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The following candidate has applied for a teaching position with our group of

schools in Myanmar. We would very much appreciate your time in answering the
following questions and completing this form.


Stephen Cunningham.

Name: Darren OBrien
Position/school: University Pathway Programme Coordinator (Academic
Year) and Summer School Director (Jun-August); Emerald Cultural Institute,
Dates candidate worked with/for you: 11/07/2016 to 15/09/2016
Reason for candidate leaving:
Stephen was hired during the schools peak period, when we were running
seven external centres, in addition to our two year-round schools. He
remained teaching in one of our schools after the summer centre in which
he had been placed closed at the beginning of September. Once the
demand for extra staff reduced, Stephen finished working for us.

Would you re-employ this teacher in the future?

Stephen is an excellent teacher, and was assigned classes a wide range of
ages and levels throughout the summer school. He had great rapport with
the students, and was a positive presence in the classroom. I was very
impressed when observing Stephen, as he brought many innovative
techniques to the lesson, and kept the learners thoroughly engaged.
Stephen also taught exam classes (IELTS and Cambridge First) during the
summer school.

He is very well organised and reliable. Towards the end of August, I asked
Stephen to help with administration in the school, on the strength of his
performance in the preceding weeks.
I would not hesitate in re-employing Stephen in the future

What do you think their weaknesses are?

A recommendation I had to Stephen after observing his class was to put
more of a focus on phonology in his lessons. This was a suggestion of
something to add to his lessons, rather than a weakness.

What do you think their strengths are?

Variety of material and activities in the class; maintaining a dynamic and
energetic atmosphere; clarity of explanations and instructions; rapport
with students; methodical preparation.

Please grade the candidate from 1 10 in the following areas

(1 being unsatisfactory and 10 being outstanding*
* please only rate them a 10 if truly out-standing and no improvement could be made

1. Punctuality and attendance 9

2. Appropriate personal appearance and dress code 9
3. Professionalism in the classroom 10
4. Professionalism outside the classroom 10
5. Planning and preparation of classes 10
6. Level of creativity in classes 9
7. Ability to accept constructive criticism and act on it 9
8. Able to build a good rapport with students 9
9. Ability and willingness to collaborate with other staff 9

Ability and willingness to work with management 9

Please feel free to make any additional comments in the space


I had over forty teachers working for me this summer, and, hypothetically,
were I to pick just five of them to re-employ, Stephen would absolutely be
in the five. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further queries.

We thank you for your time.

Bob Allwright
HR Department
Brainworks-Total Group of Schools

1 Thumingalar Street, 16/4 Qtr, Thingangyun Tsp, Yangon. Myanmar. Tel: (951)
8551360 email: