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49 V P N
1. Describe a place that can be good to relax (not home)
You should say:

Where the place is

what it is like

how do you spend time there

and explain why you think it is a good place for relaxation

Im going to talk about my ideal place to relax and also a famous tourist attraction in
Vietnam, Sapa. Among various reasons, I love Sapa simply cause of people there. They are
warm, kind hearted and trustworthy. I remember that summer when my family decided to have a
holiday in Sapa, we came into trouble cause it was a tourist season and we ran out of hotels.
Fortuanately, we were put in by a local person for a night and she found a hotel nearby for us
the following morning. Besides people, I found in Sapa many interesting places to play and
learn about the ethnic minorities in Vietnam that I just had a chance to see in textbooks and on
TV. Therefore, I see Sapa as a beautiful and peaceful place for me to refresh myself and
recharge my battery after an assiduous semester. Anyway, I will come back to Sapa next
summer for sure.
tourist attraction: im thu ht khch du lch
kind hearted: tt bng
trustworthy: ng tin cy
come into trouble: gp rc ri
a tourist season: ma du lch
run out of: ht, khng cn
ethnic minorities: cc dn tc thiu s
for sure: chc chn
2. Describe a gift for others that took you long time to choose

What is was

Who you gave it to

How you choose it

And explain why you spend long time choosing it

VnDoc - Ti ti liu, vn bn php lut, biu mu min ph

Well, now, Im going to talk about a special gift that i took a lot of time to find and choose. That
gift was for my Maths teacher at my secondary school, who I admired and considered as my
second mother. My teacher was born in September, but I had to think of what the gift was from
July. Fortunately, it coincided with my summer holiday in Sapa. I immediately went shopping to
look for some special things when I reached there. Unfortunately, there are a variety of
products and I also do not know about my teachers hobby. Therefore, finding a suitable job
for her is extremely a challenge for me. After 2 days with careful considerations, I decided to
buy a scarf made from brocade fabric. It was sophisticated and unique. I crushed on that scarf
at the first sight. I was satisfied because at least, I had tried to find a meaningful gift for my
beloved teacher. And she seemed to love it a lot.
3. Describe a change that will improve your local area

What the change is

How the change works

What kinds of problems the change will solve

How you feel about the change.

If there is a chance to change something which makes our local area better, I think its the small
The standard knowledge about social issues of local people is quite low. I will give you a
prominent instance about my cousin. She was the same age as me and she just married last week
cause she had 5 month pregnancy. But the thing was she didnt know she was pregnant
until 2 weeks ago.
Apparently, she was lack of sexual knowledge and I think that if only my hometown had a library
in which there was a wide range of books, she wouldnt have come into troubles. Also with a
small library, people at all ages can equip themselves with a reservoir of knowledge about
all aspects of life. Im sure that this change is a significant turing - point in the education of my
local area. For example, the literacy rate can be higher, so my province can provide a better
well - educated workforce for economy, and uemployment level or other social evils can be
mitigated. All in all, the appearance of a library is the key to open a new door for my province.

standard knowledge: kin thc chung

social issue: vn x hi

5 month pragnancy: c thai 5 thng

VnDoc - Ti ti liu, vn bn php lut, biu mu min ph

a wide range of: nhiu

come into troubles: gp kh khn

turing - point: bc ngot

4. Describe a small and successful company you know.
You should say:
- What is the company called

How did you know this company?

What kind of business this company does?

and explain why you think this company is Successful?

Recently, I have noticed that a lot of my friends highly recommend me that I should have Peter
Pan Company make cakes when it comes to some special occasions. It is said that the company
have expanded their chains with over 10 stores for just a year and their profit has doubled as a
consequence of advertisement campaigns and efforts to continuously improve product quality
and services. Therefore, they now have a good client base and a good brand name in the market.
That small company just has over 30 employees and what they produce are all kinds of cakes.
The campany has made a good impression by their professional work style and friendly
service and I think that I will definitely have this company make cakes when I need.
Special occasions: Nhng dp c bit
Chain: chui ca hng
As a consequence of: L kt qu ca
A good client base: nn tng khch hng tt
Brand name: thng hiu
Professional work style: phong cch lm vic chuyn nghip
5. Describe a person you know who dresses well/ a person who is fashionable
You should say:

Who this person is

what kinds of clothes this person likes to wear

how you know this person

explain why you think this person dresses well

Id like to talk about my mother, who is considered as a fashion icon by a lot of her friends. My
Mom is famous for her sense of style. She loves the classic style, which means, her fashion is
simple, but it turns out to be stylish all the time. Her motto is Simple is the best but the way she
mixes colors makes people admire. She usually keeps up with the latest fashion and each season,

VnDoc - Ti ti liu, vn bn php lut, biu mu min ph

she seems to have a new appearance . Everyone believes that my mother has an eye for fashion;
therefore, they often ask her for some advice. She said to me that: Dressing well is a good form
of art, so, lets do well, live well and dress really well.
a fashion icon: tn thi trang
sense of style: c gu thi trang
classic style: phong cch c in
keeps up with the latest fashion: bt kp xu hng thi trang mi nht
has an eye for fashion: c thm m v thi trang
6. Describe an age/stage you enjoyed in your life.
You should say:

What the age/stage was

What did you like to do back then

Who you enjoyed mostly back then

explain why you really like that age/stage

Im going to talk about my seventeen - the age that I found myself amazing and a little bit crazy.
I learned a lot of stuff about life, people around me and I began to be aware of the valuable
relationships. I was motivated to change to be the unique one in this world and I desire for
traveling and making friends with people from all walks of life. I remarked my sweet seventeen
with the trip to the land of opportunity, America. Besides, I felt like I fulfilled my dream
cause after the trip, I had a lot of foreign friends and the knowledge about this world. Now, I
come to realize that nothing in the natural world remains the same from one moment to the next,
and everything continually changes whether we want it or not, but anyway, my seventeen is a
big change. In other words, its also my turning point that I will never forget.
desire for doing sth: mong mun, khao kht lm g
all walks of life: Cc thnh phn, tng lp trong x hi
remark: nh du
Fulfill ones dream: hon thnh gic m
Turning point: bc ngot
7. Describe a time that a child did something that made you laugh
You should say:

When this happened

Who the child was

VnDoc - Ti ti liu, vn bn php lut, biu mu min ph

What the child did

explain why it was funny.

Well, Im gonna talk about an unforgettable memory about my younger brother when he was 2
years old. At that time, he was carefree and like many kids at that age, he learned and copied
everything from adults quickly. That summer, my father took us to a public swimming pool
cause all of my family members were fond of swimming. My father had me keep an eye on him
while he dived into water. Unfortunately. I was busy with playing games on my mobile phone and
my younger brother saw his Dad dived and then, he might think that he had an ability to swim like
his father. You can guess what happened? Yes, he jumped into water and tried to swim. Luckily,
I heard him crying and he was rescued from the swimming pool. I found that it was hilarious
behaviors of kids but it taught me a lessson: Always look after your kids carefully, or else,
something which is silly may happen at any time.
carefree: v t, hn nhin
a public swimming pool: b bi cng cng
keep an eye on: ch n...
dived into water: ln vo nc
Unfortunately = Unluckily: Khng may thay
Be busy with: Bn rn
have an ability to do sth: C kh nng lm g
hilarious = funny: bun ci
silly: ngu xun
8. Describe a picture or photograph in your family.
You should say:

What is in the picture

Where this picture is in your home

how this picture was taken

and explain why you think this picture is meaningful

The photograph that was taken when I was only 4 - 5 years old with my parents, grandfather and
grandmother is one of my very favourite photographs. I do not have clear memory regarding
the event when the photograph was taken but I have seen it thousands times and still I look at it
with a delight and sadness. The photograph is a black - and - white one and later I have
enlarged it and framed it in my living room. The small kid (me), the grandparents and young

VnDoc - Ti ti liu, vn bn php lut, biu mu min ph

parents make the picture a really significant one to me. I look with amazement in to the picture
and sometimes can't believe I was so small and different looking at that time The picture gives
me a gloomy feelings as my grandfather and mother are no longer with us. In the picture they
seems so lively but I can't be with them anymore!
This photograph is probably is my most favourite one as it conveys my grandparents'
memory and depicts a happy family. Every time I look at this particular picture, it gives a
different sensation - mixture of happiness and sadness. This is a priceless possession to me and I
would like to keep it with me for the rest of my life.
9. Describe a time that you and your friend had a disagreement
You should say:

When this happened

Who you disagreed with

What you and your friend argued about

and if you two solved the disagreement in the end

Well, two months ago, I thought that summer was coming, so I needed to do something to lose
weight. I saw an advertisement and intended to take some diet pills. The advertisement boosted
how magical the drugs are. As I was urged to lose weight,without thinking,I decided to buy
some. However, my roommate didnt recommend me to do that. She said the slimming pills not
only cost a lot but also are detrimental to health. She asked me to keep diet and jogging with
her every night.
I thought it was fine to just have a try. If this plan back fired, I would try another way to lose
weight such as running or eating fruits instead of meals.
After taking slimming pills for a week, I didnt have weight lose, but became insomnic, maybe
thats a side effect of the drugs. Finally I gave up and running with my roommate everyday.
Now when I m thinking about this argument ,I really thank to my friend, otherwise I
would try this stupid idea for two weeks or even longer.
10. Describe a place where you can read and write.
You should say:

Where this place is

How do you know this place

What do you do there

VnDoc - Ti ti liu, vn bn php lut, biu mu min ph

explain why you think its a good place for reading and writing.

Im going to talk about my little studying corner. Thats the way i call my school library
because its really familiar with me and i love it. Thats a medium building with 4 floors and
each floor has its own function. The first floor is the main hall, its sometimes used for some
conferences. The second one is a computer lab. The third and fourth floor are used for self studying. The library opens every day except on Sundays and i go to my little corner
studying 5 days a week. I love that place cause its outright quiet. All students focus on their
work and noone or nothing disturbs me, so the studying is really useful and effective. I have one
year left before i graduate from my school and i think that library will be my indispensable
partner of mine.
familiar with me: thn quen vi ai
medium building: ta nh kch thc bnh thng, c trung
main hall: i snh
computer lab: phng vi tnh
self - studying: t hc
outright: hon ton
indispensable: khng th thiu
11. Describe a team you have been part of.
You should say:

When this team was formed

Who was on the team

What you did together

and explain why you became part of the team

Id like to talk about a team project that I was involved in during my final term at business school.
There were four of us on the team, and our task was to work with a local company to research a
new market, in a European country, for one of their products or services. Our objective was to
produce a report and give a presentation. The first thing we did was split into two groups of two.
We had been assigned a company that produced a range of bicycle accessories, so two of us
spent some time getting to know the company while the other two researched the market and the
competitors in the target country, which was Germany. In the end, I think it was a successful
project because we managed to identify a possible gap in the market in Germany for one of
the companys products. Our group presentation also went really well.

VnDoc - Ti ti liu, vn bn php lut, biu mu min ph

Until that point, the course had been all about business theory, so it was quite a learning
experience to work with a real company. I felt a real sense of accomplishment when we
handed in our report and delivered our presentation, and I think all of us were proud of what
we had done.
12. Describe something that you want to learn more.
You should say:

What it is

How would learn it

Where you can learn it

explain why you want to keep learning it

13. Describe an indoor game that you liked to play when you were a child.
You should say:

What the game was

When, where and with whom you usually played it

How you played it

and explain why you still remember this game or you like this game

As a child I enjoyed playing chess. I think chess is probably the best known board game in the
world. Its a game for two players, and the aim is to defeat the other player by taking his or her
pieces and eventually trapping his King. This final move is called checkmate.
I taught my younger brother to play, and at some point I joined the school chess club. There I
had the chance to hone my skills against some of the older pupils, and in my final year of
primary school I made it onto the school team. There were five of us on the team, and we
competed against children from other primary schools in the same town.
I liked playing chess because I enjoyed the challenge of thinking ahead and trying to outwit
my opponent. I was probably seven or eight years old when I started playing, and it seemed like a
very mysterious and intellectual game at that time. Also, although I loved winning, chess taught
me to learn from my losses and to congratulate the person who had beaten me.
14. Describe a special trip you would like to go on in the future.
You should say:

Where this place is

Who you would like to go with

What would you do there

VnDoc - Ti ti liu, vn bn php lut, biu mu min ph

explain why this would be a special trip

C th vn dng p n cu hi s 1 vo y
15. Describe a person who can use/speak a second language.
You should say:

Who this person is

what language this person can use

how often this person uses this language explain why this person can master this

Im going to talk about Lynel, a Filippino girl who i was lucky to meet on the occasion of the trip
to America last month. She made a great impression on me by her English. She spoke english
so fluently that at first, i thought she was a native speaker.
What i liked about her English was her melodious voice, whenever she spoke, i thought that
she was singing but not talking. She reminded me of my favorite host, Kim Tien, who used to be
an honored host on TV for a long time.
Every day in that trip, I had chance to listen to her sweet voice, and because of language
barriers, she always used English all the time. She helped me improve my ability to give a
successful presentation, how to go up and down when speaking English and how to call
attention from others. Thats very useful.
And after the trip, we still often keep in touch to learn and share effective methods to improve
our English speaking ability.
On the occasion of...: Nhn dp
Make a deep/ great impression on somebody: To n tng tt vi ai
So + Adj / adv+ that + Clause: Qu...n ni..
native speaker: Ngi bn x
Melodious voice: Ging trm bng, ln xung

Describe an occasion you got up extremely early.

You should say:


When this happened

what you needed to do that day

who you were with

VnDoc - Ti ti liu, vn bn php lut, biu mu min ph

how you felt about getting up that early on that day

Well, it was last semester when it came to the final exam, i had to get up so early in the
morning to prepare for the exam. Actually, im a morning bird, so i found it easy to get up early.
Fresh air and tranquility in the morning made me feel peaceful, optimistic and creative, so I
could concentrate more on my study. But at that time, i had to try to wake up earlier, exactly at 3
or 4 am. As a result, i was totally exhausted and had a headache. My brain was full of subjects
such as Maths, History, Literature and so on. Besides, i was so sleepy that at times, i slept while i
was trying to memorize historic dates or Maths formulas. I had to drink coffee many times a day
to keep me wide awake. It was exactly a nightmare but fortunately, i passed the exam with flying

a morning bird: Ngi hay dy sm (night owl: C m)

tranquility: S thanh bnh, yn tnh

As a result: Kt qu l
keep sb wide awake: Lm cho ai tnh to
passed the exam with flying colors: k thi vi kt qu tt

Describe an educational trip you went on.

You should say:


where this place was

what you did at this place

who you went there with

and explain why you thought this trip was educational.

When i was in grade 5, i had a chance to go to the national zoo in my capital, hanoi with my
classmates. It was the first time i went to the capital of Vietnam and i was totally amazed at what i
saw and learned. Firstly, the trip offered me with a dream of learning English well. i met a lot
of foreigners there. At that time, i just could say hello to them and i wished that one day, i
would communicate with them in English fluently. Secondly, i learned a lot of lessons about
environment and animals. They were different from what i was taught at school. It was more
interesting, lively and practical. I saw some endangered animals like tigers, black rhinos,
mountain gorillas, Asian elephants...Its been a long time since i last visited that zoo but until
now, i still have a good memory of those days and the meaning of the trip.
have a chance to do sth: c c hi lm g
be amazed at sth: ngc nhin

VnDoc - Ti ti liu, vn bn php lut, biu mu min ph

offer sb with sth: mi/ ng li ai ci g

have good/bad memories of sth: c k nim p/ xu v ci g
18. Describe an educational TV program that you have seen.
You should say:

what the program is about / what the program is

how often you watch or listen to this program

what type of people enjoy this program

and explain why this program is educational

Well, watching TV is not my cup of tea. However, im keen on watching international news as well
as current affairs. So, at times, i turn on TV to watch CNN.
It is a program which specializes in breaking news reported by many jounalists and
correspondents all over the world. Its a good idea to combine watching news and learning
English at the same time. I not only update a lot of information happening on Earth during 24
hours but also gain vocabularies and practise listening English and so on.
Watching CNN is my daily routine. I watch this program every morning for about 15 to 20
minutes before I go to school.
I find CNN educational and informative, especially for students like me simply because as ive
mentioned, it broadens our horizons, enriches our knowledge and we can deeply understand
whats going on in our society.
Be ones cup of tea: l s thch ca ai
Be keen on: Hng th, thch
current affairs: Nhng s kin hin ti, thi s
specialize in: Chuyn v
breaking news: Tin nng
a correspondent: Phng vin
broaden our horizons: m rng tm mt ca chng ta
Enrich knowledge: m rng kin thc
19. Describe a paid job you ever did or someone you know ever did
You should say:

What the job was

How long did you or this person keep this job

How did you/ this person find this job

VnDoc - Ti ti liu, vn bn php lut, biu mu min ph

And how you feel about this job

During my freshman year, except my course work I still have abundant time. So I decided to do
some part - time jobs to earn my tuition fee.
Honestly, it was really hard for me to find something to do at first because there were not many
things for freshmen to do. What was fortune, I got a job in a cosmetic shop. I was allocated to
clean the shelves which was a really dirty job. Because I was a green hand firstly, I got
blamed by my senior manager when I took shifts four out of five times. I was so sad and crying
every day when I was on my way back to my dorm. However, despite of sadness and tiredness, I
insisted until the end. I wanted to release my parents burden so I didnt want to ask them for
living cost.
During this period, I did well and I got a precious chance to learn sales and stock. I have to
admit that thanks to the experience of this job, I obtained a lot of valuable knowledge which I
could not learn from university. Of course, I made so many friends who gave me so much
professional help and courage. Although the salary of this job was not very high, the skills I
learned were priceless. With the help of this working experience, I gain a precious offer
from other famous companies when I graduated.
20. Describe a time when you feel surprised to meet someone.
You should say:

When this happened

Who this person was

What did you do together on that day

and explain why you thought it was a surprise to meet this person

Im going to talk about my best friend now, Kira, who made a deep impression on me at the very
first sight and i was totally suprised at her. i met her by chance in a dreary winter day for
interviewing a scholarship. she attracted all interviewees by her self - assured and extrovert
characteristics, relaxed people with jokes and her good sense of humor. she was also talkative at
times, but i didnt make us annoyed, it turned out to be beneficial cause we felt conforting after
listening to her funny stories.
It was definitely a big suprise cause i found that she had a talent for calling attention from
others and the ability to make friends easily. Later, we both passed the interview and now, we are
closed friends but she still makes me suprised sometimes cause of her well - rounded knowledge.

VnDoc - Ti ti liu, vn bn php lut, biu mu min ph

made a deep impression on: gy n tng mnh vi ai

a dreary winter day: mt ngy ng m m
self - assured: t tin
extrovert: hng ngoi
hyperactive: tng ng
beneficial: c li
conforting = relaxing: thoi mi
had a talent for sth: C nng khiu v
calling attention from others: ku gi s ch t ngi khc
have the ability to do sth: c kh nng lm g
well - rounded: hon ho, ton din
21. Describe a restaurant you like (to go to)/that impresses you.
You should say:

where this restaurant is

what type of food the restaurant has

why you go to this restaurant

and explain why you like this restaurant or why this restaurant impresses you.

My favourite restaurant is in . The restaurant is on a busy street very near to a large park. It
is quite a small and hectic place called (tn nh hng)because (tn) is the name of the
person who set up the business.
The outside the restaurant doesnt look very impressive. It has large glass windows at the front,
and some benches outside for people to sit on if they are waiting to go in. There used to be a large
sign with the name of the restaurant written on it in big letters, but recently they have taken
down the sign and not yet replaced it! Inside there are lots of square wooden tables, each with
about four chairs around them.
The restaurant serves mainly breakfast and lunch meals. It does really good coffee I like their
lattes best and lots of sandwiches, salads and special soups. However, when I go, I always have
the same thing ., because that is what I like best!
The restaurant is very special to me and my friends because we meet there every Saturday. We feel
we deserve a big breakfast after our run, and we enjoy catching up with each others news over
a leisurely meal together.

VnDoc - Ti ti liu, vn bn php lut, biu mu min ph

22. Describe a park/garden you visited and liked/that impressed you.

You should say:

where it was

what it looked like

what people did (or, were doing) there and explain how you felt about this garden

Today I'd like to describe my home garden, which I think is a beautiful one and which I like
very much. The garden is part of my home's backyard, and my house is located in the suburbs,
about a 1 - hour drive from the city of San Francisco. There is a big tree right in the middle of my
garden, which is surrounded by a hot tub, a small water fountain, several bushes, a section for
vegetables, and different kinds of flowers.
This garden was actually one of the reasons why my wife and I chose to buy our house
because it had been beautifully maintained by the previous owners gardener and
landscaper. Its been only 1 year since we bought the house and now we are taking care of the
garden ourselves. Even though we are not experts in gardening, we still try our best to plant
things that we like, such as roses and tulips, and we even grow our own tomatoes.
Whenever family and friends come to visit us, we invite them to have a relaxing time in our hot tub,
and enjoy the view. So in other words, our garden has also become a kind of resort! It definitely
requires lots of hard work to properly maintain the garden, but it gives us a great sense of
accomplishment to decorate it the way we like.
All in all, the garden is one of the best features of my home and it is a place where I can relax
after a long day of work or during theweekends.
23. Describe a place you went to that was full of color.
You should say

where it was

why you went there

what you did there

and explain why you think this was made so colorful.

Cu ny cng c th vn dng c t cu s 1

VnDoc - Ti ti liu, vn bn php lut, biu mu min ph

24. Describe a time you were friendly to someone you didnt like.
You should say:

when and where it happened

who he or she was;

why you didnt like this person

explain why you were friendly to him or her on that occasion

Let me tell you about the challenging person I had to deal with when I was doing a project for
one of my clients last year in my clients office. He was the manager of that company. After we
co - worked for a couple of days, I found that he had a caustic style and often spoke in a
pejorative way. Even worse, the manager was standoffish and quick to criticise. He even
withheld critical information from our project team.
However, though I was really frustrated by him and didnt personally like him, I tried hard to face
it. I had to get along well with this guy because how I managed those relationships could be vital
to my careers and I needed his participation to be successful in this project. Therefore, in the
following days, I sometimes took him out to dinner and asked him to talk about some of the
projects he had heard about, and surprisingly, he was willing to share with me his teamwork. In
the end, the late evenings were always filled with collaboration, shared success and
He was much more cooperative when some of colleagues in our team asked for his viewpoint
and acknowledged his expertise. And I had a much easier time working with him.
25. Describe a special toy you had in your childhood
You should say:

what it was

who gave it to you

how often you played it

and explain why it was special to you

One special toy that I remember getting was a Lego car. It was a birthday present from my parents.
I can't remember exactly how old I was, but I was probably about 10 or 11.
The special thing about this car was that I had to build it myself out of hundreds of pieces of Lego.
The pieces came in a box with a picture of the finished car on the front, and I had to follow step by - step instructions to put all the pieces together in the correct way. This wasn't an easy task
because the car even had an engine, movable seats and gears. It took me a day or two to make,

VnDoc - Ti ti liu, vn bn php lut, biu mu min ph

and required a lot of concentration.

When the car was finished it looked great, and I felt a sense of accomplishment. I seem to
remember that I didn't play with the car very much; the fun part had been the process of building
26. Describe a childhood song you remember well.
You should say:

where you first heard this song;

how old you were when you first heard it

what it was about;

and explain how you feel now when you hear this song

My mother often sang me a lullaby titled Oh my sweet angel look the Moon has come to play
with you in my bed time and I have heard it so many times in my childhood that I can still
remember it very vividly. This was a song usually famous in the rural area of our country that
mothers often use to soothe the baby and to send them in sleep. It was an 8 - 10 lines song with
great harmony and the way my mother sand it was extraordinary. It still echoes in my head and I
miss those days.
I can remember my mother often sand this song till I got admitted in the school and I heard it from
my father as well in my bed time. I was pretty touched with the lyrics and in my childhood I
often imagined that the verses used in this song were true and would happen to me as well.
We often remember things from childhood specially the stories or songs we hear with great
enthusiasm. This song was no exceptions. I heard it hundreds of times and as a child I
fanaticized those things to be true. Thais is the main reason I still remember it. May be
someday when I will become a father/ mother, I will sing thins song to my children as well. This
has in fact become a permanent memory and I still love the great and calming piece of music.
27. Describe an interesting website you have visited.
You should say:

when you visited it;

what the website is about

how you first knew about this website and explain why you think it is interesting

Facebook is a social networking website that I like very and visit every day. It's a free
website that allows you to keep in contact with friends or find people you've lost touch with. It's

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one of the most popular websites in the world, with millions of users in different countries.
All of my friends use Facebook. One of my friends sent me an email inviting me to join. I signed
up and I've been using it ever since.
Facebook allows you to keep up to date with what friends are doing. You have a profile page
with information and status updates so that you can tell everyone what you're doing. You can
post messages toother people's pages. You can upload photos and videos. I find Facebook most
useful for organising my life, keeping in touch with friends and storing photos. I think social
networking websites have become part of everyday life.
28. Describe a happy family event from your childhood that you remember well.
You should say:

what the event was

when and where it happened

what you saw or did

and explain why you remember that event so well

There are numerous happy events in my life that I can recall and among them I would like to talk
about the day that I was blessed with a little sister. This was an event that I still recall vividly.
I was then only 7 - 8 years old and when I saw a little angel was crying on my mother's lap, I
became the happiest girl in the world. I was the only daughter of my parents and when I heard
that I will have another sibling, I got very excited and I was counting days when this brother of
mine will come. I speculated and imagined lots of things I would do with my sibling. On the
day that my sister came in to the world was one of the happiest days of my life.
For the first time I felt a strong urge to kiss this little fairy child. He was so beautiful and
adorable that I thanked God for the gift. My mother asked me to hold him and kiss him but I was
afraid to touch her as I thought that might hurt him. I felt like I was flying on that day. I stayed
in the hospital room for about 4 - 5 days till my mother and sister came home. I came back home
with the most precious gift of the world.
29. Describe an exciting sport you know
You should say:

what the sport is

how you know about it - is it difficult?

explain why you think it is exciting

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Of all the sports that I more or less know how to play, swimming is the one that I find most
fascinating and I think it can strengthen my physical health.. I learnt to swim when I was a small
child because my parents believed that it would be useful for me.
Unlike other sports, there are no rules to follow when you swim. Basically, swimming is just
the combination of arm and leg motions and the natural floatation of the body.
In order to swim, there must be a swimming pool or a body of water large enough. Most pools,
however, would require individuals to wear swimming costume in order to be able to use the
pool. Some swimmers find it also useful to wear goggles and swim cap to keep water out of their
eyes and their hair for fear that swimming pool water contains many harmful chemicals.
Swimming as an exercise is popular as an all - around body developer and is particularly useful
in therapy and as exercise for physically handicapped persons. It is also taught for lifesaving
The main thing that fascinates me about this sport is the weightless freedom and liberation I feel
when I swim. It feels just like flying. I cannot fly, but swimming is the next best thing. The water is
my sky.
30. Describe something you do to (help you) stay healthy.
You should say:

what you do

when you started doing this

how much time you spend doing this (or, how often you do this)

explain what benefits you get from this activity or explain how this activity helps you
stay healthy

C th tham kho cu 29
31. Describe a place near water (such as a river, a lake or the ocean) that you enjoyed
You should say:

where this place was

what you did at this place

who you went there with

and explain why you liked this place

VnDoc - Ti ti liu, vn bn php lut, biu mu min ph

I have a very strong passion for the ocean and one of the seaside places that I usually go to on
vacations is Nha Trang, a small lovely beach town in the central of Vietnam. There are always
many activities for tourists to do in Nha Trang.
If you are a fan of extreme sports, you can do either windsurfing or paragliding. In case you
want to discover the nature, there are some amazing island cruises and snorkeling tours. Nha
Trang is also a paradise for seafood lovers with fresh, delicious, diverse and inexpensive dishes.
To me, Nha Trang is such a vibrant town where there is always something going on. The local
people are so friendly and they make me feel welcome here. Most importantly, Nha Trang has a
breathtakingly stunning beach which has been recognized as one of the top beaches in the world.
32. Describe a pleasant surprise you had.
You should say:

when and where it happened

who gave you the surprise

why they gave you the surprise

and explain how you felt about it

C th tham kho cu 28
33. Describe a subject you didnt like before but have interest in now.
You should say:

what it was

why you didnt like it before;

when you studied the subject;

and explain why you have interested in it now

Among all the subjects that we studied in school, history is undoubted my least favorite. This
shouldnt come as a surprise at all because most of the school children I know do not like this
subject. I guess there are several reasons explaining the unpopularity of history as a school
To begin with, history is arguably one of the most difficult subjects to learn. The major part of
it involves remembering dry facts such as names, numbers and events that happened a long time
ago in an effort to get a good grade. Hardly can these attract interest from young people who are
more concerned about things that are going on and generally dont see connections between
past events and the present.

VnDoc - Ti ti liu, vn bn php lut, biu mu min ph

Besides, as much as I appreciate peoples effort to teach history to children, Ive got to admit
that history classes are very boring. But when I was on grade 5, the teacher took us on a trip to a
museum in Ha Noi. She taught me about what the previous generation did to protect our country
agaist invaders via a lot of artifacts. That was the first time I felt so interesting with this subject.
History helps us learn the mistakes of the past and avoid repeating them in the future.
Therefore, I really recommend that students should pay more attention to this subject, and they
will see it very interesting.
34. Describe a piece of good news you heard from TV or internet
You should say:

what the news was about

when you got this news

where you got this news from

and explain why you think it was a good piece of news

Im going to talk about a fabulous news that I came across last week on the internet.
According to it, petrol price has decreased by 20%. This is the third reduction of oil price in a
row for the past few months and it immediately took over newspaper front pages.
The reason I find this news fascinating is that oil price has huge impacts on the other goods such as
food products or retail commodities, so almost everyone as a consumer benefits from the low oil
price. It is predicted to stimulate domestic production and consumption, especially during the
Lunar New Year festival.
As for me, I felt a great sense of relief after receiving the news because, you know, like other
Vietnamese students, I depend on a motorbike to travel to school and get around town. Before
the drop, I used to spend up to 25 bucks per month on petrol for the vehicle. However, the same
money can last for a month and a half now that the price has gone down.
More importantly, because I'm really fond of travelling, the fact that fuel price is falling probably
means that I can buy cheaper air tickets as airfares are likely to decline alongside oil prices.
35. Describe a situation when you received some useful advice.
You should say:

what the situation was

who gave you the advice

what the advice was

VnDoc - Ti ti liu, vn bn php lut, biu mu min ph

and explain how this advice was useful to you

This is such an interesting topic to talk about. I have received many advices from other people,
most of which are quite helpful but there is one advice Im most grateful for taking. Ever since I
was a small child, I had always been told that study was the only way to succeed, so children
should focus on studying instead of playing. I remember spending all of my freetime doing
homework and going to extra classes. I became very competitive. I got straight As in school
and positive comments from teachers.
Going to university was a huge change in my life. I had to leave my family for my first time to
study in a big city. I was feeling very uncomfortable, being surrounded by unfamiliar people
and learning to adapt to this completely new environment all by myself. That was when I met
Linh was the most charismatic girl in the whole world who could inspire people and make them
feel happy. She told me that studying wasnt the most important thing in life because success
wouldnt mean anything if you were not happy. She made me read books and spend holidays
It turned out that I loved travelling, besides many other things Linh opened my eyes to. I finally
learnt that working hard was important, but enjoying life while doing so was even more
essential. Now that Linh is living and working in another country with her husband, we stay in
touch on the internet. I bet she has very little idea how her advice has turned my life around.
36. Describe a time when you got lost.
You should say:

when and where it happened

who was there with you

how you felt when you got lost

and explain how you eventually found your way

I was visiting ............ Park with my friend last September. This park is located in the rural area
of ....... in the north west and that was our first time to get there.
I was up at the furthest point as the sun was starting to set. The natural scenery was so
stunning that we took lots of pictures and forgot the time until it began to turn dark.
However, unfortunately the way down wasnt very well marked and we got lost a few times. Of
course, all around us were steep cliff faces and deep gorges. I remembered thinking that if I

VnDoc - Ti ti liu, vn bn php lut, biu mu min ph

felt down one of those in the dark I would probably actually die and no one would ever find the
Luckily, before we totally lost our bearings, I eventually found the trail again by using the digital
map in our mobile device to position us, you know, thanks to my iPad, it could receive the
satellite signals in rural areas, and managed to make it back after about two and a half hours,
by which time it was full night. Thankfully there were no clouds that day so there was just
enough light to walk by.
37. Describe a situation (or a time) when you helped someone.
You should say:

what the situation was

who the person was

how you helped them

explain how you felt after helping them

I have been volunteering at a shelter for disadvantaged children called Mai Am 19 - 5 since I was
a university student. It was part of SJs effort aiming at better quality of life for young children in
Hanoi. SJ is basically an international volunteer organization which, through its regular
workcamps, provides help for individuals and charities as well as promotes cultural exchange
between international volunteers and locals
Shelter 19 - 5 is a primary school for poor children in the area of Phuc Xa, Long Bien,
Hanoi. Most of the students here come from extremely impoverished families where there is only
one parent or both parents go to jail for drug trafficking. The school has but one classroom for
all of its classes taught by two full - time volunteer teachers. There is a nurse to help with
cooking and taking care of the kids who dont have a home to return to after school.
Most of the time I teach the kids English and Math, the two very important subjects which can be
useful for them in their later life. There are other volunteers from different NGOs to teach with
me too. Sometimes we bring food for the kids, other times books and toys.
Volunteering at Mai Am is one of the life changing experiences that have made me who I am
today. Before I met the children here, I had very little idea how lucky I was to have two loving
parents and a place to call home. I have also learnt the importance of giving instead of taking and
how it can drastically change peoples lives including my own.

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38. Describe a project that you were once involved in (for example, a project at work or a
homework assignment at school or university).

the topic of this project or homework

when and where you did this project

what research or preparation you did?

how difficult this task was?

how much time you spent on this project or assignment explain what you learned from
this experience

Tham kho cu 11
39. Describe a historical building in your country/ hometown.
You should say:

Where this building is

How do you know this building

What it is like

explain why it is important to your hometown/country

I definitely think Thp Ra, meaning "Turtle Tower", is one of the most important historic
buildings in Vietnam. It is on Jade island of H Gm lake, "Lake of the Returned Sword," which
is located in Old Quarter, the very central part of Ha Noi.
"Turtle Tower" was built in the late 1800's where Ta Vong" an earlier temple, had stood. The
temple was built to honour a famous warrior Le Loi, who fought foreign invaders. Legend has
it that this lake is where the Dragon King reclaimed the sword he had given Le Loi, to free the
Vietnamese people from enemies from the North.
Today, there are large soft shell turtles in the lake, where the golden turtle which was "Kim Qui"
came to the surface and asked Li, for his golden sword back, to give to the Dragon King. Every
once in a while, people visiting the lake can take pictures of hundred - year - old turtles surfacing,
which has long been considered as a sign of good fortune by locals.
The words inscribed on the sword are said to say "The Will of Heaven", meaning its heavens
will that this country and its people should be free and independent. This tower I believe, a tourist
attraction now, has a huge significance in Vietnamese history as well as culture.

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40. Describe a long journey/short trips you would like to make again
You should say:

where you went

who you went with

what you did during the trip

and explain why you would like to make the trip again

Tham kho cu 1
41. Describe a family member you would like to work with.
You should say:

who this person is

what kind of person he or she is

whether youve worked together before

and explain why you would like to work with this person (more than with other
members of your family)

Let me tell you about my brother that Id like to work with in my business. He is very
considerate and thoughtful person who has always done his best to help me make decisions in the
face of day - to - day difficulties.
My brother has a strong personality and he never lets others tell him what to do. I learned how to
be more responsible and also more determined in my daily life. Although weve never worked
together in business before, he always reminds me that things are not as easy as they appear and
that I should work hard in order to get results.
Id like to work with my brother because its lucky enough to find a wonderful partner in him,
both personally and professionally. We can be honest with one another, and I trust him
significantly more than Ive trusted partners in the past. My brother is very loyal and I believe
he will always watch my back. Although, I will say it is very important to define roles and
boundaries with family immediately. He does tend to push the limits of what is acceptable if
rules are not clearly defined. It also just so happens that our skill sets are completely opposite
and complementary.

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42. Describe an ambition you have not achieved yet.

You should say:

what it is

when you first had this ambition

why you had this ambition;

and explain why you haven't achieved it yet

Well, I personally find this topic interesting. Many young people in Vietnam, if asked, would
either have a hard time thinking about what it is that they would want to achieve in their life, or
say that they dont have an ambition whatsoever. But I do have one, which is to become a world
traveller. I want to set foot in every corner of the world to discover exotic cultures and gain a
deeper insight into humanity.
Travelling has always been my biggest passion ever since I had my first trip outside of my country
back in 2009 when I decided to ride a mortobike from Hanoi to Laos all alone. I still remember
being blown away by the whole experience. The more I travel, the more determined I am to
make it my life - long mission.
In order for this to happen, there are a lot of things I should take care of. My major concern is, if I
plan to spend most time moving from one place to another, it will be unlikely for me to have a
normal job while travelling isnt cheap at all. So Id like to become a correspondent of some sort
for a travel magazine, or write my own book about travelling. At the moment, Im trying to focus
on my teaching job to save up for the trips.
43. Describe something interesting you learnt from the internet
You should say:

what you leant;

what website you learnt it from

how you learnt it

and explain why you think it was interesting

Im really into learning cooking in the Internet. There is a website called the Expert of Cate,
which is very popular teaching visitors how to cook simple but tasty food. Each lesson is produced
in video with up - to - date culinary tips and advice, along with the tasty recipes. I believe it
appeals to anyone who love life and food particularly.
There is a woman hostess in the video whose sound is really kindly. She looks like a patient and

VnDoc - Ti ti liu, vn bn php lut, biu mu min ph

kind - hearted housewife, as same as my lovely mom. She is good at cooking all kinds of food, and
teaching you how to cook it yourself step by step as well.
I always get access to the website to learn some new food during the weekends, especially before
starting preparing the dinner at night. I only spend no more than five minutes to learn a new
recipe, sitting in front of my computer and taking some notes from time to time.
Thanks to this website, I can cook something for my family now. Although I cant cook very well, I
will acquire a sense of achievement when someone enjoys my dishes. Besides, this website helped
a lot and changed me from a layman to a person who enjoys cooking. On top of that, it may be
an easy way to let off steam during the weekend after a one - week tiring work.
44. Describe a situation that others didnt tell you the whole truth.
You should say:

what the situation was

who was involved

why they didnt tell you the whole truth

and explain how you felt when you found out you were not told the whole truth

Its sad but true that, the world we are living in is full of lies . Every day we are bound to be
surrounded by dishonest and misleading advertising from media, companies and retailers.
Recently I have encountered an unpleasant situation in which people werent completely
honest to me.
Several weeks ago I was shopping in a very popular bag store in Hanoi when I saw this cute
leather bag. I was told that, if Im not satisfied with the product, I can bring it back within a
week for an immediate exchange or a full refund. I was generally quite happy with the deal.
However, during the first week that I had it, I realized the bag was a little bit too small to fit my
textbooks, so I took it back to the store, hoping that I could have something bigger.
To my surprise, the girls working at the store refused to grant my request for an exchange.
Apparently in order to be returned, the bag must still be in the unopened packaging with original
tags and tickets attached. It came to me as a huge shock and disappointment. They should have
made it clear to me in the first place, then I would have considered it before purchasing the item.
I mean, if you dont take the thing out and really use it, how can you tell if you have any
problem with it or not.

VnDoc - Ti ti liu, vn bn php lut, biu mu min ph

Anyway, the lesson learnt was, if something sounds too good to be true, its probably not true.
Next time I should ask carefully about the exchanges and refunds policy to find out what the
catch is so that any negative feelings can be avoided later.
45. Describe a friend who you think is good leader.
You should say:

who this friend is

how you first met

how other people behave towards him or her;

and explain why you think he or she is a good leader.

Im going to talk about a friend of mine. His name is Minh. Although hes very young - only a
year ahead of me, Minh is co - founder of our schools English Club.
Actually, English is not my major at university but all of the students are required to take IELTS
test as part of the graduation requirements. So I decided to join the English Club and that's
how I met Minh. My first impression of this friend was that he had a good command of
English and, also, he demonstrated a great passion for this language. He helped me practice
making conversations in English for a while before we became close friends.
The thing that most people, including myself, find attractive about Minh is that he has such a great
sense of humor. I mean, he can make anyone laugh even when they dont feel like to. He has a
way of making people feel cheerful and comfortable when they are around him.
I definitely think Minh is a competent leader because he knows exactly how to connect with people
in his network and motivate them to achieve common goals. Hes incredibly creative as well.
Taking part in his English Club is many students favorite activity. Minh has such a positive
influence on people, which I think is what it takes to become a pioneer.
46. Describe something you really want to buy in the future
You should say:

What it is

When you will buy it

Where you will buy it

and explain why you want to but it

Tham kho cu 49

VnDoc - Ti ti liu, vn bn php lut, biu mu min ph

47. Describe a movie you would like to watch again

You should say:

what it was about

when and where you watched it

who you watched it with

and explain why you would like to watch it again

Tham kho youtube:

48. Describe a vehicle you would like to buy ( or own)
You should say:

what (kind of) vehicle it is

what it would look like

why you would like to have it

If I had the money, Id like to buy my own helicopter. I recently saw a TV programme about
someone who flew around in his own helicopter, and I remember thinking that it would be great
to have one. The helicopter on the programme was a small, blue, two - seater and it seemed
quite easy to fly - that's the kind of thing I'd like to buy.
Ideally, Id use my helicopter instead of a car. First, Id need to learn to fly it, but then Id use it
to go on short trips or holidays. It would be fantastic to be able to avoid traffic jams, and get
everywhere in a fraction of the time it normally takes. Id take friends and family sightseeing,
over cities or mountain tops, and maybe I could even use it to do the shopping! The reason Id
like to buy a helicopter is that you can park one almost anywhere. You dont need to find a
runway or an airport like you would for a plane. So Id be able to park my helicopter in my
garden - if I had a bigger garden. Also, Ive always been intrigued by those helipads on the tops
of tall buildings - I think it would be fun to land on top of a building. A helicopter probably
isnt a realistic choice of vehicle, but you never know - I might win the lottery!
49. Describe an unusual building you have visited
You should say:
- where it is
- what it is used for
- what it looks like
- and explain why you think it is unusual
Tham kho cu 39

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