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Samantha Leyva

I currently attend Carson High School in Carson, CA
GPA: 4.1 (weighted)
Class rank: I stand 11th in a class of 418

California Scholarship Federation (CSF)- CSF is a scholarship and honor
society. I have been a member since the start of my 10th grade year. We give
back to our community by doing community service unpaid.
Varsity Soccer Team-I have been a member of the varsity team since the
start of my freshman year.
The Bowling Club-I have been apart of the bowling club since my 10th
grade year. I am currently the secretary of the club.
Girls Soccer Club-I have been apart of the girls soccer club since the start
of my 11th grade year. I am co-president of the club and we fundraise for the
next upcoming year Girls Soccer team.
National Honors Society-I was apart of the honors society in my 10th grade
year. Its another honors society that exploits their members to do
community service and 10 hours is required in order to be a full pledged
Los Angeles City Hall Audit- I was apart of a group of students that
performed a professional energy audit for the City Hall of Los Angeles. I
had to undergo training in order to perform the audit, which helped decrease
the use of lights in the building, therefore saving energy and money for the
city. I was also one the leaders that helped through the performance.
Volunteer Work and Community Service (unpaid):
CSF-Each member is expected to complete 10 hours of community service
every semester, or we are able complete more hours of we wish.

Special Programs
I interned at Port of Los Angeles in the summer of 2016, I filed papers,
updated logs on the system, and also helped out on a parking project and I

also learned how to use a professional copy machine and also learn how to
use the phone professionally
I am a member of the ETS program, where a mentor advises students on
their current high school classes and their future college plans.

Honors and Awards:

MVP Defender- During my 9th grade year I was awarded MVP defender
for my varsity girls soccer team.
Beverly Hills Literary Society-I am was honored to attend The Beverly
Hills Literary Society to attend a lunch and meet the author, Jay Parini, of
the book I am currently reading Empire of Self , this upcoming March.
Peer Counseling- I am honored to be apart of the college peer counseling
family for my senior year of high school. I was selected amongst a very
competitive group of students to join the college center help students apply
to college in a timely manner. Being a Peer means being a leader in my
school and Im very fortunate to be a Peer.
Most Accomplished Scholar- I received this award from my Spanish
teacher for achieving a high grade in Spanish class my and also because my
teacher saw that my grade average was a 4.0
California High School Exit Exam Perfect score- I received a perfect
score on the high school exit exam. I received a score of 450 on the math
exam, which is the perfect score, in my 10th grade year.
Certificate of Completion ITEP- I received a certificate of completion for
my internship over the summer of 2016. The internship was a 7 week long
experience that I was able to have while working at the Port of Los Angeles.
Certificate of Completion Audit- I received a certificate of completion for
finishing up 3 workshops over the weekend that involved being trained to
perform a professional audit for Los Angeles City Hall in the 11th grade
year of high school.