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A three tier structure with Core Council,

Governing Body and an Independent Full Time

Secretariat managed and administered by

FAOA aspires to be ISO 9001 compliant

company and structuring its resources with due

diligence and proper certification called

Real Analytics for Real Estate, a team of

analysts at FAOA provides indepth and critical

analyses of real estate issues related to
developers, projects, judicial intervention, etc.
for the respective client or organisation.


The Federation of Apartment Owners Association (FAOA), is an all India

Apex Body of Association of Apartment Owners, formed to protect the interest of
GHS and to prevent exploitation of Apartment Owners by builders and to
promote a mutually beneficial relationship between residents, builders and
government authorities.

The Federation aims to fight to restore the rights of the unaware and
helpless apartment buyers and to ensure rule of law. To contain these
malpractices, the only way forward is to educate the investor and home
seeker before entering into any agreement with the builders.

Safeguard Interest of
Apartment Owners
The formation of a Federation by the
representatives of group housing societies is a
consequence of our eroding belief in the present
state of governance. This belief is backed by first
hand experiences of the impunity with which
government regulation is flouted by developers
supported by a lack of enforcement by the
Government agencies. The Federation aims to
fight to restore the rights of the helpless apartment
buyers and to ensure rule of law. The problems
faced by us as apartment owners are multiple &
grave. We aspire to be the reference body for all
apartment buyers associations. We have
developed a very large repository of laws,

regulations, forms, circulars, rules, case laws, byelaws and analyses of various development laws
and regulations and providing analyses of
regulations, circulars, licences in order to further
understanding of the laws and acts to our member
group housing societies. To protect its members
and prevent their unfair exploitation, it will adopt
a combination of legal and non-legal means, like
organising forums and meets around burning
topics to bring about a larger awareness of the
issues which are often manipulated and
obfuscated by developers such as: Super Area,
Common Areas and facilities, Parking, IFMS /
IBMS, Operations and Maintenance of GHS.
many such common issues.

Governing Body of FAOA

The FAOA has been set up to operate along similar lines of CII or FICCI. FAOA is a non-government, not-forprofit, owner association led and managed organization, playing a proactive role in protecting apartment owners
interests. It has a constitution that provides for a very strong and an independent Secretariat that is run and
managed by seasoned professionals. The secretariat will be staffed by paid professionals under the guidance of
the Board of Members whose members are drawn from member associations. The Core Council is at the Apex of
the Federation. The Board of Members is entrusted with the task of running the affairs of the Federation. The
office bearers retire every 2 years. Its appointments are made by an election process.

Getting the most

from our real estate
analysis team

Law vs.

The genesis of most of the real estate related

problems is lack of understanding of laws and
It shall be our constant
endeavor to develop linkages
Our FAPP team of analysts and with associated bodies such
domain experts maintains a
database of developments and
other associations around the
developers track records so that country and to create and
a buyer/association can be truly sustain an environment
informed and forewarned of poor conducive to the healthy
precedents and provide
relationship between
information and documentation
Developer and the
on on-going developments at the consumers.
regional, national and community
level. We provide analytical
FAOA shall endeavor to bring
report to its members with active about a change in the
guidance right from formation of existing corrupt system of
registered society, to takeover
governance by working
and regular functioning of the
closely with government on
Group Housing Society. We
policy issues, enhancing
conduct workshops for the
transparency and
representatives of various GHSs enforcement of law and acts.
and help them take up causes
Expanding opportunities for
with development and municipal owners associations through
agencies and utility companies.
a range of specialized
services and programs like
The value we offer to our clients Zero Maintenance Program
is based on the experience of our for helping group housing
governing body and core council societies in asset creation
as well as on the skill,
and generate new streams of
knowledge, creativity and
revenues. Through our
passion of our members and
certification program and
associate partners. We
internship we are imparting
consistently recruit exceptionally training and expert
talented candidates, and aim to
knowledge to the aspiring
create a working environment
Real Estate Manager and
that is stimulating and
professional staff for our
challenging. Due to an amazing member Group Housing
strength of FAPP, we are playing Societies.
a pioneering role in the
development of Real Estate
We constantly recruit
Regulatory Policy in the country. exceptional candidates, and

aim to create a working

environment that is
stimulating, challenging,
enjoyable and financially
rewarding. Our Real Estate
Analyst Associate Partners
firm Qubrex and Law firm
Gaggar & Associates is
providing a pioneering role in
the one of the most
prominent and highly
acclaimed competition case
of Belaire Owners
Association Vs. DLF Ltd.
Their in-depth knowledge of
Indian real estate laws and
acts and immense
knowledge of newly enacted
competition regulatory act is
par excellence and defining
the road map of future real
estate sector in India.

We provide consultative and domain expertise services to

organisations dealing in real estate in India.

Indepth Analysis of Builder

Buyers Agreements. Statewise
Laws and Acts for the group
housing societies (different than
plotted colony) and critical
analysis of GHS. Real Estate
survey and analytical data
related to the problems faced by
Customers and Residents.
Critical Analysis of various
judgements on the issues of
group housing societies and
builders. Various Expert
opinion on issues like Super
Area or Thin Air, Illegal
Parking Area Charges,
Community Center being run by
builders as clubs, etc..

Through FAPPs extensive work

with Competition Commission
of India in an unprecedented
Belaire Owners Association Vs.
DLF Ltd. case and various cases
in Punjab & Haryana High
Court and Supreme Court (in
Silver Oaks case), we are quite
experienced in many aspects of
the real-estate industry. In
addition to our own members,
we have access to several other
resources (e.g. external
consultants, architects, lawyers
well versed with real-estate
laws etc.) that can be brought to
action as and when required by
the investigative work.
FAPP is rapidly recruiting some
of the best talent available in the
economic analysts field in India
and shall endeavor to provide a
dimension to the consumer
related cases in different

Lt Gen SK Bahri PVSM (Retd.), born on 29 Oct 1932, is from the 1st Course NDA, which was inaugurated in Jan
1949. He was commissioned in the Army on 28 Dec1952 into the Regiment of Artillery. After holding important
regimental, staff, training and command appointments, including a 3 year tenure as Military Attach to our embassies
in France and Benelux countries, he retired as Master General Of The Ordnance in Oct 1990. His last appointment
involved looking after the procurement, storage and repair/overhaul of all equipment of the army from helicopters to
rifles. The MGO is a Principal Staff Officer to the Army Chief. After retirement he was an advisor to a number of
corporate and eventually in 1997 was appointed as the CEO of Zeppelin Mobile Systems India Ltd a wholly German
owned company, with which he had been an advisor. Since retirement Gen Bahri has been involved in the following a) Reactivated
Federation of Apartment Owners Associations which is currently active in bringing order in the real estate sector which is flaunting all
laws, in connivance with the government, at the expense of consumers. b) Active in the field of Ex Servicemen welfare. c) Part of a trust to
financially help outstanding children of soldiers in higher studies.

Col. Bhisham Kumar Dhawan VSM (retired): Col. Bhisham Kumar Dhawan VSM (Retd). After taking premature
retirement, he was Director/ Consultant of management /educational institutions for over a decade : He is the
founder of the FAOA. Earlier he founded Silver Oaks Society in 1995 for the first ever Group Housing Project in
Gurgaon. In May 2006, a society named the Federation of Apartment Owners Association (Haryana), FAOA, was
formed by Col B.K Dhawan. The aim of the Society was to be a platform for aggrieved apartment owners, and a
source of knowledge for others. He is an oracle of Apartment Ownership Rights in group housing societies and is
best known for his efforts and advocacy to restore the rights of apartment owners over the common area and
facilities in their respective complexes and a true implementation of the Haryana Apartment Ownership Act. He is known to conceptualize
and launch of Army Welfare Housing Scheme in 1978 on all India basis . He is also the Vice President of JAFRA and the President
emeritus of Silver Oak Society. With extensive study and knowledge of worldwide apartment laws, somewhat akin to ours, he is actively
pursuing a milestone case, related to proper implementation of the Apartment laws , in particular the rights and interests of residents over
the common area and facilities, in the Supreme Court. The case would have wide ramification on the entire real estate landscape and shall
be decisive and a landmark judgment that would direct the future of real estate in India. Earlier he was instrumental in achieving a most
favoured judgment in the Punjab & Haryana High Court in 2009 on fast track basis

Mr. Ravindra Kumar Gupta was born on 12th December 1948 in the family of legendary freedom fighter and
patriots to the hilt. He imbibed and inherited the work culture from his father Padamshree Late Shri Shyam Lal
Gupta, a multifaceted personality and a doyen in Book publishing, the traits which he maintains till this day. Like his
father he is also a dreamer and a visionary in the field of education, cultural activities and sports.
During his tenure as chairman and Managing Director of S. Chand & Co. LTD. he had given the impetus to the
publishing Industry as whole by bringing out multicolored Editions of most Textbooks which were a runway
success. In recognition of the untiring efforts the publishing house become the first recipient of UGC Best publisher
award and also the modern publisher house in the history of the country to be embolden with ISO 9001 : 2000
certification. His vision and pursuit with dynamic entrepreneurship coupled with managerial skills turned fortune of the company with a
growth of over hundred percent in turnover and increased profits in a short span of time.

Mr. Pankaj Mohindroo is the founder and current National President of the Indian Cellular Association (ICA). ICA
is the apex body of the mobile industry comprising manufacturers, brand owners, application and solution providers,
distributors, retailers and eminent consumers of mobile handsets. He is an entrepreneur with business interests in
Telecom, Information Technology, Publishing, Strategy Consulting etc.
He has over 28 years of experience covering various industries like Sugar, Food Industry, Telecom, Information
Technology, Retailing, Media & Broadcasting, DTH, International Trading, Infrastructure (Industrial Parks, Port
Infrastructure), Steel, Woolen Knitwear, Textiles, Personal Care Products, Oleo-Chemicals, Paints, Pigments and
Dyes. As the National President of ICA, he has affected a strong crack down on the grey market and facilitated various regulatory and
legislative changes with a far-reaching impact on the industry.

Mr. Gautam Gulati is a Chartered Accountant with 27 years of experience across industries and has been in
Financial and Operating Leadership roles for the last 17 years. He grew up in Mumbai and graduated from
Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, University of Mumbai. He started his career in Mumbai with
Schlumberger Ltd., a multinational, leading Oilfield Services Company. His career with Schlumberger spanned 16
years in roles with Regional and Global coverage and responsibility. These roles took him to Dubai, New York,
He had a brief stint for 3 years as CFO of a Venture Capital funded IT Services Company in Singapore.
In 2003, he returned to India to head up Amanresorts a luxury hospitality chain and was instrumental in setting up 3 Hotel Projects in
India. In 2009, he joined the Alchemist Group. - a diversified Indian Conglomerate as Group Executive Director with direct responsibility
for the Foods, Restaurants, Hotels and Infrastructure businesses. Since May 2011, Gautam has started his own practice focusing on
Business Transformation and CFO related services.

Col. Sarvadaman Oberoi, is the Secretary of Unitech World Garden Apartment Owners Association and the
Treasurer of Mission Gurgaon Development, Col. Oberoi is one of the most influential and paramount personality
fighting for various causes in Gurgaon from past 10 years. His indelible effort in improving the quality of
community living in Gurgaon in general and group housing societies in specific, is commendable and widely
acknowledged. His infectious energy and deep rooted knowledge of laws and acts related to the real estate and
environment issue has played a pivotal role in bringing together all the group housing societies under one umbrella.
Representing personally in dozens of cases in various courts and forums for the protection of rights of residents of
Group Housing Societies and general well being of residents of Gurgaon. He is a known Environmentalist and fighting for the protection
of green cover in Gurgaon and Manesar belt. He is a member of Legal Committee of FAOA.

Nitin Grover, is a law graduate from the Campus Law Center Delhi University in the year 2005. Post his
graduation he practiced in Delhi courts for around 2 years before moving into corporate jobs. During his years
of practice his area of specialization was consumer protection act & labour laws.
He is the president of DLF New Town Heights Home Owners Association and is presently working in a MNC
Bank as a Manager HR - legal. He has keen interest in the area of consumer protection & real estate laws.
During last 4 years he galvanized hundreds of dis-integrated allottees of troubled New Town Height project
and pitched in fierce battle against DLF high handedness. This young and passionate lawyer has immense faith in the power of
masses & is a force to reckon with.
A true self disciplinary and shrewd protagonist, who is responsible for execution of various judicial and welfare programs at FAOA

Vinay Mitra, is the president of Orchid Petal, Sohna Road, Gurgaon. An able soldier of public causes and
committed for the protection and welfare of residents of group housing societies in Gurgaon and India.


Federation Associated Partner Program

Our solicitor firm is the pioneer law firm in the field of Competition Cases in India. We have successfully pursued case against one of the

largest real estate in the world and helped the commission in devising the first consumer friendly Model Buyers Agreement based on
equality and in accordance with the complex land and apartment laws and acts. Handled various complex litigations (before the Supreme
Court, High Courts and Tribunals across India) in the fields of inter and intra corporate disputes, Arbitrations ( Domestic and International
real estate, competition, intellectual property, Environmental law, Constitutional law, white collar crimes, Money Laundering and other civil
and Criminal litigations and Writ Jurisdiction matters.

One of the first real estate analytical company in India, Qubrex has been at the forefront as the leading advisory firm in real estate in

NCR. Headed by Dr. Sanjay Sharma. they played a critical role in the historical DLF Vs. Belaire Owners Association case, wherein CCI had
imposed a Rs 630 crore on DLF Ltd. and presented to the industry a new model buyers agreement. The theory of Snapshot View of the
market share was coined by Qubrex and had helped CCI building up its arguments against DLF Ltd. as a dominant player in the relevant
market of Gurgaon. Dr. Sanjay Sharma, has its own weekly TV shows on Zee TV and Sahara TV on real estate analysis. His articles and
expert comments appears regularly in newspapers and he is known to be an authority on the subject in the fourth estate.

Sudhir Vohra Consultants ( SVC) is a multi disciplinary consultancy firm , established under Indian law , in 1980 . During the past three

decades, SVCs work has spanned across a broad spectrum of activities in the urban sector from an architectural and interior design
practice to policy advisory work with both municipal and central government bodies . The firms constituents include architects , urban
planners and designers , conservation specialists and its associates include professionals from the legal profession , and management
consultants working in the real estate and hospitality sectors Team work and good management practices are also an important aspect of the
practice. Continuous updating of technology , constant research endeavours and a creation of a knowledge base ,