Business challenge could possibly take months t r e e t / t r a f f i c s i g n s , t o have is an ongoing problem you might
or even years to fight. You will have to
decide if you want to continue the S installed: Write a letter to Municipal
Transportation Agency (MTA), Traffic
save evidence of addresses found in
the trash to give to the inspector.)
Giving the name of the business & battle. If you do decide to continue, (For details on how 311 calls are
owner to the Building Inspector saves then expect a bitter battle. Engineering, 1 South Van Ness Ave., 7th dispatched & the various response
time. floor, SF CA 94103, stating where & times see 311, p. 2; see also
To be most effective you will need why you want a traffic sign installed.
2. Next call the Building Inspector to organize your neighbors to protest Garbage [or Trash] cans not
for your area (for list see Building the business. Everyone must attend Note: including a petition signed by emptied, p. 11.)
Inspectors, p. 5) & report the address public hearings & at the hearing each neighbors would make a stronger
r a s h (ii ncluding health code
of the business & business owner’s
name to them. Inspectors will
investigate & may cite the owner for
person who chooses to speak will get 3
minutes to state their case. You should
study zoning & permit laws, so you
After MTA receives your letter, your
request will be assigned to an engineer
T violations, h azardous waste &c.)
on private property : 252-3800
improper zoning in which case the will know your rights & can who investigates & decides if a sign is (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm), or 252-3805
business will have to close. If the understand the SFPlanD jargon. You needed at that site. Decision can take up (voicemail), Environmental Health
business refuses to close the Inspector should also familiarize yourself with to 120 days, depending on the urgency. Section, Dept. of Health, 1390
can turn the case over to the City the various City Dept. personalities you If the engineer decides a sign is needed, Market St., Suite 210, SF CA 94102.
Attorney for prosecution. encounter during the appeals process MTA will install a sign. If the engineer For complaints of various health
The hard part of closing an illegal for some are helpful & others difficult. decides a sign is not needed, you may code violations, including sewage,
business: appeal that decision directly to the garbage, rats, cockroaches &c., also
Page 18 San Francisco Neighborhood Fix-It Chart January 2010-June 2010 Page 7
ator.cfm> for list of recycling centers in per day, paint must be “identifiable” In retaliation the business owner or (See also Buildings: code enforcement,
your area. as latex & be in it’s original can. unympathetic neighbors may accuse p. 4, & Buildings: illegal construction,
For recycling polystyrene packing Cans must also have lids. (Cole you of vicious & ulterior motives. Your p. 5.)
peanuts call the PEANUT HOTLINE, Hardware also recycles other items, address may even be reported to
ars parked on sidewalk or
1-800-828-2214, for list of
businesses in SF that recycle peanuts. see Recycling of cans, bottles,
paper, plastic, cardboard,
Building Inspection for an inspection—
so make sure your building is in order!
And if your case is interesting or
C b l o c k i n g y o u r d r i v e w a y : 553-
1200 (Answering machine with menu in
<>. computers, compost, polystyrene important then the press may get English, Spanish, Chinese), Municipal
For recycling various types of packing peanuts, CDs, involved & may want to interview Transportation Agency (MTA). Have car
styrofoam, batteries, CD’s, floppies f l uores c ent l amps &c., p. 17.) everyone, sparing little emotion. cited or towed. DPT will cite cars any day from
& DVD’s see the Cole Hardware But despite the negatives you might 6am to 12 midnight. (Sidewalk parking fine is
Last’s Paint Clearance Center , $100; blocking driveway fine is $85.) If you
website: 2141-A Mission St. (at 17th St), 437- win your case & have the business
<>. closed, thus preserving your residential ask to have a car cited, all cars parked on the
0633, (5 gal per person per day). sidewalk on both sides of that block will be
Note: Cole Hardware also recycles Note: Paint must be labeled as latex area. If the business wins, at least you
computers (but not monitors), laser may come out with some ground rules cited. After a few hours if cars don’t seem to
& if not labeled will not be accepted. have been cited call DPT & ask what action
& ink jet cartridges & fluorescent Paint cans must also have lids. from the Planning Dept. on how &
bulbs. For Cole Hardware info, see when the business may operate, was taken.
e c y c l i n g p a i n t (oil base): whether signage & outdoor lighting is Note: You can call MTA after midnight
Recycling paint [latex only], p. 18.
(See also info on the “GIGANTIC 3”
program under Neighborhood
R Thurs-Fri-Sat, 8am-4pm, take
paint to the Hazardous Waste
allowed, parking rules &c. But don’t
be too shocked if the business owner or
to have cars parked on the sidewalk
cited. In this case, MTA forwards your
cleanups, p. 12.) Disposal Site, 501 Tunnel Ave. (at even some neighbors never speak to call to the police, who will come when
Blanken Ave.), 330-1405. (If you are you again. On the other hand you could available & determine if a car should be
e c y c l i n g O i l , see Oil recycling, p.
R 13. driving from SF by freeway, take 3-
COM Park exit.) Limit 15 gal per
day, SF residents only (proof of
make some new friends in your
cited or not. Unlike MTA staff, police
are “certified peace officers” &
therefore must investigate any vehicle
e c y c l i n g p a i n t (ll atex only):
R (Note: Empty latex paint cans be put
into your weekly recycling bins &
residence required).You may also
call 311 for more information. For C a r s , t o report abandoned: Call
311. The, Dept. of Parking & Traffic
as possibly stolen or used in a crime, i.e.
with a license plate check, or possibly
information on all kinds of recycling will post a citation on vehicle giving even opening the car, trunk &c.
recycled.) For more info on recycling owner 3 days to remove vehicle. Vehicle
latex paint &where use the ECOFINDER see the SF Environment website MTA will tow cars any day, any time,
<>. usually towed within one week, can take but you cannot have a car towed from
at <>. up to 6 weeks depending on backlog.
To recycle latex paint Thurs-Fri-Sat, Once a year, SF residents can get an address other than your own. MTA
8am-4pm, take paint to the Hazardous free pick-up of oil base paint, or officer will ask who wants the car
a r s : h ow to close an illegal car
Waste Disposal Site, 501 Tunnel Ave.
(at Blanken Ave.), 330-1405. (If you are
hazardous waste, by calling 330-
1405 (8am-6:30pm Wed-Sat) to C repair shop. (If the telephone
numbers &c. listed below are
towed. You may give a first or last
name or no name at all. If you give a
driving from SF by freeway, take 3- schedule pick-up. Describe type/s & name, your name will remain
amount, if more than 15 gallons, of busy/unavailable, see Car repairs being confidential. And if the car owner
COM Park exit.) Limit 15 gal per day & done on sidewalk or street, p. 8.)
Sf residents only (proof of residence hazardous waste to be picked up. challenges the tow in court, only the
required). (Note: Wastes must be known & Note: An illegal car shop is difficult address from where car was towed &
The following stores recycle latex labelled.) Calls from disabled & to close. At present, solutions below reasons for tow are submitted to the
paint. To recyle at the following senior residents who do not drive will are the best we have. Any results on court. (Note: Vehicles are towed to
locations you must be a SF resident—no be serviced before calls from other actions taken, please let us know your Auto Return, 450 7th St., SF CA, 865-
contractors. residents. Website: success or failures. 8200; charge for tow to owner of
< Solution 1: Since flammable liquids vehicle is $330. Storage cost after 1st
Brownie’s Hardware, 1563 Polk St. (at hw/pickup.htm>. (For latex based 4 hrs thru 1st day is $43.25. After 1st
Sacramento St.), 673-8900, (12 gal are present (gas & oil) call the Bureau of
paints, see Recycling Paint [latex Fire Prevention (BFP), 558-3300, 698 day, $51.75 every 24 hrs. Additional
per person per year & paint must be only], p. 18. See also Hazardous $24.25 tow charge if car is moved to
in its original can.) 2nd St. (at Townsend), Room 109, SF
Waste Information & Referral CA 94107. BFP may cite for failure to long term storage.) Before towing a
Cliff’s Variety Store, 479 Castro Hotline, p. 11.) contain flammable liquids & potential vehicle, the MTA officer will ring
St. (at 18th St.), 431-5365, (5 gal fire hazards. If necessary BFP will file a your bell & ask you to open your
limit). Call for detailed info. e w a g e l e a k s , b roken sewer
Cole Hardware Stores (four S lines, s ewer repairs on street:
(Mon-Fri 8am-5pm), call 311, work done
case with the City Attorney (lengthy
process) for failure to properly maintain
flammable liquids on the site.
garage door, to demonstrate that it is a
working garage, not a storage area.
Also the MTA officer may ask if you
locations): 956 Cole St. (at Parnassus
by Bureau of Street & Sewer Repairs, Solution 2: Call SF Dept. of want him/her to ring neighbors’ bells
St.), 753-2653; 3312 Mission St. (at Dept. of Public Works. Repairs are for to try to locate car owners, before
29th St.), 647-8700; 2254 Polk St. (at sewer lines on the street only, not for Building Inspection (DBI), 558-6096, tow.
Green St.), 674-8912; 70 4th St. sewer lines on your property. (See also (FAX 558-6261), if there is any evidence Although it is against the law for
(between Market & Mission Sts.), Water leaking from broken water mains of illegal construction or of “changed vehicles to park on the sidewalk,
777-4400. Note: All Cole Hardware or fire hydrants, p. 21, & Water leaks on use occupancy” (illegal business in MTA will only cite cars when there is
your property [under sidewalk or in residential zone). DBI will take your a phone complaint. Cars parked on
locations recycle 10 gal per person complaint & forward it to the Inspector.
building], p. 21.) the sidewalk during street cleaning
Page 8 San Francisco Neighborhood Fix-It Chart January 2010-June 2010 Page 17
hours are usually not cited, but if several free crime prevention Mission Station, 558-5400, FAX prostitutes, & then arrest the johns. Decoy
your ability to sweep your sidewalk is services: help in organizing 558-5447; TDD (hearing impaired), prostitutes scare off the johns, resulting in
obstructed, or you do not want oil neighborhood watch groups, crime- 431-6241; 630 Valencia St. (at 17th no business for prostitutes in that area.
dripping onto your sidewalk, you can prevention speakers for block clubs, St.) SF CA 94110; e-mail, Your local police station is the one who
ask the MTA, Enforcement Division, home security surveys, referrals for <>; gets the VS involved, so call your local
553-1631 (answering machine with closing crack houses & for neighbor Station Capt. Greg Corrales. station often & get your neighbors to do so
menu, or hold line until someone conflicts. SAFE also loans electric Northern Station, 614-3400, FAX also. You may also contact the VS directly,
answers), to cite those cars. engraver pens for marking valuables. 614-3434; TDD (hearing impaired), 553-1426, or 970-3001, about using
ar repairs being done on sidewalk undercover police decoys for your area.
C or street: Call 553-0123, Non-
emergency police dispatch. Cars cannot
C urb or pavement markings,
to replace faded or damaged: Call
558-2404; 1125 Fillmore St. (at
Turk), SF CA 94115; e-mail,
You can also deal with the problem by
calling Project SAGE (Standing Against
311. (See also Sidewalk repairs, p. Global Exploitation—a group run by ex-
park on the sidewalk, but minor car 18, & Street/Traffic Signs, to Station Capt. Ann Mannix.
repairs on the street are allowable; major prostitutes), 905-5050 (FAX 554-1914),
replace missing or damaged, p. 19.) Park Station, 242-3000, FAX 242- about their outreach program that works
repairs are not. This is a low priority 3005; TDD (hearing impaired), 681-
ur b r amp at cro sswalk , h ow with prostitutes (mainly those already in
police dispatch call, i.e. police will come
when available & make owner stop work C to get or repair : Call Kevin
Jensen, Disability Access
6487; 1899 Waller (at Stanyan) SF
CA 94117; e-mail,
the criminal-justice system), & tries to get
them off the streets. Project SAGE, 1275
on a car. If oil, etc., is being drained from Coordinator, 557-4685, TTY 558-
the car, see Oil dumped or spilled on <>; Mission St, SF CA 94103; Website
4088, FAX 558-4519. Tell him why Station Capt. Teresa Barrett. <>.
sidewalk or street, p. 12. (See also Cars: you need a ramp installed or
how to close an illegal car repair shop, modified & give him the exact Richmond Station, 666-8000, FAX Note: Another reason to call the VS in
p. 7.) location (for example, the western 666-8060; 461 6th Ave., (at curtailing street prostitution is the
i t y d e p t s ., s ervices & end of the crosswalk between the Geary/Anza) SF CA 94118; TDD unique program developed by the VS
C resources , information on: For
those with internet access go to
northwest & northeast corners of the
intersection between A street & B
(hearing impaired), 666-8059; e-mail,
& Project SAGE, The First Offenders
Prostitution Program, for johns
street). The City has an ADA Station Capt. Richard Corriea.
SFGOV: <>. Site (Americans with Disabilities Act) arrested for the 1st time, whereby the
includes searchable databases for all Curb Ramp Transition Plan that Southern Station, 553-1373, FAX
553-1073; 850 Bryant St. (at 7th St.) john is fined $1,000 & must attend 8
City depts. & neighborhood prioritizes curb ramp installations hrs. of classes on the problems,
resources: includes names of and replacements. Most curb ramps SF CA 94103; no TDD; e-mail,
contacts, phone numbers, addresses, are installed as part of street <>; realities & victimization of prostitutes.
municipal codes (building, planning, resurfacing, utility undergrounding & Station Capt. Daniel McDonagh. If the john is not rearrested within a
health &c.), maps (bicycle & similar major capital projects that are Taraval Station, 759-3100, FAX year, the arrest record can be
classified as alterations of the public expunged.
MUNI), library & museum hrs. fire way under the ADA. There are 753-7220; TDD (hearing impaired),
stations, homeless shelters, schools, limited funds each year for curb 351-2924; 2345 24th Ave. (at e c y c l i n g o f c a n s , b ottles,
elected officials &c. Note: website is
updated by the departments
ramps requested by disabled citizens.
A list is maintained of such requests
Santiago/ Taraval) SF CA 94116; e-mail,
R paper, p lastic, c ardboard,
computers, c ompost, p olystyrene
themselves, so accuracy and update & curb ramps are built as funding Station Capt. Denise Schmitt. packing peanuts, C Ds, f luorescent
frequency may vary. becomes available. Currently, the
time of receipt of complaint until the Tenderloin Station 345-7300, FAX lamps &c. : For info & details on
oastal cleanups & beach
C r e s t o r a t i o n : Call the Adopt-A-
Beach program at 1-800-COAST-4U
time of construction or repair can be
several years.
345-7370; TDD (hearing impaired),
474-5763; 301 Eddy St. (at Jones) SF
CA 94102; e-mail, <
recycling call 311, or see the SF
Environment website:
<>. (Note: besides
rinking alcohol in public: Call 553-
(1-800-262-7848) (Website has more
D 0123. Non-emergency police
dispatch. Drinking alcohol in public, i.e.>;
Station Capt. Dominic Selaya.
kitchen scraps, waxed cardboard,
napkins, paper towels, paper plates, paper
milk cartons, tea bags, coffee
on street, sidewalk or even porch steps is rostitution on street: grounds/filters, wooden crates & sawdust
pendx.html>. Also SF Clean City
organizes volunteer clean-ups for SF
beaches, non-SF Park & Recretion
against the law ($77 fine). It is also
against the law to carry an alcoholic
P Sometimes considered a victimless
crime, but unregulated commerce on the
can be put into green recycling bins.)
To complain about a lost or stolen blue
Dept. wildlife areas &c. For more beverage in an open container. Describe street has side effects that impact recycling bin or green compost bin, or
info call, SF Clean City, 552-9201, situation & persons to police dispatch. If neighborhoods—violence by prostitutes, that your weekly recycling was not
ext. 10, or e-mail this is an ongoing problem, tell that to their pimps or johns, drug abuse & drug picked up: those living in the downtown
<>. Website dispatch. Police are tougher on an dealing, noise, traffic problems & litter. Of area call Golden Gate Disposal Company,
<>. ongoing problem. If drinkers leave before course if you see violence, drug use or 626-4000; those outside of downtown,
police arrive, call 553-0123 & cancel drug dealing call 911, or 553-0123. (See call Sunset Scavenger, 330-1300.
r i m e p r e v e n t i o n : SF SAFE
C (San Francisco Safety Awareness
for Everyone), 553-1982, FAX 553-
dispatch. (See Drunks on street who
are violent or may need medical
911 Emergency police dispatch: how it
works, p. 2, & 553-0123 Non-emergency
For recorded messages on locations of
nonprofit & paying recycling centers in
SF, hours of operation, what is recyclable
attention, p. 10, & see Drunks on police dispatch: how it works, p. 2). You
1967. Oona Gilles-Weil, Program street who are non-violent or &c., call the Recycling Hotline, 1-800-
Director, 850 Bryant St., Room 135, can curtail street prostitution directly by RECYCLE (1-800-732-9253) (anytime).
passed out or seem to need help, getting the SF Vice Squad (VS) involved.
SF CA 94103. Website but don’t seem to need medical Or see website
<>. SAFE provides The VS can put “decoys” (undercover <
attention, p. 10.) female police) on the street who pose as
Page 16 San Francisco Neighborhood Fix-It Chart January 2010-June 2010 Page 9
Mission Station: Officer Julius mail only. CADs are sent at the r u g / c r a c k h o u s e s : how to close. as police become aware of drug
Dempsky, 558-5457.
Northern Station: Officer John
discretion of the Police Records Dept.,
since some may contain private
D Call Police Dept. Narcotics Division,
970-3000, or call 1-800-CRACK-IT (1-
scene & can act to control it.
If drug dealers on the street are
Gallagher, 614-3405 (Mon-Fri 7am- information. For more infomation call 800-272-2548), Mon-Fri 9am-7 pm, drinking alcohol in public, police
3pm.) the Police Dept., Report Management (answering machine other times). Leave can cite for drinking in public. If
Park Station: Sgt. Michael Niland, Section, 553-1277. a message giving location & description police cannot arrest alleged drug
242-3032. For copies of CADs occuring of problem. If you are complaining about dealers with drugs, this form of
Richmond Station: Officer Jill before the last six months you may the Mission, Tenderloin, or Bayview, you citing for drinking in public may
Connolly 666-8023. walk in, write or fax a request to may also call your local district station. help control drug dealers, since
Southern Station: Officer Jake Emergency Communications Dept., Information given to the Narcotics unpaid fines can result in a warrant.
Canyon, 553-9192. 1011 Turk St, 94102, FAX 558-3869. Division hotline is confidential & (See also Drug/crack houses: how to
Taraval Station: Officer Mary Burns, Copies are free & you do not need to you do not have to give your name close, p. 9, & see Drug use on street,
759-3123. supply a legal-sized self-addressed (anonymous complaints may be less below, & see Neighborhood
Tenderloin Station: Officer Mike stamped envelope. For more info call effective as they are not usable in Associations, page 11.)
Torres, 345-7341. 558-3826. (Note: CAD requests court.) Your complaint will then be
r u g u s e o n s t r e e t : Drug use on
o l i c e r e p o r t s (C
C AD ’s), g etting
cannot be made by telephone & sent to the local police station
D the street can have side effects that
P copies of: After a police call the
responding officer writes an “incident
request forms are not available
nearest the address of the alleged
drug house. Note: Since the
narcotics division forwards your
impact a neighborhood—burglary to
home or car, litter, noise, violence over
o l i c e S t a t i o n s : Web site: drugs, over-doses &c. Call 553-0123
report” which includes statements from
those involved &/or witnesses &c. The
report is given a number & recorded in
P <>. Site
includes various dept. & station info:
complaint to the narcotics division
of the local police station, a direct
call to the station may work faster.
Non-emergency police dispatch. Drug use
on the street is a C-type call (for
the SF Police Dept.’s computer. Once in telephone numbers, community updates For list of stations, see Police explanation of C dispatch calls see 553-
the computer these reports are known as & meetings, newsletter, job listings, Stations, p. 16. 0123 Non-emergency police dispatch:
Computer Aided Dispatches or CADs. If crime statistics &c. Note: For all police If the narcotics division is closed, how it works, p. 2). Describe alleged
you want a copy/ies of a CAD that stations the anonymous tip line is 392- you may call Non-emergency Police drug user to dispatcher (race, age, height,
occurred within the last six months, write 2623. Dispatch, 553-0123, & ask that a clothing &c.). Police usually come within
to: SF Police Dept., Report Management Note: Sending a confidential FAX uniformed police officer be dispatched 30 minutes, but may take over 2 hours.
Section, 850 Bryant St., Room 475, SF to a police station, where anyone to investigate the complaint. Similar Note: To smoke crack takes 5
CA, 94103-4603. (Note: CAD requests may read it, may not be a good idea; methods used in closing a problem bar minutes & users will probably be
can be made only by mail & not by better to hand-deliver confidential can also be used to close crack houses gone by the time police arrive. The
telephone or walk-in. CAD request sealed letters to the station, (see Bars: how to close a problem bar, police know this & when they do
forms are available online: <http://sf- addressed to the captain or to a p. 3, & see Crime Prevention, p. 8.) come, will not see the alleged user particular officer. Drug houses are prosecuted by the & so may drive by without stopping.
?documentid=13845>.) (For copies of Note: For important letters not City Attorney, so call the City Attorney's Hard drugs, such as heroin, take
CADs occuring before the last six months addressed to the Captain, send a Code Enforcement Task Force, 554- longer to “shoot up,” so police may
see below.) There is no charge for CADs, copy to the Captain as well. 3977, to ask if & how the case is be able to catch a suspect. (But it is
but your request letter must include a progressing. rare that heroin is openly used; it
legal-sized self-addressed stamped Bay View-Potrero Station, 671- is much safer to use it where no
rug dealing/dealers on the
envelope, or it will not be processed.
In your request include the CAD
2300, FAX 671-2345; TDD (hearing
impaired), 671-2346; 201 Williams D street : Call 553-0123 Non-
emergency police dispatch. If persons
one can see you, i.e. in an
abandoned building, overgrown
number, if you know it, & if not, the (at Newhall), SF CA 94124; e-mail, vacant lot, side alley.)
<>; sell narcotics on the street & there is no
address, date, time of the incident/s immediate threat to life or property, your You may tell police you recognize a
&c. If more than one CAD exists then Station Capt. Greg Suhr. call is a C dispatch call (for explanation particular person or group, so police can
your letter may request all relevant Central Station, 315-2400, FAX 315- of C dispatch calls, see 553-0123 Non- keep an eye on them. (If you do not wish
CADs. Note: Only owners of 2450; TTD (hearing impaired), 576- emergency police dispatch: how it to be seen talking with the police [or
buildings may request CADs for their 1711; 766 Vallejo (at works, p. 2). Describe alleged drug they with you], you may request that the
property/ies if they suspect illegal or Powell/Stockton), SF CA 94133; e- dealer to dispatcher (race, age, height, officer telephone you from the police car
nuisance activity is occurring or has mail, clothing &c.), where dealing is taking rather than come to your door.) Drug use
occurred. <>; place & where drugs are kept or hidden on your street may also be due to the
If your CAD request involves a Station Capt. Anna Brown. (in mouth, bushes, planter box &c.). presence of nearby drug houses. Closing
vehicle: detailed CADs exist only for Ingleside-Balboa Park Station, Police will arrive when available. those drug houses will cut into the drug
hit & run, drunk driving & personal 404-4000, FAX 404-4008; TDD Note: “petty” drug dealing on the use on the street (see Drug/crack
injury cases; CADs for no-fault (hearing impaired), 404-4009; No. 1 street is hard to control; when houses: how to close, p. 8). For some
vehicle accidents, in which police Sgt. John B. Young Lane (at Ocean police arrive, drug dealers throw reason the City seems incapable of
were called, do not contain details, but drugs under a car, into nearest dealing with “petty” drug use on the
only a report that an accident occured. Ave.) SF CA 94124; e-mail, street. But getting rid of drug houses,
<>; bush &c. & therefore are not
CAD requests are replied to in the caught with illegal substances & putting motion detector lights around
order received & delivered by return Station Capt. David Lazar. not arrested. It is important to call, buildings, installing iron gates across
Page 10 San Francisco Neighborhood Fix-It Chart January 2010-June 2010 Page 15
side alleys, i.e. making your block p. 14.) Note: Gang Task Force will not situation or close down the property. Richmond Station: 3rd Tue (Jan 19,
unavailable for drug use, are some ways take complaints of gang fights in CEO work includes crack houses, Feb 16, Mar 16, Apr 20, May 18,
neighbors have dealt with this problem. progress. For fights in progress call 911. abandoned buildings used by gangs, pay June 22), Call station for time.
Also, try contacting your local block telephones used for drug dealing &c. Southern Station: 2nd Wed (Jan 13,
arbage or Trash cans not CEOs are often out on duty, if so leave
club (or start one) to work out solutions
& goals to the problem. (See also Drug
dealing/dealers on the street, p. 9, &
G e m p t i e d : For downtown area call
Golden Gate Disposal & Recycling
message on answering machine. Calls
usually returned within 2 days. (For
Feb 10, Mar 10, Apr 14, May 12,
June 9), 6pm-7:30pm. 510 7th St.
Taraval Station: 3rd Tues (Jan 19,
Neighborhood Associations, p. 11.) (GGDR), 626-4000. For rest of City call address of police station, see Police Feb 16, Mar 16, Apr 20, May 18,
Sunset Scavenger (SS), 330-1300. GGDR Stations, p. 16.) June 22), 7pm.
runks on street who are
D violent or may need medical
a t t e n t i o n : Call 911, emergency police
& SS will return to collect garbage same
day or next day. Bay View–Potrero Station : Officer
Tim Dalton, 671-2313.
Tenderloin Station: 2nd Tues (Jan
12, Feb 9, Mar 9, Apr 13, May 11,
dispatch. June 8), 6 pm.
r a f f i t i o n b u i l d i n g s , m ailboxes, Central Station : Sgt. Mark
r u n k s o n s t r e e t w h o a r e non- G sidewalk, s treet or traffic signs: Hernandez, 315-2417.
P o l i c e , complaints about : You can
D violent or passed out or seem
t o n e e d h e l p , but who don’t seem to
Call 311. (For details on how 311 calls
are dispatched & the various
Ingleside–Balboa Park Station :
Officer William McCarthy, 404-4023.
make complaints by walk-in or
telephone to the Office of Citizen
need medical attention: 431-7400, response times see 311, p. 2.) City Mission Station : Officer Miguel Complaints, 480 2nd St, No. 100, SF CA
(anyday 24 hrs), Mobile Assistance Patrol Ordinance 263-04 (Graffiti Abatement Granados, 558-5462. 94107; 597-7711, FAX 597-7733.
(MAP). MAP provides a van for an Ordinance) requires property owners to Northern Station : Call station. (For Alternative options— If you want
intoxicated person who is nonviolent & remove graffiti themselves, within 30 number see, Police Stations, p. 16.). someone to call you back, Ella Baker
not needing medical attention, to go days. Park Station : Sgt. Michael Niland, Center’s Police Watch, 1-510-428-3939,
voluntarily to a detox center. If the person For emergencies such as racist or 242-3032. ext. 299, & leave a message. If you want
does not want to go to a detox center, obscene graffiti, call 311. Richmond Station : Officer Jill to talk to someone without leaving a
MAP will leave the person there & go on In some neighborhoods, graffiti is Connelly, 666-8023. message call American Civil Liberties
to the next call. If MAP determines that an ongoing problem & neighborhood Southern Station : Officer Tad Union (ACLU), 621-2488. ACLU does
the person needs medical attention, MAP groups have asked the police to deal Yamaguchi, 553-9191. not return calls, so call during counseling
calls a paramedic van & waits until it with it. Police can take photographs Taraval Station : Officer Mary Burns, hours Mon-Fri 10am-noon & 1pm-3pm.
arrives. If the person is violent, MAP of graffiti & compare them to their 759-3123. These organizations can give legal
calls the police & waits until they arrive. graffiti database, possibly identifying Tenderloin Station : Officer Mike advice, advise you of your rights, &
MAP staff are not trained medical the perpetrators & order them to stop Torres, 345-7341. guide you through the process of filing
personnel. or face prosecution. To file a police the appropriate complaint with the
o l i c e : C ommunity meetings:
F i r e i n p r o g r e s s : 911, emergency
police dispatch. Fire trucks will arrive
report on graffiti call the Police
Graffiti Hotline, 278-9454.
Note: You can also e-mail photos
P Each district station hosts monthly
community meetings for the community
Office of Citizen Complaints or the
Police Commission .
For Spanish speakers, La Raza
within minutes. of graffiti vandalism to Police at to voice its concerns and problems. Central Legal, 575-3500, & for Asian
<>. Meetings are at the station unless language speakers, the Asian Law
i r e : questions about fire hazards: otherwise noted. See Police Stations, p.
F 558-3300, FAX 558-3323, Bureau of
Fire Prevention (BFP). BFP can answer
Other graffiti abatement
resources: ADOPT A BLOCK 16, for addresses and phone numbers of
stations. (Note: Meetings during holidays
Center, 896-1701, & The Chinese
Affirmative Action Association, 274-
6750, can provide advice on filing
PROGRAM where volunteers can
questions about potential fire hazards, fire adopt a four-block area & keep them are usually cancelled.) complaints about the police.
codes, flammable materials in legal & graffiti free, & GRAFFITI WATCH, Bay View-Potrero Station: 1st Tues o l i c e : Permit Officers (PO): Call
illegal car repair shops, fire exits in
buildings, etc. (See Cars: how to close an
a program for those who wish to
volunteer to remove city-wide
(Jan 5, Feb 2, Mar 2, Apr 6, May 4,
June 1), 6pm.
P POs to inquire or complain about
liquor licenses, entertainment permits,
illegal car repair shop, Solution 1, p. 7.) graffiti. For more info call 311. Central Station: 3rd Thurs (Jan 21, pool tables, video machines, amusement
The Graffiti Advisory Board, Feb 18, Mar 18, Apr 22, May 20, devices & after-hours permits. POs are
u r n i t u r e d u m p e d o n s t r e e t : see
F Trash illegally dumped on
sidewalk/street, p. 19.
which recommends city policy on
graffiti, has monthly open-to-the-
public meetings every 2nd Thurs
June 17), Tel Hi Community Room
(& other places) 660 Lombard, 6pm.
Ingleside–Balboa Park Station: 3rd
often out on duty, if so leave message on
answering machine. Calls usually
from 3:30pm to 5pm. Public returned within 2 days. (For addresses of
a n g f i g h t s i n p r o g r e s s : 911, Tue (Jan 19, Feb 16, Mar 16, Apr 20, police stations see Police Stations, p. 16.
G emergency police dispatch. Police
arrive usually within minutes.
comment is allowed. Meeting at 30
Van Ness, Main Conference Room,
(5th Floor).
May 18, June 22), 7pm.
Mission Station: Last Tue (Jan 26,
See also Bars: how to close a problem
bar or liquor store, p. 3.)
Feb 23, Mar 30, Apr 27, May 25, B a y Vie w -P o tre ro Sta tio n :
a n g s i n n e i g h b o r h o o d : Call Note: In some cases different June 29), 6pm.
G either the Gang Task Force, 553-1401,
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, or the Code
types of graffiti can be removed by
rubbing with a clean rag & one or
Northern Station: 2nd Thurs (Jan 14,
Feb 11, Mar 11, Apr 8, May 13, June
Officer Tim Dalton, 671-2313.
C e n tr a l Sta tio n : Officer Phillip
Enforcement Officer of your local police more of the following ordinary 10), 6pm. Welch, 315-2424.
station for ongoing problems with gangs. household supplies: alcohol, paint Park Station: 2nd Tue (Jan 12, Feb 9, In g le sid e – B a lb o a P a r k Sta tio n :
(For list of Code Enforcement Officers, thinner, charcoal lighter fluid, Mar 9, Apr 13, May 11, June 8), 6pm. Officer William McCarthy, 404-
see Police: Code Enforcement Officers, acetone (nail polish remover), ethyl 4023.
Page 14 San Francisco Neighborhood Fix-It Chart January 2010-June 2010 Page 11
Engineering Division, 1 So. Van Ness area you will need a permit in order to acetate (non-acetone nail polish permission to go onto the property
Ave., Floor 7, SF CA 94103. park longer than the allowed time. To get remover), citrus peel cleaners or any time to cite or remove alleged
Your petition goes through a nine a one-year residential parking permit Ajax-type cleanser. trespassers. (For more info on
step process: 1) review by the Traffic ($76), apply either in person (permit (See also Neighborhood Cleanups, p. MC25, see Buildings, neglected and
Engineering Division; 2) field study; 3) issued same day) or by mail (takes 2-3 12.) used by gangs, street criminals,
review by Interdepartmental Traffic & weeks) to Residential Parking Permit vandals &c., p. 5.)
Program, 11 South Van Ness, SF CA r a f f i t i o n b u s s t o p s : call 311.
Transportation Staff; 4) Departmental
Public Hearing (for pro/con public
debate); 5) review by MTA Board of
94103. (Note: Permit application forms
are also online, but must be mailed in,
G Give them the location of the bus
stop. They will send the graffiti H o u s i n g I n s p e c t o r s (change
every few months): For complaints
Directors; 6) review by Board of not e-mailed: removal team. about illegal construction already built or
Supervisors committee; 7) review by < finished call the Housing Inspector.
azardous Waste Information &
full Board of Supervisors; 8) approval
by the Mayor & 9) sign installation &
perm.htm>.) H R e f e r r a l H o t l i n e : Call 311 for
info. Note: SF residents can drop-off toxic
Housing Inspectors are in their office
Mon-Fri only from 8-9am & 4-5pm, so
permit issuance. Entire process takes 6- Note: Vehicles must be registered to the items (oil base paints, pesticides, aerosols, call then (answering machine at other
12 months. resident’s address & resident must cleaners &c.), Thurs-Sat 8am-4pm, 501 times). Dept. Housing Inspection,
If permit parking is approved for include one additional proof of Tunnel Ave., SF CA. For more information General Information 558-6220, FAX
your street, DPT will notify by mail all residency (i.e. utility bill, bank on hazardous waste recycling see SF 558-6249; 1660 Mission St., 6th Floor,
residents of your street. Residents will statement, insurance policy &c.) Environment website
then need a “residential permit” to park SF CA 94103. (See also Buildings:
Residents are allowed four permits <>. illegal construction, p. 5.)
for more than 1 or 2 hours on that street. per single address within the permit Once a year, any SF resident can get
Permit parking : to establish a new area. Permits will also be issued only free, 15 gal. pick-up of oil base paint, or
zone: after you have paid all your Housing
hazardous waste, by calling 330-1405
The proposed block(s) must be outstanding traffic citations. Inspector
contiguous to each other and must (8am-6:30pm Wed-Sat) to schedule pick-
Visitors of residents, or rental cars, up. Describe type/s & amount of Districts
contain a minimum of one mile of on a permit street may apply for a
street frontage. Visitors Parking Permit (VPP) ($26 for hazardous waste to be picked up. (Note:
A petition signed by at least 250 2 weeks, $38 for 4 weeks, $50 for 6 Wastes must be known & labelled.) Calls
households in the proposed area must weeks & $64 for 8 weeks.). To get a from disabled & senior residents who do
be submitted to the Traffic VPP, applicant (either resident or not drive will be serviced before calls from
Engineering Division (one signature visitor) must submit the visitor’s car other residents. See website:
per household). registration & the name & address of the <
At least fifty percent of the vehicles resident who is being visited, with proof ickup.htm>. (See also Recycling Paint
parked on the street in the proposed of address (for example, a gas bill with
area must be non-resident vehicles. [latex only], p. 18; see Recycling paint
the name & address of said resident on [oil base], p. 18; & see Trash (including District 1: James Galvis, 558-6513.
At least eighty percent of the legal on- the permit street). Apply to Visitor District 2: May Ling Dea, 558-6533.
street parking spaces within the Permits, Residential Parking Permit health code violations, hazardous waste
&c.) on private property, p. 19.) District 3: Richard Marquez, 558-6211.
proposed area are occupied during the Program, 11 South Van Ness, SF CA District 4: Harry Der Vartanian, 575-6990.
day. 94103. VPP’s are good for 2 weeks, & omeless who create District 5: Harry Der Vartanian, 575-6990.
If you meet these requirements then
the same nine step process listed under
can be extended up to any total of 8
weeks per year (extensions are $25 per
H nuisances by sleeping on or
messing up sidewalks,
District 6: Tim Mansur, 558-6514.
District 7: Ron Dicks, 558-6632.
Permit Parking: how to get for your every 2 week period). d r i v e w a y s o r p o r c h e s : 431-7400, District 8: Albert Leong, 575-6991.
street, p. 13, begins. For more residential permit parking Mobile Assistance Patrol (MAP), District 9: Yasu Morikawa, 558=6192.
To obtain blank petition forms & information call 701-3000 (menu), or Homeless Outreach Van (HOV). District 10: Isabel Olivares, 558-6490.
where to send your completed forms, see Municipal Transportation Agency HOV hours are Mon-Fri 12:30pm- District 11: Johanna Coble, 558-6190.
see Permit Parking: how to get for website, 8:30pm, Sat.-Sun. 3pm-11pm. District 12: Sergio Salvetti, 558-6246.
your street, p. 13. < Outside of these hours MAP District 13: David Herring, 558-6212.
= provides the same service, but District 14: Steve Mungovan, 558-6496.
If permit parking is approved for District 15: Jamie Sanbonmatsu, 558-6186.
your area, DPT will notify by mail all pkperm.htm>. secondary to their “intoxicated
person” services. (See Drunks on District 16: Jose Lopez, 558-6470.
residents of your area. Residents will o l i c e : Code Enforcement Officers
then need a “residential permit” to park
for more than 1 or 2 hours in that area.
P (CEO). You can report any property
(house, store, vacant lot, abandoned
street who are non-violent or
passed out or seem to need help,
District 17: Tony Lepe, 575-6912.
District 18: Danny Mak, 558-6209.
District 19: Richard Marquez, 558-6211.
(See also Permit Parking: how to get but who don’t seem to need
building, pay telephone &c.) used for medical attention, p. 10.)
for your own car, or for a visitor’s car, criminal purposes or as a public nuisance Note: A property owner or eighborhood Associations:
e r m i t P a r k i n g : how to get for
to the CEO at your local police station.
CEOs investigate those complaints (&
building manager may request
“form MC25” at their local police N Neighbors have formed associations,
P your own car , or for a visitor's car :
If you live in a residential permit parking
sometimes solve the problem) & then
report to & assist the City Attorney, or station, to be posted on their
building. MC25 gives police
block clubs & park clubs to improve
neighborhoods. Many of these
other City agencies, to correct the neighborhood associations are listed in a
Page 12 San Francisco Neighborhood Fix-It Chart January 2010-June 2010 Page 13
database as part of the SF Public Library eighbors resolving a Environmental Services Dept. (SES) to a r k s : maintenance & safety . Call
(SFPL) Catalog. To access them, go to
the SFPL & use their online catalog.
N c o n f l i c t : Community Boards of
SF, 3130 24th St., SF CA 94110,
send one of four inspectors to investigate
at once. After 4:30pm Mon-Fri &
P 311 to report problems. (For
details on how 311 calls are
(This catalog is also accessible at telephone 920-3820, open Tues-Fri 9am- weekends one or two SES inspectors are dispatched & the various response
<>.) At the website you will 5pm. A free conflict resolution program on duty, & it may be difficult to get a times see 311, p. 2.)
see a “search catalog” window, below with trained neighborhood mediators for response (depending on emergency it
may take 2+ hours ). a v e m e n t m a r k i n g s : see Curb
this window is a listing for “Articles &
Databases.” Click on this. “Articles &
all types of conflicts between families,
neighbors, groups, roommates,
organizations & between landlords &
If SES cannot arrive in time to cite a
car from which oil is being drained you
P or Pavement Markings, to replace
faded or damaged, p. 8.
Databases” opens to “Categories”, may leave the license plate number &
including “Organizations.” There under tenants.
eople hanging out on your
“Organizations” is listed “San Francisco
Community Services Directory”
Website: <>
E-mail: <>
description of the car, & your name &
telephone number with 311. Your
complaint will be investigated by SES.
P front steps (ii . e . n oisy,
dangerous or drinking
(SFCSD). Click on the SFCSD. Then o i s e : for quality of life problems
SFCSD opens a new search window
where you can type in “Neighborhood
N ( loud music , barking dogs &c .) , call
553-0123 Non-emergency police
Call 311 later to see what action, if any,
was taken. Note: If caught dumping oil
minimum fine is $100. (For details on
alcohol/smoking crack): 553-0123,
non-emergency police dispatch. You can
dispatch. Police will talk to alleged ask people not to hang out & to leave. If
Improvement.” This brings up access to how 311 calls are dispatched & the you do not want to confront them call the
108 neighborhood associations. Note: If offenders. Dispatch depends on backlog various response times see 311, p. above number. Police usually arrive in
this is too difficult or does not work, ask of more urgent calls. If quality of life 2.)
noise problems continue, try other Another solution: You can also 20-30 minutes & tell persons to move on.
the librarian for help. If person/s leave before police arrive, call
SF SAFE is another group that assists resources such as Community Board call Non-emergency police
meetings, complaints to the landlord of dispatch, 553-0123, & ask them to 553-0123 & cancel dispatch.
neighborhoods with safety issues &c. offending tenants, &c. (See Neighbors: come out. Depending on the e r m i t P a r k i n g : how to get for
For information on SF SAFE, see
Crime Prevention, p. 8.
Most local City police stations also
resolving a conflict, above.)
o i s e : from building construction :
backlog, the police response may be
P your street . Your street may want
Permit Parking if shopping centers,
have, in their community rooms, a once- N make complaints to the Building i l recycling :Call 311 & ask about hospitals, schools &c. use up all available
a-month evening meeting for neighbors
& the public to talk to the Station
Inspector for the area in which the
building is located. Note: This does not
O list of used oil collection sites in
your area, or see SF Environment
parking spaces in your neighborhood.
Permit Parking means, a vehicle parked
Captain & Officers about neighborhood seem to have much effect. If you have had website <>. On on either side of the street must vacate a
concerns or complaints. Besides police, luck dealing with this problem please the website see “EcofindeRRR.” There in parking space after 1-2 hours, unless said
other City government officials often contact us. (For list, see Building the selection window No. 1 enter “Motor vehicle has a “residential permit” in
attend the meetings, as well as guest Inspectors, p. 5.) Oil & Filters.” Then scroll down and which case it does not have to vacate the
speakers. For meeting dates & times, enter your zipcode. Then click on parking space.
o i s e : from stationary noise sources
see Police: Community Meetings, p. 15.
eighborhood Cleanups:
N (restaurant air conditioner & “Search.” This brings up a list of gas
stations, garages &c. that will accept
If the block you want permit parking
on is contiguous to an established
N From November to February, on
certain days, 8am-noon, SF Clean
ventilation noise, gas station oil pumps
&c.). 252-3800, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.
Bureau of Environmental Health
used motor oil not contaminated with
water. (Call first to see if station is still
Permit Parking Area you may use the
following steps. (If it is not, see Permit
recycling oil.) Parking: to establish a new zone, p.
City Coalition organizes Management, 1390 Market (at 10th St.), 14).
neighborhood district cleanup events Suite 210, SF CA 94102. Oil can also be taken to Hazardous 1st : Get Permit Parking petition forms.
for streets & neighborhood parks. Waste Disposal Site, 501 Tunnel Ave. To have forms mailed to you, call
o i s e : from street construction .
Call 552-9201 (menu, ext. “10” to
speak to a person) to organize,
volunteer or for more info. Website:
N 554-5810, Dept. of Public Works
(DPW). For complaints about
(at Blanken Ave.), SFCA.
Another resource for recycling oil is
Municipal Transportation Agencies
(MTA), Traffic Engineering Division
the “GIGANTIC 3” program. For info at 701-4688. Or pick-up forms Mon-
<>. (See also construction on the street, not for see listing under Unwanted appliances,
building construction. (For noise Fri 8am-5pm at MTA, Traffic
the SF Clean City Coalition furniture, junk &c., p. 21.) Engineering Division, 1 So. Van Ness
“GIGANTIC 3” recycling program complaints about building construction,
see Noise: from building construction, Ave., Floor 7, SF CA 94102. Permit
listed under Unwanted appliances, a i n t r e c y c l i n g : See Recycling Parking Petition forms are also
furniture, mattresses, junk &c.,
getting rid of, p. 21.)
above.) Since the City is the biggest
noisemaker of all (pneumatic drills &c.)
there is no strong rapid response to noise
P paint (latex only), p. 18, & Recycling
paint (oil base), p. 18.
available online at the MTA website:
Dept. of Public Work’s (DPW) Adopt- ?u=
caused by City construction. But call
A-Block program. Volunteer groups or
individuals adopt a street or area & keep
it clean. DPW provides free cleaning
anyway. Note: DPW construction on the
street is legal only from 7am-8pm
P aAssociations,
r k C l u b s : See Neighborhood
p. 11.
2nd : Get the petition forms signed. The
a r k s , goals , planning uses & ideas required number of signatures on the
supplies. Occasional DPW assistance
available with large cleanups. Call 311
anyday, except for emergencies. After
these hours call your local police station
to complain. (See Police Stations, p. 16.)
P for neighborhood : Neighborhood
Parks Council, 451 Hayes St, SF CA
petition must be at least 50% of the
residential units on the proposed
from info. (For details on how 311 permit street. It does not matter from
calls are dispatched & the various 94102, 621-3260, FAX 703-0889.
i l dumped or spilled on sidewalk
response times see 311, p. 2.)
(See also Coastal Cleanups, p. 8.)
O or street (from containers, work on
car &c.): call 311. Call if dumping is in
Website: <>. (See Parks:
maintenance & safety, below, &
which side of the street.
3rd : Mail or deliver your completed
petition forms to MTA, Traffic
progress. 311 will notify the Street & Neighborhood Associations, p. 11.)

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