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LESSON PLAN for 3rd Grade Visual Arts


Name of my lesson is POP GOES ART.

The grade level is the 3rd grade.
The group size for my lesson plan is the whole class.
Subject of my lesson is Visual Arts subheading Art Production.
The code for this assignment is (3)4.12. The standards for this lessons are the
Standard 3 states that students chose, apply and evaluate a range of subject
matter, symbols and ideas.
Standard 4 states that students understand the visual arts in relation to
history and culture.
Art Production section 12 states that the student create a work of art that

shows the influence of a particular historical period or culture. [NS 4.3.3]

6. The objective of this lesson will be the following things. The students will be
doing paintings in the style of 1960s Pop Art. They will be using subject
matter and symbols from that time period for their paintings. By doing these
painting in this time period the students will be learning the events and
culture that shaped 1960s America. They will be looking at artists paintings
at that time from such artists as Andy Warhol and Claes Oldenburg. By
studying and replicating these types of paintings, the students will get an
understanding of the artwork and the artists that influenced this style of art.
This will meet all 3 of the required standards in the Nevada curriculum.
7. Materials needed by students. Pencils and erasers, Canvas white boards,
paint cups, water cups, smocks for students, paint itself which includes the
colors of black, red, blue, yellow, green, and white. Mixing boards for paints.
Materials needed for teacher. Smock, photo examples or computer images
displayed on Smartboard of 1960s style art.
8. Procedures for this project. This project will take a total of 5 class periods so 5
days total. Day #1: The students will be shown the style of paintings from
1960s Pop Art. Prep for teacher: 2 Days before assignment begins find
photos in magazines or other literature of Pop Art. Look on internet for
downloads of pop art examples. Put examples from internet on a PowerPoint
slide for students to look at. On class day have Canvas paper stacked on side
of desk for students to get. Begin class day by having students sit down at
desks. Show the various artwork examples from photos and internet. Have

the students pick 4 examples the class will use to draw/paint from. Each
student will pick 1 of the 4 to use as their example of how they want their
painting to look like. Have students take their pencils out, take 1 piece of
Canvas paper and then sketch out what they will be painting later. Day 2:
Prep for teacher: have water cups and paint cups ready by sink with mixing
boards stacked next to them. After students come in and sit down have them
finish sketching their pictures they will be painting. Once students get done
sketching their pictures have them get their smocks on. One by one have
them grab their paint cups, water cups and mixing boards to take to desks.
Teacher will come around and pass out the paint for students. Monitor
students during painting answering any questions they may have on the
paints, the Pop Art style or any general questions. 10 minutes before bell
have students dump water cups and paint cups in sink and have them rinse
out the cups. Students return their canvases to their cubbies and smocks get
hung up. Day 3 and 4: Teacher prep lay out water cups and paint cups by sink
with mixing boards alongside of them. After students come into class and
grab their canvas have them come up one by one and get their mixing
boards and paint and water cups. Teacher pass out paint and then monitor
students for any questions or concerns with their paintings. 10 minutes
before bell have students dump their water and paint cups and return mixing
boards. Students will need to clean paint and water cups. Students return
canvas to their cubbies and put up smocks. Day 5: Teacher prep have water
cups and paint cups by sink along with mixing boards. After students come in
have them grab their canvas then get their water cups, paint cups and
mixing boards one by one. Teacher pass out paint then monitor students and
have them finish their canvas. 15 minutes before bell rings have students
dump water and paint cups and return mixing boards. Have each student turn
in canvas painting to teacher and throw smocks in laundry bask to have
9. Assessment: The project will be graded on the following criteria. How well
they actually painted their picture. Did they use the style correctly of 1960s
Pop Art? General behavior during the assignment and clean up procedures
were followed correctly. The assessment for learning I will be using is the
Formative Assessment. Characteristics of this style include Focus of learning

in process, collaboration of teacher and student, performance measures

showing a students journey and finally teachers join students as intentional
learners ( Snowman Ed Psych pg. 309)