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Practice Problems: Test 1

ECEN 438/738: Power Electronics

Fall 2016

Problem 1
The voltage v across a load and the current i into the positive-polarity terminal are as follows
(where 1 and 3 are not equal):

v(t ) = Vd + 2V1 cos(1t ) + 2V1 sin(1t ) + 2V3 cos(3t )

i(t ) = I d + 2 I1 cos(1t ) + 2 I 3 cos(3t 3 )
Calculate: (a) The average power P supplied to the load (b) The rms of v(t) and i(t) (c) The
power factor at which the load is operating.

Problem 2
In a single-phase diode rectifier bridge, Is= 10 A (rms), Is1=8 A (rms), and DPF=0.9. Calculate
Idistortion and %THD.

Problem 3
In the following single-phase diode rectifier circuit with zero Ls and a constant dc current
Id=10A, calculate the average power supplied to the load:
a) If vs is a sinusoidal voltage with Vs=120 V at 60 Hz
b) If vs has the pulse waveform shown below

Problem 4
Consider the following single-phase, half-controlled converter, where vs is sinusoidal.
a) Draw vs, is, and vd waveforms and identify the devices conducting for various intervals
for the following values of : 45o, 90o, and 35o.
b) Calculate DPF, PF, and %THD for Vd=1/2 Vdo, where Vdo is the dc output at =0.
c) Repeat part (b) for a full-bridge converter
d) Compare results in parts (b) and (c)

Problem 5
The following full-wave rectifier has a 60-Hz ac source with Vm = 100 V. It is to supply a load
that requires a dc voltage of 100 V and will draw 0.5 A. Determine the filter capacitance required
to limit the peak-to-peak output voltage ripple to 1 percent of the dc output. Determine the peak
and average diode currents.

Problem 6
In Example 3-9 (textbook), the half-wave rectifier of Fig. 3-11a has a 120 V rms source at 60
Hz, R = 500 . The capacitance required for a 1 percent ripple in output voltage was determined
to be 3333 F. Determine the capacitance required for a 1 percent ripple if a full-wave rectifier is
used instead. Determine the peak diode currents for each circuit. Discuss the advantages and
disadvantages of each circuit.

Problem 7
Determine the output voltage for the following full-wave rectifier with an LC filter if L = 10 mH
and (a) R = 7 and (b) R = 20 . The source is 120 V rms at 60 Hz. Assume the capacitor is
sufficiently large to produce a ripple-free output voltage.

Problem 8
An array of solar cells produces 100 V dc. A single-phase ac power system is 120 V rms at 60
Hz. (a) Determine the delay angle for the controlled converter in the arrangement of Fig. 4-14
(textbook) (Vdc =100) such that 2000 W is transmitted to the ac system. Assume L is large
enough to produce a current that is nearly ripple-free. The equivalent resistance is 0.8 . Assume
that the converter is lossless. (b) Determine the power supplied by the solar cells. (c) Estimate
the value of inductance such that the peak-to-peak variation in solar cell current is less than 2.5A.