Candidate for ordination or licentiate
CCDCR will evaluate and verify the complaint and submit its findings to the ExamCom. ExamCom will prepare the recommendation of the candidate.

Apprenticeship Program / Apprenticeship Center failed Evaluation

Submit documents required by the ExamCom / Circular Letter to workers and churches regarding status of candidate and request peer endorsement or information if there are constraints to candidate’s undergoing the process

Endorsed to the Settlement Committee

Local Church forms the Church Worker’s Call Committee

yes passed Formation Center Evaluation no

Committee on Discipline

Files a church worker’s call. (at least 6 months prior to the expiration of the term.)

Candidate takes psychological test and goes through process retreat Submit Student Requirements (Annually) / Field Education & Summer Exposure in coordination with FC Candidate takes theoretical and oral exam for Licentiate Settlement deliberation with Local Church and Church Worker

Graduates from MFC Evaluation
If results are favorable

Candidate endorsed to the National Review for ordination & take theoretical and oral exam
If results are not favorable

Licentiate Status is granted or renewed or another decision if arrived at


Assigned in a Local Church


confirmation result

2 yrs

Endorsed to the ExamCom

Result of the test and process retreat (for ordination or licentiate


Settlement Com. recommends candidate to the LC (upon receipt, LC confirms the recommendation within 10 days)

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