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Scaffolding Equipment
Choice and felxibility to suit exact requirements of every application.

Harsco scaffolding equipment is designed to rigorous specifications

and undergoes extensive testing. The fittings enjoy an outstanding
reputation of being the best quality and reliability available. Use of
Harsco equipment speeds production rates through consistent
performance on site, being durable and never seizing. Every
component which carries the Harsco name has the full guarantee of
quality and reliability.
Strength and robustness are the hallmark of Harsco fittings. In
drop-forged fittings, tight specification tolerances are required and
Harsco has developed the finest engineering skills in high quality
production techniques. Harsco drop-forged double couplers give the
ultimate assurance of performance as the strongest fittings in the world
and regularly used in the harshest conditions.

Scaffold tubes and boards

Substantial stock to ensure prompt delivery.

Scaffold tubes
Harsco is one of the largest known
purchasers of scaffold tubing and
procures stock on a global scale.
This massive purchasing power
enables the economies to be passed
directly to clients for the most
competitive price. A substantial stock
is maintained to ensure prompt
delivery wherever the required
location within MEAI region.
all tubes confirm to
BS EN 39 (2001).
option of galvanised or black tube.

wall thickness

wall thickness 4mm(8swg) 3.25mm(10 swg)

nominal OD
sectional area



moment of inertia 13.80cm



Radius of gyration 1.57c

Machine stress-graded boards

support frequency: every 1.2m

weight kg/m

BS 2482


Laminated boards
support frequency: every 1.5m
AS/NZS 4357:1995

weight kg/m




elastic modulus

Scaffold boards
Scaffold Boards perform a vital safety
function in providing a secure working
platform. Harscos determination to
eliminate sub-standard boards is
maintained despite operating in a
highly competitive business
environment. Careful visual
inspection is undertaken of each
board as they are a natural resource
not a factory-production item. This
undertaking supports Harscos
unequivocal commitment to safe
working practices and its reputation
goes with every board whether top
quality laminated, British Standard,
or stress-graded type boards.


Drop-forged fittings
High quality production for tight specification tolerances.

Customer requirements for strong

and robust fittings are satisfied
through the production of drop-forged
components. Tight specification
tolerances are maintained by a
particularly high quality production
technique along with a quality control
procedure with ensures a consistent
Harsco products are specified for the
harshest applications such as civil
engineering or oil and gas operations.
In such sectors only the best, most
reliable and robust products are
considered. Harsco drop-forged
double and swivel couplers are
recognised as the strongest of their
kind available. All Harsco dropforged fittings produced confirm to, or
exceed, the current British and
European standards.

Strongforge Double couplers

The device for connecting 2 scaffold
tubes at right angles. Drop-forged
fittings provide the maximum strength
for these important load-bearing
components. A heavy duty (MK 3A)
version is available exceeding all
British Standard requirements.

weight kg

Heavy Duty Drop forged double

coupler (MK 3A) SWL 12.5kN


Drop forged double coupler

(BS EN 74) SWL 6.25kN


Strongforge Swivel coupler

Used to connect 2 scaffold tubes at
any angle for ledger, faade or similar
bracing for important structural
components which must be loadbearing.
weight kg
Drop forged swivel coupler
SWL 6.25kN (BS EN 74)


Pressed fittings
Conforms to: BS 11139.

Quality is the keynote of Harsco

pressed fittings and the reputation
rests on every component which
carries the full guarantee of reliability.
The fittings are mainly manufactured
from alloy steels, and are fully tested
to comply with the slip and distortion
requirements of BS 11139. They are
treated to resist corrosion with a
complete zinc coating with chromate
passivation to BS EN 12329:2000.

Joint pin - pressed

Used to provide end-to-end
connection of scaffold tubes.
Inserted internally and expands to
apply grip against the inner walls of
the tubes. (Only for compression
joints. Never used where tension can
be developed in the tubes).

None in tension

weight kg

Half wrapover putlog couplerpressed

Putlog coupler is also available to
compliment the use of drop-forged
double couplers to fasten putlogs and
transoms to ledgers.


3.1kN (Tension)

weight kg


DH coupler
The Swivel coupler connects 2
scaffold tubes at any angle for ledger,
faade or similar bracing. These are
important structural components and
must be load bearing. Alternative
models are provided to complement
the double couplers.


weight kg

Putlog coupler- pressed

Used to connect putlog and transom
tubes to ledger tubes in the same
way as the conventional fitting but
incorporates two flaps to give a flush
top surface to the tube.
(not a load-bearing coupler).


Sleeve coupler - pressed

Used to join 2 scaffold tubes
externally end-to-end and a steel
divider which is located centrally,
ensures equal insertion into each
tube. They can be employed where
tension joints are required and are
particularly useful for long bracing
and ledger tubes.


Adjustable stair tread couplers

Used for construction of temporary
stairways by connecting together
scaffold tubes and timbers / scaffold
boards, with angles ranging from 2890. These units can be used either
left or right- handed.
0.63kN (Sale only)

weight kg

weight kg

weight kg


Ancillary equipment
Wide range of selected branded products to compliment Harsco fittings.

To complement Harsco fittings, a

wide range of other selected branded
products such as: ladder clamps, unit
beams and supaties are available.
These are manufactured for Harsco
under licence to the same high
standard. Harsco is recognised as a
world-class supplier, able to deliver
the choice and flexibility to suit exact
requirements of every equipment

Ladder clamp
This is a unique steel safety product
which is zinc plated. Used to clamp
ladder styles securely to a horizontal
scaffold tube. Always used in pairs.

Pair (of 2)

weight kg

Gravlock supatie standard

Used to secure any tube at right
angles to the face of building. This
avoids the use of a number of fittings
compared with conventional
methods. It does not depend upon
accurate drilling as it has a unique
cam action. The action offers the
flexibility to connect to the tube up to
63mm (2 ) away from the anchor

Gravlock girder coupler - plated

Used to fasten scaffold tubes to
girders and other steel sections. This
is a specialised fitting with a high
degree of versatility. The Gravlock
girder coupler is designed for
attachment to horizontal / vertical
flanges, and accommodates 43mm
(12) in depth. The Gravlock
coupler enables the fitting to be
bolted to the girder first, leaving both
hands free to present and secure the
tube in erection. As the tube is not
compressed against the girder it is
not distorted by the fastening
process. Always used in pairs.

30kN per pair - load at

right angles to flange.

weight kg

(Other applications refer

to Design Office).

weight kg

Band & plate coupler

Used for connecting two scaffold
tubes at right angles with one
fastening. Widely used as a load
bearing coupler. The only 90
coupler which can also be used for
connecting 2 load-bearing scaffold
tubes in parallel.

weight kg
band: 1.40
plate: 0.60

Miscellaneous items and beams in modular lengths.

Internationally used and recogzined
as the safety system to assist with
the control of scaffolding from first
build to dismantle.

Box x 10 holders + 20 inserts

Unit beams
The deep trusses of unit beams are
used to span significant widths and
carry a high wind and snow loading.
These are ideal where long spans are
required for temporary roofs etc.
They can be bolted end-to-end using
nuts and bolts. Supplied galvanised
or painted (Nuts & bolts supplied with
Length m

Ladder beams
Used to provide clear unobstructed
access through the scaffold. These
are fully welded components supplied
in modular lengths 3-6m. The chords
are at 300mm centres and are of
standard scaffold tube dimension to
accept standard fittings. Supplied
Tube thickness
3.2mm (grade 50C)

(grade 43C)

weight kg

weight kg





Scaffold belt / Spanners

Leather scaffold belt with a selection
of spanners and detachable 'frogs'.
Spanner holder pouches sale only.

weight kg

Leather scaffold belt


Leather spirit level holder


Leather single spanner holder


Leather double spanner holder


Podger hammer


7/16 Swing over spanner


STABILA spirit level


Podger spanner


400 Deep aluminium beams

A range of aluminium beams used as
lightweight (4.5kg/ metre run)
structural beams for scaffolding
applications. All chords /vertical
struts are manufactured from 48.3mm
aluminium tube to accept standard
scaffold fittings for lacing and bracing.
Length m

weight kg



8.1 (sale only)



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