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Certified Copy is a copy(Photo Copy) of the primary document that has on it, an endorsement or certificate, that it
is a true copy of the primary document. Certified copy of documents registered like Sale, Exchange, Mortgage etc. can be
obtained online through this service.
Category Type
Challan Charges
User Charges
Postal Charges
Documents Required

INR 220/INR 20/NA (Post Local)
NA (Post Non Local)
15 Min
Certified Copies

Note: The asterisk (*) denotes mandatory requirement of documents.

Apply for Certified Copies Application :
This section contains instructions for the operators of the Meeseva web application to apply for Certified Copies Application .
1) In Meeseva home screen, under List of Services, select Registration Department services as depicted in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Registration Department
2) Select Certified Copy Of Registration Document Service in Registration Department as depicted in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Certified Copy Of Registration Document Service Selection under Registration Department
3) Now Certified Copies Application Request Screen will be displayed as depicted in Figure 3.

Figure 3: Certified Copies Application request screen

4) Select Search criteria such as District, SRO, Year, Document Number and Click Get Details button as depicted in Figure 4.

Figure 4: Search criteria in Certified Copies Application request screen

5) it displays Applicant and Permanent Address Details as depicted in figure 5.

Note: - Here CC Preview button is Available For viewing the Preview of Certified Copies

Figure 5: Applicant and Permanent Address in Certified Copies request Screen

6) Enter all the Applicant and Permanent Address details such as Applicant Name, Door no, District, Mandal, Town/Village, Pincode
Mobile No, Email Id and click Show payment button as depicted in Figure 6.
Note: All the mandatory fields have to be filled in; otherwise request will not be accepted by the system.

Figure 6: Show payment section

Figure 7: Charges in Certified Copies request Screen

8) Collect the amount from the Citizen and click Confirm Payment to submit the request as depicted in figure 8.

Figure 8: Payment Confirmation section

On confirmation, a receipt will be generated as depicted in the following figure.
Note: Ensure that you have sufficient balance with your service provider (SCA), else the system will not accept the request.

Figure 9: Certified Copies Application Receipt

10) Click Print Certified Copies Certificate button as depicted in figure 10.

Figure 10:Printing of Certified Copies in Certified Copies Application Receipt

11) Certified Copies are displayed as depicted in figure 11.

Figure 11: Certified Copies

Note:- this is the First Page of Certified Copies

Now operator Print Certified copies and Hand it Over to Citizen.