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solutions guide

This custom-crafted
guide provides
the key essential
resources for running
successful B2B
campaigns on the
Facebook family of
apps and services.



B2B Solutions Guide | 04

1. Introduction


2. The Brief


3. Drive your Business Objectives


4. Best Practices Overview


5. Ad types


6. Creative Considerations


7. Redefine Targeting: Reach Real People


8. Buying Objectives


9. Measuring Connections that Count


10. Unlock Insights


11. Refresh your Knowledge


12. Facebook Ad Policies


13. Getting Started: Power Editor


14. Getting Started: Business Manager


15. Getting Started: Purchasing


16. Troubleshooting


17. Further Information



Recommended Blueprint eLearning courses to quickly
bring you up to speed on our platforms and terminology.

This custom-crafted
guide provides the
key essential resources
for running successful
B2B campaigns on
the Facebook family
of apps and services.

B2B Solutions Guide | 06

Welcome to Marketing on Facebook. Learn why Facebook

is the perfect place for advertisers and businesses to connect
with real people and build connections through photos, videos
and ads. See how successful brands leverage the relationships
build on Facebook to drive real business results
Instagram for Business. On Instagram, your message reaches
people where they follow their passions and explore the world
through imagery. For these reasons, Instagram is a highly-relevant
environment to share your businesss story or showcase your
products, apps or services
Facebook Terminology. Facebook connects you with the
people who matter to you so you can deliver personalized
marketing at scale and realize real business results. Learn about
the terminology we use related to marketing on Facebook


Planning your campaign.

the brief

Define your
goals and KPIs.

As you plan your campaigns on our platforms,

we recommend that you start by asking yourself
a few questions:

What are the business goals Im seeking to achieve and
how do they map to the objectives I can drive on Facebook
and Instagram? For instance, your business goals could be
acquiring new customers, driving in-store sales, or increasing
awareness for a new product

How will I measure and track results? Before launching your
campaign, identify what KPIs will be measured so you and
your partners can work towards the same goal
The answers to these questions will define your strategy and
help you measure the effectiveness of the Facebook family
of apps and services alongside other marketing channels
Remember, align Facebook with your other efforts on other
mediums. From account planning to the KPIs metrics youll
measure, leverage the same processes and best practices
for comparison between channels

B2B Solutions Guide | 08


Drive your business objectives

The Facebook
Family of Apps and
Services provide
you with solutions
throughout the entire
consumer journey.

Solutions throughout the entire consumer journey.

The Facebook family of apps and services has solutions that
track real people across every device they use through their
entire purchase journey - from building top of mind brand
awareness, generating consideration, growing sales and
finally driving re-engagement and loyalty.





B2B Solutions Guide | 10


The Marketing Funnel Breakdown.


Recommended Products & Solutions

& Awareness

Video views
Reach & frequency
Broad awareness
Local awareness

Video Ads view optimization

Reach & frequency bidding
Link post with branded imagery
Instagram for discovery & awareness
Mobile News Feed for maximum reach
Carousel Ads: static and with video
App engagement

or Intent

Video views &

Page post
Clicks to website
Website conversions

Video Ads optimization for completes

Partner category targeting, website custom audiences
Link posts & Carousel Ads bidding for reach
Lead Generation Ads
Lookalike audiences off conversion pixels or CRM lists
Video retargeting, advanced partner category targeting
Mobile News Feed


Website conversions
Event responses
Offer claims
App installs
Lead Generation

Link posts & Carousel Ads bidding for conversion

Lead Generation Ads
Mobile News Feed
Link posts & Carousel Ads with CTA buttons + bidding
for conversion
Video retargeting, advanced partner category targeting
Lookalike audiences off conversion pixels or CRM lists

Reengage with
known mobile app
Custom audiences
to reach existing

App engagement
Custom audiences


Note: For illustrative purposes only please consult with your Facebook partner
to help design a strategic plan to solve for your unique business objectives

B2B Solutions Guide | 12


Best Practices Overview

Learn about the

various tools you
can leverage to
drive build brand
awareness and
drive results.

B2B Solutions Guide | 14

Brand Best Practices. Facebook is one of the best places to

raise brand awareness. This course will show you how successful
integration of Facebooks tools can build brand awareness and
ensure your message reaches your desired audience
Direct Response Best Practices. Whether youre driving
sign-ups on your website, sales in store, or installs for your
mobile app, this course will introduce you to the products
that can help drive your business objectives
Successful Campaigns. Have you ever wondered what
makes a successful Facebook campaign? In this course
you will have access to some of the possibilities, as well
as learn how campaign goals play a vital role in many
Facebook success stories. Find more success stories


ad types

Facebooks ad solutions
drive real business results
because the ad units
are engaging, informative
and native to the
mobile experience.

Lead Ads. Lead ads provide a simpler way for people to fill
out forms on their mobile devices and allow you, the advertiser,
to generate leads for your business. To learn more, visit the
Lead Ads page on Facebook Business
Platform: Facebook
Best for: Capturing leads within Facebooks native platforms
Video Ads. Video ads are an engaging way to bring brands
to life through sight, sound, and motion on mobile. Promote
videos that show behind-the-scenes footage, product launches
or business influencer stories to raise awareness about your brand.
To learn more, visit the Video Ads page on Facebook Business
Platforms: Facebook, Instagram
Best for: Brand awareness, consideration, re-engagement/loyalty
Slideshow Ads. Slideshow ads are an engaging way to bring
brands to life through sight, sound and motion in emerging and
high-growth countries around the world, where connectivity makes
it difficult to deliver video to your entire audience. To learn more,
visit the Slideshow Ads page on Facebook Business
Platform: Facebook
Best for: Brand awareness, consideration, re-engagement/loyalty
Carousel Ads. Carousel ads allow you to feature multiple images
and include an optional offsite link or CTA button to direct people
to after theyve scrolled through your ad and/or products. You also
have the option to use video or multiple CTAs. To learn more, visit
the Carousel Ads page on Facebook Business
Platforms: Facebook, Instagram
Best for: Brand awareness, consideration, purchase

B2B Solutions Guide | 16


Canvas Ads. Canvas is a full-screen immersive experience

for you to tell compelling stories showcasing your brands and
products. To learn more, visit the Canvas Ads page and take
our Blueprint eLearning Canvas course
Platform: Facebook
Best for: Brand awareness, consideration, re-engagement/loyalty
Dynamic Ads. Dynamic ads enable businesses with large
product catalogues to automatically promote relevant products
from their entire catalogue with unique creative, showcasing one
or more products, across any device. Turn your decision makers
into buyers by creating personalized ads that you can deliver to
the right person at the right time. This solution automatically
generates ads based on the products people have browsed on
your website or app. To learn more, visit the Dynamic Ads page
and take our Blueprint eLearning Dynamic Ads course
Platform: Facebook
Best for: Purchase, re-engagement/loyalty
Link Ads. Link ads direct your target audience off of Facebook
and Instagram from any devices to a specific destination on your
website or app that you choose
Platform: Facebook, Instagram
Best for: Consideration, Purchase
Local Awareness Ads. With Local Awareness Ads, reach people
in the area of the stores where your products are stocked. To learn
more, visit the Local Awareness Ads page on Facebook Business
Platform: Facebook, Instagram
Best for: Consideration, Purchase
B2B Solutions Guide | 18


Creative considerations for mobile feed.

Creative Considerations

Let us help you create

ads that feel at home
on mobile and deliver
measurable results.

Capture Attention Quickly. Across all mediums, but especially

on mobile, people make fast decisions around what content they
want to engage with. Capturing peoples attention from the first
seconds is key to communicate your message
Areas to explore. Start with your most captivating elements,
Put your hero front and center, Incorporate brand identity early
and Use engaging post copy
Design for sound off. Knowing that most people will consume
video content in mobile feed without sound, design your video
to communicate clearly in this environment. Think about the
person watching video in line in a busy coffee shop, its likely they
wont have sound on, and if they did it might be hard to hear
Areas to explore. Tell your story visually, use text and graphics
to help deliver your message and try captions
Frame your visual story. People watch videos on mobile just
inches from their face and often in vertical orientation. The way
you tell a story visually matters
Areas to explore. Explore different frames, highlight key
elements and create visual surprises
Play more. This is the most important consideration. We are
still learning what video content works well in mobile feed. Plus
the tactics that make each piece of content successful may be
different. So we recommend experimenting to learn

Areas to explore. Experiment to learn, be as short as it can
be and as long as it needs to be, and push the boundaries

B2B Solutions Guide | 20


Its not always possible to build for mobile feed first so...
First, evaluate your existing assets on a mobile phone.

Does the film capture attention from the first seconds?

Is the core message clear without sound?

Is the asset framed for mobile feed?
Then, consider ways to mobilize your assets.

Ensure the thumbnail and post copy are attention grabbing
Enable captioning, text overlay or Facebook Automated
captions for dialogue-heavy creative
If the TV creative is 16:9, consider cropping it to square (1:1)
Inspiration. The Facebook Awards celebrate the best
creative work on the Facebook family of apps and services
at to see who won this
year! To learn more, here are some recommended Blueprint
eLearning courses:
 reative Best Practices. A successful Facebook campaign
allows you to share real, authentic conversations. This course
will show you how using creative best practices can pull an
engaged audience into the conversation
 reative Considerations for Video in Mobile Feed.
Video consumption is increasing at a drastic rate. Advertisers
need to understand these video capabilities and how best
to leverage video to tell their brand stories. Well examine
creative considerations for designing video for mobile
B2B Solutions Guide | 22


Redefine Targeting:
Reach Real Travelers

Get specific about

who youd like to
reach with your
Facebook ads.

Core Audiences. Create audiences based on location,

demographics, interests, behaviors and connections shared
on Facebook. Core Audiences can help you reach the right
people at scale with minimal waste. To learn more, visit the
Core Audiences page on Facebook Business and take our
Core Audiences Blueprint eLearning course
Custom Audiences. Sometimes the most valuable audience is
the one you already have a connection with. Custom Audiences
help you find your existing customers among all the people
who are on Facebook. You can create a Custom Audience using
a customer contact list, your website traffic or activity in your
app in a privacy-safe way. To learn more, visit the Custom
Audiences page on Facebook Business and take our
Custom Audiences Blueprint eLearning course
Lookalike Audiences. With Lookalike Audiences, you can
find more people on Facebook who share traitslike location,
age, gender and interestswith your customers, so your ads reach
even more people wholl care about your business. To learn more,
visit the Lookalike Audiences page on Facebook Business and
take our Lookalike Audiences Blueprint eLearning course
Partner Categories. Partner Categories are targeting options
provided by third-party data partners. With partner categories you
can reach people based on offline behaviors people take outside
of Facebook, such as being a loyal purchaser of a specific brand
or product. To learn more, visit the Partner Categories page

B2B Solutions Guide | 24


buying objectives

Our buying objectives

help make advertising
on Facebook as
simple as possible by
recommending an
appropriate ad based
on your business

B2B Solutions Guide | 26

Reach and Frequency Buying. To run successful brand

campaigns, you need to reach your audience often enough
to get your message across. Reach and frequency buying on
Facebook and Instagram lets you accurately plan and deliver your
campaigns with predictable reach and controlled frequency. To
learn more, visit the Reach and Frequency Buying page and
take our Reach and Frequency Blueprint eLearning course
Platform: Facebook, Instagram
TRP Buying. TRP buying on Facebook and Instagram allows
you to plan a campaign across TV and Facebook with a total
TRP target in mind and buy a share of those Nielsen verified
TRPs directly with Facebook and Instagram. Our video solution
can complement and extend your TV campaign strategy. To learn
more, take our Facebook and TV Blueprint eLearning course
Platform: Facebook, Instagram
Brand Awareness Objective. The Brand Awareness Objective
is a way for you to show ads to people who are more likely to
pay attention to them. Brand awareness optimization helps
you find audiences most likely to recall your ads, by balancing
attention and reach two factors that are positively related
to brand awareness and ad recall. To learn more, visit the Brand
Awareness Objective page and take the Brand Awareness
Objective Blueprint eLearning course
Platform: Facebook, Instagram


Lead Ad Optimization. When running lead ads, it is

recommended to optimize for leads or clicks when setting up
your campaign. By doing this, you are ensuring that your lead
ads are served to those more likely to complete a mobile lead
ad form, and provide the most value to your campaign.
Placement Optimization. Optimize audience buying and
extend your campaign across the Facebook Family of Apps
and Services. Your creative will automatically work across all
platforms and you will gain incremental and efficient reach
across Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network
Facebook and Instagram. Whatever your objective,
Facebook and Instagram are both essential advertising
platforms in todays world. They are distinct platforms that
lead both digital and mobile media in their own right
Audience Network. The Audience Network lets advertisers
extend the reach of their Facebook ad campaigns into thirdparty mobile apps and mobile websites. It leverages the same
targeting and measurement tools as Facebook, and uses
existing creative from your News Feed ads

B2B Solutions Guide | 28


Measuring Connections
That Count

measurement helps
you understand and
grow your business,
today and tomorrow.

B2B Solutions Guide | 30

Shift to measurement methods that matter in our

cross-everything world.

Use people-based data. Shift from cookies to people

Measure metrics that matter. Shift from Likes to
KPIs like ROI, ROAS, Sales, etc.

Measure and compare results across everything.
Shift from Last-Touch attribution to Multi-touch attribution
Our people-based tools provide clarity to help marketers
see if their ads are driving value both on and off Facebook
Audience Outcomes. Measure and optimize how you
reach your audiences
Brand Outcomes. Measure how your media spend impacts
brand objectives
Sales Outcomes. Measure how your media spend impacts
sales objectives
Set up for measurement success
Identify business goals. What are your business goals?
Are they brand focused or sales focused?

Evaluate metrics. What metrics are you currently using
for measurement? Do they map to your business goals?
Shift to people. What does it look like for your business
to shift from cookies to people? What tools can you shift
from cookies alone to people-based?
Adjust methods. What methods will achieve your brand
or sales goals/ What current measurement methods are
you using today?


Our people-based measurement solutions are powered by

these powerful tools
The Facebook Pixel. This is a piece of code for your website
that enables you to measure, optimize, and build audiences for
your campaigns. To learn more, visit the Facebook Pixel page
and take our Facebook Pixel Blueprint eLearning course
Mobile SDK. Facebooks Mobile Software Development
Kit (SDK) allows you to enable your app to connect to people
using Facebook. To learn more, visit the Facebook SDK page
and take our Mobile SDK Blueprint eLearning course
Learn about some of the various measurement and reporting
solutions available to you
Measurement Solutions. Learn about the new approach
to measurement - an approach focused on people rather
than cookies and clicks by taking our Brand Measurement
Solutions and our Direct Response Measurement
Solutions Blueprint eLearning courses
A/B Testing. A/B Testing can help you compare the
performance of two different ads for the same campaign. Take
advantage of Facebooks ad optimizer so that you can identify
which of your ads are delivering the best results. To learn more,
take our A/B Testing Blueprint eLearning course
Creative PreTesting. Available soon
Ad Reporting. Facebook Ad Reports gather and display
the metrics from your campaigns, ad sets, and ads. Learn
to understand the metrics in these reports by taking our
Ad Reporting Blueprint eLearning course
B2B Solutions Guide | 32


unlock insights

All of our objectives

and ads reporting allow
you to understand how
effective your campaign
is at reaching your goals.

B2B Solutions Guide | 34

Facebook IQ. Real Life. Real Insight. Real Action.

By harnessing Facebook insights and working with world-class
researchers, we can help marketers understand people across
generations, geographies, devices and time. To learn more,
People Insights. Better understand attitudes and behaviors
in aggregate, online and offline
Holidays and Events. See how people mark different
holidays, seasons, events and milestones on our platforms
Industry Research. Learn about advertising effectiveness
research and expert-based opinions about best practices
across device platforms
Monthly Spotlights. Get the latest updated Facebook stats
and trending topics on a regular basis


Audience insights. Facebook Audience Insights allows you to

learn more about your customer segments, whether you care
about geography, demographics, lifestyle, purchase behavior,
or all of the above. These insights help you create marketing
messages that drive results. To learn more, take our Audience
Insights Blueprint eLearning course
There are three types of audiences you can learn about with the
Audience Insights tool:
Facebook Audience. Marketers can use this view to
understand the Facebook audience as a whole and validate
segmentation studies and determine potential sub-segments
or audience size
Page Audience. Marketers can use this option to learn more
about their Page audience, which can make their creative
and messaging on Facebook and other marketing channels
more relevant

Custom Audience. Many brands have owned audiences that

they manage within a CRM database. Custom Audience
provides them the opportunity to hash their own data and
match it to hashed Facebook data. The process provides
advertisers a way to reach existing customers on Facebook
in a privacy safe way. When marketers upload these audiences
and view them in Audience Insights, they can learn more
about their audience who they are, what interests them,
and what they buy

B2B Solutions Guide | 36

Insights available in Audience Insights.

Age and Gender
Relationship Status
Education Level
Job Role

Page Likes

Top Categories

Page Likes
Top Cities

Top Countries

Top Languages

Frequency of Activities
Device Users


refresh your knowledge

Blueprint eLearning was

created to simplify the
training process to create
better campaigns that
drive business results.

Master the tools for success on Facebook. Weve put

our best training into more than 50 in-depth online courses,
and made it available to anyone with a Facebook account.
So whatever your business goals, you can get the most from
Facebook and Instagram, build your best campaigns and see
your best results
Learn your way, on your schedule. Our eLearning modules let
you select the courses you want, so you can tailor your training to
your business goals. And your training is accessible on desktop or
mobile, 24x7, so you can learn when and where you need
Set yourself apart in the marketplace. In addition to
using our tools and platform more effectively, youll have
insights and knowledge in Facebook that others wont.
Youll get a specialized skillset to offer clients looking to
take their marketing to the next level

B2B Solutions Guide | 38


To ensure were creating the best experiences for people,

and to facilitate better engagement and retention for you,
here are some key highlights.

facebook ad Policies

Facebook and Instagram

have ad policies to
help keep our platforms
safe for people to
connect with friends
and businesses.
To learn more, read our entire Ad Policy and take
our Ad Policy Blueprint eLearning course

Text Policy. In order to keep ads as high quality and engaging

as possible, our Ad Policy includes restrictions on how much
text can be included in an ad. Follow
ads to get a better of sense of how to avoid receiving an ad
text warning
Facebook Brand Assets. Before using Facebook branded
assets in your ads, always refer to our Facebook Brand Assets
Guide. The following site lets you download the proper assets
and provides info on how they should be used:
FacebookBrandAssets and
Branded Content. Branded content on Pages is defined as
content originating from a Page owner that features third party
products, brands, or sponsors that are different from the Page
owner. When posting permitted branded content integrations,
Pages must use the Branded Content tool to tag the featured
third party. Branded content on Pages is only allowed from
Verified Pages (with the blue badge) on Facebook. To learn
more, visit
Ad Review. Before ads go live, they go through ad review.
Generally ads are reviewed within 24 hours, but if you feel your
ad has been in review for a prolonged period of time, reach out
to your Facebook contact or go to
ads for help

B2B Solutions Guide | 40


Elevate your skills

Choose your path

Access anywhere

Visit and choose

from over 50 eLearning modules.

B2B Solutions Guide | 42


Getting Started: Power Editor

Power Editor is a tool

that allows you to
operate at scale with
precise control of
your ads, ad sets and

B2B Solutions Guide | 44

Powerful Search and Filters. Power Editor lets you search your
ads and quickly view only the information most important to you
Create and Edit multiple ads quickly. You can use Power Editor
to create, edit and manage your ads at scale more efficiently
Getting to Power Editor. At the moment, Power Editor is only
compatible with the Google Chrome Browser
Take our free Power Editor online training course!
This course will help you understand how Power Editor allows
you to import data from Excel, as well as make managing bulk
ads, individual ads, ads sets and multiple campaigns much
easier. Find out more at


getting started: busines s manager

Business Manager
allows you to control
your Facebook Pages,
ad accounts, apps and
permission levels for
team members and
clients all in one place.
To learn more, visit the Business Manager page and take
our Business Manager Blueprint eLearning course

B2B Solutions Guide | 46

Create and Claim Ad Accounts. Business Manager allows you

to easily create new ad accounts, claim existing ad accounts you
are an admin of, or request access to a clients ad account
Create and Claim Pages. Similarly to ad accounts, Business
Manager allows you to easily create new pages, claim existing
pages, or request access to a clients page
Claim Instagram Handles. Similar to pages, you can gain
permissions to manage advertising on behalf of Instagram
handles. Unlike pages, youll need to assign an ad account
to the Instagram handle.
Manage permissions. Youll want to invite everyone that will
be working on your Facebook page or ads in your organization
to your Business Manager, using their work email address. Once
youve done that, you can assign people different permission
levels to both ad accounts and pages. To advertise on behalf of
a page you will need access to both the page and the ad account


Page Roles

Page Editor
Can edit the
Page, send
messages and
post as the
Page, create
ads, and view

Can respond
to and delete
on the Page,
send messages
as the Page,
create ads, and
view insights

Can create
ads for the
Page and view

Manage Admin Roles

and Page Settings

Edit the Page

and Add Apps

Create Posts as the Page

and Delete Posts

Respond to and
Delete Comments

Send Messages
as the Page

Create Ads

View Insights

Ad Account

B2B Solutions Guide | 48

Page Admin
Can manage all
aspects of the
Page including
sending messages
and posting as the
Page, creating ads,
viewing insights
and assigning
Page roles

Ad Account Admin
Can manage all aspects
of campaigns, including
creating reports, viewing
and editing billing and
assigning ad account roles

Page Analyst
Can view

Ad Account Advertiser
Can see and edit ads and set
up ads using the payment
method associated with the
ad account

Ad Account Analyst
Can review ad performance

View Ads

Access Reports

Create and Edit Ads

Edit Funding Source

Manage Admin


getting started: purchasing

Everything you need

to know about
purchasing ads
on Facebook
and Instagram

Buying Channels. There are many channels for buying ads on

Facebook - Facebooks Ad Auction Facebook Marketing Partners
and Insertion Orders (IOs). To learn how to determine the best
method for buying ads on our platforms, take our Buying
Channels Blueprint eLearning course. To learn how to buy
Instagram ads on our easy buying interfaces, take our How to
Buy Instagram Ads Blueprint eLearning course
Ad Auction and Delivery. The Facebook ad auction is designed
to maximize advertiser value and optimize the experience of
consumers. To learn how the Facebook ad auction works, how
budget pacing affects the delivery of your ads, and how ad
relevance can influence ad performance, take our Ad Auction
Delivery Optimization Blueprint eLearning course
Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partners. From creating
content to planning cross-channel campaigns, advertisers can easily
lose valuable time that could be spent running their businesses.
To learn how Facebook and Instagram Marketing Partners can
help you market smarter and better , take our Facebook and
Instagram Marketing Partners Blueprint eLearning course

B2B Solutions Guide | 50



Learn about
delivery issues.
To learn more, visit the Facebook Advertiser Help Center,
Facebook Ads Guide and Facebook Advertising Tips

Budget. Give the system room to optimize for your business KPIs
over clicks. Ensure you have adequate budget to allow the system
to learn and optimize for conversions over clicks
Targeting. Make sure your audience is sufficiently large so our
system can optimize delivery. Also, be sure your audiences do
not overlap at the account, campaign, ad set or Page level
Relevance score. A low relevance score on your ad indicates that
your content is not faring well with your audiences. A low relevance
score will also impact your delivery negatively, and indicates that
you should try different creative or target a different audience
Invalid Pixel. Check that your pixel is installed on the page correctly
and you are receiving data. You can download the Facebook Pixel
Helper for Google Chrome to see if your pixels are firing properly

B2B Solutions Guide | 52


further information

Business Websites

Find resources to help you meet the people wholl love your
bussiness on Facebook by visiting

Find resources to help you inspire people visually with your
bussiness story on Instagram by visiting
Business Blogs
Facebook Business Blog. Subscribe to get the latest news
Instagram Business Blog. Subscribe to get the latest news
Facebook IQ Blog. Subscribe to get the latest news from
Product and Business Marketing Update Newsletter

Be informed about the latest Facebook tools and features for
business with our Product and Business Update Newsletter

B2B Solutions Guide | 54