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Task 1.

3: Professional Learning Plan

Section 1: AITSL Graduate

Professional Practice
Standard 2: Know the
content and how to teach it
2.6 Implement teaching
strategies for using
Communication Technology
(ICT) to expand curriculum
learning opportunities for

By the end of my next
practicum, I will research,
develop and incorporate ICT
throughout my lessons to
provide students with
opportunities to extend their
learning and engage in digital


Professional Practice
Standard 5: Assess,
provide feedback and
report on student learning
5.3 Demonstrate
understanding of

By the end of my next

practicum, I will moderate

assessments by making reliable

and fair judgements about
students achievements.

Ask to observe different

classroom lessons on days I do
not have a full teaching load
and note how they implement
Use widely available resources
by exploring and using the
school library, public library,
Curtin resource centre and
investigating online ideas to
incorporate ICT (Eg.
Use a smartboard for the first
time (and learn to use it before
I take my first lesson).
Discuss ways to incorporate
ICT with my mentor teacher.
Ask for feedback after I have
delivered lessons with ICT.
I will observe my mentor
teachers examples of past
assessments and note how she
made judgments based on
students work.

Indicators of success

I have visited at least three other

classrooms and recorded ways of
incorporating ICT into lessons.
I have visited the library and Curtin
resource centre.
I have successfully used a smartboard
after taking the time to learn how to use
My mentor feedback reflects
improvement and sound use of ICT.
I feel comfortable using ICT.

I successfully implemented an
assessment with a rubric and marked
and recorded students achievements.
My mentor teacher agreed with the
judgements I made of student learning.

assessment moderation and

its application to support
consistent and comparable
judgements of student

Professional Practice
Standard 3: Plan for and
implement effective
teaching and learning

By the end of my next

practicum, I will note and
implement three different
strategies to involve students,
caregivers in their learning.

3.7: Describe a broad range

of strategies for involving
parents/carers in the
educative process.

Professional Practice
Standard 5: Assess,

I kept work samples with students


I will ensure clear

communication between home
and school by taking the time
to talk to students parents as
they arrive/leave school.
I will make myself available to
talk to caregivers after school.
I will introduce myself to
caregivers and share
information about me.
I will collect samples of notes
sent home to caregivers/
invitations to sports days etc.
I will be sure to give students
homework that they are able to
do at home without needing
parent assistance.

Three different strategies have been

applied to invite caregivers to be
I have added sample letters to
caregivers in my resource folder.
I know some students caregivers by
Caregivers feel comfortable to
approach me.

I will create an assessment

I will create a rubric for one of

my assessments and implement
I will ask my mentor teacher to
review the grades I have given
students to ensure I have made
fair judgements.
I will provide evidence for the
judgements I make by keeping
work samples.

By the end of my next

practicum, I will keep reliable

I have learned and applied three

provide feedback and

report on student learning
5.5 Demonstrate
understanding of a range of
strategies for reporting to
students and parents/carers
and the purpose of keeping
accurate and reliable
records of student

records and implement three

strategies to report to students
and their caregivers of student

Section 2: BRITE
Resilience Factors


Module I: Work-life
Overcoming the teaching
workload by maintaining a
balance between leisure
activities and work

By the end of my final

practicum, I will implement
effective strategies that assist
me to separate my work and
home life, and encourage a
focused and stress-free

folder for my practicum with a

checklist for each student, so I
can note observations as I go.
I will implement immediate
feedback to students.
I will ask my practicum teacher
if I can sit in on a parentteacher night to observe.
I will implement an
assessment, marking with a
rubric, and record results and
work samples. I will provide
feedback to both students and

Manage time effectively by

implementing a routine of not
working or planning for school
from Friday night until 1pm on
Talk to teachers about their
different strategies to separate
work and life, and implement
Making regular time on the
weekend for catching up with
friends Friday nights
designated to catch up with

strategies to report on assessment.

I created an assessment folder and
filled it with work samples, results and
I gave students immediate feedback and
was commended by my mentor teacher
for this.
I attended a parent-teacher interview
I provided feedback to parents on their
students achievements.

Indicators of success

I arrive to work on Monday feeling

relaxed and ready to teach.
I manage to see friends regularly.
Family and friends note my positive
I attended the seminar and noted on
I apply different strategies I have
learned from other teachers and reflect
on their effectiveness.

Module R: Relationships
Maintaining support
and relationships inside
and outside of school.

By the end of my first term as

a graduate, I aim to maintain
support networks to assist me
as a teacher by building solid
rapports with family, friends,
staff and students.

Module T: Taking
Communicating effectively
by listening and
implementing skills to
develop clear

By the end of my upcoming

practicum, I will have
developed effective
communication skills by
listening, reflecting and
providing my full attention
when being spoken to.

Attend the Curtin school of
educations teacher resilience
Create a checklist of each
students caregiver and ensure
I gradually talk to each
caregiver when they pick/drop
off their child to/from school.
Befriend the office staff,
gardener and librarian.
Call my parents at least twice
a week.
Sit with a different staff
member in the staff room each
time and make conversation.
Invite my students to share
information about themselves
by telling them a bit about me
on the first day of school.
Catch up with friends on
weekends and continue
playing social sport.
Avoid taking my phone to the
staff room so I do not miss the
opportunity to communicate
with other staff fully.
Giving full attention to the
speaker considering gestures
and body language.
Consider culturally appropriate

I know every staff member at the

school by their first and last names.
I have completed the checklist and
successfully engaged in conversation
with each students caregiver/s.
My parents are not surprised to hear
from me.
Students know about me and I can
identify their likes and dislikes.
I have regularly caught up with friends
I have attended social sport.

I have no need to take my phone to the

staffroom in breaks.
I unconsciously give speakers my full
I do not interrupt someone when they
are speaking.
I consider the ways I address people
and adapt the way I talk depending on

ways to address people.

Avoid interrupting a speaker
and wait for my time to talk.

the listener eg. I might speak in formal

register when I address the principal.