Important background information on the campaign for world government and global religion

Part One

• "Global Religion and the United Nations' Agenda for a Post-Christian World," excerpts from America's Survival, Inc. report

• "Another Gospel: Mixing Church and State at the U.N.," By Cliff Kincaid

• "AI Gore, the United Nations, and the Cult of Gaia," by Cliff

• U.N. "EnvIronmental Sabbath" Campaign

• "U.N. Sponsors Global Religion," from February 1999 edition of the American Sovereignty Action Project (ASAP) report.

Part 'Two

• "The United Nations and the New World Religion" By Cliff Kincaid

• "Holy War," a chapter from the book Global Bondage by Cliff Kincaid

• "Life Unworthy of Life," a chapter from the book, Global Taxes for World Government by Cliff Kincaid

Global Religion and The United Nations' Agenda for a Post-Christian World

This is a proposed "Peace Pyramid," to be constructed in the Washington,. D.C., area, where adherents of an Earth-centered religion can gather and mediate.

A Special Investigative Report by Cliff Kincaid

I Published and distributed by America's Survival, Inc. I

"If you're only going to have 10 rules, I don't know if prohibiting adultery should be one of them."

-- Ted Turner, CNN founder,"Humanistof the Year," and Honorary Chairman of the Millennium World Peace Summit, opening at the United Nations, August 28.


Logo of the World Peace Summit

"I'm fine with what Mr. Ted Turner is doing now. His heart is in the right place. Even though he doesn't say so, I think he's a deeply spiritual man."

-- Bawa Jain, Secretary-General,

The Millenium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders


'(~'. VI



12 August 1999

Dear Mr. Jain,

I am highly encouraged to hear of the plans for a Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual leaders to open at the United Nations on

28-29 August 2000. I am pleased to be able to participate in this event by greeting the leaders and delivering the opening address for the first plenary session in the morning of29 August.

This gathering of the world's most pre-eminent religious and spiritual leaders in a united call for peace will hopefully strengthen the prospect for peace as we enter the new millennium. I look forward to the commitment of the religious and spiritual leaders to the mission of the United Nations, as well as working together to achieve peace and security in the 21st Century. You have my full support Please keep me informed as the plans for the Summit progress.

Yours sincerely,

-KanA. Annan

Mr.Bawa Jain Executive Coordinator World Peace Summit New York




Ted Turner, Honorary Chairman Bawa Jain, Secretary-General


Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne

Ms. Gedong Bagues Oka Dr. Zaki Badawi

Kamla Chowdhry

Dr. Harvey Cox

Kyotaro Deguchi

Dr. Diana L. Eck

David Finn

Ela Gandhi

Maha Ghosananda S.P. Hinduja

Father Brian Hehir Juliet Hollister

Dr. Abid Hussain

Rev. Jesse Jackson Rev ... Won Y ong Kang Hiroko Koyama Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro Hans Kung

Father Leonid Kishkovsky Anthony Lake

David Little

Chief Oren Lyons Prof. Wangari Maathai Maximilian Mizzi

Tn Wei Ming

Abdul llahi N aim Nichiko Niwano

Sir Paul Reeves

Dr .. Steven Rockefeller Rabbi Arthur Schneier Beatriz Schul tess Leticia Shahani

Dr. Karan Singh

Dr. L.M. Singhvi Sulak Sivaraksa

Rabbi A wraham Soetendorp Juan Somavia

Sir Sigmund Sternberg Maurice Strong, Chairman Dr. Lawrence Sullivan Princess Basma Bint Talal Dr. William Vendley

C.T. Vivian

John C. Whitehead


David Finn, Chairman

Dena Merriam, Vice Chairman Aditi Desai

Maximo Kalaw

William Luers

Maurice Strong

Very Rev. J ames Parks Morton Juan Somavia

Gillian Sorensen

Berit Stanton

Hanne Strong

Tim Wirth



Another Gospel: Mixing Church

end State at the U. N.

By Cliff Kinca,id

Although the United Nations is regarded by many as a secular organization, the truth is something else The U.S.-funded world body is promoting its own brand of religious faith. The separation of church and state doctrine doesn't seem to apply to the U.N .. and its favored non-governmentaill organizations (NGOs).

For example, on October 27, 2005,at United Nations headquarters in New York, a special event was held in celebration of "The Spirit of the United Nations." America's Survival, Inc. attended and covered the event. Open to all U.N. sta.ff and NGOs, the program featured an opening "blessing song on behalf of indigenous peoples," an expression of "thanks to Mother Earth," and a moment of silence. A special rendition of former Beatie John Lennon's song, "," was played to the crowd. The lyrics include:

Imagine there's no countries, It isn't hard to do,

Nothing to kill or die for,

No religion too,

Imagine all the people

living life in peace ...

It may seem odd to refer to "no lI'el'igion" at a U.N. event on spiritual values. But the U.N. is an odd institution that doesn't believe in traditional reli.glon.

Jan Eliasson of Sweden, president of the Sixtieth Session of the U.N. General Assembly, told the gathering' that they were there to celebrate the 60th birthday of the U.N. and the 100th anniversary of the birth of Dag Hammars!kjold, a former U.N. Secretary-General and founder of the U.N. Meditation Room.

The main organizers were the Values Caucus of the U.N. and the NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns. (1J The 'latter is a project of the Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations and its Spiritual Council for Global Challenges. Diane Williams, co-chair of the NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns, was a moderator of the event. She is also

affiliated with thelnternational Association of Educators for World Peace (lAEWP) and the Tribal Link Foundation. The IAEWP website [2] features the following articles:

• Elimination of U.S. Military Bases: Gigantic Step toward World Peace

• Vulnerability of Republicans in America

• Spir,itual Education as a Human Right

The Tribal link Foundation regards the earth as sacred and Bromotes the view that indigenous peoples have a "spiritual connection" to the planet. .3] This view, which combines aspects of the animal rights and radical environmentalist movements, holds that human beings are exploiting the Earth and other living creatures for selfish purposes. It follows that, if the planet is inhabited by a spirit of some kind ~~and human beings can have mysticall experiences or a spiritual relationship with this entity - then the U.S. and other industrial countries have to be prohibited from certain uses of the world's natural resources. This helps explain why the U.N. spends so much time trying to regulate global economic activity in the name of saving the planet from g.lobal warming, climate change, or other perceived problems.

The Bush Administration has been opposIng U.N. interference iin U.S. environmental and economic matters without a clear understanding of the mystical belief system that drives much of the world organization's activities. Some might argue that U.S. taxpayer underwriting of this bizarre religious movement through the U.N. constitutes a violation of the First Amendment pmhibition on the establishment of a state church. It is worthwhile for Congress to take a look ..

Strange Goings .. On

The October 27 event should leave no doubt that a high-Ieve'l movement with very strange' spiritual beliefs is operating in the upper echelons of the United Nations.

What the pa.rticipants at this event had in common is a rejection of traditional Christianity, which holds that there is a gulf between man and God that is bridged by Jesus Ghrist alone. Their New Age philosophy and most Eastern-style religions hold that man is somehow capable of becoming God, through mystical experiences, earthworship., meditation or sometimes even mind-a'Jtering drugs.

The U.N. Meditation room [4lis a curious place where U.N. Secretary~General Kofi Annan was married. It is bereft of any Christian or traditional religious symbol's .. [5JAnnan has no known religious affiliation but has been quoted as saying, "The po'lit'ics of nations .... can never ignore the transcendent, spiritual dimension of human experience." [6]

In their book, Spiritual Politics, Corrine McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson write about the Meditation Room, describing it as "the focus for the energies of a unified planet and humanity, and for ri.ght relations among aU kingdoms of life." Davidson is said to have experienced this "energy" that is "helping to support the synthesis of nations and the emergence of the Sou!1 of humanity."

The claim is reminiscent of when upsychic researcher" and U.N. consultant Jean Houston, [7] who favors the use of the mind-ailtering: drug LSD in some settings to facilitate spirituality, held meetings with then-First Lady Hillary Clinton to help her "communicate" with the .Iong-dead Eleanor Roosevelt, who was herself a big backer of the U.N. and helped form the organization now known as the United Nations Association of the United States. Critics said the Houston-Clinton meet'ings resembled a voodoo-like seance featuring communications with ghosts or spirits. The psychic sessions caused enormous embarrassment for Mrs. Clinton when they were exposed in a book by Bob Woodward of the Washing,ton Post, Mrs. Clinton is a true believer in the U.N .. and the cause of "world federalism" or world government. [8]

Planetary Civilization

While increasing attention is being focused on the influence of the United Nations in military, political, economic and social affairs, this very important area of religion or spirituality has been ,largely ignored. Yet billionaires Ted Turner, George Soros and Rev. Sun Myung Moon have been underwriting or sponsoring activities designed to push the world toward a global religion under United Nations auspices. Curiously, Turner and Sores are atheists, while Moon proclaims himse'lf the savior of the world.

Lee Penn, author of a new book on the subject, False Dawn, 191 explains their motivation this way:

They see this as a convenient lever that they can pull to ga,in power .. All of them are buUding what they call a new civiUzation. Just about anyone who understands how civ.ilization wo~s knows that almost ever~ ~~vili:ation that has ever existed h~s. re'li~ion at Its base. So If you want a new global CIVIlization you need a new global religion. 10]

While Soros and Moon are perceived by some to bean opposite sides of the political spectrum, they have come together in support of the United R,e!ligions Initiative (UR!.). The URI, which functions as a religious United Nations,. includes representatives of everything from the major faiths to New Age and Wiccan movements and members of Moon~s World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO). WANGO gave an "Inter-religious Cooperation Award" to Bishop William Swing of the Episcopal Church, founder of URI, at an October 2002 banquet.[11]

Author Penn notes that URI leaders tend to regard Jesus Christ as just another teacher or prophet, not as the Son of God.

Incredibly, the group received a $30,000 grant from the federally .. funded Institute of Peace in 200.2. [12] The money went for a "United Religions Initiative Peace Building Training Program" with Barbara Hartford of the URI listed as the contact. In June 2002, the Institute of Peace published the book, Interfa.ith Dialogue and Peacebuilding, with a ,contribution from URI executive director Charles Gibbs. [131

In his February 2005 Executive Director's Letter,. Gibbs urged URI "Caoperation Circles" or affiliates around the world to support three major United Nations' observances: Environment Day, the 60th Anniversary .of the U.N. Charter, and the International Day of Peace

Gibbs declared, "URI's global community grows as a force for peace, justice and healing, we and alii of humanity ewe a debt of profound gratitude and support to the visionary founders of the United Nations and to those people who devote their lives to its success. A strong and effective UN is critical to humanity's future. The UNinspired the birth of the URI and URI; is formally affiliated with the UN through the Department of Public Information. There is a URI Cooperation Circle at the UN and many URI CCs around the world have partnerships with local UN groups.'! [14]

The URI, Penn netes, is very open to Muslims, In fact, it is "so open-ended that a convicted multiple rapist and AI Oaeda terror suspect can join, and can remain listed as an 'Affiliate' on the URI web site."

He's referring to GhulamRasool Chisthi, a Muslim cleric from Islamabad, Pakistan, wha had visited Salt Lake City for a United IReligions conference May 31-·June 4, 2001. He was arrested on a federal charge that he knowingliy fa,lsified his visa app~licatian by not disclosing British canvictians for statutory rape. He was linked by Italian authorities to an alleged al-Qaida plot to plant a bomb at St. Peter's Square in Vatican City. Authorities said Chisthi, who had stayed at what was to become the Olympic Village for, aroused suspicions when he asked questians about security and living anangements far athletes and the planned appearance by President Bush at the Games' opening in 2002. The plot was apparently called off as Osama bin Laden made deadlier plans for September 11, 2001.

The Billionaires

As for Ted Turner, an outspoken critic of Christianity, he was a participant in the Mi:lilennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders, held at U.N. headquarters in 2000. However, he ruled out going to heaven, saying, 'Who wants to go to a place that's perfect?" He said it would be "boring." He has been quated as saying that Christianity is a religion "for losers," that he didn't need anyone to die for him, and that the Ten Commandments are "obsolete."

What Turner, Seros and Moon share in common is hostiUty toward traditional Christianity. They also share access to o:rinfluence over press groups, news ,organizations and global media corporations:

• Turner founded CNN and lis a board member of CNN parent company Time Warner.

• Moon, a South Korean with business and political cannections to the communist North Korean regime, is founder of News World Cammunicatians, which publishes the Washington Times, The Middle East Times (Cairo), Tiempos del Mundo, a weekly Spanish-language newspaper distributed in Latin America and the U.S, and the news service United Press International, among others.

• Sores provides grants through his Open Society Institute to a wide range of media organizations, incl:uding the Association for Progressive Communications, the Media Access Project,, the Center for Investigative Reporting, Investigative Reporters and Editors, and others.[15]

Although perceived by some to be Christian-oriented, Moon believes that he is the true Christ and that Jesus Christ was a faUure. One of his front groups has waged a "take down the crosses" campai~n, removing crosses from Christian churches, on the grounds that they are offens'ive.16] He favors the estabilishment of a new religious body at the U.N. and hiis theological spokesman has openly declared that an American society in which Christianity is de-emphasized is more conducive to surviving in the age of global terrorism:

The new, interreligious America presents a more attractive partner for engagement with Islam than a 'Christian' America, being less encumbered with the historical baggage of a religion that Islam has seen as an adversary for more than 1,000 years. [17]

Another Moon glroUP, the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace (liIFWP), an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, works with the Arab/Musl!im bloc of nations. IIFWP representatIve Imam Mohammad Eli Eil!ahi participated in a May 2005 "International Conference on Environment, Peace and Dialogue among Civilization and Cultures, organized jointly by the Islamic Republic of Iran and the United Nations." The report says, "In his meeting with [Iranian] President ![Mohammad] Khatami, Imam Elahi expressed the appreciation of IIFWP and peacelovlnq peoples to his Excellency for his leadership in promoting peace and focusing on the importance of dialogue among civilizations and cultures." [18] Elahi himself received his Bachelor Degree in sociology and his Master Degree in social science in Iran.

Moon's IIFWP sponsored a September 10-17, 2005, New York Gityconference, to convene a "Global Peace Gouncil" and promote "interreUgious cooperation." It reportedly drew more than 1 ,000 people from 150 nations. The IIFWP was renamed the "Universal Peace Federation" and its chairman declared:

The idea for the UN is fully consistent with God's original! ideall for a world of harmony and peace, one world under God, one world with no borders, with no discrimination and no injustice. [19]

He went on to say that the proposal from "Father Moon" for an .interrelligiolls councill within the U.N. system was necessary to prevent the collapse of the world body and further human suffering. Moon's speech to the conference was published as a fullpage advertisement in the September 13, 2005, issue of the Washington Times. A follow-up event, held in Washington, D.C., gave ",global peacemaker" awards to several people and was addressed by Moon. The event was written upin the Washington Times on September 24, 2005.

One of Moon's current projects is a proposed $200 billion uPeace King Tunnel," an underwater highway connecting the U.S. through Alaska to Russia. "The United States and Russia can become as one," Moon says. The project, he adds, will help . establish a "Peace Kingdom where people wil.1 no longer make war with each other." [20]

Soros, Moon and Turner apparently view the "clash of civilizations" or "Holy War" between Islam and Western nations as one in which traditional Christianity will collapse and perhaps go underground or become extinct. Their idea is for people to become "world citizens" or members of an "emerging planetary civilization/' as the journal Kosmos calls it. This publication, which is dedicated to "An integral approach to global awakening," promotes and reflects the views of some very influential people involved with the United Nations.

The "new civUization" they envision coming into being has a definite postChristian or secular and humanistic cast to it. However, contact with "higher beings" - of the extraterrestrial variety -- is not ruled out.

In this regard, it is noteworthy that Kosmos editor and publisher Nancy Roof, a consultant to the U.N. for over 15 years, once served as a representative at the U.N. for the John E. Mack Institute, named for the Harvard Professor of Psychiatry who achieved notoriety for writing about "alien encounters." [21] Mack's 1999 book was titled, Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters.

Roof, who co-founded the Values Caucus and the Spiritual Caucus at the U.N., has declared that the world is "preparing for the birth of a new humanity and a new global civilization based on inner oneness and outer diversi~." She defines Kosmos as the "unchanging Oneness" and "ineffable mystery of life." [22

The most recent issue of Kosmos features an interview with Gillian SorensenJ the former U.N. Assistant Secretary General of the U.N. who currently serves as "senior adviser and national advocate" at the U.N. Foundation, founded and funded by Ted Turner .. "I am a global citizen," she declares. [2.3]

Kosmos also features an article, "Building World Community," co-authored by Steven Nation, formerly of World Goodwill and the Lucis Trust, who co-founded the "Meditation Initiative" at the U.N.

As noted by Penn, the Lucis Trust is associated with an occultic movement known as Theosophy. It was started in its modern form in 1875 by Helena Blavatsky and has been carried forward by people such as Alice A. Bailey. The Lucis Trust, founded by Bailey in the 1920s, isa vehicle for her theosophical teachings. Blavatsky claimed to be in contact with various "spiritual masters," and her journal once went under the name "Lucifer." Her publishing arm, Lucifer Press, became Lucis Press and then Lucis Trust. Theosophy, Penn explains, is a comprehensive inversion of traditional Judeo-Christian faith. Theosophists hold that the fall in the Garden of Eden, which ChrisUans and Jews believe to be a story of human rebellion against God, was in fact a

good thing -- the ascent of humankind from ignorance and from automatic obedience to God at the behest of the serpent, whom they consider to be the bringer of wisdom." a previous visit to the U.N. in New York, America's Survival. Inc. visited the Quest IBook Shop, several blocks from U.N. headquarters, where we were told that U.N. officials go on the occasion of a full moon to hold meditation sessions. Quest Books is a project of the Theosophical Society, which had highlighted its access to the White House when Jean Houston,a contributing author to its Quest magazine, had held those mystical sessions with Mrs. Clinton.

Wicca is also involved in the URI. Although Wicca claims to be pre-Christian in origin, Penn says the movement is actually a "new religion," founded in England during the 1930s-505, by people who had been associated with Aleister Crowley. "This new spiritual movement spread to the U.S. and got great impetus in the 19605 and '70s from the hippie movement and feminism," he says. Crowley (1875-1947), whose influence continues to be felt worldwide, is probably the most notorious example of Satanic influence .in the movement toward a "New World Order." A wealthy individual with contacts among .international elites in Europe and America, Crowley was a drug addict and homosexual who claimed he received supernatural commands from "the Snake that giveth Knowledge and Delight and bright glory" ~. Satan himself.

Psychedelic Religion

The ,idea of a United Religions organization is not new; it has been a long-time dream of Robert MuUer, a veteran afthe U.N .. who served as assistant to U.N. Secretary-General U Thant, a Buddhist, who became Mul!ler's "spiritual. master." Muller, who collaborates with Mikhail Gorbachev's State of the World Forum and the Lucis Trust, considers himself a good Catholic but believes that one re·ligion is as good as another. His book, New Genesis: Shaping a Global Spirituality, has been prominently displayed at the U.N. bookstore at U.N .. headquarters

Muller also has connections to those who believe in the "mind-expanding" nature of so-called "psychedelic" drugs for religious purposes. Muller was mentroned in a December 1992 High Times magazine article about the effort to make research into "psychedelic" drugs a respectable field .. The artidefeatured an interview with Rick Doblin of a group called the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. Doblin, described as a "diplomat" for the "psychedelic and cannabis [marijuana] communities," revealed that he tried "through the help of Robert Muller" to get the U.N.'s World Health Organization (WHO) to keep an LSD~type drug known as MDMA from being listed as illegal under various international drug treaties.

"Through the help of Robert Mulier," Doblin said, "I was able to go to Geneva [WHO headquarters] and present information about MDMA to the WHO staff for consideration by the Expert Committee" evaluaUng the drug. While the committee ruled that the drug should be made illegal., Doblin said it also encouraged "research" into this

"lnterestlnq substance." [24]

Doblin, an associate of the late Timothy Leary, the so-called "High Prlest" of LSD, believes that substances such as LSD and MDMA can facilitate religious experiences. "Everyone wonders about religious questions," he said. "Psychedelics can help

them." [25J Mind-altering drugs are believed by pro-drug advocates to break down the sense of oneself, creating "oneness" between an individual. and his surroundings .. The use of drugs in some "religious" services is used to facilitate "out-at-body" experiences and contacts with spirit beings and deities ..

Worshipping the Earth

Earth worship is not just a matter for NGOs. The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), established in 1972, commissioned a major collection of articles entitled Ethics & Agenda 2.1, treating the issue of respect for the environment as a moral and religious concern. One article, "A Theological/Ethical Response to Agenda 21," was written by Saillie McFague, who has lectured on "A Christian Ecolog.ical View of Human 8eings." Her article caUedfor rejecting the Western model of the Earth in favor of the "ancient organic model" which "can serve to incitli3 the needed change in perspective." She explained that the Qrganic model, which is found in cultures and relig.ions in Nat,ive American traditions, Goddess religions, and even in Christianity's incarnationism, portrays Earth as a body.

The UNEP established a project to create an "Environmental Sabbath" and get .religions involved in a crusade to "save" the env.ironment.. Targeting children, the UNEP distributed "An Environmental Sabbath - Earth Rest Day Guide" which carried the cover headline "Our Children Their Earth." In a section of the publication recommending games and activities to "save the Earth," junior and high school students were told to: "Gather 'round a be·autiful tree. Look, listen and meditate upon it. as long as you can. When your attention starts to wander from the tree, raise your hand. You may be surprised to discover how restless your mind is. Discuss with the group why you think this is. Then try again to experience the tree, for only by contemplating with a quiet mind can wefuUy experience and reverence nature."

Today, an "Earth Values Caucus" exists at the U.N. [26J

Christians and the U.N.

Religious groups, including Christian organizations, have long been involved in U.N. affalirs ... Indeed, the Church Center on the United Nations was built by the Women's Division of the United Methodist Church and is Ilocated across the street from the U.N. It served as a. base for Quaker groups that crafted the Law of the Sea Treaty. [27]

Christian groups that played a major role in forming the U.N. included the Federal Council of Churches, now known as the National Council! of Churches. A ,group called

the Laymen's Movement for a Christian World helped bring into being the U.N. Meditation Room.

Like the Quakers, most of the Christian groups that traditionally work with the U.N. and the URI are very liberal. Some have a track record of working with the oppressors of Christians. Both the National Council of Churches (NCC) and World Council. of Churches have very cordial relations with Communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and have tended to excuse his oppression of Christians. Former NeC head Joan Brown Campbel!! played a key role in the return of Cuban refugee Elian Gonzalez to the Castro dictatorship.

But the U..N. record on religion is hostile even toward non-Christian figures .. The Dalai Lama, the exiled leader of Tibetan Buddhism, is considered a non-person by the U.N. because Communist China, which holds a permanent seat on the U.N. Security Council, conducts a brutal occupation of Tibet. Journalists who compiled a book on the U.N. on its 50th anniversary in 1995 were ordered to delete references. to the Dalai Lama and Tibet. One journalist said the U.N. was guilty of "intellectual cleansing."


Reflecting this pro-China bias, the Dalai Lama was originally not iinvited to attend the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders at the United Nations. Then, after a. flood of letters comp.laining about this slight, he was invited to give a closing speech at a New York Hotel rather than the U.N. itself. He declined.

Like the Soviets before them, the Chinese communists permit certain progovernment religious groups and activities but actively suppress those which try to act independently. Yet the United Religions Initiative collaborates with the Chinese regime. Supporters of the URI include leaders of the China Christian Council, the stateapproved Protestant. church in China.

In the wo~ld at large, Christians are being actiively persecuted in 50 or more countries, including China and many Muslim nations, according to the Voice of the Martyrs organization .. Today, according to author Paul Marshall,. a Senior Fellow at Freedom House's Center for Religious Freedom, more than 200 million Christians around the world suffer .imprisonment, abuse and even death because of their faith.

One of those areas is U.N .. -administered Kosovo, where the "ethnic cleansing" that was supposedly ended by the war has continued, with the Chr.istian Serbs being the victims. At a 2004 Washington press conference, Serbian Orthodox Bishop Artemije of Kosovo produced documentary evidence, a book entitled Crucified Kosovo, showing that more than 100 Christian churches have been destmyed, end graves and tombs have been desecrated, by the Muslim extremists there. Most Serbs, have been forced to flee the province.

President Cl'inton had ordered the 1999 NATO war in KosovD,a province of the former Yugoslavia. But the U.S. Congress never voted for i,t and the U.N. never

endorsed it. There was no claim that Yugoslavia had weapons of mass destruction or had ties to terrorist groups .. Instead, Clinton had the U.S. intervene an behalf of the terrorists, operating in Kosovo under the banner ofthe Kosavo Liberation Army (KLA.), with links to Osama bin Laden.

Some conservative-oriented religious groups at the U.N. havecollaborated with Muslim regimes in order to beat back the pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, radical feminist forces at the U.N .. In one case, conservative pro-family advocates participated in a World Congress of Families conference [29] featuring a leading official of the Organization of the Is~!amicGonference {Died' to the United Natians, a group of mostly terrorist regimes and Islamic dictatorships. [3 ] They share a mutual disgust for America's pornographic culture.

The role of the Roman Catholic Church in the emergence of this new civilization is a matter of concern and speculation. Some say that the late Pope John Paul II went too far in encouraging the development. of a U.N.-style glebal religion encompassing different faiths. Pope Benedict XVI is said to have a different. vi:ewabout interfaith cooperation in a world racked by glabal Islamic terrarism. [31]


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By Cliff Kincaid, President, America's Survival, Inc.

Executive Summary

u.s. taxpayers are being forced to subsidize a new form ofstate reUgion which holds that natural resources have to be protected for the sake of Gaia, a socalled Earth spirit. This religious movement, which has cult-like qualities, is being promoted by leading figures and organizations such as Vice President Albert Gore, broadcaster Ted Turner, and the United Nations.

Gore, who as a member of the U.S. Senate participated in the 1992 U.N.sponsored Earth Summit, is the most prominent member of what appears to be an environmental cult built around the concept of reverence for the Earth. Gore has written openly about the Earth having sacred qualities and he has praised primitive pagan religions and goddess worship.

Another key player is Ted Turner, who has turned his broadcasting empire into a virtual arm of the United Nations. A noted critic of Christianity and ambassador on behalf of the U.N. Population Fund, he promotes the concept of Gaia in his television programs, such as the "Captain Planet" cartoon show, in which characters get magic powers from an Earth spirit or goddess.

At the United Nations, the U.N. Environmental Program founded by Maurice Strong, promotes the idea of an "Environmenta'i Sabbath," a variation of the Gaia concept. Strong, now the Executive Coordinator for United Nations Reform under Secretary-General Kofi Annan, has described the global environmental movement in terms suggesting a religious crusade. One of Strong's organizations, the Earth Council, has produced an "Earth Charter" for the world that refers to respect for "Mother Earth" and animal rights.

As Turner's involvement suggests, this Cult of Gaia has a definite antiChristian orientation. Traditional Christianity is regarded by this movement as anti-environmental because God is viewed as being apart from the Earth itself.

Those promoting the Gaia concept have no qualms about using the fun force of government, even the international resources of the United Nations, to impose their beliefs on the rest of us. If they are successful in their drive for "sustainable

development" to protect Gaia, they could stifle economic growth and promote a drastic decline in the American standard of living.

Congressional hearings are urgently needed to explore whether forced U.S. taxpayer underwriting of this bizarre reUgious movement constitutes a violation of the First Amendment prohibition on the establishment of a state church ..

Planetary Brain

The nation was shocked when 39 members of the Heaven's Gate cult killed themselves. It was the .Iargest mass suicide in U.S. history. But are there other cults active behind-the-scenes, of world events? And might they be occupying positions of power at the national and international !Ievels? The answers, upon analysis and reflection, are very disturbing. There appears to be a high-level movement with ve.rystrange spirituall beliefs operating lin the! upper echelons of the U.S. Government, the United Nations and the global media.

These people believe in Gaia·- an "Earth spirit, n goddess or planetary brain - and they think that human beings can have mystical experiences or a spiritual relationship with this entity. In order to protect Gaia, in their view, the U.S. and other industrial countries have to be prohibited fmmcertain uses of the world's natural resources. This is caned "sustainable development"

In general and secular terms, this cult, which combines aspects of the animal rights and radical environmentalist movements, holds that human beings are exploiting the Earth and other living creatures for selfish purposes.

Congressional Concern

But the religious overtones of this movement are too obvious to ignore. Rep.

Helen Chenoweth (R~ldaho) has described thils phenomenon as "environmental religion" and says that It has "profound constitutional: implications" because of the First Amendment prohibition on government establishment of religion. Columnist Alston Chase, a reformed environmentalist, agrees, warning that "It may be only a matter of time before America becomes a complete theocracy ._ a place where, in the name of environmentalism. science and religion fuse with civil authority to rule the populace. ,,1

Dr. Michae!1 S. Coffman, president of Environmental Perspectives, says, "They are instituting a new state religion." But it is a rengion at sharp variance with the Judeo-Christian foundations of the American constitutional republic. A document mandated by the U.N.-sponsored Convention on Biological Diversity., the Global Biodiversity Assessment, explicitly refers to Christianity as a faith that has set humans "apart from nature," a process in which nature has "lost its sacred

qualities." The document states:

Conversion to Christianity has therefore meant an abandonment of an affinity with the' natural world for many forest dwellers, peasants, fishersaH over the world ... ' The northeastem hilly states of India bordering China and Myanmar supported small scale, largely autonomous shifting cultivator societies [until the] 1950's. These people followed their own religious traditions that includedsefting part between 10% and 30% of the landscape as sacred groves and ponds. g

On the other hand, this U.N. document asserts that the eastern religious traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism "dldnot depart as drastically from the perspective of humans as members of a. community of beings including other living and non-living elements." Thus, the U.N. favors non-Christian religions as faithful stewards of the Earth.

In fact, the key difference between Christianity and these Eastern religions is the role played by Jesus Christ.. Christianity holds that there is a gulf between God and man that. is breached by Christ. Christianity teaches that man is distant from and radically different than God, and that atonement or mediation is achieved through Christ, who rose from the dead.

By contrast, the philosophy of Gaia. holds that nature is God, and that by experiencing or even worshippinq nature, humans can attain oneness with God .. Some followers of Gaia believe that humans, after death, are reincarnated into non-human forms.

Secret Agenda

This decidedly unscientific, even bizarre, view of the environment appears to be driving U.S. and U.N. environmental policies, including locking up or restrlicting development on huge areas of U.S. lands, and making it more expensive to produce or use our natural resources. Science, technology and industrial development are regarded as anathema to the followers of the Gaia philosophy.

Under President CJinton and Vice President Gore, who ls recognized as the' driving force behind the administration's environmental agenda, the American people have witnessed rather extraordinary actions designed to stop economic development. First, Clinton complied with U.N. demands to canoel a mining project outside Yellowstone Park. The mining complex, which would have produced gold and copper, was planned to operate for 12 years and would have employed approximately 175 individuals on a year-round basis.

Clinton then designated 1 .. 7 million acres of land in southwest Utah as a national monument, placing it off limits to development. This area reportedly contains billions of barrels of oil, minerals and tens of billions of tons of low sulfur clean-burning coal. It could have produced thousands of jobs and billions of dollars ln revenue for the state and federal governments.

American "enerqy independence, n once a realistic policy option, looks increasingly like .a pipe dream. U.S. Department of Energy figures show U.S. dependence on foreign oil'. rising from 50 to 80 percent by the year 2010. This makes the U.S. vulnerable to the actions of foreign countries, some of them openly hostile, laying the groundwork for another Persian Gulf-type war.

International trade has been another factor driving up U.S. dependence on foreign oil. It is also a source of the pollution that the environmentalists claim to be concerned about.

In this context, the World Trade Organization (WTO) has been established to assist in the expansion of international trade while James Gustave Speth, administrator of the U.N. Development Pmg1ram, has endorsed the concept of a World Environmental Organization (WEO) under U.N .. auspices to regulate such trade. Speth sees the WTO as a stepping stone to his WEO. Thus, "free trade," conducted under the management of theWTO, will lay the giroundwork for the WEO to regulate it for environmental purposes. This is the U.N. plan as Speth sees it. Top U.N. official Maurice Strong reportedly agrees with this scenario.

Climate Change Treaty

With international trade and energy use rising, another U.N. initiative, a global. climate change treaty, takes an more urgency. A major U.N. campaign is underway to impose further resmctlons an the use of fossil fuels in some industrial countries to fight the i'global warming" that is said to resu:lt. The U.N. is sponsoring a December meeting in Kyoto, Japan, where a new treaty is expected to be hammered out.

Here, too, a preoccupation with Gaia seems to be driving some of the concern. Dr. Stephen H. Schneider, a climatologist with the National Center for Atmospheric Research, cites the Gaia theory several times in his own book on global warming, asking " .. .is there a Goddess of the Earth?" He adds, "This is not a fanciful question, but one that has spurred a major debate over what has been called the Gaia hypothesis."

Schneider, whose book included endorsements from then-Senator Ail Gore and then-Senator Tim Wirth (now Undersecretary of State for Global Affairs), didn't come to any firm conclusions. However, he argued that even if the planet is a self-regulating organism, as the Gaia concept suggests, this force alone will


not be sufficient to immediately negate the impact of humans on the environment and that human activity will, therefore, have to be restrained in some way.'J.

I~n other words, the industrial and economic activities of human beings will still have to be controlled for the benefit of Gaia. By whom? The United Nations, working in tandem with federal agencies and commissions.

However, a key problem with the proposed climate change treaty is the decision which has already been made by the Clinton administration to allow socalled developing countries such as Communist China to escape limits on the discharge of the so-called I1greenhouse gasses" which are blamed for global w.arming. WUI the U.S. Senate approve such a treaty?

Spiritual Awareness

Membership in what can be termed the Cult of Gaia should be understood in a loose sense because there is no evidence that Gore, Strong and others belong to a formal org.anization. Moreover, this movement is not a cul:t in the sense that there is one strong central human figure or leader. But a cult can also suggest the experience ofa form of "awakening" which drives a person to have a

fanatical devotion to a cause.

Willliam D. Dinges, associate professor of religion and religious education at The Catholic University of America, points out that, in the case of the Heaven's Gate group, it was "composed of people who assume they have some knowledge of something not available to others.1I They thought they had inside information about the nature of life on Earth and the end of the world.

Those involved lin the Cult of Gaia have a similar mentality. They believe in a form of spiritual planetary consciousness. In their minds, it is no less spiritual than the "bam-again" experience of some Christians. However, some Christians believe that what followers. of Gaia are experiencing is actually a "demonic" spirit.:4

On the liberal-left side ot the political spectrum, devotion or even worship of Gaia is becoming more popular. In their book, Spiritual Politics, Corrine McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson write:

God Imminent, the Divinity within all/ire, is today becoming more widely recognized in the new spiritual, eco/ogical,and feminist movements that ere working to empower the individual, support human rights; and honor the sacredness of the Earth as Ga;a, the ancient Mother Goddess.~

In the book, which is endorsed by Noel Brown of the U.N. Environmental Program, McLaughlin and Davidson write about the Meditation Room in U.N. headquarters, describing it as "the focus tor the energies of a unified planet and humanity, and for right relations among all kingdoms of life." Critics describe this room as a "pagan temple." However, it is not known for sure if Gaia worship takes place there.

The ties between feminism and ecology have been noted by Russell Chandler, former religion writer for The Los Angeles Times, who explains:

Nature-based religion, particularly that of the Goddess of Wicca (or "witchcraft") is strong within the New Age strand often referred to as "eco-temialsm .' !§:

An example of this trend is Miriam Starhawk, who calls herself "a goddessworshipping pagan witchnZ and has written several populas books which are "credited with influencing thousands of persons to discover their inner power and spirituality and join the Craft [i.e. witchcraft].,,!1 Starhawk has written:

In the United States, the Goddess has been a central image inspiring action both toward women's issues and towardprotec.ting and restoring the Earlh. .. People have hungered for a spirituality that can express their understanding of this Earth as sacred. And, moved by that understanding, spiritual people have hungered to act to prevent the destruction of the Earlh

Thus, in the United States, the Pagan resurgence has strong ties to .feminism as well as to the ecology and peace movements, and some ties etso with the broad spectrum of human growth and potential movements termed "New Age. "~

A book. published by the respected "Facts on File" mganization describes the history of these beliefs:

In Greek mythology, the Mother Earth Goddess, Gaia, or the "Deep-Breasted One, If is the oldest of deities. Bom from the dark abyss of Chaos, she married her son, Uranus (Ouranos), Father Heaven,and produoed the first creatures,. the Titans and Cyclops. At the height of her cult, she was served by the pythoness priestess at the Oracle at Delphi.. Gradual/y, she' was absorbed by the deities Rhea, probably of Cretan origin, whose name detive« from a term for Earth, and Cybe./e, goddess of caverns. 10

In addition to Greek mythology, Russell Chandler points out that the Gaia concept is grounded in Eastern religions, in which everything is held to be the product of the Great Goddess,!!the one whose body is all manifestation."l1


.As noted by climatologist Stephen Schneider, a so-called scientific theory about Gaia has been offered. Dr. James Lovelock, a British biologist who worked as a consultant to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, articulated a vision of the Earth as an organism regulating' itself to produce and sustain life. In a 1970 book, he wrote that,. "The climate and the chemical properties of the Earth now and throughout its history seem always to have been optiimal for life." Gaia came to represent the entire "biosphere" - al!1 living and nonliv,ing things on the Earth.

Lovelock believed that humans were a key part of this orqaaism. However, he also believed that humans were abusing the planet environmental%, jeopardizing the organism as a whole, "as though the human race is a cancer.,,_l However, one observer notes:

Lovelock says that Gaia, through human technology, has awakened and is aware of herself, and has seen herself through the eyes of space camer:as. He suggests that that col/ective intelligence of humans constitutes a Gaian brain and nervous system that can .anticipateenvironmental changes. The result may be that in the tuture, nationalism wi/I disappear in the face of the need "to belong to the commonwealth of all creatures which constitute Gaia .. ,,13

British physicist Peter Russell proposes the emergence of a "new level of evolution, the Gaiafield." Russell, who studied meditation and eastern philosophy in India, authored the book The Global Brain Awakens, in which he uses Eastern religious terminology in describing how the universe could evolve "through matter, 'life consciousness, Gaias, and galaxies to a final reunion in Brahman." In Eastern thought,. Brahman is the one reality ..

Eventually, Russell says, humanity might evolve "beyond recognition, or perhaps new life-forms would have arisen, takIng over humanity's rol'e.,,14 The book. includes a front cover endorsement from Ted Turner, who calls it a "muchneeded, optimistic perspective on humanity's future."

"GaiaMind" is the name of a project associated with the light Party,. based in California, which maintains that through "global meditation and prayer," people can "align with and expand the powerful initiating energies of The Aquarian

Age .... " Their literature says:

Imagine peop/eal/ over the world sharing a moment of meditation and prayer, a moment of unified global consciousness when people from the world's many diverse spiritual traditions simultaneously focus attention on our interconnected relationship with Gaia - the living Earth.

Flunking the Test

lovelock's Gaia has been debated by elements of the sclentflc community.. A major Gaia conference was sponsored by the American Geophysical Union and attended by prominent researchers in 1988. However, it has not been accepted because it implies the existence of a mind, or even spiritual force which is nourishing; and sustaining life. Lovelock himself has said that the existence of life proves the existence of this mind. "For this to have happened by chance is as unlikely as to survive unscathed a drive blindfold through rush-hour traffic," he says. 15.

However, the notion that man can scientifically understand and somehow safeguard Gaia through environmentally sustainable policies suffered a major setback. when the two-year experiment known as the Biosphere 2 Project in Arizona was exposed as a total failure. The failure was apparent by 1993 but the details about what had happened were only disclosed publicly in 1996.

"It was a bold test of the Gaia hypothesis," noted New York Times reporter William J. Broad. The idea was to create a self-regulating system fike the Earth. (Earth is supposed to be Biosphere 1) .. The $.200 million project was an eightstory, glass-and-steel terrarium designed by man. 'The would-be Eden became a nightmare, its atmosphere gone sour, lits sea acidic, its crops failing, and many of its species dying off. Among the survivors are crazy ants, millions of them," Broad reported.16

The Other Gaia

Though Lovelock's pseudo-scientific Gaia hypothesis has gotten most of the attention, the truth is that another controversial figure was developing a simil'ar concept about the same time. Tim Zen, leader of the pagan Church of All Worlds, formulated a theology of "deep ecology" that was called Theagenesis .. It had to do with "the interconnection of all living things to each other and to Mother Earth, a sentient being ,in her own flight." Zell, who now goes by the name Oberon ZeU, describes the "Mother Goddess" as "'a living, sentient being with a soul-essence that can be perceived by humans." This idea reportedly came to him when he had a "profound vision" in which "he saw Earth as a single organism that has evolved from a single original cell, making aU life

forms on the planet a 'single vast creature.'" He views natural disasters and plagues as the means by which the planet heals itself.

It is Zell who is credited by at least one expert as the origina:1 developer of the Gaia hypothesis. He first called Gaia by the name Terrebia. "ZeU's Gaea has been largely ignored by the media in favor of Lovelock's Gaia," states writer Rosemary Ellen Guiley. 17 Why? One possible explanation is that the Gaia concept could never have been sold to the public if it were known that its originator had obvious non-Christian or anti-Christian roots. Cloaking it in scientific terminology gives the notion a certain amount of credibility and makes it acceptable to some.

Interestingly, however, Guiley reports that, after hearing about Lovelock's hypothesis, Zell"corresponded briefly wi,th the scientist and shared some of his 'Theagenesis' material with him. Zell also changed Terrebia to Gaea."

The official "mission" of the Church of All Worlds, the largest of the pagan movements in the U.S., involves mobilizing the force of Gaia or Gaea. The mission is lito evolve a network of information, mythology and experience that provides a context and stimulus for reawakening Gaea, and reuniting her Children through tribal community dedicated to responsible stewardship and evolving consciousness.rP The church has what are called "nests" or "proto-nests" of members in the U.S. and other countries.

Its magazine, Green Egg, publishes articles such as "Altars & Ecology," in which readers are advised how to "worship the Earth as the Mother God. Gaia, and profess Her sacred nature ... " One altar to Gaia, described in the article, included a recycling bin.19 Another article, "Sacred Rodents," insists that some of the dirtiest creatures known to man, rats, which are notorious disease-carriers, somehow have sacred qualities. The article states, "In light of their long and fascinating history, unknown even to most Pagans, mice and rats certainly deserve more respect and recognition for the magical and sacred creatures they are.,t20

Despite its bizarre roots, the Gaia concept is being promoted in various academic disciplines as a way to justify massive changes in the American economic system and the American way of life. Anchor/Doubleday book publishers has released "The Gaia Future Series," whose books include The Gaia Atlas of Green Economics. The book, which includes a foreword written by Robert Heilbroner, a former Vice President of the American Economic Association, recommends international monetary reform, such as a global tax or world currency. and says that the United Nations "is potentially the Iynchpin [sic] in the new world order that must evolve."

Targeting the Children


The concept is also being promoted in some schools. Education analyst Eric Buehrer, president of Gateways to Better Education, says:

The Gaia theory is another New Age idea that springs up every so often in science curriculum. This is the idea that the Earth is a spiritual entity, that all life on the planet is part of that entity ·-like cells in a global brain. For instance, I came across an outdoor activity in which children were taught that trees had spirits we could talk to. At the top oitne student worksheet the activity was titled "We are one with nature ." 21

Clearly, the Gaia concept is unscientific and religlious in nature .. But although adherents of the Gaia philosophy exhibit some of the characteristics of those who join cults, there are certain striking differences.

In contrast to the Heaven's Gate cult, for example, there is no evidence that the Cult of Gaia believes in mass suicide. Instead, they believe there are too many other people in the world. Vice President Gore, Undersecretary of State Timothy Wirth, Ted Turner and Maurice Strong are aU vigorous proponents of U.N. population control programs. Indeed, Turner and his wife, Jane Fonda, have served as Goodwill Ambassadors for the U. N. Population Fund,

Asked for comment on the Heaven's Gate suicides, Turner commented, "It's a good way to get rid of a few nuts .. There's too many people anyway. We've got too many nuts running around anywaY,ri,ght?tI Turner was widely criticized for this comment, even though his sentiments probably reflected the views of many of his associates.

Gore"s Connections

Though presented to the public as a Southem Baptist, Vice Presdent Albert, Gore wrote a book entitled Earth in the Balance, in which he writes sympathetically about Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis. One chapter is entitled, "Environmentalism of the Spirit" Sounding like a preacher, Gore says the Gaia concept is able to "evoke a spiritual response in many of those who hear it." In this context, he adds that " ... the simple fact of the living world and our place on ~t evokes awe, wonder, a sense of mystery -. a spiritual response- when one reflects on its deeper meaning."

The Vice President talks about "seeing God in the world" and ourselves" asking,. "Why does it feel faintly heretical to a Christian to suppose that God is in us as human beings?" Perhaps this is because Christians are taught that Jesus Christ mediates between God and man ..


Although the Christian Bible refers to man being made in the image of God, Gore says that by "experiencing nature in its fullestH we can use our senses and our "spiritual imagination" to glimpse "an infinite image of God" in the world.22 Gore seems to be tallking about much more than seeing beauty in nature.

Gore also displays an appreciation for Native American religions, quoting from a speech supposedly delivered by Indian Chief Seatt:le in which the Earth is called Hour MotheL"

Moreover, he goes even further back in history, writing sympathetically about cultures that worshipped an Earth goddess and attacking Christianity for el.iminating those influences:

The spiritual sense of our place in nature predates Native Ame.rican cultures;· increasingly it can be traced to the origins of human civilization. A growing number of anthropologists and arch.aeomytho/ogists, such as Marija Gimbutas and Riene Eisler, argued that the prevailing ideology of belief in prehistoric Europe and much of the world was based on the worship of a single Earth goddess, who was assumed to be the font of aHlite and who radiated harmony among all living things. Much of the evidence for the existence of this primitive religion comes from the many thousands of arlifacts uncovered in ceremonial sites. These sites are so widespread that they seem to confirm the notion that a goddess religion was ubiquitous throughout much of the world until the antecedents of today's religions -. most of which still have a distinctly masculine orientation -. . swept out of India and the Near East, almost obliterating belief in the goddess. The last v;estige of organized goddess worship was eliminated by Christianity as late as the fifte·enth century in Lithuania.23

Both Gore and Timothy W.irth were directly involved with agmup caUed the "Joint Appeal by Religion and Science for the Environment." They met with various religious leaders and scientists in Washington in May of 1992 to formulate a religious plan of action to save the environment. One of them, The Very Reverend James Park Morton, serves as Dean of the Cathedral of Sf. John the Divine, an Episcopal Center which houses an organization called the Gaia Institute. He essentially declared that the purpose of the Christian Church is to worship the creation, not the Creator:

The challenge before the religious community in America is to make every congregation -every church, synagogue end mosque - truly "green"·- a center of environmental study and action. That is their relIgious duty.

"1 1

Other participants in the Washington event included climatol'ogist Stephen Schneider and U.N, official Maurice Strong.

The Earth Summit

Gore was a participant in and Strong was the secretary-general of the 1992 U. N. Conference on Envimnmentand Development, otherwise known as the "Earth Summit," which produced an international document, Ag.enda 21, calling for "sustainable development." The conference also resulted in creation of a U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development and, in the U.S., a President's Commission on Sustainable Development.

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), established in 1972, commissioned a. major collection of articles entitled Ethics & Agenda 21, treating the issue of respect for the environment as a moral and religious concern. One article, "A Theological'/Ethical Response to Agenda .21," was written by Sallie McFague, who has lectured on uA Christian Ecolog:ical View of Human Beings . ." Her article called for rejecting the Western model. of the Earth in favor of the "ancient organic mode'l" which "can serve to incIte the needed change in perspective .. " She explained:

The organic model, which is found in cultures and religions in Native American traditions, Goddess religions, and even in Christianity's incamatio.nism, portrays Earth as a boay. 24

The "organic modern is obviously the Gaia concept. McFague's notion of the incarnation of Christ being ecological is truly unique and sounds like a New Age formulation of Christianity that Vice President Gore might embrace.

Like Gore, Maurice Strong shares enthusiasm for the Gaia hypothesis.

"Strong has integrated the [Gaia] idea into the political institutions af the world through the UNEP and its affiliated governmental and non-governmental organizations.," writes Henry lamb, a long-time observer of Strong.25 Strong has reportedly said the only thing that might save Earth is a "worldwide spiritual awakening. ,,26

Lamb labels Strong a "mystic" and notes that he and his wife opened a community in Colorado called Baca. Grande,a "mecca for mystics," which they hoped would one day become the 'Vatican City of the New World Order." One group wanted to build a 46-story, pink granite pyramid on the site in compliance with instructions from an "intergalactic leader named Commander Kuthumi who was channelingfmm the planet Arturus.,,27 Channeling refers to an outside force


or entity using a person's body to communicate, a practice denounced by Christians as demonic.

PersonaUy, Strong is reported to be an adherent of the Baha'i World Faith which proclaims the unity of all religions. 28 At the opening of the Earth Summit, Strong declared:

.. The' change in behevior and direction called far here must be rooted in our deepest spiritual, mora/and ethical values. We must reinstate in our lives the ethic of love and respect for the Earth which must be accompanied by a revitalization of the values central to all of our principal religious and philosophical tradiUons_ ... 29.

Reflecting Strong's influence, the UNEP established a project to create an "Environmental Sabbath" and get religions involved in a crusade to "'save" the environment. One of its work products was the aforementioned Ethics & Agenda 21 document. Formally titled the "'North American Environmental Sabbath Planning Committee," this group was composed of the following individuals:

1 .. Dr. Noel J. Brown, Director, U.N. Environmental Program.

2. Dr. John J. Kirk (Sabbath Coordinator), Director and Professor of Environmental Studies, Montclair State College, Branchville, New Jersey,

3. Pierre Quiblier, Outreach and Liaison Coordinator, U.N. Environmental Program.

4. Donald B .. Clark, Executive Secretary, Cornucopia Network of New Jersey, Inc., Nutley, New Jersey.

S. Donald Conroy, S.T.L, PhD., President, North American Coalition on

Religion and Ecology.,. Washington, D.C.

6. Sister Dorothy Farley, o..P.Richmond Hill!, New York,

7. Mrs. ,Joy Finlay (Canadian Coordinator)., Sherwood Park, Alta., Canada. 8.. Sister Eileen Fitz Maurice, C.N.D., New Yo~k, New York.

9, Sister Gloria Garcia, C.S.J., Jamaica, New York.

10. Richard Jordan, Global Futures Network, New York, New York.

11. Dr .. Peter Laurence, Executive Director, The Temple of Understanding, The Cathedral of St.J'ohn the Divine, New York, New York.

12. Margo LaZaro, Peace Awareness Council,. New York, New York.

13. Norma U, Levitt, World Union for Progressive Judaism, New York, New York.

14. Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker, Department of Religion, Bucknelll University, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania,

15. Dr. Ellen Vopicka, Federation of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Dobbs Ferry, New York.


Targeting children, the UNEP distributed "An Environmental Sabbath - Earth Rest Day Guide" which carried the cover headline "Our Children Their Earth." In a section of the publication recommending games and activities to "save the Earth," junior and high school students were told to:

Gather 'round a beautiful tree. Look, listen and meditate upon it as long as you cen. When your attention starts to wander from the tree, raise your hand. You may be surprised to discover how restless your mind is. Discuss with the group why you think this is. Then try again to experience the tree, for only by contemplating with a quiet mind can we fully experience and reverence nature [emphasis added].

Strong is currently direct,ing the U.N. "reform" effort and helping to implement an "Earth Charter," incoordination with former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. The document calls for the protection of "Mother Earth" and urges respect for "each life form," I'anguage ,interpreted to mean recognition of animal rights .. Besides his work for the U.N., which earned him the title "Father Earth," Strong served as a member of the board and became president of the Better World Society in 1988. This is an organization started by Ted Turner,

Turner's .RecQ.rd

An outspoken critic of Christianity, Turner has ruled out going to heaven, saying, 'Who wants togo to a place that's perfect?" :He said it would be 'iboring.,,30

He has been quoted as saying that Christianity is a religion "for losers," that he didn't need anyone to die for nlm, and that the Ten Commandments are "obsolete." In place of the Ten Commandments, Turner unveiled his own ten voluntary initiatives. The first invo.lved loving and respecting the p:lanet Earth and all living things. Two involved support for the United Nations. He told a U.N. radio program in 1986, "Down with nationalism. Up with internationalism."

Maurice Strong became president of Turner's Better World Society during a time when Turner had shed his image as a conservative and was emerging as someone devoted to U.S.~Soviet cooperation, disarmament and various causes embraced by the U.N. His Better World Society produced and distributed a number of films on international themes which aired on Turner's cable channels. One, "A Step Away From War," was so biased that even the liberal Washington Post labeled ~t as '''baldly propagandistic." The one-sided nature of the films prompted one pro-defense group to ask for equal time.

The Better World Society had also presented a "Population Stabilization Medal" to the United Nations Fund for Population Activ·ities, which helped


underwrite Communist China's population control program of forced abortions, involuntary eterllizatlcnandlnfanticlde.

Other members ofthegroup's board included Dr. Julia J. Henderson, former secretary-general of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, and Georgi Arbatov, a Soviet Communist Party official.

On communism itself, Turner was quoted in Fortune magazine in 1986 as saying, "Communism is fine with me. Itls part of the fabric of life on this planet." His wife, Jane Fonda, was labeled a traitor for making common cause during the Vietnam War with the communlst enemy killing Americans. But the controversy continued even during the Persian Gulf War, when Turner's CNN was widely criticized for serving as a propaganda vehicle for Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Personally, Turner has been close to Cuban Gommunist dictator Fidel Castro and it is no surprise that Turner's CNN was the first American news organization to recently be allowed to open a news bureau in Havana.

Humanist of the Year

Another turning point in his career came in 1990 when he received the "Humanist of the Year Award," given by the American Humanist Association,a so-called non-governmental organization with official U.N. status. Humanism is a controversial philosophy which seeks to eradicate God-centered ideas from human affalirs. Over the years, there have been two versions of a so-called "Hurnanlst Manifesto,," the second deploring "the division of humankind on nationalistic grounds" and urging the "development of a system of world law and a world order based upon transnational federal government.n By the 1990s, Tumerconfirmed that he had approved a network po,licy to highlight U.N. conferences and U.N. themes with special programs. These included One Child - One Voice, warning of environmental disasters; a series called People Count, on population issues; and Our Planetary Police, touting U.N. peacekeeping operations,

Captain Planet

Despite his reference to the Heaven's Gate members as "nuts," Turner's promotion of the Gaia philosophy is equally bizarre. Turner claims personal credit for originating the concept of the Captain Planet and the Planeteers cartoon program,. which features a character "Gala," described as "The spirit of the planet. Earth who appears to the Planeteers either lin human form or as a holographic image." The form or image is of a woman dressed in long robes, like a Goddess. The voice of the character was provided by actress Whoopi Goldberg.

According toa description of the show, "Gaia, the spirit of Earth, awakens from a 1 ~O-year nap to discover the devastating effects people have had on our planet's environment in the 20th century. Fearing for the future, she calls upon five special young people from around the world ... to lead the battle against further destruction of the Earth. She gives these Planeteers magic rings that enable each of them to control one element of nature ... "

Dr. Devra Lee Davis of the National Research Council commented: "Using cartoons to captivate children about the environment is a terrific idea which will enhance global awareness of this world."

The Planeteers are children from different countries, including Russia, with special powers who summon Captain Planet, a "hero for the Earth," and together battle various "eco-vlllains." One ad for the show proclaimed Captain Planet as "a role model for millions of kids" and "a hero to almost 250 stations" which carry the program. A "Captain Planet" superhero even makes personal appearances around the country.

In fact, according to Turner Broadcasting publicity materials, the show has reached millions of children with environmental messages on such subjects as "overpopulation," strip mining, the greenhouse effect, "inappropriate development," and IImil,jtary conversion . ." One program told children to "urge your parents and friends to support laws like the U.S. Endangered Species Act that support our natural treasures." Several of the villains on the show are businessmen. 31


One of those involved in creating the program was Barbara Y .. E. Pyle, who served as environmental editor at Turner's CNN and became Vice President of Environmental Policy for Turner's T8S. Pyle, who was named a "United Nations Global Laureate," once described her mission in the media by saying; "I do have an axe to grind ... 1 want to be the little subversive person in tetevision.,,32 Another Turner program, Voice of the Planet, also featured Gaia as a character. In this program, actress Faye Dunaway provided the voice of Gaia, speaking through a computer. The main setting of the program was a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. One piece of promotional material for the program featured "thoughts from Gaia," such as:

You think Hiroshima was bad. I'm sometimes afraid it wasn't bad enough.

Overpopulation? No real problem. The more corpses, the more bacteria. The more bacteria, the more blooming begonias. I love begonias.


Most of the technology that you think distinguishes you, I find quite trivial. Though, I must confess a soft spot for spaceships ..

The Black Plague was my way of housecleaning.

llove the live-action adventures of volcanoes and Earthquakes.

Promotional material for the program said:

Voice of the Planet also is an environmental project, seeking to raise the consciousness of the inhabitants of this incredible planet. The Earth has a/ways loved and nurtured life, only to witness war, turmoil, overpopulation and abuse. Gaia, with the wisdom of all the ages, is saying that the time has come to change our ways ..

How might we be forced to "change our ways?" Philip, Shabecoff, the former chief environmental correspondent for the New York Times, has written a book, A New Name for Peace, in which he calls on people in the "rich industrial countries" like the U.S. to start :Ieading a "more reasonable lifell to free resources for use by others. 'Were we able to do that, we could be on the way to achieving Pax Gaia, the Peace of the Earth," he writes.33

Commenting on the Shabecoff book, the New York Times Book. Review said it:

Advances the notion dangled before us, then seemingly Ignored, by AI Gore, who said that environmentalism must soon become "the central organizing principle of civilization." Mr. Gore should read this book.

Perhaps he has by now ..


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OUR 'C. H I L- D R E N

- - ~ . ,


, "


••.••••• 88.

An E nv i ro n men t a I Sap bat h -- Ear f h Res t Day G u i de


fro m the' U n i toe d -N at ion. sEn vir 0 n me n t Pro 9 ram ~ e

Conceived at the 1972 Stockholm Conference and created the same year, the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) is unique among UN bodies, & the environmental conscience of the UN, UNEP's primary, function is to motivate and inspire people to raise the level of environmental action and awareness at all levels of society worldwide. UNEP coordinates the environmental activities of all the UN agencies and works to win the cooperation and participation of governments, the international scientific and professional communities, and non-governmental organizations,

UNEP activities include a programme of global environment quality monitoring, an environmental management action plan and support measures comprising environmental law, public information and education and training,

Internationally, UNEP's network of environmental treaties and conventions is having an ever-increasing effect The historic Montreal Protocol, negotiated under UNEP's auspices in 1987, will help to reduce damage to the Earth's ozone layer. TIle Basel Convention, negotiated under UNEP's auspices in 1989, provides controls on the international movement and disposal of harmful industrial wastes and should their reduction, TIle Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)is universally recognized for its achievements, in the trade in wildlife products, UNEP is now working on international measures to address the threat of global climate change,

UNEP promotes environmentally sound development activities for developing countries, enhancing the long-term productivity of the natural resource base. protection of forests and species, and preservation of soils.

Many nations have initiated far-reaching environmental programs as a result of UNEPs catalytic work and more than 30 have embarked upon national conservation strategies. 'The organization intends to increase this work concentrating on selected countries to help them reorient their strategies towards sustainable development

While governments will have to do much more in the years ahead to protect our planet, the role of citizens is also crucial. People, individually or in community action, can make a vital difference, To this end, UNEP cooperates with parliamentarians. industry, the media, womens groups, youth and other public organizations and concerned individuals, to promote environmental concerns.

The safeguarding of our planet is a shared responsibility. Our children's, all children's future is at stake. By acting together, by acting now, we can saveit,


Human beings recently have become a major biogeological force, We alter and resbape the

biosphere and its exchange of energy with the sun; we eliminate many species, Never before in Earths history has our species pressed so relentlessly to multiply and extend Earths artificial shapers. Increasingly, we abandon years of cropland fallow and apply artificial shapers ofland and life, By such pressing, over one living species is extinguished daily, nearly 100,000 square kilometers of primary tropical forests are destroyed annually, and troublesome materials and manufactures are dis, tributed worldwide through air, land and water, Increasingly, rest is denied to the land and its creatures; the long-standing sustainability and self-maintenance of Earth is threatened,

Assisting us in understanding Earth and helping us to counter Earth's degradation stand our beliefs and religions. Throughout the ages they have affirmed Creation's order, wholeness and integrity, Throughout the Earth they have enabled people to rejuvenate respect, awe and even reverence for the beautiful, complex, and highly and interactive world that sustains all life,

Our various traditions and religious faiths provide times and places for human rest from pressing busy-ness, They provide ways of meaningful living in what otherwise might be a demeaning world. SQ too they show us the need for Creation's rest. The Earth, together with us, needs the fulfillment that rest provides, Through healing rest and restoration comes renewal of relationships between the spiritual, the human, the creatures, and the land.

TI1e Environmental Sabbath seeks to revitalize the teachings of each faith and tradition that bring respect and restoration to the creatures and the biosphere, It seeks to bring healing rest to Creation and each creature; it seeks to bring relief from relentless human pressing, It seeks peaceful times and places on Earth; it seeks conditions that allow revitalizing Creation's sustaining processes and rejuvenating its creatures. The Environmental Sabbath seeks rest for the Earth.

'The Environmental Sabbath invites each tradition and culture to exercise its beliefs as peace-bringer to the soil, to the land, to all creatures, The pressed Earth, now suffering from relentless human busy-ness, awaits the bringers of harmony, awaits the healers and restorers of the household of life,

What is tho Environmental Sabbath? It is a time rest and healing for Earth and its creatures, It is the affirmation that as we ourselves need times and places of rest so does the biosphere and its creatures, It is an opportunity to exercise our beliefs and traditions to bring healing and restoration to the Earth,

Give each child a magnifying glass and a 6-foot-long siring with a peg~ stick tied to each end,· Begi? by asking' the children to span their strings over the most interesting ground they can fL.T1d. Give each one a "magical magnifying glass" so they can see eye-to-eye with ants and bugs, The "hikers" cover the trail beside their strings inch by inch on their bellies, viewing such natural wonders as gr.ass blades bent by rainbow dewdrops, colorful beetles sprinkled -with flower pollen, and eight-eyed spiders. At the start, say that in order to see properly, the grass should tickle their noses as they move along on their hike, You may want to ask questions to stimulate their imaginations: "What kind of world ar.e you. traoeling througli right now? Who are your nearest neighbors? Are th~y.frierzdLY"? Do they uiork.hard? What gre they doing?"

jor pre and primary school children

N @ ~ fJJ::9 w ~ J!J. ~ k- Find your mate in the herd of beasts, birds and inse~ts on Noah's Ark. 10 'start, the 'Ieaders should coun~ the players, then make a list of animals half

for primary: schoo! children . ~- as long as the number of players, writing the name ofeach animal on two

3x5 cards=-one card for: each player, H.yon have an odd number of players, write the name of one animal on three cards; making a threesome. Shuffle the cards and pass them out. Each child becomes' the animal whose name is OIl the card, but be is not allowed to say the name out loud. Now collect the cards again,

On signal, each player acts out the sounds, shapes and typical movements of their animal, to attract their mates .. The action is hilarious when all the animals begin baying, croaking, screeching, whistling, strutting, flapping and leaping. They can make all the noise they, want, hut talking is prohibited, Each animal must attract hisitlate solely by the authenticity of his behavior. The game ends in happy reunions and.much laughter. (YOLl may want to iI~troduce this ganu'.. by talking about the themillions of birds, ani~als and insects in Ood's creation and the parts they play)

• r_ _

Gather 'round a beautiful tree. Look, listen and meditate upon it for as

long as you can. V;rhen yout attention starts to wander from the tree,

raise your hand: You may-be surprised to discover how restless yourrnind

for junior and high school students

is. Discuss with the, group why you think this is. Then try again to experience the tree, for.ol~ly by contemplating with a quiet mind can, we fully experience and reverence nature.

A family meeting of the gods.or the Lords of The Universe is discus:,ing the problems of the rogue Planet Earth. Yom group is a delegation,fronl . Earth, come up to plead the case for human survival, but the gods are not convinced. They feel the long-term prospects for Earth are not good and

. - ,

are'discussing drastic action:'BmIl them off with global warming? .Send a disease to wipe

them all out? Ortry another messenger to teach human beings what.they are doing "T()ng~The Earthlings try' to get a word in and are finally "listened to. What do' you say in Earth's defense? Try-to win over the gods to save the planet-and the human race.


for all students

To the tune of "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands:"

. ,

1. We'v_e got the whole world in our hands, We've got the whole world

in our hands, We've got the whole our hands, We've gotthe ';;"hole world in ourhands.

2. We've got elephants and eagles in our h~nds, etc.

3. We've got the rain forest in our hands, etc ..

4. We'v~ got the ozone layer' in our hands, etc:

5. We got the sky and the sea in our hands, etc.

6. We've got the whole world in our hands, etc ..

fro~, the 6th grade class o{ the Montciair Cooperative School, Montclair, NJ



The Time Has Corne

The time has come to love our earth She is our home

.' She gave Us birth


The time has come to dean the sea to-clear the air


to save the trees


If we listen to our hearts

we can make another start Then we can find th~ hope 'And find the strength

to dream again-to dream

Ifwe'see the world as whole and we share a common goal

maybe it's not ~OQ late '

to heal the wounds and celebrate.



The time is here to have no fear The time is now We're learning how before there's none for anyone

. The time has c.ome e- <,

to be as one .

. (Chant; ringing bells) . Listen to the bells . how they gently ring while we softly sing The tiine has come.

by Franko A. Richmond e .1989

"The Watchdog of American Sovereignty"

The Newsletter ofthe American Sovereignty Action Project - Cliff Kincaid, Editor

'Rewriting the Bible)

U.N. Sponsors Global Religion

In the drive for a sinister U.N.sponsored global religion that will replace our Judea-Christian heritage, a well-funded group linked to former Soviet President Mikhail

Former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev is a key member of a campaign to establish a global religion.

Gorbachev is moving into high gear. With a conference scheduled for June) the United Religions (UR) has just released an "agenda for action" that includes the use of "environmental ministries" to con churchgoers into worshipping the earth.

At the same time, the U.N.

Environment Program) which sponsors the "Environmental

Sabbath" campaign, sponsored a recent event in which a participant talked about "rewriting the Bible" and replacing it with a new U.N. treaty called the Earth Charter (See story on page 2).

According to the UR, which is active in the religious community, "We live in an interdependent web of life." It is a world, they say, in which "all living beings are both sacred and connected."

This sounds suspiciously like the worldview of Vice President Al Gore, whose book Earth in the Balance criticizes traditional Christianity and expresses sympathy for pagan earthworshipping activities. Indeed) it appears the UR could field the shock troops for an Al Gore-for-president campaign.

A Swinger

UR is the brainchild of William Swing, a very liberal Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of California, who says he was asked by the United Nations back in 1995 to lead an interfaith service at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco to honor the SOth anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Charter. Swing says he received a vision "in his dreams" that if political leaders from the nations of the world could meet daily at the United Nations to

work toward peace, why not the leaders of the religions of the world? If a United Nations, why not a United Religions?, he thought.

However, Swing ignores the moral and cultural crisis that grips the U.S. - as represented by the scandalous personal behavior of President Clinton - and prefers to think that our main problem is "ecological" - that we haven't treated the earth appropriately. This is supposed to be the real "spiritual crisis" that is gripping the U.S. and the world!


In This Issue:

U.N. "Rewrites the Bible" page 2

Another Impeachable Offense page 3

The U.N.)s "Human Rights" Deception

page 4

U.N. Officials Probed for Slavery

page 7

U.N. on "Suicide Road" page 8

ASAP Report

GLOBAL RELIGJON, from page 6

February 1999

Link to Gorbachev

As a byproduct of his own investigation of the UR, writer Lee Penn has found links between it and (a) Mikhail Gorbachev's the State of the World Forum and Green Cross; and (b) the Temple of Understanding and the Rev. Morton, formerly of SL John the Divine.

Penn points to one document in particular, which used to be at the Green Cross website but which is now on the Earth Charter site. In the name of protecting the earth, it speaks openly of an end to national sovereignty and its replacement by "global sovereignty."

Here's what it actually says:

Principle 14: Global Sovereignty

(a) The protection of the Biosphere, as the Common Interest of Humanity, must not be subservient to the rules of

state sovereignty, demands of the free market or individual rights. The idea of Global Sovereignty must be supported by a shift in values that recognize this Common Interest.


The creation of an international body for the Sustainability of Human Life on the Earth. This body must have the independence and power to facilitate agreement between all societal actors to support the protection of the Biosphere as the Common Interest of Humanity.

The creation of conditions to maintain peace all around the world. Peace and political stability are necessary conditions for the creation of longterm policies for the sustainability of human life on the Earth.

The creation of a partnership between all members of society based on the development of communication Networks facilitated by emerging technologies.

To accelerate the implementation of a new social and economic system based on the respect of the existing Limits of the Biosphere, priority must be given to education and in particular, environmental education.

The priority must be to increase our knowledge on the Limits of the Biosphere through long-term International Research programs.

What is really needed, however,

is education about the secret agenda

of the global environmentalists who want to use religion and concern for the environment to promote a brutal and coercive one-world government. ~

U.N. Officials Probed for Slavery

In a sensational story, the

. Washington Post on January 5 revealed that officials from the U.N., the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are under investigation for using immigrant servants as "modern-day slaves."

These officials, based in the U.S., import these servants, who hmction as butlers, valets, maids, gardeners, grooms and chauffeurs. Under the law, they are supposed to be paid the minimum wage, get two days off a week, and get their workers' compensation insurance and federal and state unemployment taxes paid. But this isn't happening in practice.

Over the years, the Post said, "hundreds of servants have run

away from their employers to escape abusive treatment, excessive hours, low payor no pay at all." Some of them are "the most exploited workers in the Ll.S, today."

Another such case was recently publicized by the London Times. It disclosed that Issa Diallo, a close adviser to U.N. boss Kofi Annan, was accused of exploiting a domestic servant who worked day and night in his apartment in Geneva, another major base of operations for the U.N. The Times said that Issa, who "is used to pontificating about human righ ts," was facing his OWn human rights trial in a Swiss court.

The Times said that more than 50 other Geneva diplomats have been taken to court by former staff and ordered to pay unpaid wages.


One worker was quoted. as saying, «Our battle is against the hypocrisy at the United Nations. This is the city of human rights, yet many here are working from six in the morning to midnight every day, with no insurance, no pension, no . sickness benefits, no holidays .... " How can these people really believe in human rights?

Indeed, how can anyone believe the U.N. is really committed to human rights? Their treatment of their servants displays their true attitude toward us - we are also supposed to be their slaves. We are supposed to work like dogs in order to pay for their opulent lifestyle.

This is their "N ew World

Order." We should have none of it. ~

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