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Hawk ALARM + IMMOBILISER UNIVERSAL WINDOW CLOSER WIRING DIAGRAM MODEL HA-64U normal open poxer BE JRE —, Bis roy rer BINRE 2D Bene Yellow tee Scogk ~ FE tila Se"7 relas"ter'eack window [ee shice” to saree esti MAIN BOXt | rigger from starter killer wire (-) * soc tive | Eth eat “ selec! trigger from central control lock(+) ser select of ee thoral Hos = 4 ce z See Aintoa mf >E one S pink (LOK trigger power select trigger from central control lock(-) ff ST] oral SESE = EN vee Se MAIN BOX Lom ft, 7127 seicen Black ground ter ray moc, — tite Loe CLO eeseger Blue retice FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS Independent intelligent circuit to close window in order Universal windows closer - 4/2 windows Built in safety switch- Auto cutt off Built in heavy duty relay Will install with any remote / non remote car alarm system Will work with negative or positive central door locking ‘Automatically ciosing windows that are not closed properly Manufacturer: COMMERCIAL ELECTRONICS 264 HAYDONS ROAD WIMBLEDON LONDON SW19 8TT UK Tel: +44 020 8404 7105 Fax: +44 020 8404 7104 http:/ e-mail: It is policy of Commercial Electronics to continually update and improve our security systems. We therefore reserve the right to alter specifications and products without prior notice